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New McCain Ad: Patriotic Act

Joe Biden said paying higher taxes is patriotic. Well, McCain's camp ran with those little nuggets and made fun of the Obama/Biden campaign:

I love the line that Obama/Biden will create a a whole lot more patriots, all of them looking pretty gloomy.


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What is wrong with asking p... (Below threshold)

What is wrong with asking people to help the country?

They aren't planning on ask... (Below threshold)

They aren't planning on asking - because that would imply a possibility you could refuse.

They aren't planning on ... (Below threshold)

They aren't planning on asking

So what? I believe in mandatory national service, including a military draft. Public service is the price we should pay for the privilege of living in this country. It is OUR country and we should all pitch in to support it. Making it mandatory equalizes the field.

People already "help" the c... (Below threshold)

People already "help" the country plenty.

You say they should help more.

This is a policy difference, not some kind of philosophical shift.

Don't pretend the people don't already "help" their country.

Senators should "help" thei... (Below threshold)

Senators should "help" their country by passing term limits. That would be patriotic. You know, like they did for the presidency.

It would "equalize the play... (Below threshold)

It would "equalize the playing field."

"I believe in mandatory nat... (Below threshold)

"I believe in mandatory national service, including a military draft."

So go sign up. Make it easy on yourself, however, go into the Air Force. You'll normally sleep indoors, and you won't have to worry about swimming long distances. If you're a claustrophile, I'd suggest the Navy, especially the Sub service.

wbgonne,It would h... (Below threshold)
kbiel Author Profile Page:


It would help the economy and our country if you would work an extra 20 hours a week too. Also, while you're at it, it would be helpful if you gave up every Saturday morning to pick up garbage at the side of the road. And let's not forget that being healthy will reduce future medicare burdens, so let's have mandatory calisthenics every morning. Perhaps we could install two-way video screens with helpful instructors who can watch your workout and report...um...I mean...critique you if you do not work out as vigorously as the government wants you to. Now that would be patriotic!

kbiel:So let's NOT... (Below threshold)


So let's NOT help the country? Let's NOT give our time and resources to our country? Let's NOT be responsible for ourselves and our fellow citizens? You think that's a good thing? Sorry, I don't get it. We're all in this together, like it or not.

We're all in this together,... (Below threshold)

We're all in this together, like it or not. Now do what I say, you divisive, greedy, selfish so-and-so's.

All this talk of "working t... (Below threshold)

All this talk of "working together" is just a distraction from discovering which policies are the best from America. And highly, highly unpatriotic.

from America=for America</p... (Below threshold)

from America=for America

I love the line th... (Below threshold)
I love the line that Obama/Biden will create a a whole lot more patriots, all of them looking pretty gloomy.

lol, and the pretty, crackly fireworks behind them. Where's Tinker Bell with her wand?

What is wrong with asking people to help the country?

You are on the wrong thread. I already pay a hefty chunk of change to "help the country". These guys aren't asking, they are just gonna do it, and it's not to help the country.

from America=for A... (Below threshold)
from America=for America

I know. This reminds me of Hillary's Christmas ad and the gift box's marked with names of her special interest organizations.

wbgonne,You presen... (Below threshold)
kbiel Author Profile Page:


You present a false dilemma. You might be shocked to learn that people do give to charity and volunteer their time without being forced to do so by the government. Or is it only patriotic when you give money or enter the armed forces or do some other civil service because the government compels you?

Comrade, it's PATRIOTIC to ... (Below threshold)

Comrade, it's PATRIOTIC to give in earnest supporting our GREAT STRUGGLE.

Of course WE'LL tell you what's patriotic. You just do what we tell you. That's Hope and Change

Waging war against terroris... (Below threshold)

Waging war against terrorists = Patriotic

Paying for the war against terrorist = Well, we're not that patriotic.

You can easily tell how "pa... (Below threshold)

You can easily tell how "patriotic" Biden is in the use of his financial resources to help the country. Just look at his massive charitable contributions ... What? They aren't massive? They are among the lowest of anyone in his income bracket? He is demonstrably one of the stingiest, least helpful of all Americans? Say it ain't so, Joe!

Say it ain't so, J... (Below threshold)
Say it ain't so, Joe!


There are plenty of folks i... (Below threshold)

There are plenty of folks in the country who, when they feel obliged to do something, do it in a crummy way if at all. We don't need them "forced" into doing things to undermine our country. I'm still waiting to hear what rate wb chooses to pay in taxes and how much extra was donated to the IRS over the amount due?

Patriotic is stop spending ... (Below threshold)

Patriotic is stop spending our future and borrowing money from the Chinese, Saudi and every other sovereign wealth fund. How about that Joe Biden? For those of you that want to pay more taxes, tell the government to keep your refunds. For me, I pay enough. I earn my money, the government has yet to earn anything more from me.

wbgonne,Maybe we c... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:


Maybe we can come up with a better system... One where we take from some folks for "the common good" and redistibute it. Each person gets what they need, and the others mandatorily work to the best of their ability to finance those people...

I volunteer to head up this campaign.
(of course, I also get to decide how much to take from everybody, and who to distribute it to... if they're friendly to the state I mean)

Does that sound even vaguely familiar to you, patriot?

Does that sound ev... (Below threshold)
kbiel Author Profile Page:
Does that sound even vaguely familiar to you, patriot?
Considering that wbgonne didn't get my reference to 1984, I think you've posed him or her a stumper.
hahahahaha!! I LOVE the ad!... (Below threshold)

hahahahaha!! I LOVE the ad!! I hope they use that one ALOT!






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