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Obama yells at an elderly woman questioning him about national security.

Mature, Obama. Real mature.

Here's the issue. For the sake of argument, let's just say Barack Obama was correct in what he was saying. Was there any reason to be yelling at the elderly lady questioning you? Sure, maybe it ruffled his feathers. Sure, her tone was a little confrontational. So what? As President, many many people will be doing exactly that. Every time someone questions Obama or gets a little confrontational with him, is he going to lose his composure and yell at them, too?

I think the issue here is that Obama is seeing his perfect campaign, his image as the Anointed One, the feeling of inevitability, all of it -- he's seeing it slip away. And he doesn't know what to do. So that feeling of self-assuredness and confidence is gone, as is his charm and eloquence.

And you know, I wouldn't have a huge problem with Obama yelling at Hugo Chavez or Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. But when a voter asks you a tough question and you can't handle it, so you yell at her, there's a problem. And let's be real. Her question was not out of line. It's not against the rules to ask the Obamamessiah a tough question about national security, and to tell him you want specifics.

But clearly, Obama can't handle that.

Hat Tip: My colleague Jay at Stop the ACLU


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Comments (30)

Boy, that McCain just has t... (Below threshold)

Boy, that McCain just has too strong a temper to be...uh...hold on...meme crumbling...

When was this??... (Below threshold)

When was this??

Think foreign policy questi... (Below threshold)
Codekeyguy Author Profile Page:

Think foreign policy questions will throw him for a loop, too?? Lord, I hope so.
Hillary saw her inevitability melt away, but she handled it much more classily. (Is there such a word as classily?)
The Messiah, to The One, to The Zero!!!!

As best I can tell, this to... (Below threshold)

As best I can tell, this took place November of last year. See this NY Times article

Yelling at old ladies... th... (Below threshold)

Yelling at old ladies... that flies well in Florida and Iowa.

"Yelling at old ladies.... (Below threshold)

"Yelling at old ladies... that flies well in Florida and Iowa."

While I would agree with that assessment given the age of it, it does appear to be from last year, it's much ado about nothing. Other than gather a few comments here it's a waste of time and space in the bigger picture.

It's not against t... (Below threshold)
It's not against the rules to ask the Obamamessiah a tough question about national security, and to tell him you want specifics.

Although you can hardly blame him for not being used to it.

This shows his inability to... (Below threshold)

This shows his inability to handle tough questions and think on his feet. It's relevant no matter when it took place.

If the DemSM and the Obamabots are searching for dirt on Sarah Palin going back to her kindergarten days, I think this is fair.

One other note;If ... (Below threshold)

One other note;

If this was last November, he doesn't have "campaign fatigue" as an excuse.

KB,No worries, the... (Below threshold)


No worries, the uber left lib sheep, and the media covering for hi will come up with some excuse.

He sounded a bit flustered ... (Below threshold)

He sounded a bit flustered there, as well. Maybe on the defensive.

If Obama has "Campaign Fati... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

If Obama has "Campaign Fatigue", then whats going to be the next 4 years? "Presidential Fatigue"? I highly doubt that he's going to get a break once he's president.

I don't think this guy could run a worse campaign than he's running, and he couldn't have chosen a worse running mate. What shocks me is that there is a segment of the population that doesn't know this guy and plans on voting for him. Not to mention the racist attitude of blacks that they are going to vote for him ONLY because he is black. Ignorant...

Wow. No way to treat your ... (Below threshold)

Wow. No way to treat your grandmother.

DON'T question dear leader.... (Below threshold)

DON'T question dear leader.

Barry seems to get upset pr... (Below threshold)

Barry seems to get upset pretty quickly, doesn't he? I mean, to be a middle-aged man, you would think he would have learned to roll with the punches by now. It's almost as if he's lived in a vacuum these years and he's encountering real people for the first time.

He sounding a little bit s... (Below threshold)

He sounding a little bit shrill

Did I miss something here? ... (Below threshold)

Did I miss something here? I didn't hear her mention anybody or any place. She simply asked what he would do? Where did his answer come from?

This is old. ... (Below threshold)
Tom C:

This is old.

Yeah, Tom, Obama was thirte... (Below threshold)
ed davis:

Yeah, Tom, Obama was thirteen or something?

Oh, and by the way, USA!

That"s just Ryder Cup rah rah, unless I should be ass hamed or something.

You know. For competing. An... (Below threshold)
ed davis:

You know. For competing. And winning. And all that horrible shit. Pieces of crap they are, those scumbags... right, Tom? Those assholes that more than likely EMPLOY YOU!

"This is old."Noth... (Below threshold)

"This is old."

Nothing about his demeanor has changed, Tom C.

This is such a poor quality... (Below threshold)

This is such a poor quality video and so edited that I can't get any sense from it, and that's with a good high speed Internet connection.

Added to YouTube by one acs... (Below threshold)

Added to YouTube by one acslat87" on November 19, 2007. Some speculated back then that it was done by the Hillary campaign.

Obama was the overestimated... (Below threshold)
Sean Leslie:

Obama was the overestimated candidate - McCain was the underestimated candidate.
Obama is not as competent as he appears; McCain is more competent than he appears.
Obama promised compassion but was glib; no one expected compassion from the Republicans
and found it in Mac.
Obama floated like a butterfly; McCain stings like a bee.
Obama talks about empathy; McCain's eyes well up with tears over a KIA.
Obama imitates Kennedy and sounds like a preacher; McCain is just himself, like Ike was Ike.
If it comes to a fight, Obama looks like he'll try and talk the guy out of it and he'll have
already lost. McCain will punch him in the nose and make sure he doesn't.
Obama is Precious Pup; McCain is Charlie Brown.
Obama is Road Runner; McCain is Wily Coyote.
Obama is Hollywood; McCain is Yankee Stadium.
Obama is chewing gum and joking on the poop deck; McCain is aiming the Cannons at Iwo Jima.
Obama is an easy Lay; McCain is the wife that sticks by you for no good reason.
Obama is Roger Rabbit; McCain is Jackie Gleason.
Obama is going to flatter you; McCain will give you the news.
Obama is like Infatuation; McCain is the one you'll marry.

It is a bit frustrating to ... (Below threshold)

It is a bit frustrating to be yelled at by "a grandmother". She got the answer and tone she deserved.

Maybe this is an example of... (Below threshold)

Maybe this is an example of Obama's new "Get in Their Face" style of campaigning he's asking his followers to use. Leading by example.

I don't think he was yellin... (Below threshold)

I don't think he was yelling at her. I would not make too much of this at all.

I think the guy is easily f... (Below threshold)

I think the guy is easily flustered and hope the debates bring it out some more. I saw a bit of him on 60 Minutes last night in between football, and he seemed overly testy there, too. Even if I could agree with him ideologically, which I never could, I don't think I'd like him as a person. He seems a snippy, petulant, arrogant guy who thinks he knows it all.

One would think that some... (Below threshold)

One would think that someone running for the highest position in the US would be better prepared for question and answer sessions and be professional. Time and time again we have seen O is not what the US deserves. I am starting to wonder if O has decided he really doesnt want to win with his and his party's missteps. Just give them more rope and sit back, they are already looking pretty foolish.

You're kidding right?... (Below threshold)

You're kidding right?

This is the best gaffe you can dig up? Obama talking a year ago in a town hall meeting? A clip where he was clearly NOT yelling at the lady?

Please. How about him admitting the surge succeeded beyond our wildest dreams or something?






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