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New McCain Ad: Enough is Enough

McCain has a new ad out today that explains how he'll handle the banking crisis. It's effective because for the first time I'm aware of he narrates it.

This ad shows him to be what he is: experienced with the knowledge required to handle one of America's worst financial crises. It's also more personal and weightier than the other ads. Hearing him say, "I'll meeting this financial crisis head on," instead of some faceless voice makes it more compelling.


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Hearing him say, "I'll m... (Below threshold)

Hearing him say, "I'll meeting this financial crisis head on," instead of some faceless voice makes it more compelling.

He'll convene the most compelling nebulous commission ever! That's real leadership!

Brian,As opposed t... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


As opposed to Obama, who got more contributions from Fannie and Freddie than anyone else in the last 4 years?

That's the Change and Hope we are looking for? Even more corruption and cronyism? "That's real leadership!" I'd laugh if I didn't feel so sorry for how stupid you sound.

From <a href="http://corner... (Below threshold)

From the Corner:

During his Tuesday morning speech, I found it amusing that Obama called McCain to task for "using the oldest trick in the political book" in calling for a 'Commission' to examine the current economic crisis. No less than five minutes later Obama then called for an "Advisory Group" to meet with the president regarding the current economic scenario.

You say tomato, I say tomahto.

Didnt libs claim in 06 they... (Below threshold)

Didnt libs claim in 06 they'd run the most ethical Congress ever? Who believed them?

DiFi, Jefferson, Dodd, Rangel, Murtha, Reid, Pelosi, etc etc, all liars. Can anyone name a Dem who has gone after corruption in their own party sometime over the last 21 months?

I like the ad but the libs ... (Below threshold)

I like the ad but the libs will be all over it because it doesn't explain what he will do. Not that any of theses ads ever do but it will be more fodder for the libs.

Willie HortonPhil ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Willie Horton

Phil Gramm

Not a huge fan of the ad. I... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Not a huge fan of the ad. It's a little too populist to me. He doesn't give any specifics of what he'd do, like stop the government bailouts. I think he implies it a little, but i'd be happier if he came out and said it. or maybe he could have tied Fannie and Freddie to the tons of cash they give to ACORN, and then talk about how people like Obama use that federal money. Now that would be an ad. This ad only comes across weak because they've had too many good ones lately. I loved the one about Obama and sex ed in kindergarten. They need to keep pounding that one home as well as a ton of others. Play a similar game to the democrats and keep hitting and hitting on different issues, except the democrats typically come up with slander, misquotes, misrepresentation and lies. Can't say the republicans don't do it too, but the Democrats really really need a dose of their own medicine.

AdrianDoes someone... (Below threshold)


Does someone tell you to post your inane comments or are they your own work?

Wonder if Adrian remembers ... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Wonder if Adrian remembers that it was Al Gore Jr. who brought us Willie Horton?

McCain:A... (Below threshold)


And we're going to start where the need for reform is greatest. In short order, we are going put an end to the reckless conduct, corruption, and unbridled greed that have caused a crisis on Wall Street

we are going put an end ... (Below threshold)

we are going put an end to the reckless conduct, corruption, and unbridled greed that have caused a crisis on Wall Street

In other words, the environment that the Republicans helped foster.

Oh look, another government bailout of a company failing due to unbridled greed. So for profits you want a free market, and for losses you want socialism.

Blackberry McCain was for d... (Below threshold)

Blackberry McCain was for deregulation before we was against it.

Isn't deregulation one of the corner stones of conservatism?

Does this mean John is no longer a member in good standing with the conservative movement?

Was he ever?

Wow. The gall is breathtaki... (Below threshold)

Wow. The gall is breathtaking. John McCain who's told the world he doesn't understand economics is going to overcome the economic crisis.

"The issue of economics is not something I've understood as well as I should." -- John McCain

And of course, the conservatives fall for all this.

Unfortunately for the lefta... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately for the leftards, here in the real world the Democrats and their activist footsoldiers like ACORN continually pushed for expansion of "affordable housing", meaning that they demanded easy loans for the underemployed, the working poor, and illegal aliens. Any lending institution who objected to ACORN's demands was threatened with "investigations" and public charges of racism and discrimination.

That's the tried and true Democrat humbug -- do as we say, or you're a racist and a bigot.

When the Bush Administration pushed for stricter government oversight of Fannie and Freddie five years ago, guess what the Democrats said? "They're not really facing any kind of financial crisis." And of course, "Poor families won't be able to get affordable housing."

Liberals sold out to poverty whores and grievance mongers without stopping to count the financial cost of their giveaways, and then traded their decency and common sense for cheap "racist/bigot" smears. Now we're paying the price.

"poverty whores and grie... (Below threshold)

"poverty whores and grievance mongers"

You, sir, have a way with words. That needs to be written into one of McCain's campaign ads.






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