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I do, I do, I do, I do......

A Nigerian man has gotten into big trouble under Sharia law.

ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) -- Police in northern Nigeria have arrested a Muslim preacher who claims 86 wives and 107 children, charging him with breaking Islamic laws governing marriage.

Authorities detained Mohammed Bello Masaba, 84, on Monday after an order from northern Niger state's Islamic court, according to police spokesman Richard Oguche. The preacher was charged with "infringing on Islamic laws," Oguche told The Associated Press by telephone from the state.

It was unclear when the man would appear before the court, or what the potential punishment could be. Muslim principles forbid men to take more than four wives.

My punishment- turn him over to all his mother-in-laws. Am I cruel or what?


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He'll be let go. What more ... (Below threshold)

He'll be let go. What more can you do to punish this man?

And I'll guarantee you this... (Below threshold)

And I'll guarantee you this man's wives and children live in extreme deprivation, improper nutrition, virtually no education - true 7th century ignorance!

He is 84 years old! How lon... (Below threshold)

He is 84 years old! How long can they keep him jail? He was sure busy in his twenties!

86 wives? The guy is a maso... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

86 wives? The guy is a masochist! Having one wife is punishment enough.

This is horrible he should ... (Below threshold)

This is horrible he should be put in leg irons






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