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And he kept on running

Not your ordinary dumb crook story from Florida.

JENSEN BEACH -- Sheriff's deputies are looking for a man accused of fraudulently using a credit card at a CVS before leading them on a manhunt this morning.

The store manager told a Martin County Sheriff's deputy that the man, of Port St. Lucie, had used someone else's credit card to buy a $50 phone card, according to an sheriff's report.

When the deputy tried to arrest the man just before 2 a.m., he fled and ran east toward Linda Drive, the report states.

The deputy used a Taser, striking the man in the upper left part of his back, but the man kept running.

Did he wear a cape and have a big S on his shirt?

Deputies called the K-9 unit and the helicopter to search for him but did not find him.
All this for a man trying to get a $50 phone card. Who was the biggest loser, taxpayers or the man who got away? I vote for the former.


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So felonies have a price ta... (Below threshold)

So felonies have a price tag? Anything else going on in town at the time? Reminds me of good ol' Cal Supreme Court Justice Rose Bird. According to Rosie, cops should stay in the station until called by citizens. No driving around issuing traffic tickets, no looking for criminal activity. Just like firemen. Would save a lot of money. Less cops, less cars, less less equipment, less gasoline.

So, to you fraudulent use o... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

So, to you fraudulent use of a credit card is a small time crime. You MUST be a Democrat to come up with something that stupid.

Man tries to use stolen cre... (Below threshold)

Man tries to use stolen credit card

Police try to make an arrest

Man gets away

Police use helicopter to apprehend man

Is the use of a helicopter really necessary? Heck why not send in a tank and armored car? There are police departments in Florida who have those also.

Bill, Please that is just d... (Below threshold)

Bill, Please that is just dumb. See The Listkeepers comment above.

Sorry Bill, you're way off ... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Sorry Bill, you're way off on this one.

Attempting to fraudulently get a "$50 phone card" is what tipped off police. Perhaps a small crime in the minds of many (not to me).

Then the crime is compounded by running from police. It's likely a stolen credit card was the least of his transgressions.

...Or should I try a high=speed chase when stopped for an illegal right turn in order to get out of a fine? If the taxpayers don't want to pay for the cops to chase me, I'm golden!

One man tried to use a stol... (Below threshold)

One man tried to use a stolen credit card. Police try to apprehend him.

They tasered him

Then brought in the K9 unit and a helicopter.

In spite of all this, Man is still on the loose.

Who looks worse, the dummy who tried using a stolen card, or the police after all that effort couldn't find one criminal?

Yeah, sometimes the crook g... (Below threshold)

Yeah, sometimes the crook gets away. So?

Here's one. Someone trapped out on the ice. 1st we find out how much that person is 'worth' as opposed to the cost of using a helicopter to fly out and rescue them. Not worth much? Too bad pal, you're on your on.

I saw some guy on COPS who ... (Below threshold)
Jason Author Profile Page:

I saw some guy on COPS who was totally unfazed by being tazered. He was on some major narcotics at the time.

What they never seem to men... (Below threshold)

What they never seem to mention is that BOTH darts have to hit the subject. If one dart misses, you got nothing. Max range is about 15 feet. At 15 feet the guy better be standing still or running at you. In some extreme cases, you get a big Oooops! if the cop forgot to check the battery charge before using or going on duty. It's not hard to check, the current models have a flashing LED to indicate if sufficiently charged.






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