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Code Pink declares victory in Berkeley... by packing up and going home.

Well, Code Pink's ridiculous protest in Berkeley is finally over. They're packing up and leaving -- and declaring victory?

Title: Mission Accomplished: One Year Testimonies at the MRS
START DATE: Wednesday September 24
TIME: 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Location Details:
MRS (Marine Recruiting Station)
64 Shattuck Square
(On Shattuck Ave just south of University where Shattuck runs one-way and north - also 2 blocks north of downtown Berkeley BART)
Event Type: Protest
Contact Name zanne joi
Email Address mzsam [at] bayareacodepink.org
Phone Number 510-524-2776
CodePINK and our allies have prevailed!

Major protest operations at the MRS have been ended, one year since covert military recruiting operations were first uncovered in Berkeley!

Our coalition is now engaged in dis(as)sembling and deconstructing the U.S. military, making the world safe and secure!

Our city and our coalition are proud of these accomplishments!

Come to our One Year End Recruiting Commemoration Wednesday, Sept 24th noon at the MRS* to honor these courageous Peace Activists!

Share and hear testimonies from the front lines of our most memorable, meaningful, insightful actions, episodes, and occurrences over the past year.

For more information and to participate, just BE THERE or call 510-524-2776.

*The MRS is located at 64 Shattuck Square, Berkeley, on Shattuck Ave just south of University where Shattuck runs one-way and north - or two blocks north of the downtown BART.

The USMC Recruiting Center is still open. Code Pink is packing up and leaving. This means they prevailed?! In what warped reality do these crazy people live in??

I think my favorite line is the one about "covert military operations". Yes, look at how hidden and secretive it is:

A storefront right on a busy street. Covered in USMC logos and banners. Those damn secretive bastards. Trying to hide things! And again, in what warped reality do they live in that disassembling the United States military makes the world safer? If it weren't for the United States military, all of Europe would be speaking German right now. We've saved the world numerous times from various faces of evil, from fascism to communism and now Islamic terrorism. And in any case, Code Pink must be especially deluded to think that they have even one iota of impact upon our military.

And as for Code Pink's "victory"? The recruiting center is still open. I called them myself. And they laughed and said, "We don't pay much attention to them. We aren't going anywhere." I then told them that the rest of the country supports them, and they told me thank you and reassured me again that they weren't leaving. Which means Code Pink lost. Their mission was to get the recruiting center closed, and they didn't. So how was their mission accomplished?

It wasn't. The Marines have faced much tougher foes than the measly Code Pink wackjobs, and they're still standing while the unpatriotic loons are leaving with their tails between their legs, desperately trying to make it seem like they didn't waste a year in Berkeley.


Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin

Are Republicans as equal as the Code Pinkos?
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Medea Benjamin finds that the Marines can be useful
"We've served this nation to protect the likes of ingrates like you"
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Comments (16)

It's just their way of not ... (Below threshold)

It's just their way of not losing face. After all, if you can proclaim a victory while retreating from the field of battle, it looks SO much better than going "Damn - we didn't shut their asses down and we aren't going to be able to do so."

But they can proclaim "Peace With Honor" and they'll still get their idiot contributors thinking they won and tossing money their way.

Sounds like they got hold o... (Below threshold)

Sounds like they got hold of some dynamite weed and convinced themselves they won.

"It was a HUGE success. ... (Below threshold)

"It was a HUGE success. We managed to piss a whole lot of people off and now we're even more reviled than ever!" Of course there was no victory. What they're so happy about is their meeting with Ahmadinejad. Getting the chance to fawn over a dictator always gives them a sense of victory. They're just a little star struck right now and they're confused.

That Rob Riggle piece may h... (Below threshold)

That Rob Riggle piece may have been the best thing the Daily Show has ever done. Certainly the best thing they've done in years. They should really send him back to cover CP's "victory" party.

Of course, by now the code pinkos are probably aware of his background, which might ruin the bit.

To be fair, not accomplishi... (Below threshold)

To be fair, not accomplishing your goal, performing meaningless, but self-aggrandizing acts and then running away is the leftie definition of Victory.

I think you misunderstood t... (Below threshold)

I think you misunderstood their goal. The code pink goal was to have a social club that consisted of code pink members talking about how much smarter and more wonderful they are than everybody else. They accomplished this goal quite well and, now that winter's coming and it will get colder and rainier by the bay, it's time to pack it in until protest weather returns in the spring.

Holy Miriam-Webster's, Batm... (Below threshold)

Holy Miriam-Webster's, Batman!

Did they really write: "Our coalition is now engaged in dis(as)sembling and deconstructing the U.S. military, making the world safe and secure!"

I do not think they know what the word "dissembling" means.

Well, they came into this f... (Below threshold)

Well, they came into this farce deluded to begin with, so they may as well exit with the same state of mind. See what happens when you regress back to the sixties? Next comes the flashbacks and disillusionment of grandeur.

It seems to be the same str... (Below threshold)

It seems to be the same strategy they preferred in Iraq.

"The USMC Recruiting Center... (Below threshold)

"The USMC Recruiting Center is still open. Code Pink is packing up and leaving. This means they prevailed?! In what warped reality do these crazy people live in??"

Answer: Berkeley, CA

The city that would not allow their firefighters to fly the American flag after 9/11.

One of the most accepted me... (Below threshold)

One of the most accepted measures of victory is to determine who is left in control of the battlefield when the fighting is over. Once again, Marine Corps stands alone!

<a href="http://www.youtube... (Below threshold)

"Once again, Marine Corps stands alone!"

"America's Marines" on location in San Francisco

I wonder if they'll be taki... (Below threshold)

I wonder if they'll be taking the city council with them.

Cal recently played my alma... (Below threshold)

Cal recently played my alma mater. We have seats in the first row right behind the visitor's bench.

Part way thru the 3rd qtr (them kicking the sh*t out of us) they were playing the backups and the starters were milling around the bench, yukking it up. I yelled down to them "Hey, if you guys are bored we've got a Marine recruiting office downtown".

One of them flipped me off. So much for tolerance....or a sense of humor.

Too bad Code Pink decided t... (Below threshold)
Thomas Jackson:

Too bad Code Pink decided to slink away in defeat. My kids like to make fun of them because they can't understand why the Code Pink women have so much facial hair and why the men don't look like men.

Perhaps they should pick on someone their size like Barney Frank.

Kinda reminds me of the mul... (Below threshold)

Kinda reminds me of the multiple "Glorious Triumphs" al-Sadr or Al Qaida will have where 1 or 2 good guys are killed, while 2-300 of theirs get whacked.






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