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Palin Derangement Syndrome Report

John Hawkins has compiled a list of 20 "most obnoxious" anti-Palin statements and they are most foul. What is surprising when you see them all together like that is how many of them come from well known people -- Hollywood actors, high profile Democrats, etc. It would be easy to compile a list of top thousand outrageous anti-Palin quotes made by anonymous moonbats from the comments at Democratic Underground or Daily Kos, but most all of the ones John lists are from people who are named and are in the public eye.

It is not really the most outrageous, I think Amanda Marcotte or Randi Rhodes might take that prize, but I think my favorite has to be that Matt Damon quote about the Disney movie and the dinosaurs. I don't know if comes across quite as silly in print, but it is hilarious on video. I know it has been posted before, but here it is again because it gets funnier every time I see it.

Jeff Jacoby says enough with the Palin feeding frenzy.

In other Palin news, for all the criticism Palin has taken over her foreign policy experience, the Boston Globe has a story today about Palin's trip to Canada where she "advocated for a proposed oil pipeline and discussed mutual border concerns."

Update: Jeffrey Lord has an excellent piece in the Spectator with more anti-Palin quotes. Lord writes about how Palin is being used to bash God and Christianity.

Update II: Shocking Palin revelations!! From Hockey Moms for Truth. (Hat tip: Lucianne.)

Update III: Wow. The nutjobs have gone past just spouting off and now are breaking laws and invading the privacy of the Palin family in a way that is sickening.

Update IV: Even sicker still. This one is so bad it has rendered Bob Owens speechless.

Update V: Keith Olbermann is still smearing Palin with false accusations. Here is one of his latest, via Newsbusters.

...during the show's regular segment, "McCain in the Membrane," a recently added portion of the program whose purpose is, according to Olbermann, to cover "the most outrageous or untrue things said by or on behalf of Republican presidential nominee John McCain," the MSNBC host charged that it was "sick" for Palin to tout herself as an advocate for special needs children after she had, in Olbermann's words, "gutted" funding for the Alaska Special Olympics. But Olbermann ignored the recent finding by FactCheck.org that, as governor, Palin secured a substantial increase in state spending for special needs children in the education system, thus strengthening her credentials as a advocate for special needs children.
Here is Olbermann's smear:
Twice now in two days - in Colorado, then today at Vienna, Ohio - Governor Palin has again invoked - that is the polite term - her status as the mother of a special needs child and the role of advocate she wants to play for special needs kids. Yesterday, she said, "Ever since I took the chief executive's job up north, I've pushed for more funding for students with special needs." Today the quote was, "I sought more funds for students with special needs."

Problem: As the chief executive up north, she vetoed $275,000, crossed it out, of the state funding of the Special Olympics. She cut the Special Olympics budget in half and is campaigning as an advocate for special needs kids. That's pretty sick. Well, at least we do know which charity I should donate that hundred bucks to every time she lies about her record: the Alaska Special Olympics.

I guess his money is pretty safe. If he really wanted to contribute to the charity he could donate everytime he lies about Palin, or any other Republican.


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Comments (27)

I had never seen that. It i... (Below threshold)

I had never seen that. It is hilarious. He is so honestly worried about the dinosaurs.
Elect Matt Damon....who stood up for dinosaurs when no one else would.

Yet another Dem who cant sp... (Below threshold)

Yet another Dem who cant speak for himself. Would love to see a pic of the whol room, to see if there were any notes down and to his right, where he keeps glancing. Why do libs always stutter when trying to form coherent thoughts?

WTF are we listening to this idiot?

Damon is really earnest abo... (Below threshold)

Damon is really earnest about this. It's kind of sad, but I guess if this an example of the intellect of a politically savvy Hollywood actor it should surprise no one that Obama can get them to so readily fork over $30,000 a head to have face time with him.

Team America had him pegged... (Below threshold)

Team America had him pegged years ago.

Matt Damon in brief: I don... (Below threshold)

Matt Damon in brief: I don't know anything about her, but she'll be disastrous.

If there was ever a better and more accurate characterization of Damon than in "Team America", I don't know what it is.

damn, epador beat me to it!... (Below threshold)

damn, epador beat me to it!

Gee, we aren't going to kno... (Below threshold)
arcman Author Profile Page:

Gee, we aren't going to know anything about her in 8 weeks. Glad they have been hiding things about BO for the last 4 years. " My god, it's scary, we're so close" "MATT DAMON" bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

I'm surprised a few Lee War... (Below threshold)

I'm surprised a few Lee Ward entries didn't make the list.

Peter:I have seen ... (Below threshold)


I have seen Jay's side of wizbang get to the top of google several times. Lee doesn't get there because he is a one trick pony who eventually bans anyone who dares to dissent with is point of view. He is all for free speech so long as you agree with him. Then he follows Obama's party line. Note that Obama tried to shout down WGN over Freddoso's appearance. Typical. . .

My biggest gripe with Damon... (Below threshold)
Duane Dostie:

My biggest gripe with Damon is how he nearly single-handedly RUINED Saving Private Ryan. His acting was beyond bad. Go back and watch and pay attention to his..."work."

My biggest gripe with Da... (Below threshold)

My biggest gripe with Damon is how he nearly single-handedly RUINED Saving Private Ryan. His acting was beyond bad. Go back and watch and pay attention to his..."work."

Have to agree with that. I liked the "other" Private Ryan, the one who Capt. Miller (Hanks) mistakenly gives the bad news to about his brothers earlier in the movie. That guy we could feel sympathy for; Damon's characterization was emotionally distant, lacked heart and innocence. I wished he had been run over by one of the Panzers....

The Thin Red Line is... (Below threshold)

The Thin Red Line is a good contemporary WW II film. Saving Private Ryan is crap.

Very much looking forward to the next Wizbang post about how a handful of B-list celebs threw a fundraiser for McCain and raised over seven hundred dollars.

Man, you guys are pretty ha... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Man, you guys are pretty harsh on Mr.Damon.

I challenge any of you to view THIS and tell me that isn't quality thespianism.

(Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Damon is a moron and a bad ... (Below threshold)

Damon is a moron and a bad actor as well. He should stick to acting (more lessons). Too bad that hollywood thinks that they have a clue when it comes to politics... some of them do, but the rest of the witless wombats should just shut up!

The Thin Red Line is a g... (Below threshold)

The Thin Red Line is a good contemporary WW II film. Saving Private Ryan is crap.

"TRL" was an utterly boring, characterless, spiritless piece of theatrical tripe in comparison, and a box-office flop to boot. Oh, it has its moments of great action and suspense, and the cinemaphotography is stunning, but between Jim Caviezel's mumbling/garbled pieces of dialogue and the overall pacing, it's an almost annoyingly unwatchable movie. Heck, I can think of at least 10 war movies that are better than it, one of which is SPR.

Back to the topic: Matt Damon should get back to making another "Bourne" movie instead of talking...

SPR is war porn for the Spi... (Below threshold)

SPR is war porn for the Spielberg set. TRL did a very good job of unglamourizing what Spielberg/Hanks/Eastwood et al would have us remember as something so purely heroic and noble that it might be worth repeating.

Agreed, though: Damon should stick to entertaining us, and leave the political analysis to Jon Voigt and Dennis Miller.

hyper - "Very much look... (Below threshold)

hyper - "Very much looking forward to the next Wizbang post about how a handful of B-list celebs threw a fundraiser for McCain and raised over seven hundred dollars."

Oh, I don't know hyper would Heidi Montag, Stephen Baldwin, Wilford Brimley, Kelsey Grammer, Jon Voight and Sylvester Stallone be "B-listers?"

Correct me if my math is incorrect, $900,000 is considerably more than "seven hundred dollars.

And before you do...

Don't bother raising the point the "stars" raised much more.

When people whose main function in life is to play someone else it follows they would fall in line behind, and financially support, someone who does the same thing.

I am curious as to how Matt... (Below threshold)

I am curious as to how Matt managed to link the existence of Dinosaurs with having the nuclear codes. Ted Nugent suggested that Matt's type are usually "on something":

A not-so-calm Nugent

Nugent, an outspoken conservative, is a minority in the entertainment community. When asked why the celebrity crowd seems to better connect with the Democratic party, Nugent becomes the Nugent you know on TV -- unfiltered.

"With all due respect, many in the entertainment industry are deep into mind-altering substance abuse, and when one's logic and intellectual calculating powers are replaced with dopey feel-good, fantasy- driven denial, the democratic party serves them well," Nugent blasted.

Guy needs to stop snorting ... (Below threshold)

Guy needs to stop snorting gun powder.

Lori, here's <a href="http:... (Below threshold)

Lori, here's three more for your list.

I thought the lunatic fringe had hit the "marathon runners wall" after the 2000 & 2004 elections but... the thought of Palin becoming the antithesis of what (some) liberals consider the "ideal" woman being, i.e. non-religious (or at least not as outspoken about it) and in favor of abortion as a "convenience" has sent them to extremes I never thought possible.

Silly Me!

hyper- "Guy needs to st... (Below threshold)

hyper- "Guy needs to stop snorting gun powder."

Your implication being?

That a significant portion of the Hollywood crowd doesn't use mind altering drugs?

That you have proof Ted snorts gunpowder?

That you have nothing more useful to say after getting your 7 hundred dollars for McCain BS wiped off the "meme map?"?

As I watched the damon vide... (Below threshold)

As I watched the damon video and before I lapsed into a coma, I noticed the salt n pepper shakers in the background and wondered if they were plotting to escape...

P.S. I would believe (hope) that even a plywood Panzer would squeeze damon's lungs out thru his mouth if it ran him over.

Guy needs to stop ... (Below threshold)
Guy needs to stop snorting gun powder.

Weak, hyper. Even back in his wild days, Ted never succumbed to substance abuse. Nowadays, he describes himself as so squeaky clean it makes him "want to puke". Your ill-informed one-liners add nothing to the discussion, especially when what Nugent has said about substance abuse in Hollywood is primarily true. Stop acting like a dweeb like Brian.

I think Nugent prefers the ... (Below threshold)

I think Nugent prefers the bow anyway. He comes up to alaska fairly often for hunting. He was out one time I remember doing an interview on one of the local radio shows shooting stuff the fans brought him with his bow.

Yeah, I seriously believe T... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I seriously believe Ted Nugent snorts lines of gun powder. Gawd. I think he's an a-hole, but I know he doesn't do drugs--and I also know that gun powder is not a drug.

Carry on agreeing on the political shortcomings of Matt Damon. Hope everybody learns a lot from one another.

From Jeffrey Lords' TAS col... (Below threshold)

From Jeffrey Lords' TAS column:

The idea that Hillary Clinton can work her much proclaimed 35 years for liberal feminist causes only to find at the last moment that the first woman to walk through the doors of the White House on her own is a wildly popular conservative Christian hockey mother of five from Alaska who got elected on her own without benefit of marriage to another liberal politician -- is something that will take Clinton and her immediate circle of liberal feminist friends more than a shot and a beer to recover from.

The guy can write. Everyone should read it, it's like totally smart and stuff! the Spectator

They are dehumanizing Sarah... (Below threshold)
Jason Author Profile Page:

They are dehumanizing Sarah Palin and her family. This makes it easier for the left to attack them verbally and, quite possibly, physically.






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