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Treading water

Heck I knew my earlier post would stir the natives. Hey it didn't bring 1/4th the comments my post on some golf announcer saying maybe some golfers should lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley did. BTW anyone want me to live blog Friday's Ryder Cup play like I did the US Open playoff? I'll do it at the Sports blog.and remember, I may stop to take a nap at some point. My stamina isn't 100 % since my recent surgery.

Steve posted now on the same subject. I'm not always in agreement with my Wizbang colleagues. It would be boring or predictable if we were.

Even with my wrongheaded start. I don't erase my mistakes. I take a rather jaundiced eye to both candidates on their health care proposals and whether it would be beneficial for me. Remembering all along, the median survival rate for my cancer is less than a year too. My latest cancer checkup is taking place place right now. Overall, flawed as it is, I'd take the status quo, health system, and my health status. The US health system isn't perfect, I'm not in favor of any single payer or nationalized plan and and my health status is treading water but better than being dead.

When all is said and done, the combination of watching Hawaii Five 0, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Mission Impossible DVDs, and going out to celebrate my wife Leonita's birthday tonight and other things, will not make me vote for Obama in the fall. I support some Democrats, but not the junior Senator from Illinois.

One last thing- Would McCain ever get his tax credit proposal through a Democratic Congress? I remain skeptical.

Jay Tea adds:

Even with my wrongheaded start. I don't erase my mistakes.

THAT is exactly why I don't mind being the editor of this page, even though Kevin and I never discussed it. He's very carefully picked folks who share my own sense of blogging ethics and principles, and don't really require much "editing." I've had to unpublish exactly one piece by another author for reasons of content, and that author admitted that they were wrong and thanked me for pulling that plug. For the vast, vast majority of the time, I just sit back and stay out of the way and just watch my colleagues do whatever the hell they want -- and it works out just fine.

Thanks for consistently keeping me from having to earn my title, Bill -- and everyone else, for that matter. I had nothing to do with any of you coming here, so I can't take any credit for it, but I greatly appreciate Kevin's skill in choosing each and every one of you.


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The thing is, Bill, that so... (Below threshold)

The thing is, Bill, that so many people are so ga-ga over the prospect of getting "free" health care that any proposal McCain puts out there is going to be a loser for him. I'm not convinced his plan is the best either, even though I'd personally benefit from it. I agree he could have done better. But at this point, it's still not going to get him any votes and I wish all politicians would look at it that way. Maybe then they'd focus on what's right instead of taking the whatever's popular approach.

Bill,I would like ... (Below threshold)


I would like to see you live blog Friday's Ryder Cup play. I was lucky enough to be able to go to the course on Tuesday and watch them practice. It was a lot more fun than working or staying home where we had no power since Sunday because of Ike. Yes, Ike hit us in Kentucky. I'm slowly removing what used to be a beautiful 40 foot pine tree from my back yard so I'll miss some of the play on Friday. I count my blessing that things weren't any worse here and really feel for those who were hit harder down south.

I have my power back on but there are still about 100,000 in the Louisville area who don't. I guess it's not much of a surprise that the Valhalla Golf Club got priority. :)






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