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The Power Of Negative Endorsements

I've said quite a few times that I'm quite impressed with Sarah Palin -- and, by extension, with John McCain, for the sheer self-confidence in picking a running mate who could easily overshadow him (and, in many ways, already has). But I'm not going to talk about the positive reasons I support her. Rather, I'm going to talk about the negative, the superficial, the simple reasons why I hope she succeeds.

Sometimes, when I really don't know much about a specific issue, I use a simple test to see which way I might lean: I ask "does this piss off the right people?" And in the case of Sarah Palin, she certainly does.

She's got Barack Obama so flustered that he "inadvertently" calls her a pig and tries to denigrate her accomplishments by calling her "the mayor of Wasilly (sic)." And a lot of people are calling her a rube, a redneck, a bumpkin, a naif.

Speaking strictly for myself, I tend to have some of those tendencies. Although I've lived over half my life in cities, they are New Hampshire-sized cities -- populations ranging from 110,000 to 12,000. (Yes, Lebanon, NH is a city that's smaller than a lot of big towns. Deal with it.) And my entire state has a population that's smaller than a lot of cities -- about 1.1 million. So I'm fairly used to the "hick" treatment, and I shrug it off -- or exploit it, as my mood and circumstances dictate.

So when people use that line of attack on Palin, it gives me the warm fuzzies. Especially when I remember that Alaska has about 10% more people of Vermont -- and the current DNC chairman, Howard Dean, achieved that office after serving as Vermont's governor and then running for president. Alaska is also bigger than the three next largest states combined, or the 23 smaller states combined.

Others have gone after her, and in ways that speak far more about themselves than about the governor of Alaska and Republican vice=presidential nominee. For example, Sandra Bernhard..

I've listened to a little of Bernhard's commentary, and quite frankly I was more moved by her Playboy pictorial back in 1992 -- and that was scary enough. So when this So when this hunk of sandpaper with lips fantasizes about Sarah Palin being gang-raped by black men, I just take it as affirmation of what a worthless hunk of skin Bernhard is.

Then I read about how a bunch of New York women don't like the idea of Sarah Palin becoming vice-president. These strong, assertive, independent, fierce, proud women are turning literally hysterical at the mere thought that a woman might achieve the sorts of things they say they're fighting for -- but without offering proper obeisance to their "struggles," without buying 150% into THEIR definition of "feminism," without proclaiming abortion as the right and moral obligation of every woman, without utterly rejecting men and masculinity, all the radical feminist bullshit that has been the best joke this country has ever seen -- largely because those who have made it a joke simply refuse to "get it."

Sarah Palin has the most rabid of the left end of the blogosphere all aflutter, too. Over at Daily Kos, they're in a competition. It's like a pentathlon. First event, who can make up the craziest bullshit about Palin? Second event, who can find the closest thing to some kind of verification that the fantasy might be true? Third, who can get it publicized and quoted and passed around the most? Fourth, who can sustain the bullshit the longest before it's officially debuned? Fifth and final event, who can most thoroughly delete all traces of the original article? So far the competition is fierce -- the "Sarah Palin is an Alaskan separatist," the "Sarah Palin cut funding for pregnant teens like her daughter," the "Sarah Palin was a Pat Buchanan supporter," and "Sarah Palin slashed funding for special-needs students like her youngest son will be" are all tough competitors, but the gold has to go to the asshole who pushed like hell the fantasy that "Sarah Palin's youngest son is really her daughter's son."

Hollywood (and by that, I mean actual successful celebrities, not has-beens and never-wases and almost-wases like Bernhard) is also going nuts over Palin. The elites (who consider the epitome of intellectual accomplishment to be mouthing others' words in a way that convinces people they're actually expressing their own thoughts and feelings) are falling all over each other to mock the woman who had ALL THOSE CHILDREN and doesn't have an army of nannies, who's still married to the same guy after a couple of decades, who's NEVER gone into rehab, who has NEVER bought into the disease or the cause of the week, and who's not the least interested in much of anything Hollywood. How DARE someone like that think that they might be the least bit qualified to do ANYTHING, if she doesn't at first seek Hollywood's approval?

Yeah, I got a lot of good reasons for supporting Sarah Palin. But every now and then it's nice to do a quick gut-check on things, to see how others perceive her. Looking at the lineup of those who can't do enough to heap abuse and scorn on her can be intimidating.

Until you look at those folks' track record, and realize that using them as negative indicators can actually be pretty damned useful.

Anyone who can unite Hollywood, hysterical feminists, and the far left blogosphere (just to name a few) into such fits of apoplexy HAS to have something really good going for them.


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Comments (35)

C'mon JT. I know its reall... (Below threshold)

C'mon JT. I know its really the glasses and do that turn you on!

Just to name a few more CNN... (Below threshold)
Mark Bishop:

Just to name a few more CNN, ABC,NBC,CBS,NYT,etc.etc.

epadorThat's just ... (Below threshold)


That's just icing on the cake. At least it is for me anyway. ;0)

Well certainly pissing off ... (Below threshold)

Well certainly pissing off the right folks always gives me the warm fuzzies. But maybe we should be more worried about the wrong folks attacking her...like Will, Krauthammer, David Frum, and most recently dear little worrier Kathleen Parker.


A Time to Worry...Yes Indeed It Is Well Past Time to Worry "Conservative" Kathleen Parker, Hearts Obama!

To me it is a lot MORE damaging to be attacked from the Right than it is from the left. After all the left's attacks are cartoonish while the Right side of the aisle adopts the far more damaging "Im here to help" and how can you rubes actually believe that Sarah is qualified.

I would give away an entire newsday to the left to have the Right Just Shut the Hell UP. Spare me for just one week the elitist crap that masquerades as concerned thought...Shut UP Brooks, Krauthammer, Will, Parker, Frum because Sarah has in the space of 3 weeks given more to the cause of winning that any of you combined have in the last year.

Pierre Legrand,I d... (Below threshold)

Pierre Legrand,

I don't have a problem with Palins qualifications. She's running for VP. The VP has exactly 2 responsibilities. Preside over the Senate, and cast the tiebreaking vote in the Senate.

That's it.

I don't really honestly see McCain dying anytime soon, so (if they're elected) she has at LEAST 4 years to see how to be "Presidential", quite possibly 8 years. By then, I don't think anyone will question her qualifications. By then, good ole Barry O might have actually done SOMETHING of significance, and would be an interesting option. That's not really the case here and now in '08 though.

I take back comment #1. It... (Below threshold)

I take back comment #1. Its 'cause you see her as Fred Thompson in pumps and lipstick.

[uh oh, I see a hammer about to descend on my head, better get to work and then house painting. And Fred'll be after me too. I think I'll let my lap top recharge for a while...]

If Krauthammer, et al, have... (Below threshold)

If Krauthammer, et al, have reservations about Palin, then that's fine, as far as I'm concerned. None of it rises to the level of actions and behavior Jay describes here. Pierre, you may see it as insidious and worthy of worry, but I'm not the type to insist that fellow conservatives or independents conform to all aspects of my own beliefs. Tolerating a difference of opinion here and there is important to show that we are not all engaging in group think or making unreasonable demands to conform lest one be rejected out of hand. We already have one very large group in the US who does that and I won't fall into that trap.

Parker's remarks in the article are sometimes vacuous and sometimes not but even her words don't rise to the level of vitriol displayed by the unhinged. I figure that people like Parker and those who laud Obama's substance free style and grace and his book, Dreams of my Father, and wallow in the heart-wrenching, soul-searching contents therein are neglecting one very important thing. Here is a man glorifying the father who abandoned him and is condescendingly describing his grandmother, who dedicated herself to him, as a 'typical white person'. That's just one very basic deficiency in his make-up that serves to expose a lot of what I find disingenuous about him.

That others don't feel the same is something I cannot control, nor would I try.

It's the people and groups that Jay talks about here that are doing the real damage to all of us. The negative affirmation is not my sole vindication for thinking I'm on the right track, but it can't be ignored because of the shear proportions and insanity of it.

Pierre, you may see it a... (Below threshold)

Pierre, you may see it as insidious and worthy of worry, but I'm not the type to insist that fellow conservatives or independents conform to all aspects of my own beliefs.

In a close election Reagan's 11th commandment comes to mind. Speak no evil of Republicans.

We cannot control the left...but we can to a degree control the right. Rational folks do not see Daily Kos...but they do read Will, Krathammer and others.

This isn't about anything other than winning this election. We don't need to be proving anything or appeasing anyone...we need to be on message and defeating the closet Marxist.

The Grown ups in the Republican party need to be stepping up and reminding everyone what is at stake.

Truth be told though I believe that some on the right are even more threatened by Sarah then many on the left. Elitism runs deep in the Republican East Coast establishment.

So when this hunk of san... (Below threshold)

So when this hunk of sandpaper with lips fantasizes about Sarah Palin...

1) Yes she does fantasizes about Sarah I am sure.
2) Sandpaper actually has a function.

I understand your point, Pi... (Below threshold)

I understand your point, Pierre, and I respect that you see it differently but that's where you and I part company. No, many do not see Kos but they do read all manner of news papers and they see with their own two eyes Hollywood's behavior. Polls have shown us how they feel about the media's reporting on Palin. Don't forget, "rational folks" is the operative term in your argument. Don't assume their rationality is less than you think.

Pierre Legrand: Actually, y... (Below threshold)
Paul Duffau:

Pierre Legrand: Actually, you can add many of the "Republican" commentators to the list that Jay compiled.

In many cases, The Wills and Krauthammers of the political aristocracy have been actively opposed to conservative principles and dismissive of bedrock American qualities such as a willingness to stand firm for what is right, to act from convictions and first principles and a fundamental belief in the worth of their families, their communities and their country.

Bush has been pilloried by commentator after commentator for his bumpkin personality, lack of flexibility and less than imposing intellectual heft. Bush has taken "friendly" fire from these folks over the years from his tax policies to Iraq to the bailout. After all, he did not follow their ever sage advice; rather, he consulted his American values and principles, made decisions and stood by them.
But, when the Democrats were throwing the American people overboard and prepared to run from Washington, Bush stood up, made a decision (right or wrong - time will tell) - and caught arrows from those same commentators. Many of those same ones you yourself identified in your post linked above (though in fairness the article also said Parker Hearts Palin).

There is a fundamental steadfastness that Bush evidences that represents an essential American trait. Palin shares this trait and many other core American traits. The people on Jay's list, not so much and they hate her for it just as they hate small town America. She must be destroyed. Not defeated. Defeat offers the opportunity to comeback, stronger and wiser. She must be defeated and forced from field forever because Palin represents a bellwether change in the political class.

The values of small towns, the heartland, flyover country - whatever you want to call it - don't change with the wind. We're never hip or cool. We go out, day after day, do our work, take care of our families (yes, even when they screw up, they are loved and part of the family), help our neighbors (I know my neighbors up and down the street), and volunteer in our towns. We don't need community organizers because we already are a community not a collection of grievance groups. If Darlene, my 80+ year old neighbor needs a hand, I rarely help - because my youngest daughter beats me to it. As Palin put it, "We grow good people in our small towns... ". That's we she's hated and the heartland is ridiculed. They're good people of courage and conviction.

Courage, conviction, steadfastness aren't cool. They aren't hip. As I said, the folks on Jay's list don't share these qualities and when they erupt with their vitriol, it's a sign that we're on the right path, rocky though it may be. That's were the steadfast part comes in.

Jay, I've already posted my... (Below threshold)

Jay, I've already posted my epistle on this on Rachel Lucas, but I second everything you just said a whole-hearted 150%.

Great article!!I kne... (Below threshold)

Great article!!
I knew the minute the left started their rabid attacks on Palin that the masses would support her, now we just have to make sure they keep this up until election day and the McCain/Palin ticket will be a sure win!! And I know the naysayers will continue to cooperate, it's like an addiction with them, they just can't help themselves, Palin-bashing has become the latest left-wing craze! Think about it, this should be the year of the Democrats, we have a very unpopular Republican President (he's hated!), we have a very unpopular war, our economy is sinking fast, Obama should be running away in the polls, so why is it such a tight race? Could it be most Americans are sick of being put down by the left? And these attacks on Palin are an attack on their beliefs and their way of life, so of course they're going to circle the wagons around her! This is the best thing that could have happened to McCain and I hope they keep attacking!

What struck me most about t... (Below threshold)

What struck me most about the Bernhard comments, and I'm sure others have already expressed this someplace... is that she not only offended all of womankind but also all black people. I would hope that Obama is as offended by her comments as Palin ought to be. With friends like that, Barrack won't be shopping for enemies.

It brings to mind the Seinfeld episode where Jerry complained that his dentist had become a Jew so he could get away with telling Jewish jokes. When asked if it offended him as a Jew, Jerry retorted: "No, it offends me as a COMEDIAN!"

Bernhard offends me as someone who enjoys humor. There was NOTHING even remotely funny about her comments.

Par for the course. She's always been pond scum, and this just proves her ignorance.

You know, a bit OT, but I d... (Below threshold)

You know, a bit OT, but I did a little research on a bit of a whim. I learned that the DARLING of the left, George McGovern was a Representative from South Dakota. South Dakota, as in the 46th most populated state in the union. Just ahead of the 47th most populous state of Alaska.

Just interesting how the lefties have such selective memories that they belittle her experience leading the 4th least populous state and used to lionize McGovern who merely represented the 5th least populous.

Funny that.

"...he 'inadvertently' call... (Below threshold)
daniel rotter:

"...he 'inadvertently' calls her a pig..."

Obama didn't call Palin a pig, "inadvertently" or otherwise. He was talking about McCain's policies.

I've got a little message f... (Below threshold)

I've got a little message for Sandra Bernhard. Girl, come over to my rent-controlled apartment and let's have a little one on one. I may even invite some of my big Puerto Rican brothers to join the conversation.

Girl, we are sick of your kind of low life hustle in the political process. Time for you to go back to your day job, honey.

Rotter, LOL"did no... (Below threshold)

Rotter, LOL

"did not, did not, la la la la la la[with fingers in ears]"

Wow, that's really interest... (Below threshold)

Wow, that's really interesting ExSubNuke. In the course of your reasearch did you happen to notice how long he was in national politics before running for president? The first time he ran for president was in 1968. Any idea when he was first elected to the House? I'm from South Dakota. I know the answer. It seems that would be relevant to the question of qualification.

epador, LOL"did so... (Below threshold)

epador, LOL

"did so, did so, la la la la la la[with fingers in ears]"

Do you understand the english language, epador?

I dunno max, you're from So... (Below threshold)

I dunno max, you're from South Dakota, you tell me.

I will tell you this though. In the course of that research on a whim, I came across a few MSM posts, as well as some pundits (Andrew Sullivan for one) that had a BIG problem with Palin's experience because she governed a state with such a small population. That seemed to be their main issue (at least in that particular clip).

Also, to be perfectly honest, I don't really care about McGovern's legislative experience. I think there's a REASON that most presidents have been executives of 1 sort or another, and RARELY has the president been elected that was a legislator. I would have LIKED Mitt Romney, for that exact reason, to have been the Republican candidate... but that didn't happen.

Now, to be sure you fully understand, I found that little tidbit, and found it to be funny. I think the "Palin's Experience Issue" to be a canard, especially if it's based upon "being from a less populous state." You see, I'm FROM a less populous state (Nebraska specifically), and we seem to do just fine with our work ethic. If elitists are going to use that as a yard stick for success (and they invariably do), then they should look up the US city with the largest percentage of millionaires. You might be surprised to find it's Omaha NE. You might note where the richest man in America is from. That's right... Warren Buffet is from Omaha.

Us less populous state bumpkins do just fine when we feel like poking our noses into worldy affairs, and THAT was the point I was trying to make. Underestimate Palin's abilies at your own risk.

ExSubNuc - "Just intere... (Below threshold)

ExSubNuc - "Just interesting how the lefties have such selective memories that they belittle her experience leading the 4th least populous state and used to lionize McGovern who merely represented the 5th least populous."

Delaware isn't exactly nipping at the heels of California when talking population either.

Funny how that works.

rotter "Obama didn't call Palin a pig, "inadvertently" or otherwise. He was talking about McCain's policies.

I'd concede, and did from the start it's debatable if he meant it.

BUT there is NO DOUBT the crowds reaction and just as little doubt he knew the instant their response hit his ears it was something he would live to regret.

The honorable man, the honest man would have acknowledged that immediately at the start of the firestorm.

He didn't, far from it, he went into attack mode and blamed it all on the Republican "attack machine."

It was a child-like response from a very small man.

True that marc.... (Below threshold)

True that marc.

max - "Wow, that's real... (Below threshold)

max - "Wow, that's really interesting ExSubNuke. In the course of your reasearch did you happen to notice how long he was in national politics before running for president?"

Psst, don't look now max but Delawares' population (853,476) isn't that far from the number or people that live in Alaska (670,053).

Oops... close your eyes, Alaska also leads Slo Joe Biden's state in the number of high school graduates, 88.3% and five above the national avg, to 82.6% 2 points above the national avg.

Bachelor's degree or higher? Well lets just say being in the frozen tundra, and where the sun doesn't rise above the horizon 3-4 months a year, isn't a drawback in getting an education.

"Us less populous state bum... (Below threshold)

"Us less populous state bumpkins do just fine when we feel like poking our noses into worldy affairs, and THAT was the point I was trying to make."

But you did it by comparing apples to oranges. THAT was the point I was making.

Obama clarified</... (Below threshold)

Obama clarified on Letterman that if he had actually meant the "lipstick on a pig" comment, "Palin would be the lipstick."

Obama doesn't have a hell of a lot of respect for women in general, either way, and no amount of joking around is going to change my views toward him.

McGovern is a bona fide war... (Below threshold)
Just John:

McGovern is a bona fide war hero.

And...?... (Below threshold)


Raising 5 kids and working ... (Below threshold)

Raising 5 kids and working IS a war. Just ask any of the millions of working moms who are gonna vote McCain/Palin.

ExSubNuc - "And...?"</e... (Below threshold)

ExSubNuc - "And...?"

He lost his train of thought are puzzling over the spelling of "bona fide."

I'm a mom of 3...2 are grow... (Below threshold)

I'm a mom of 3...2 are grown and one's left behind to test all my mothering theories.

You all know how moms have truth radar, right?

We know when our kids or any others for that matter are giving us a line. We can sense it blindfolded and a mile away with heavyduty earmuffs on. (That is my personal reason why the human race has survived by the way. LOL)

I think, and most women I have talked to feel very strongly that Obama meant the lipstick comment as a sly slap across Palin's face, then he lied about meaning it, and, afterwards he attempted to cover it up by crying, "Foul." (Also, the remarks at Mc and fish.)
He gave Hillary a rude hand gesture with the same body language he used with the lipstick. He was hesitating and building up for both comments. I'd like to think he wasn't, as both were disgusting behaviors, but I can't.

Trust a mom and a woman about this.

PS The first time I saw Biden, I was politically ignorant. I walked into a friend's house and the TV was on in the other room. I didn't know who he was or what the subject matter was about. I heard Biden talking and I turned to her, and exclaimed, "Who is that man and why is he LYING?"
My first venture into the world of politics was Biden lying, and the episode that triggered my horror was the Clarence Thomas kangeroo court.

And now Biden is running for V.P.

northwynd - Can I get an Am... (Below threshold)

northwynd - Can I get an Amen for the sister?!!

This is a fantastic post! B... (Below threshold)

This is a fantastic post! But, you forgot that these fringe people got the marching orders from the secular messiah himself, Barack. Go, get in people's faces and argue! All I know is that the more this keeps up, the more that I am certain that voters are going to do the right thing and vote for McCain/Palin. An aside. I live in Pasadena, California. There are a lot of Obama signs. And a good amount of McCain signs. But, ALL the Obama signs have "Obama". Most McCain signs have "McCain/Palin". Wonder who is glad who they picked for the second spot?

Self-hating women won't sup... (Below threshold)
Deborah Harry:

Self-hating women won't support Sarah because she is an actual woman who is not a VICTIM.

God invented feminism so ugly hags would feel they play a part in the world.

I've been doing some thinki... (Below threshold)

I've been doing some thinking, and I now understand that the only explanation for the way the feminists are treating Sarah Palin is that they never were feminists at all. They are just persons who were born female but wish to God that they were males. They want the power they believe men have. They believe that there own deficiencies and failures are because of their sex and nothing else. They are grumpy ingrates and not really feminine at all.
They aren't interested in females rising to power or being treated rightly: They only want to take the power from those they believe have it at present. They can't be trusted to be working in the interest of women.






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