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10 dead in attack on US Embassy in Yemen

The attack took place Wednesday morning local time. From AP-

SAN'A, Yemen - A car bomb targeting the U.S. Embassy hit the front gate of the compound in Yemen's capital Wednesday, a U.S. spokesman said. A senior Yemeni security official said six Yemeni guards and four civilians were killed.

The Yemeni guards were assigned to sentry duty outside the embassy by the Interior Ministry. The civilians were three Yemenis and one Indian national, the Yemeni security official said.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

Ryan Gliha, the embassy spokesman, told The Associated Press by telephone that there was a second explosion that followed the initial one, but did not know what caused it.

Another Yemeni security official said the embassy was hit by two car bombs and that heavy gunfire lasting around 10 minutes followed the blasts.

Several nearby homes were badly damaged by the blasts, he said, but had no information on whether the heavily guarded embassy sustained damage too.

A medical official, meanwhile, said at least seven Yemeni nationals were wounded and taken to the city's Republican hospital. They are residents of a housing compound near the embassy and included children, he said.

About par for the course when it comes to these attacks. Civillians take the brunt of the casualties, take the Kenya US embassy bombing where around 200 died. Will today's news remind the American public and elected politicians that we still have a war going on?


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I wonder if those terrorist... (Below threshold)

I wonder if those terrorist used the enhanced bomb making techniques developed in Iraq.

Dave, you forgot to say, <i... (Below threshold)

Dave, you forgot to say, "Boooosh!"

It's shocking how easily these embassies are attacked in Middle East countries. I was in Paris this summer when, while walking around, we happened upon a street that we found housed many embassies. The security was so tight that we were ushered along quickly past each of their doors by the guards outside. Even a couple seconds pause to read the signs as we passed prompted the guards to tells us to get going. There wasn't even any parking allowed within a safe distance of each entrance.

Dave:Terrorists ha... (Below threshold)


Terrorists have been working on improving their bomb making skills for centuries. Would you rather have them practicing in Baghdad or Baltimore?

I wonder if Dave is using t... (Below threshold)

I wonder if Dave is using the enhanced verbal bomb throwing techniques developed at Kos.

A cowardly act by faceless ... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

A cowardly act by faceless cowards their too darn afraid of showing their ugly mugs in public for fear they could get lynched

In Baghdad please... I live... (Below threshold)

In Baghdad please... I live in Baltimore.

I have to wonder also, if this will end up helping McCain too. I know more people trust McCain to handle the war situation and terrorism than "The Mighty O", and this just confirms that "Yep. They're still out there tryin' to kill us."






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