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McCain Hits Obama on His Connections to Fannie Mae in New Ad: Advice

The McCain Palin campaign has come out with an ad that mirrors his comment tying Obama to Fannie Mae:

It's really important that McCain continue to hammer Obama on this because it's a lie that Obama all about change and reform, especially when it comes to this financial crisis. Obama had his hands out, eagerly accepting campaign funds totaling over $126,000 in just three years from Fannie and Freddie when McCain pointed out back in 2005 that Fannie and Freddie were heading toward disaster. And now, as this ad points out, he has Fannie's CEO Franklin Raines - who was forced out of Fannie for corruption - as an economic adviser. That's definitely NOT the kind of change we want or need.

Update: A Freeper found this cached version of Franklin Raines' Wikipedia page. It states directly:

Franklin Delano Raines (born January 14, 1949 in Seattle, Washington) is the former chairman and chief executive officer of Fannie Mae who served as White House budget director under President Bill Clinton. He is currently employed by Barack Obama's Presidential Campaign as an economic adviser.

That sentence has since been scrubbed after McCain came out with his ad connecting Obama to Raines.


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I think this is one area Mc... (Below threshold)
just me:

I think this is one area McCain can hit hard and hit often and the left will be left with little to do but whine-because the association with the Obama campaign is clear, and cries of "liar" from the left aren't going to fly on this one.

And the lamestream media sa... (Below threshold)

And the lamestream media said, "NO-NO-NO! It's not objective reporting of the facts that we're interested in, GOD D*** the facts! We got an election to manipulate by destroying someone who destroys our liberal myths about America and 'glass cielings' and such. We've no time for pertinent facts about our wonderboy obama. We don't care how in the tank you 'new media' folks show us to be. We have fingers, and there's no limit to how far we can ram them into our ears. See? You're still talking about the truth and we can't hear a single word you are saying!"

And never will apparently. (to JT: this is not off topic, it is a reference to the fact that the McCain/Palin campaign, just like bloggers and talk radio, must do the work of the media or the truth will never get out. That is what the above ad, and accompanying post, shows me. Okay?)

Obama, the kind of judgemen... (Below threshold)

Obama, the kind of judgement we need in Washington. The leadership ability to stop the attacks on Sarah Palin's children just by asking. The good sense to name Joe (the gaffe machine) Biden as his running mate. Hanging for over two decades with many people who are now under his bus. Consorting with terrorists like Bill Ayers.

Who could ask for anything more?

Raines says he is not an ec... (Below threshold)

Raines says he is not an economic advisor for Obama. He has thrown his own self under the bus.

Good timing on the release ... (Below threshold)

Good timing on the release of this ad. If McCain can keep it up, he'll own the news cycle over the weekend. He needs to beat Obama over the head with this. At the very least, Obama may have further need of that bus.

You Neocons just don't unde... (Below threshold)

You Neocons just don't understand the nuance of Barack's involvement with the crisis.


In a sane political world, ... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

In a sane political world, Barack Obama would have absolutely no chance of even being nominated to either party. Horrible judgement, his associations, his 0 experience and his Thug Chicago tactics are all big negatives.

For all the talk of not vetting Sarah Palin, the Democrat party didn't vett Obama in the least. They figured that because he can speak well with a prompter he can dazzle people. They figured that with him being so new to the scene, it would be hard to dig up dirt on him.

This guy is a Saul Alinsky radical and the far left loves it. I love it as it exposes what this party is all about.

Now McCain is no angel and he isn't agreed with by most of the right. The man showed good decision making by choosing palin though. He's bent to the right on a few issues and has shown that the right wing has some sway. which is a good thing. Not an ideal candidate, but he can be starkly contrasted with Obama the radical and McCain wins hands down.

Obama has the people who he... (Below threshold)

Obama has the people who helped run Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac into the ground, but the MSM is so in the tank that they can't even admit this?

What will they do when the Obamamessiah and his Daley puppermasters run the rest of the US economy into the ground?

McCain should repeat this m... (Below threshold)

McCain should repeat this message right up until election day. Adding Johnson and Goelick to the dialogue will also reasonate with voters.

I would also begin here for additional information on the pocket lining hypocrites of the left (who seem to love that sliver of capitalism in all GSE's):


and then publish the FNMA golden parachute club as the piece de resistance.

The RNC needs to hammer thi... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

The RNC needs to hammer this information constantly. The democrats invented Fannie Mae and Fredie Mac, they ran it and they protected it from oversite. Obama took money from them. Clinton appointees were CEO's of Fredie and Fannie. Gorlick took out $60 million. What could a justice dept lawyer do to be worth that much money? Keep her mouth shut about the Gorlick wall? The wall that allowed 9/11 to happen? There needs to be a commission to investigate this stuff before the election.

OBAMA = BETRAYALObam... (Below threshold)

Obama supporters are foolish to think that he will never betray them.
Obama was a close friend of Pastor Wright for TWENTY YEARS.
Obama threw Wright under the bus for personal ambition.
McCain would not betray his country even after 5 years of torture.
You can put lipstick on a traitor, but he's still a traitor.

Honestly,These are w... (Below threshold)

These are waters McCain better try to stay out of.
I take it many of you have forgotten the S&L scandal of the 80's well our dear old McCain was judged by Congress as displaying "POOR JUDEGMENT" in his escape. Yet the Obama camp could bring forth some similarities into the current fiscal crisis with McCain recent comments withing the past 6months which point to his poor judgement.
Look the bottom line is that McCain has no clue on Economics, period. No more excuses for not being abreast of the situation.
Darn near everyone is tied in some way to fannie may, or freddie mac, lets jump on them too. please thatrevelation of info will dryup quick. But the argument raised by conservatives regarding Obamas judgment Vs Mcain is kryptonite to McCain.I wouldnt go there again.

The American people are not... (Below threshold)
Thomas Jackson:

The American people are not sheep to be triffled with nor as stupid as the Obamists. Its time to crucify Raines and Johnson along with Pelosi and Frank. They have stolen billions in an affirmative action housing plan that has destroyed the hopes and dreams of millions and shaken the American economy. Where is the Congress? Where are the indictments?

Actually Deregulatio... (Below threshold)

Deregulation the Gram-Leach-Biley act, was passed through both senate house with along party lines with "REPUBLICAN" in favor, this is the deregulation bill. It was "VETO PROOF" when sent to bill clinton and he signed it.
-Republican win
The Sarbanes-Oxley bill which was introduced by Democrats provided strengthned reporting regulation of those institutions under deregulation,
-Passed by Congress
(Our dear old McCain says "HE REGRETTED" Signing the regulatory reporting bill after he had agreed to sign it.
(McCain is not in favor of deregulatory Banks reporting thier practices to the government. Never was , But you wouldnt know that by listening to him now.
-Obama recieved a majority of contributions from Fannie and freddie "EMPLOYEES" not the company on the whole, but John McCain recieved a Majority of Campaign contributions from both institutions "UPPER Management". what does that say. The people working for those companies knew the company operated wrong, but the leadership supported the candidate that helped them get what they got. Obama never back deregulatory, the republicans always have. Part of the building blocks of trickle down economics.






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