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New McCain Ad: Foundation

This time it's not only narrated by McCain but he's featured in it:

I like this ad because John McCain is heavily featured, offering another venue for the American people to get to know him. His "we'll get through this" attitude is one that I think works because it's purely American. We are known to be a country of people who aren't afraid to take on serious or scary issues, and McCain embodies that in this ad.


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Maybe I missed it on previo... (Below threshold)

Maybe I missed it on previous ads, but I love the end tagline: The Original Maverick.

I got a thrill up my leg!

Obama <a href="http://www.y... (Below threshold)

Obama outdoes McCain again!


Obama's scriptwriter did ve... (Below threshold)

Obama's scriptwriter did very well that time, Brian. Just don't expect him to follow-up without a cue card. His words "change" with each audience (usually replaced with uhh or umm), which is his only plausible reason for using the word to begin with.

Obama outdoes McCain? You ... (Below threshold)

Obama outdoes McCain? You must be joking! NOBODY BELIEVES YOUR FALLING MESSIAH ANYMORE!! (PSSST...HIS STAR IS F..a...d...i...n...g......!!)

I hate the ad. None of the ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

I hate the ad. None of the candidates are willing to point the finger of blame where it really belongs: overreaching, coercive, meddling government. Blame the free market... yeah, that's the ticket! Liars all.






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