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Michelle Obama: Barack will FINALLY unveil his plan Friday!

The Obama campaign is all kinds of gung-ho about the debate Friday. They really, really want people to tune in. Why, I don't know. If, uh, you know, I, um, were, well, uh, you know, uh, Senator -- hold, hold, hold on a second -- um, you know, Senator Obama, I, uh, you know, um, wouldn't, uh, um, uh, want to be, uh, debilitating, I mean, debating, uh, you know, um, Senator McCain, uh, um, uh, on, uh, national Univision -- damn it!! -- national television, that's it!, uh, you know, without, um, a, uh, teleprompter, uh, that, um, you know, he could, uh, read his, you know, um, prepared, uh, lines off of.

But, apparently they still want everyone to watch. They must be pretty anxious about it, judging by the two e-mails they sent Michelle Malkin urging her not only to watch the debate, but to host debate watch parties. And, miracle of miracles, Michelle Obama is telling us that Barack is finally going to tell us what his plans are!


Hi everyone, this is Michelle Obama. The first presidential debate is coming up on Friday, the 26th. It's gonna focus on foreign policy. The candidates will debate their different views on how to keep America safe, strengthen our relationships with our allies, and restore our role in the world. Many Americans still don't know much about Barack or his plan to bring the change we need. They don't know about his timeline to bring troops home from Iraq responsibly, or his plans to rebuild our military and to achieve energy independence so that we can end our reliance on foreign oil once and for all. And they don't know his plan to restore the middle class, to cut taxes for 95% of American families, to provide healthcare for every American, and to improve our schools. They also don't know that John McCain shares many of George Bush's views. In fact, he's voted with George Bush more than 90% of the time, including not investigating the government response to Katrina, not supporting college benefits for returning veterans, and passing tax cuts for the rich at the expense of the middle class. So, this debate is a great opportunity to introduce Barack to your friends, family, and neighbors. That's why all across the country, people are coming together for debate watch parties. A debate watch party is a great opportunity to get together with other people who support Barack, and to reach out to folks who are undecided. That's what this movement's all about: people coming together to talk about the issues that matter to them. So, I hope you'll host a debate watch party in your home, or attend one in your community. Visit this website to get more information: my-dot-barackobama-dot-com-slash-debate. You know, there are just a few weeks left 'til election day, so now more than ever, we need to come together. Thank you.

The "no one knows about Barack's plans!" line was a little odd to me. Considering how vague and unspecific Obama has been throughout this entire campaign, you'd think they didn't want to go there. And lies and mischaracterizations about John McCain aside, the plans she speaks of are just plain odd. I'm really, really curious how Barack Obama will manage to "rebuild" the military, "give" healthcare to EVERY American, "improve" schools, and "restore" the middle class -- all without raising taxes. Either he believes in money fairies or Michelle is lying.

Oh, but wait! He's finally going to get specific about his plans this Friday! He's going to finally tell us exactly how he's going to raise taxes, enforce socialism, make the standard model for "big government" seem like a libertarian's dream, and ruin everything we've fought for in Iraq.

I'm so excited. I can't wait to hear all these great plans Obama has. It's going to be so awesome.

Hey, you guys laughing in the back -- can it. He's for real this time. I know he's said he's going to get specific for a long time, but this time, he means it.

I think.


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Comments (52)

Nothing will be "unveiled" ... (Below threshold)

Nothing will be "unveiled" on Friday. His plans have been on his web site for some time. If you're one of the ones who still doesn't know about them, go read them.

He's going to tax taxes. <... (Below threshold)

He's going to tax taxes.

"gonna"...her parents pay B... (Below threshold)
Son of a Pig and a Monkey:

"gonna"...her parents pay Brown/Princeton/Harvard hundreds of thousands to get her through undergrad and law school, and all they got was "gonna"...oh, they didn't pay?...my bad;

and only homo's host Oscar parties, and I imagine the same goes for "debate parties"

What are you talking about?... (Below threshold)

What are you talking about? Obama has provided a lot more details on his financial plan than McCain.

I'm sorry, Spider - but tak... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry, Spider - but taking from the rich to give to the poor as a financial plan doesn't cut it for me. Instad, how about letting the rich keep more, so they can hire more people and pay them better - so everyone wins?

You can shear a sheep each year, but you can only skin him once.

Some specifics would be kin... (Below threshold)

Some specifics would be kind of nice - but I wonder is going to deliver all this specificity with his gloves on or off?

Spider,His plan is... (Below threshold)


His plan is as specific as your post.

Friday, huh? And the moon ... (Below threshold)

Friday, huh? And the moon will be in the 7th house, Jupiter will align with Mars, peace will guide the planets and love will fill the skies.

I'll go get a 6 pack so I can be in the proper mood.

His plans...Let me... (Below threshold)

His plans...

Let me guess...

1)He's going to limit Wall Street exec's pay.
2)He's going to make Wall Street pay back the bailout out money (actually, that could be interesting; wonder if there is room under that bus for Raines, Gorelick and Johnson?)
3)He's going to throw Biden under the bus.
4)He's going to pardon computer hackers.
5)He's going to veto McCain Feingold (oops, I meant pardon those in violation)
6)He's going pardon AstroAxel.
7)He's going to raise taxes on Wall Street (after they pay back the bailout money).
8)He's going to name Rubin bail out Czar. Rubin will then give FNMA immunity.
9)He's going to ....

Hmmm, this is a vicious circle.

John Kerry had a plan.... (Below threshold)

John Kerry had a plan.

Many Americans sti... (Below threshold)
Many Americans still don't know much about Barack or his plan to bring the change we need.

It's a shame the media hasn't given Barack more coverage so that he'd have been able to get his message about his plan out. (/sarcasm)

His plan could be "I'm not ... (Below threshold)

His plan could be "I'm not nor have I ever been George W. Bush" and he'd still be a better, more popular candidate than John McCain. But as Brian mentioned, the specifics of his economic plan are on his website. You can go check it out; don't worry, you won't be forced to give your e-mail address or pledge your allegiance to Gay Liberal Satan just for having a look. Words won't hurt you.

For instance, his tax plan will only raise taxes on the 2% of Americans who earn more than $250,000 per year. That might seem unfair to some people here, but this crowd is way out of the mainstream so it doesn't matter.

His plan is a failure in ba... (Below threshold)

His plan is a failure in basic mathematics.

I can come up with a "plan" too. Doesn't matter if it doesn't add up or make sense.

Posted by Son of a Pig and ... (Below threshold)

Posted by Son of a Pig and a Monkey, What ever gave you the idea that anyone other than the taxpayers paid one cent on Hussein and the Ms's education cost? 100% on the taxpayer because I'm black program, even though Hussien is White/Arab, not black.

I can see the tax cuts for 95% of American families now. Last year you paid $3,000, under Hussein O you'll pay $5,000 +. Only To the feeble minded if that a tax cut.

There are times when I wond... (Below threshold)

There are times when I wonder if he watched Blazing Saddles one too many times when he was experimenting with mind altering substances and thinks he can pull off a fast one on the crowd that wants to lynch him. Since the scene has too many politically incorrect phrases, I'll just end with:

Hep me, Hep me!!!!

My guess is that they want ... (Below threshold)
Steve G:

My guess is that they want all the "wacko's to watch & then go to all the MSN sites after the debate to vote that Obama won! You need to look at this from a PR perspective because that is all they have...PR, propaganda, hype...you know BS!

He's Arabic, Scrapiron? (By... (Below threshold)

He's Arabic, Scrapiron? (By the way, Arabic is the adjective, Arab is a noun. Write that down for future racial bomb throwing, mmmkay?) I think the unsubstantiated rumour you're trying to puke up is that he's Muslim. Muslims and Arabs are not the same thing.

Re-read the second paragraph of your post there, and then ask yourself: 'Should I really be huffing this much glue?' Unless you make more than $250,000/year (no offense, but that would come as a surprise), you would pay less taxes. Yes, the evil sorta-kinda-black-and-maybe-Muslim guy wants to lower your tax rate, while making your psychiatrist pay more.

You want to hear about an incredibly stupid and unrealistic plan for the economy? Find a single economist that could make any sense of McCain's plan to cut taxes while balancing the budget. Such horseshit, but go on, lap it up.

while Michelle thinks:... (Below threshold)

while Michelle thinks:

"Oh baby, you are so talented, and they are so dumb."

It's coming via text messag... (Below threshold)

It's coming via text message! Watch for it!

Oh wait, they tried that.

Ooh. Will he be taking the... (Below threshold)

Ooh. Will he be taking the gloves off as well?

He'd probably do better in the debate with them off, but perhaps he should keep them on this time, so he can take them off before the next debate?

Hyperbolist:If you... (Below threshold)


If you are going lecture americans about their
tax structure in America, how about learning
a bit about it first.

When Mr.Obama begins hitting those who make
more than 250,000 per year, the wealth of this
country will begin to migrate to friendlier

Epador, I think he's planni... (Below threshold)

Epador, I think he's planning on giving us another Schwanstuuker. An he's not even from Havana.....

His plans are vague, point ... (Below threshold)

His plans are vague, point out problems he says he'll solve (usually by throwing large amounts of money and Federal bureaucracy at the problem, and we all know how successful that approach has been in the past) and panders to the voters he wants. BFD. No more substance to his plan. McCain's site looks about the same, but has at least specific information about his tax plan compared to the vague overall plan with a few anecdotal examples in the Obama site. Neither have a real handle on how to reform healthcare, but the Obama plan is REAL scary from what is listed. I doubt the debate will answer these details for either candidate.

HOWEVER, it will be interesting to see each one show his ability to project an image in the "debate" setting, which resembles a real debate about as much as a pig in lipstick resembles a hockey mom wielding an automatic weapon.


You mean a 7cm Schwanstuuke... (Below threshold)

You mean a 7cm Schwanstuuker or a 7mm Schwanstuuker?

For those of you who need p... (Below threshold)

For those of you who need pictures:


When michelle says he plans... (Below threshold)

When michelle says he plans to "rebuild" our military, does that mean take 40% away like bill did? Just watching her talk about it makes me cringe. The only thing obama is less qualified for than running the political side of the white house would be the commander in chief part of the job.

Maggie, as for capital migr... (Below threshold)

Maggie, as for capital migrating to friendlier climates, so what? That's fine. It's called globalization, via capitalism. Welcome to the year 1980! Hire a Mandarin tutor for your kids, they'll thank you when they're rich by 2008.

I'm aware that reducing tax rates can sometimes increase total receipts. I also know that if John McCain's plan will give working class people $200 in annual tax savings, and Obama's plan will give them $800 (rough approximations of what I learned from Brian's link, which is based on the Tax Policy Center's research), that John McCain will lose the election. His wife doesn't need a tax cut. Do the American people agree?

By the way, I owe you an apology, Scrapiron. I asked an Israeli friend and Arab is indeed an adjective. Arabic is usually used to refer to the language. But the point stands: nobody that I'm aware of except you has ever asserted that Obama is part Arab. Muslims are of many ethnicities, including 'black', like Obama's father. (Arabs are not 'black', though some Afro-Arabs live in Africa, like the Janjaweed in Darfur.) Straighten out your religious and ethnic bigotry, please.

Lord this is looking more a... (Below threshold)

Lord this is looking more and more like a Cult with the Madame Michele handing out the Jimmie Jones Kool Aid. Apparently CNN, ABC, NBC, AP , and the rest have stocked up on the Obama Kool Aid. Maybe the entire Obama media will be wearing Amish White shirts on Friday "Obama Cult Night". Obama and Michele have pulled off being both creepy and dangerous.

hyperbolist:You wa... (Below threshold)


You walked right round that one, didn't you,
using a link you did not post from a resident
You are not a tax paying participant of this
country. I would not dream of posting about
your tax system in Canada, as I am not
familiar with it. Especially not criticism
of the system when there's not a big enough
knowledge base to draw from.

Of course I don't expect you to get it.

Also hyperbolist, the fligh... (Below threshold)

Also hyperbolist, the flight of wealth has
nothing to do with globalization, it's called
being smart.

All of you people that say ... (Below threshold)

All of you people that say Obama's plan have been on his website for months are now spiting into the wind. All of his plans required a massive tax increase and that is OFF the table, thus so are his plans.


HyperbolistUnless ... (Below threshold)


Unless you have verifiable sources to back up
your allegations about McCain, you'd do yourself
a favour and retract it.
It's getting tiresome reading unproven and
nasty cracks about either of the contenders
running for president of my country.

You haven't a clue as to what McCain has asked
forgiveness. And you certainly do not know
McCains background as to what lead to his
divorce or what his war record is.

Hyperbolist:I was Ro... (Below threshold)

I was Roman Catholic as a child. Now I am
a follower of Christ, attempting to walk
in His footsteps.
Feeding the masses, healing the maimed and
ill, and raising the dead did not make
Jesus a community organizer. He was nomadic
all of His mission time, 3 years.
He did not form social clubs, organize mass
protests, and he did not command groups to
come together to work on making homes cleaner,
safer, and more modern. You are deliberately
twisting who He was, and what He did into
somthing it never was.
His mission on earth was to save souls.

Would Jesus rescue the mone... (Below threshold)

Would Jesus rescue the money changers or kick them from the market?

All of you people that say ... (Below threshold)

All of you people that say Obama's plan have been on his website for months are now spiting into the wind. All of his plans required a massive tax increase and that is OFF the table, thus so are his plans.

Wait, didnt Palin increase sale taxes and place a windfall tax on oil?

Yes. Alaskans got a check. Each and every year they get a check from oil taxes.

Hyper - "His plan could... (Below threshold)

Hyper - "His plan could be "I'm not nor have I ever been George W. Bush" and he'd still be a better, more popular candidate than John McCain."

ObasmaMessiah tried that, he was anywhere from 8 to 15 points ahead of McCain at the time.

Obviously with it being for all intents and purposes tied, he's shit-canned that piece pf political BS.

Arabic, "hyperbolist," is a... (Below threshold)
Brian Richard Allen:

Arabic, "hyperbolist," is a noun.

And is neither a person nor a characteristic. It is a language.

While meanwhile, back here in America's Marxist mobbed-up-union stamping grounds - AKA "classrooms" - the also mobbed up Marxist murtadd Muslim Arab-African anti-American, B Milhous bin B Hussayn bin Hussayn Muhummud Ubama (whose entire life has been dedicated to the repudiation of both his "white" half and to throwing under buses the likes of his mother and his grandparents, to the hatred of everything American, to despising the Freedoms and the Capitalism that make us great, to the cultivation of his totalitarian financiers, the honing of his fasciSSocialistic ways and to becoming professionally "black") -- and wherever else he happens to be -- is still an Arab.

Brian Richard Allen
Los Angeles - Califobamacated 90028

You're spot on, burt, in su... (Below threshold)
Brian Richard Allen:

You're spot on, burt, in suspecting this creepy Jim-Jonesesque B Milhous Ubambi thing seems cult-like and that it is begining to stink like Jonestown the day after the grape juice.

But you ain't seen nothing yet and won't until November 5, when, upon their realization of his ignominious defeat, the self-declared messiah's scores of thousands of terroristic totalitarians -- ACORNs and others -- will have begun to spread their hatred and their rage at his defeat throughout our beloved fraternal republic. And, worse, when, their massive electoral frauds having failed them, his extended Crime family's thousands of lawyers launch their long and carefully conspired-about attacks upon our electoral process.

Then the true nature of everything these truly evil people represent will be revealed for all of us to see.

Including that we see that not the mobbed up Marxist murtadd Muslim, B Milhous, nor his loathsome and fearsome spouse, MicHelda, nor yet a single one of those in thrall to them (a cult being defined by its adherents blindness to reality and inability to even see its failings, let alone to learn from them) see a damned thing but that America is rotten and has failed them, every one!

God save us.

God bless our beloved America.

Brian Richard Allen
Los Angeles - Califobamacated 90028

Hyper go bye-bye when confr... (Below threshold)

Hyper go bye-bye when confronted. Of course libs always say we will raise taxes on one group to benefit another group. How about cutting spending on entitlements so all can have their tax break? No, the left hates the rich except for overpaid movie stars and studio heads. ww

Libs seem to think that BO'... (Below threshold)

Libs seem to think that BO's tax increase on those who earn more than $250K will solve the worlds ills. As a small business owner, I and thousands like me would be in that "out of the mainstream" group, and would likely be forced to shut down and lay off our employees. How will that help the economy?
What it will do is this: close down small businesses like mine and allow me to drop back under the $250K bracket and ultimately save me money. Is that how we plan to "rebuild America"? By destroying small and medium businesses? Tell me that won't hasten the switch to moving companies overseas.

Rob, the Left doesn't think... (Below threshold)

Rob, the Left doesn't think anyone will really move overseas to avoid taxes. Alec Baldwin and Susan Sarandon ruined that one for them.

They should change their la... (Below threshold)

They should change their last name from Obama to Teleprompter.

The plan?Step 1: Und... (Below threshold)

The plan?
Step 1: Underwear
Step 3: Profit

Wow, all this discussion of... (Below threshold)

Wow, all this discussion of Obama's plan. It must be known, then. That's enough by itself to obliterate Cassy's theme.

Actually, Willie, I went to... (Below threshold)

Actually, Willie, I went to bed, then I went to work. Hadn't read this blog all morning as I had a presentation at a client's office. (It went well, thanks for asking! I'm going to get a *huge* bonus this year...)

I don't hate the rich. I am one of them (marginally, compared to most people in my country), and yet I want to pay high income taxes. Does that make me stupid? Or unselfish?

Maggie, don't lecture me about Catholicism or Christianity. I was part of it, and I have studied it. You have your views on it and I have mine, and neither can be said to be definitive as passages can be cherry picked to support any bizarro notion of morality one might choose to subscribe to.

Hyper,You can always... (Below threshold)

You can always pay more. But why do you feel the need to raid other people's wallets?

Provided his teleprompter w... (Below threshold)

Provided his teleprompter with information on his "plan" doesn't mess up on him.

But why do you feel the ... (Below threshold)

But why do you feel the need to raid other people's wallets?

Asks the party of the $1trillion socialist corporate bailout.

But why do you feel the ... (Below threshold)

But why do you feel the need to raid other people's wallets?

Asks the party of the $1trillion socialist corporate bailout

For once, I couldn't agree more. Goddamn so-called fiscal conservatives.

Maggie, don't... (Below threshold)

Maggie, don't lecture me about Catholicism or Christianity.
I was part of it, and I have studied it.
You have your views on it and I have mine, and
neither can be said to be definitive as passages can be cherry picked to support any bizarro notion of morality one might choose to subscribe to.

Really hyper, you've got a lot of nerve and
arrogance coming on anothers blog and telling
anyone what to do.
As to the lecturing, there was no lecture.
I don't give a flip what you have purportedly
studied, understudied, or non studied.
Jesus was here for one reason only, and it
wasn't to emulate Obama as a community organizer.
And the only thing bizarro about any of this
is you.

Really Brian? Where is my ... (Below threshold)

Really Brian? Where is my vote on that record?

How would Jesus emulate som... (Below threshold)

How would Jesus emulate somebody born nearly two millenia after he died? Okay, he walked on water, resurrected the dead, and changed water into wine (awesome!!!), but dude invented a time machine too? That's it: I'm buying a Jesus Is My Homeboy t-shirt and wearing it unironically.






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