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The Latest Example of Bias Propaganda from the New York Times

The New York Times has gone beyond mere bias in their reporting of the presidential race and has devolved into propaganda, or possibly more accurately, active campaigning. When the NYT displayed a lack of curiosity about anything but the most puffy pieces of fluff about Barack Obama, and decided to pursue and publish any piece of negative information they could find on John McCain or Sarah Palin, or their families, that was bias. When they moved beyond that and decided to effectively bury negative information about Obama and publish stories they knew, or should have known, were false about McCain, they officially became deserving of the propagandist title. In fact, propagandists don't have to necessarily spread false information, so they are really deserving of a title worse than that -- political hatchet organization? Character assassins? Help me out here readers. Am I being too tough? Not tough enough?

Tony Blankley points to the lack of curiosity of the media that has resulted in an electorate seven weeks from election day knowing virtually nothing more about one of the presidential candidates beyond the carefully crafted image created by his campaign.

The image of Obama that the press has presented to the public is not a fair approximation of the real man. They consciously have ignored whole years of his life and have shown a lack of curiosity about such gaps, which bespeaks a lack of journalistic instinct.

Thus, the public image of Obama is of a "man who never was."

...In only two weeks, the media have focused on all the colleges Gov. Palin has attended, her husband's driving habits 20 years ago, and the close criticism of the political opponents Gov. Palin had when she was mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

But in two years, they haven't bothered to see how close Obama was with the terrorist Ayers.

Nor have the media paid any serious attention to Obama's rise in Chicago politics. How did honest Obama rise in the famously sordid Chicago political machine with the full support of Boss Daley? Despite the great -- and unflattering -- details on Obama's Chicago years presented in David Freddoso's new book on Obama, the mainstream media continue to ignore both the facts and the book. It took a British publication, The Economist, to give Freddoso's book a review with fair comment.

The public image of Obama as an idealistic, post-race, post-partisan, well-spoken and honest young man with the wisdom and courage befitting a great national leader is a confection spun by a willing conspiracy of Obama, his publicist (David Axelrod) and most of the senior editors, producers and reporters of the national media.

Perhaps that is why the National Journal's respected correspondent Stuart Taylor wrote, "The media can no longer be trusted to provide accurate and fair campaign reporting and analysis."

Michael Goldfarb
describes the latest example of the worst of the media with a NYT story that is demonstrably false.

Today the New York Times launched its latest attack on this campaign in its capacity as an Obama advocacy organization. Let us be clear about what this story alleges: The New York Times charges that McCain-Palin 2008 campaign manager Rick Davis was paid by Freddie Mac until last month, contrary to previous reporting, as well as statements by this campaign and by Mr. Davis himself.

In fact, the allegation is demonstrably false. As has been previously reported, Mr. Davis separated from his consulting firm, Davis Manafort, in 2006. As has been previously reported, Mr. Davis has seen no income from Davis Manafort since 2006. Zero. Mr. Davis has received no salary or compensation since 2006. Mr. Davis has received no profit or partner distributions from that firm on any basis -- weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual -- since 2006. Again, zero. Neither has Mr. Davis received any equity in the firm based on profits derived since his financial separation from Davis Manafort in 2006.

Further, and missing from the Times' reporting, Mr. Davis has never -- never -- been a lobbyist for either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Mr. Davis has not served as a registered lobbyist since 2005.

Though these facts are a matter of public record, the New York Times, in what can only be explained as a willful disregard of the truth, failed to research this story or present any semblance of a fairminded treatment of the facts closely at hand. The paper did manage to report one interesting but irrelevant fact: Mr. Davis did participate in a roundtable discussion on the political scene with...Paul Begala.

Again, let us be clear: The New York Times -- in the absence of any supporting evidence -- has insinuated some kind of impropriety on the part of Senator McCain and Rick Davis. But entirely missing from the story is any significant mention of Senator McCain's long advocacy for, and co-sponsorship of legislation to enact, stricter oversight and regulation of both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac -- dating back to 2006. Please see the attached floor statement on this issue by Senator McCain from 2006.

To the central point our campaign has made in the last 48 hours: The New York Times has never published a single investigative piece, factually correct or otherwise, examining the relationship between Obama campaign chief strategist David Axelrod, his consulting and lobbying clients, and Senator Obama. Likewise, the New York Times never published an investigative report, factually correct or otherwise, examining the relationship between Former Fannie Mae CEO Jim Johnson and Senator Obama, who appointed Johnson head of his VP search committee, until the writing was on the wall and Johnson was under fire following reports from actual news organizations that he had received preferential loans from predatory mortgage lender Countrywide.

Therefore this "report" from the New York Times must be evaluated in the context of its intent and purpose. It is a partisan attack falsely labeled as objective news. And its most serious allegations are based entirely on the claims of anonymous sources, a familiar yet regretful tactic for the paper.

California Yankee describes additional examples of biased reporting during this election.


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Comments (13)

Wow. I just heard this exa... (Below threshold)

Wow. I just heard this exact piece from Michael Goldfarb, almost verbatim, on Rush Windbag's show.

Sounds like the talking points are getting out there. Polly wanna cracker?

Question: I read that he st... (Below threshold)

Question: I read that he still owns the firm. True or false?

The Steve Schmidt/Fannie Ma... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

The Steve Schmidt/Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac connection revealed by the NYT is what's bringing on these anti-NYT tirades.

The New York and Washington... (Below threshold)

The New York and Washington media are too afraid to go into Chicago.

They know that the "Chaicago Machine" will do what it takes to protect Obama.

It seems reasonable that li... (Below threshold)

It seems reasonable that liberals would completely fail to understand the separation between Rick Davis and Davis Manafort -- after all, they completely failed to grasp the simple fact that Dick Cheney's severance package from Halliburton was in no way tied to Halliburton's financial performance; thus, if Halliburton made $1 or $1 billion in profits, Cheney wouldn't receive an additional dime in compensation. Yet they continue to this day to accuse Cheney of profiteering from the war.

Even if the NYT story is true, it is a poor "tit-for-tat" in comparison to Obama's deep ties to Franklin Raines, Jim Johnson, and over $100,000 in Fannie/Freddie lobbying money. Being paid to fulfill a contract for a professional services rendered isn't the same as accepting lobbying money. And doing PR work for an organization can't even be compared to being that organization's chief executive officer. Then again, liberals probably believe that PR firms run corporations. Go figure.

Mike, what have the America... (Below threshold)

Mike, what have the American people got to say about the financial crisis? Let's find out!

You guys are so screwed, these next few weeks are going to be a lot of fun.

Hyperbolist, you're a pure ... (Below threshold)

Hyperbolist, you're a pure unadulterated ass.

Does ANY normal AMERICAN wi... (Below threshold)

Does ANY normal AMERICAN with normal brain capacity even WATCH or READ MSM??!!

MSM just makes noise, NO ONE should give a crap about ANYTHING they say, not even the weather report.

hyperbolist - "You guys... (Below threshold)

hyperbolist - "You guys are so screwed, these next few weeks are going to be a lot of fun."

That may or may not be true, but given the limited power bestowed on any pres regardless of party we won't be as screwed as you hope.

But honestly, if I were you, I'd worry less about a people, or country, getting screwed that I didn't live in or have the right to vote in.

That said, again if I were you, I'd be much more concerned about the establishment of an Islamic court system for Muslims in Canada.

Or concerned about a magazine is being prosecuted for so-called "hate speech".

But I'm not you and for that reason I'll just say... your an asswipe.

You guys are so s... (Below threshold)
You guys are so screwed, these next few weeks are going to be a lot of fun.

Hyper, you are tiresome and boring. And if we're
screwed, so are you. You can kiss your so called
big bonus good bye, down the toilet, and living
under a bridge with the rest of us.
So don't be planning on a street dance, and
handing out candy.

No, maggie, I moved my RRSP... (Below threshold)

No, maggie, I moved my RRSPs to a 4% GIC-type fund before this shit hit the fan, and anyway Canada's big banks aren't exposed to the sub-prime "assets" (except CIBC, but I'm not a customer). So I'll be fine, thanks very much. Actually, my company is hiring. Blue skies...

marc, my provincial government already ruled that Shari'a law is incompatible with our multicultural society, so you're late with that. As for the hate speech courts, I hate them too, almost as much as I hate Mark Steyn. Thanks for your concern!

As for you guys being screwed, I meant Republicans leading up to the election, not everybody in your country entering into a financial crisis. I like Americans, and don't wish a recession upon them. Actually I'm going to Hilton Head for a holiday next week, in part because I like the people there. Sorry, didn't mean to come across as wishing poverty upon anyone.

This was never addressed in... (Below threshold)

This was never addressed in any of the pieces refuting the NYT's article. Does Davis, right now, own or have partial ownership of Davis Manafort? That is a key piece of information; as an stakeholder he would benefit if the firm does well; whether he receives a salary or not. Does he own a portion of this firm?

The fact that these payments continued despite Davis not really doing anything is puzzling. Why pay 15k a month for basically nothing at all? I suppose corporate inefficiency is as believable an answer as any.

This whole situation is not really convincing that the NYT is in the tank for Obama.

Just LOOK around YOU !... (Below threshold)

Just LOOK around YOU !

Piss-Poor State-Craft...
A Bungled Economy...

Is this the America you remember growing up?
So where does the Buck Stop NOW ?

Why would America REWARD complete Republican failure ?

We wont.






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