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What Happened When Obama's Teleprompter Broke

This is why Obama brings a teleprompter with him everywhere he speaks, even at a rodeo. If he doesn't have the words scrolling in front of him, he collapses:

Wow, that's really hard to watch. He didn't even familiarize himself with the content of the speech; instead, it appeared he went into it blind, assuming the speech would be there for him. He was, as pilots say, flying like his engine would never quit.


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Comments (30)

This one is really old, Kim... (Below threshold)
Boyd Author Profile Page:

This one is really old, Kim. I'm not sure why you're bringing it back up.

Ah, spoken like a true 'we ... (Below threshold)

Ah, spoken like a true 'we U.S. Americans'.

What's the problem, Boyd. D... (Below threshold)

What's the problem, Boyd. Don't like to see The One not looking so messianic?

Ah c'mon, Boyd. Good entert... (Below threshold)

Ah c'mon, Boyd. Good entertainment never gets old. You like to laugh at McCain, and we like to chuckle at Obama. Mel Brooks says that "tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall down an open manhole."

Lighten up.

I have never seen this one.... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I have never seen this one. Can you imagine if this were McCain. I have a feeling it would have been played so many times on ABCBSNBCNN that I would know it by heart. That is absolutely painful to watch.

Unfortunately, we might hav... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, we might have to listen to this idiot talk when and if he gets to be the President. (God I hope not). The left says that George W Bush is complete dolt. Well I have news for all. George Bush has more class in his little finger than the Messiah has in his whole body. At least George Bush can ad-lib and get away with it.

This was played several tim... (Below threshold)

This was played several times when the story broke about The One taking a 'prompter" on the road with him.

Every time I see it visions of Ralph Cramden run through my head: Hummina, huminna, hummina!

One does not prep for a spe... (Below threshold)

One does not prep for a speech unless one has respect for those it's going to be delivered to.

I wonder if it really broke... (Below threshold)

I wonder if it really broke, or if is the same "messed up" situation where the prompter scrolled ahead and Palin had to improvise. She "winged it" beautifully.

Obama? Not so much...... (Below threshold)

Obama? Not so much...

I am of the opinion that an... (Below threshold)
James H:

I am of the opinion that anybody involved in a public-speaking career -- litigation, politics, etc., should take at least a couple improv-theater workshops to sharpen their ability to think on their feet. This just illustrates it.

Are we really going to elec... (Below threshold)

Are we really going to elect this empty suit?


James, I agree in priciple.... (Below threshold)

James, I agree in priciple. When I was younger I judged improvisational speaking contests. At 9 AM we gave kids the topic of the day. At 10:45 we gave each team whether they would speak pro or con on the issue. At 11 each speaker had to speak for 10 minutes. At the end of all the speeches each team would choose a speaker for a 10 minute wrap up speech. They almost always did a credible job without a teleprompter.

Is it too much to ask our leaders to prep for their speeches?

When I was a kid I met JFK (yes I am an oldish fart) and then listened to him give a half hour speech directed to his audience (in my case scientists and their families). No teleprompter, no stammers, no gaffes, etc.

Their is a leason for Obama there.

Yeah, I saw this a few mont... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I saw this a few months ago. I have to agree with you that this video was hard to watch, but it really brings to the point that this guy is not experienced enough to be President of the United States.


Jeez, I have been screwing ... (Below threshold)

Jeez, I have been screwing up there and their since I was 10.

Are we really goin... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:
Are we really going to elect this empty suit?

Let me answer in the words of a great orator:
"Uhmmmm... ahhh.... uhmmmm.... ya see... uhmmmmm.... No."

He all but called Sarah Pal... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

He all but called Sarah Palin a pig, and yet he stammers like Porky Pig.


It makes you wonder if some... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

It makes you wonder if someone just typed in a bunch of stuff if he would just go on reading it like an Obamatron. If Obama is elected we'll have our first unmanned suit for President.

It is sad to watch. Obviou... (Below threshold)
arcman Author Profile Page:

It is sad to watch. Obviously, he isn't able to think on his feet well. Even more sad are the many followers that think that he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Even sadder is the fact that he is the candidate of a major political party running for president. Saddest of all will be if we are saddled with him for 4 years if he is elected.

I think this is why he sele... (Below threshold)

I think this is why he selected Biden as his running mate. It will be like a ventriloquit's act. Obama can sit on Biden's lap and.....no wait, I guess Biden's lips won't stop moving. Never mind.

Yes, this is an old clip, b... (Below threshold)

Yes, this is an old clip, but we can't be reminded enough of how inept and just ... empty ... this man is. God, that was painful to watch.

I hadn't seen that either. ... (Below threshold)

I hadn't seen that either. Wow, I thought people were going to start throwing stuff at him. He's like the kid that can't remember his lines at the school play, but no one wants to jump in and interrupt him as he tries over and over to spit them out. Watching that was like watching 4 cars arrive at a 4-way stop simultaneously.

I love how he wiggles his f... (Below threshold)

I love how he wiggles his fingers in front of his eyes to let his staff know that someone just unplugged his Broca's area.

Over and over again.


My kids came running from e... (Below threshold)

My kids came running from every direction as I began playing the video. They made me play it three times, and wandered off laughing. At least we are all learning the importance of taking public speaking courses!

My ten year old son walked away shaking his head and mumbling under his breath, "Man, I actually feel bad for him this time..."

What an idiot.... (Below threshold)

What an idiot.

Yes, I feel bad for him too... (Below threshold)

Yes, I feel bad for him too.

I can't concentrate on what I'm trying to say under pressure and have a terrible time concentrating when "I can't hear myself think."

But then, I have a brain tumor and I'm not running for president.

Jeez, Kim, defensive much? ... (Below threshold)
Boyd Author Profile Page:

Jeez, Kim, defensive much? Why on Earth would you assume I'm an Obama supporter?

Calm down, girl. Sheesh.

Man, that just keeps gettin... (Below threshold)

Man, that just keeps getting funnier each time I watch it. Strange thing is, Obama seems almost human when he is forced to speak extemporaneously and without his teleprompter. He sounds inexperienced, ill-informed, and unpresidential...but he seems more human. Actually, I think he tried to laugh it off pretty well.

Wow. For that one minute an... (Below threshold)
Brad Wesley:

Wow. For that one minute and thirteen seconds, Obama sounds a little bit like George W. Bush has sounded every day for the last eight years when he, Bush, speaks without a teleprompter.

This is really old but it's... (Below threshold)

This is really old but it's still funny. His humility is quite endearing. Fortunately it's actually quite rare for Obama to lose his train of thought unlike McCain. Palin on the other hand seems devoid of thought. Understandable too given how hard Obama has been working for Americans, as he says, he hadn't had much sleep.

Good on him too for not making up lies when he forgot a fact, he's obviously dedicated to actually changing things and not just rolling out misinformation to win an election, unlike the Republican candidates.






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