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Clinton Support (?) for Obama

More than just a few people are openly criticizing Bill Clinton for not being supportive enough of the Obama campaign. One HuffPo blogger even says if Obama loses it is Clinton's fault. No, silly, if Obama loses it is Obama's fault. Obama chose to run against Hillary in the primary. Obama supporters chose to accuse Bill Clinton of playing the race card. Obama chose Joe Biden over Hillary as VP. Don't be blaming Bill Clinton. Chris Rock at least doesn't say the Clintons are to blame if Obama loses. He just points out the obvious lack of Obamamania by the former President:

I don't know how many Clinton supporters are going to be voting McCain, but they sure do seem to be popping up everywhere these days. This video ad about what Obama has(n't) done for Latinos even shows Hillary voters campaigning for McCain.


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One HuffPo blogger even ... (Below threshold)

One HuffPo blogger even says if Obama loses it is Clinton's fault. No, silly, if Obama loses it is Obama's fault.

Wait, I thought if Obama lost it was white racists' fault. I can't keep up anymore.

Why are the liberals trying to come up with so many reasons why Obama is going to lose (of course none are his politics or experience or competitor)? When was the last time you saw breathless fulmination on the rightweb for why McCain will lose? (and I don't mean real reasons, I mean tinfoil hat reasons)

Well, Bill was really expec... (Below threshold)

Well, Bill was really expecting Hillary to win so they could take over-uh-serve in the White House again, so naturally he is disappointed.

In fact, I read this is What an angry Bill Clinton really told Obama!

An anonymous source stated: "Bill basically told Barack he could kiss his butt for all he cared, but it was too damn late to kiss and make up. Bill says he and Hillary were treated like dirt by an arrogant Obama, who stood by while their names and reputation were sullied". :D :D :D






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