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New Catholic Vote ad

As a Catholic, I was interested in seeing this ad, and it was worth it. I found it very, very powerful. I'll admit it, at some points it even brought tears to my eyes (don't ask me why, because I don't know. It just did).

This video, I think, is relevant to more than just Catholics. They're right on multiple levels, whether you're Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, agnostic, atheist... whatever your religious preference, it doesn't matter, because the values that this country was founded on are applicable to all Americans, regardless of race, gender, or religion.

And yes, abortion plays a role in that, as does gay marriage, but it's more than just that. It's about reclaiming our heritage as Americans, about getting back to the values, morals, and traditions we once held dear. We've long since let them go. Our culture has been cheapened, and this election will be a step in either the right or the wrong direction. CatholicVote doesn't come right out and say which way is the right way, but I think we can hazard a guess.

In any case, this ad was great. It's a good reminder of what's really important, and hopefully it will encourage people to wake up and start paying more attention between now and November -- and most importantly, encourage them to vote in November.

Hat Tip: Hot Air


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While I find abortion offen... (Below threshold)
Just John:

While I find abortion offensive, I consider the actions of the child molesting Catholic priest and those that conspired to cover up those acts more heinous. What a bunch of sick fucks.

Child molestation is a sin ... (Below threshold)
George Author Profile Page:

Child molestation is a sin and it is criminal and it has nothing to do with this message. Changing the topic doesn't help.

Despite the growing media consensus that Catholicism causes sodomy, an
alternative view - adopted by the Boy Scouts - is that sodomites cause sodomy. (Assume all the usual disclaimers here about most gay men not molesting boys, most Muslims being peaceful, and so on.)

Since liberals categorically reject the notion that homosexual conduct is often correlated with homosexuality, they have responded to the gay
sex-abuse crisis in the priesthood by blaming Catholicism.

Among the Catholic Church's scandals - including decades-old cases - the Catholic clergy of 45,000 has about the same percentage of perverts as a typical public school and many colleges.

Meanwhile, no spate of sex scandals is engulfing the Boy Scouts of America. They decided to eliminate a whole category of potential problems by refusing to allow gay men to be scout leaders. Perhaps gay scout leaders just really liked camping. But it was also possible that gay men who wanted to lead troops of adolescent boys into the woods were up to no good.

The ad is very moving. I'm... (Below threshold)

The ad is very moving. I'm not sure what the election has to do with pedophile priests (who are very sick and the bishops who hid their offenses very wrong), but if you think that is the Catholic Church, you obviously don't know too many Catholics.

And father fagler and the w... (Below threshold)

And father fagler and the wrong reverend jerry said, "Hated it!!" Well, if they don't like it, it's okay with me I guess. The commercial that is, not the churches cover up (I think old fagler loved that part about his church).

Question: Is there a law that prevents an org. called "Catholic vote" from coming out (no pun intended) and saying, "Hey! Stopa killin' da babies ina da womb, CAPICHE !?!"

Might have more respect for them if they had as high a profile of saying that, as their "holy father" has of telling our Commander in Chief to knock it off with the liberation of millions of human souls from tyranny and oppression. But that's just crazy old "Bible originalist" me talkin', so don't pay no nevermind ya'all.

Well Cassy, I don't know wh... (Below threshold)

Well Cassy, I don't know why it made you cry but I know why it made me cry.

It made me cry because of the images, and no the images are not just of catholics, but of americans. Our nation used to truly be great because of the people who lived inside its borders, but now I don't feel that way anymore, and I feel our nation has suffered greatly because the american people have changed.

When I listen to liberals on TV and read what they say in their articles and in their comment boxes I wonder what I could POSSIBLY have in common with them anymore. Pretty much nothing.

But that is not true. I just got an email from a friend and neighbor whose son used to be in my husband's boyscout troop-someone I believe I have a lot in common with-which was a forward from the obama campaign website inviting me to go to a pro-obama debate viewing party. My initial reaction was EWWWWWWWWW, they're voting for obama?????!
Their family is catholic. I just don't get it.

I see my country crumbling, and I feel it's almost impossible to stop. Even IF McCain were to win, I know in my gut we are still moving towards destruction of the US as I've known it.

Which I think is why I cried.

(For people who don't like how "restrictive" and "preachy" and "unaccepting" the Catholic Church is, the sins of the bishops (not just the perps) are an easy way to dismiss what the Catholic Church teaches. I know they would reject my Church even if there'd never been a homosexual sex scandal. So *shrug*.

Great to see you guys still... (Below threshold)

Great to see you guys still think saving a fetus is more important than the bombing innocent civilians in an illegal assault on Iraq. Glad you still hang on to that one single issue while your home is auctioned off. Happy to see you cling to that one issue while governor Bush and his gang of criminals get away with torture.

You should all stay home on election day. Please. Stay home.

A little heavy on the drama... (Below threshold)

A little heavy on the drama methinks, particularly with the music, and far too long. More of a movie trailer than an ad.

Words should be superimposed on the images, not placed on black screens. Nice motion effects. Nobody is going to see it though other than a few net denizens already convinced of its message.

SAHMmy,You can't e... (Below threshold)


You can't even capitalize America as you whine, "I know they would reject my Church even if there'd never been a homosexual sex scandal." If you represent the church, I suggest they find a new one. They managed to squelch the scandal (along with many of it's victims) but if they want to improve their image, they need to stop whining and allowing marxist wack-jobs like fagler to carry on in their name, and come out (there I go again) decisively for the traditions listed in the ad. No ifs ands or butts.

AMERICA is the last best hope for civilization. This is no time to be mealymouthed about who or what you support.

SDW, you REALLY want to com... (Below threshold)

SDW, you REALLY want to compare the numbers of deaths from abortion and the deaths from the Iraq war? Really? And are you that stupid that you don't know that Congress voted to invade Iraq? Dems and Pubs. Both. Congress goes to war and that means enough of your chickenshit dems voted for it so...NOT illegal.

Aw Mark, it's so cute that you jump on a typo. Really. SO meaningful. But I do agree that Flager needs to be defrocked. But see, we currently are suffering through a "hapless bench of bishops" and for some reason they aren't publically seeking to have him defrocked.

I'm not mealymouthed I'm disappointed, and while I believe in the exceptionalism of America I don't have my head so far up my ass as you "America, fuck yeah!" types. I see what's going on. Open your eyes.

"Great to see you guys stil... (Below threshold)

"Great to see you guys still think saving a fetus is more important than the bombing innocent civilians in an illegal assault on Iraq."

We are winning the war in Iraq. Get over it already. And it's at least as "legal" as that bad decision in Roe v. Wade.

The war on the unborn is going full blast.

SAHMmy,You kiss you... (Below threshold)

You kiss your kids with that keyboard?

Hey Mark, I'm catholic not ... (Below threshold)

Hey Mark, I'm catholic not a nun. We're sinners doncha know?

SAHMmyAlso, as far... (Below threshold)


Also, as far as the "typo" goes, you were clearly dissing your America when you repeatedly "typo"ed our countrys' name while saying things like, "I feel our nation has suffered greatly because the american people have changed." We can argue about that one. I chose to see her as the "sleeping giant" the imperialist Japanese stupidly woke up.

And again, I must say, for the sake of all the good Catholics I know, please retrieve your keyboard from its current location -apparently- under your maggot infested garbage can.

Hey Mark, I'm cath... (Below threshold)
Hey Mark, I'm catholic not a nun. We're sinners doncha know?

And I am "king of the sinners", but I don't, how is it you say, "roll wit it". We are ambassadors for Him madame. Please, at least make an effort to not wallow in your flesh.

Mark, you chose to see her ... (Below threshold)

Mark, you chose to see her as the sleeping giant or do you choose to? You no longer see her as the sleeping giant?

Yeah, I used to see her as a sleeping giant, but she's infected with a liberal cancer and it's spreading. Maybe you didn't notice but half the country would like to forget 9/11 happened. They've gone back to sleep.

I used a cultural metaphor with the Team America reference, but it clearly flew over your head.

When you see your country morphing into something else entirely, which will happen exponentially if Obama is elected, you suggest that people just look the other way?

And I bow to your superiority of religiosity. Straighten your crown, it's all wonky.

And the quotes just keep on... (Below threshold)

And the quotes just keep on coming...

I see what's going on. Open your eyes.

What do you see? The leftists I see are not of America, they are just in it. Kind of like I am in the world, but not of it.

I may backslide, but those that are antitheyical to EVERYTHING this nation was founded on, will never be of America.

Yeah well they VOTE Mark. ... (Below threshold)

Yeah well they VOTE Mark. They vote for the liberals. They call themselves americans and they have all the rights of americans, even while they sow the seeds of her destruction.

So while you and I may not see them as true americans, for all intents and purposes they are.

SAHMmy,Did you kno... (Below threshold)


Did you know that Americans in New York, rioted and murdered, in mass, free blacks, in "frustration" over the war between the states? Did you know isolationists acted in similar ways leading up to WWII ?

During the war for our independence, it is estimated that the people were 1/3rd for the war, 1/3rd against, and 1/3rd "leave me alone/I'll follow whoever wins the dang thing". All I am saying is, don't get discouraged. Some thing never change. I don't know what Catholics believe, but in my Bible the Christians are a true minority. It has always been as such with righteous people. And yes, to the extent that we used to remember our heritage, we were much more united in the past. I am just saying, "Hold fast, help is on the way!" (that's a good song, gotta hear it), while busting your ovaries at the same time. Nothing personal intended, guess it just went overboard. The attempts to correct were not meant to be holyer than thou, just calling a spade a spade. Used to have a razor tongue myself, but it is not good for us to represent that way. So I gave it up, for Him.

What you say is true, histo... (Below threshold)

What you say is true, historically, I know this to be so. Perhaps it is just the inundation of slanted and often false information put out over the networks, cablenews, papers, etc that gives me the feeling of being under siege.

Forgive my crude metaphor.

So, why was there a Democra... (Below threshold)

So, why was there a Democratic ballot on the top of the ballot box?

Perhaps it is just... (Below threshold)
Perhaps it is just the inundation of slanted and often false information put out over the networks, cablenews, papers, etc that gives me the feeling of being under siege.

That was a great source for the inspiration behind my profane ways, and very likely for their return should I falter, but I now choose a philosophy akin to the twelve steppers. You know, "change what I can, accept what I can't, pray that His grace will show me the difference" or something like that. This is just a weigh station, my job is to do His will while I am here.

I'm glad you stated the way I feel about things as they are. I am not alone and neither are you. That doesn't mean it isn't incredibly frustrating just the same. Just know that, or maybe "chose" to believe that, there are more Sarahs out here than there are mind numbed Obamians soaking up all of the propaganda like a sponge. Besides, do you want to win with the majority or go down fighting along side Bowie and Crockett? Never give up. Now that is American.

My wife is not a blo... (Below threshold)

My wife is not a blogger. And her attention span for things political is about 5 seconds. She is a neonatal ICU, pediatrics, mother/baby nurse and a great mother and wife. But she isn't political.

I asked if she wanted to see the clip. She sighed and wandered over to see what I was doing. Normally that lasts about 10 seconds and off she goes.

This time, she was rivited. She watched all of it. Then she said, "I'm gonna vote." Then she went off to do whatever it was she was going to do. I suspect if you are not a strong family person, you wouldn't understand. Maybe if you are a strong family person and you didn't understand, there isn't much I can say, except, pity.

As a recovering Catholic, s... (Below threshold)

As a recovering Catholic, some of that nonsense is unfortunately still floating around my memory. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but a God-fearing man like Obama who has never had a divorce and has never killed anybody might appeal more strongly to a church hierarchy who believe that it's wrong to commit an act of violence (what's the Vatican's position on the Iraq war?) and it's wrong to break up a family simply because you're unhappy.

I don't agree with these positions, but then I'm not a Catholic.

As for abortion, neither candidate will work towards overturning Roe v. Wade, and any noises McCain makes to the contrary is naked pandering. I like to think Catholics aren't so stupid as to think that selecting a pro-life running mate is tantamount to un-flip-flopping on abortion.

And if any Catholic thinks that gay marriage is a greater threat to the fabric of their society than poverty, they need to brush up on their scripture. Bill Donohue isn't the Pope, he's a hatemonger.

OK, but did anyone else not... (Below threshold)

OK, but did anyone else note that AFTER the pope, as the crescendo built, we had a FOOTBALL image???? Is that all American or what?

...and along came hyperding... (Below threshold)

...and along came hyperdingdong with a hearty, "Hey, I think it's gonna rain" and everyone said "Oh crap!" and went home to watch reruns of the Kennedy innaugural.

very nice video. You wonder... (Below threshold)

very nice video. You wonder if this could even be produced under an obama regime.

America is an exceptional country and needs exceptional leadership. obama is the most unexceptional person to ever seek the office. his election would be a signal to our friends that we are not a serious people, and a signal to our enemies that we are weak.

people who support abortion on demand should at least have the decency to witness the procedure once. if, after watching live human vivisection they still support it, then they are heartless ghouls.

Let us all pray God Almighty that He watch over our country and give us the wisdom to make the Right choice.

Gee hyperbolist, nice to se... (Below threshold)

Gee hyperbolist, nice to see you put yourself above the evil McCain. HOW COULD he POSSIBLY divorce his wife after KILLING all those POOR NVA.

If McCain would have only gone to an Ivy league school and become a "community organizer" doing......(crickets chirping here) God would love him.

So McCain is "less than" Obama? Damn good thing Obama didn't actually JOIN the military when he was "thinking" about it (yeah, I'm betting he thought about, laughed about it, then forgot about it, all within a 15 second time period). Ever been in the military Hype? Evere served in a combat theater? Ever been a POW? Nah, didn't think so.

Well, my dad spent 18 months in a POW camp and was haunted to the day he died. My mom suffered as well. They divorced eventually. It wasn't until he was near death that he spoke of the horrors. I guess that makes him "less than" your messiah Obama as well.

Here's a little clue for the clueless. Thay didn't make my dad form a human pyramid while naked, nor bring dogs near to scare him, and not even waterboarded him. Pick up McCains "Faith of My Fathers" and read it. As I discovered with my dad, it'll give you a new perspective on McCain and why he's the way he is. OR you could just keep spewing leftest crap about his divorce, which makes you look like a classless drone. Your call.

Learn how to read, ass clow... (Below threshold)

Learn how to read, ass clown. I said I'm not Catholic, but insofar as Catholics a) hate divorce, and b) hate war, those would be two strikes against McCain and none against Obama. Catholics are anti-war. Well, at least the Pope is, and so is their holy book. The topic is Catholics. I actually said I disagree with their view on divorce (I think no fault divorce is perfectly fine) and pacifism (I think it's morally incoherent).

What was Mother Teresa if not a community organizer? You use the term as though it's an insult. Communities should be disorganized?

No, I haven't served in the military, not that it makes a lick of difference one way or another. Have you?

i may convert to catholicis... (Below threshold)

i may convert to catholicism after watching this. say what you want about the catholic church but they have been consistent throughout my lifetime about protecting life and the sanctity of marriage between man/woman. yes the catholic church has had problems, but then we are all sinners.

the problem with the libs is that politics has become their religion--they have no higher values to base their life on then attempting to control other people through the government. i feel sorry for them.

for those of you that thought it was too long, i would add this is not for broadcast, but for distribution throughout the internet. i suspect it is getting wide play.

hyperbolist:Jesus ... (Below threshold)


Jesus said "render unto Caesar, what is
Caesars, and unto God what is Gods".
He was not a community organizer, his focus
was to save souls, jewish and gentile.
That was his mission, not social justice.

No, I haven't ser... (Below threshold)
No, I haven't served in the military, not that it makes a lick of difference one way or another.
And of course that is what you said when jon "have I mentioned in the last nanosecond that I, jon kerry, served in Viet Nam ?" kerry ran against the one whose name causes deranged fits of inanity in people like you. Yep. Consistency. That's what I love about the left....excuse me...my "B.s.detector" just ruptured...I gotta get to the clinic before... toxic..shock..sets...BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP...
Yup, 15 years, 101st, 10th ... (Below threshold)

Yup, 15 years, 101st, 10th SFGA.

Gee I didn't know Catholics HATED war!!! The rest of us must love it.

The relavince of military service is to your posing of McCain as being something less than Obama becuse he killed and divorced. Pretty simple numbnuts.

Mark, I think John Kerry wa... (Below threshold)

Mark, I think John Kerry was a joke of a candidate. Do you know the difference between a liberal like me and a partisan Democrat (like James Carville)? It's like the difference between conservatives like William F. Buckley Jr. and pieces of shit like Tom DeLay. I don't vote in your elections but if I had been able to in 2004, I would have voted against Bush but not for Kerry (like actual conservatives will be doing when they vote against Obama but not really for McCain). It didn't matter to me that Kerry had served in Vietnam.

So is that why Jesus cured lepers and fed the masses, Maggie? I don't know if you're Catholic or not but most of my family is and they are pro-life liberals who are opposed to the war in Iraq, Jr.'s failed presidency, and environmental degradation. Their clergy feel the same way. Catholics are supposed to tithe pretty heavily, and that redistribution is used in part by parishes to feed the hungry. They read the same book as you, your interpretation being no more valid or invalid than theirs.

Good for you for serving, ODA. That takes conviction and fortitude. Some of my relatives died flying airplanes to save Europe from Hitler in the 40s. They did the right thing. I am not antiwar. Catholics are, though: the Church refused to take sides in World War II. As this discussion is about Catholics, it is safe to say that they would disagree with Obama and McCain's history of support for the pro-choice movement, but would disagree further with McCain on his attitude towards violence as a means to an end. If abortion is the deal breaker for a Catholic voter, then they should stay home. If, however, social justice and non-violence are also parts of their faith that they take seriously, then Obama is the obvious choice.

Catholics do largely vote Democrat anyway, especially with the enormous number of Hispanic Catholics in the United States. Cassy is getting excited over nothing.

To be clear, ODA, having ki... (Below threshold)

To be clear, ODA, having killed people and having been divorced are two things that make McCain less of a good person in the eyes of Catholics than Obama, especially since McCain likely has never confessed to these sins and begged God for forgiveness through holy penance with a Catholic priest.

Hey, I'm not the one that made their religion crazy, they inherited that from St. Paul on down through the sordid history of the Papacy.

I thought it was a stirring... (Below threshold)

I thought it was a stirring ad. I know it spoke to me. I'm a 3rd Gen Italian-American in Chicago.

I'm not a Catholic anymore.. i Left because I couldn't rationalize it's claim to authority and it's historical abuses, and now consider my self a non-denominational Christian.

This ad hit on all my ideals about America.. and it also made me appreciate the exceptional place that this is.

I truly believe God had a purpose for this nation, a nation He has blessed like no other... and I also believe that we're slipping away. FAST.

I never felt such a sense of decay like I have the past 3 or 4 years.

God commanded Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply.

God honored the founder of nations with the promise that their descendants will be many.

I look at Europe, and how after WW-I , their collective will for Life is gone. Thier disillusionment due to the catastrophe.. failure of church and state, it destroyed the soul of Europe.

The Europeans have rejected God, and now they have also rejected their future. All European nations have a negative population growth rate of the native European groups.

They have aborted future because they chose death over life.. and they have also permitted those of the Religion of Death to settle amoungst them.

As the Muslims continue to colonize Europe, who in Europe will fight them? The Securalists? Why would tehy fight? For what? They probably have no brothers, no sisters, no aunts, no uncles, no sons , no daughters.

A good question is: Do dying societies chose socialism or does socialism result in dying societies?

We must resist the urge to surrender our responsibilites onto a government we wish to take care of us. We must provide for ourselves, our families and our communities.

Socialism/Marxism/Fascism/Communism/NAZIism - these are all forms of Collectivism.. the suicide of the individual.

Obama must be defeated.

2 Timothy 3:1 But understand this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For people will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, slanderers, without self-control, savage, opposed to what is good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, loving pleasure rather than loving God. They will maintain the outward appearance of religion but will have repudiated its power. So avoid people like these. For some of these insinuate themselves into households and captivate weak women who are overwhelmed with sins and led along by various passions. Such women are always seeking instruction, yet never able to arrive at a knowledge

A very moving ad. Thanks. <... (Below threshold)

A very moving ad. Thanks.

Those that hate us will not be amused. I'm basically OK with that.

I'm not a Catholic, but you... (Below threshold)

I'm not a Catholic, but you're right, Cassy, that it is moving no matter what religion one is. Thanks for posting it.

SDW said, "Great to see you... (Below threshold)

SDW said, "Great to see you guys still think saving a fetus is more important than the bombing innocent civilians in an illegal assault on Iraq."

Yeah, Clinton was so wrong to bomb Iraq, that is why the socialists made all of those big puppets to protest his illegal actions. Oh, that's right, they didn't. Democrats got us involved in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the first of our "million Mogadishues". They also voted to authorize military action action a state supporter of terrorism.

Larry Elder says facts to a liberal are like kryptonite to Superman. He is so right.

Hyper,Care to quote ... (Below threshold)

Care to quote any facts or numbers to back up your claim that Catholics vote largely democratic?
Cultural vs mass going #s?

tyree -I didn't ag... (Below threshold)

tyree -

I didn't agree with Clinton's bombing or starving of innocent Iraqi people. But, he did have the law on his side - moral or not.

I grew up Catholic but had to quit when I reached the age of reason, to paraphrase George Carlin.

Bush did not have the law on his side, and there is proof that he intentionally misled Congress to support an illegal invasion of Iraq. If Bush were really interested in stopping the terrism, he would have accepted the deal for Bin Laden at Tora Bora. He didn't which proved to me, he needed Bin Laden to perpetuate the terror via an invasion of Iraq. There was never a link between Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden, but Darth Cheney made sure enough people thought there was.

So, Bush/Cheney are just as guilty in the current terrorism state of the world as Bin Laden is.

SDW... the same law that ba... (Below threshold)

SDW... the same law that backed Clinton also backed Bush. Step away from the truther booth at the concerts, and educate yourself.

BTW, I love the clip of the... (Below threshold)

BTW, I love the clip of the Knights of Columbus Color Corps Assembly Commanders standing at arms.

I have one of those swords.... (Below threshold)

I have one of those swords. It was my grandfather's. It's not very sharp, but it's fun to hold when Jehovahs come to the door.

SDW- Democrats and R... (Below threshold)

Democrats and Republicans in Congress voted to attack Iraq, and that is how we "legally" go to war. So it wasn't "illegal". Clinton did not get Congresses approval to bomb Iraq. However, what he did was actually legal also. There is no credible evidence that the President lied us into war. Two bipartisan investigations in the US and a separate one in Britain investigating Tony Blair said there were adequate reasons to go to war with no evidence of a cover up.
You are entitled to your own opinion. You are not entitled to your own facts.

Catholics span the spectrum of political thought and some of our best have risen to the pinnacle of American life. We will not be staying home on election day as you suggest.

Name one successful elected... (Below threshold)

Name one successful elected conservative politician who is Catholic, tyree.

I dunno, maybe there are lots, but when I think elected Catholics, I think of the Kennedy clan.

-HypercanuckNam... (Below threshold)


Name one successful elected conservative politician who is Catholic

I am sure even people in permafrost country have heard of at least one of these Catholic/Orthodox Republicans







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