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Mommy Dearest

I have a good friend who isn't overly politically inclined. He's started to educate himself a bit, but for the mos part he views politics like how I view sports -- something that other people get excited over for no readily comprehensible reason.

Well, he might not be interested in politics, but it's interested in him.

Recently, he got a call from his mother. His mother is a retired schoolteacher, and I think you can guess what that says about her politics.

Yup. She's a Democrat.

And more importantly, she's a militant Democrat. She has informed her son that if he doesn't vote for Barack Obama, she'll disown him. And she backed up her demand with a bunch of the now-standard bullshit anti-Palin talking points -- she cut funding for special needs students (she actually nearly tripled it as part of an overall education budgeting reform), she cut funding for pregnant teens (she actually more than tripled that one), and so on.

My friend is in a bit of a jam. Obviously, he loves and respects his mother, and does not wish to be disowned. On the other hand, from me he knows that most of what she said was pure BS. And if he argues with her, he will only risk alienating her.

I did the only thing a true friend could do: I told him to lie.

Fortunately, the rules that the Democrats want to use for union organizers don't apply to actual, real elections, so we still have a secret ballot. So I told him that come November, he should go vote for whoever he likes -- or not at all -- and then tell his mother that he voted for Obama (and, hopefully, that he's terribly disappointed that he lost).

And then he should tell his mother that, since they're already talking, he wants to reassure her that he never had sex before he was married, and he's never had sex outside of his marriage. And he also listened to her and never smoked, never drank, and never tried illegal drugs.

He said he'll probably follow the first part of my advice. I'd rather not repeate his response to the rest of it.


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Not only is that woman a De... (Below threshold)

Not only is that woman a Democrat, she is a dyed in the wool Obama Democrat. She must have been reading how Obama is starting to pressure TV stations to not air truthful anti-Obama ads. Do as the Obama does, I guess. She probably gets her anti-Republican garbage from Wizbang Blue.

If my mother had ever said ... (Below threshold)

If my mother had ever said such a thing to me I would have disowned her on the spot.

There is something d... (Below threshold)

There is something deeply disturbing about a mother who would disown a son for not voting a certain way. Is there a parallel there between the mothers of jihad bombers and those like your friend's?

While somewhat funny, no, a whole lot funny, there is also something that makes me want to believe Ann Coulter's points about Liberal insanity. Mostly I caulk her up as the dailykos on the right, but now I dunno.

I guess your friend thought his mother was serious. I don't think she was so much serious as demented and not because she wants him to vote for Obama.

That he loves his mother ir... (Below threshold)

That he loves his mother irregardless of what she may say or do is understandable enough, but where does respect come into play in a relationship like that?

Care for a little ... (Below threshold)

Care for a little hyperbole with that jam?

I know this is kind of off ... (Below threshold)

I know this is kind of off topic but something very disturbing is happening over at the left-wing Israeli blogs.

They are trying to steal our elections.

I have been following it on their blogs today. First it was on one of their blogs, then another and another.

Obama was very popular when he was over in Israel. It is probably coming from his people.

Please check it out here, as the number of Israeli blogs that are doing that is increasing rapidly.


Every foreigner who votes in this election in the interest of his or her country waters down the vote for those who want to vote in America's interests.

Stop the vote corruption. Check out the following websites.




Is it such an odd idea that if it is an US presidential election then only those who are vested with the interests of the United States should vote.

The reason they are doing this is that Obama is more popular with the rest of the world than he is within the US.

Jay,His Democrat m... (Below threshold)


His Democrat mom will not care if he had sex outside of marriage or smoked pot or had homosexual sex so he doesn't need to lie about those. She would have actually thought higher of him had he done that.

"There is something deep... (Below threshold)

"There is something deeply disturbing about a mother who would disown a son for not voting a certain way. Is there a parallel there between the mothers of jihad bombers and those like your friend's?"

Yes - because it's a point where ideology becomes destructive, and it depends on parental respect to propagate.

The wierd thing is, the more apparent Obama's unsuitability becomes, the more fanatical his supporters get. Look over on the Blue - before Obama beat Hillary in the primaries, Lee was very much against Obama. Now that Obama's the choice - Lee can't do enough smearing of other candidates, even if it makes him look like a partisan loon. (I mean really - "Palin's Witchhunting Church"? There's no vestige of sanity left over there any more.)

Add in the stress from the economic concerns, and you're looking at a very interesting time indeed over the next couple of months. We can survive and prevail over external threats - but when you've got mass psychosis inside the population? It worries me.

Collective hysteria, or mass hysteria, is the sociopsychological phenomenon of the manifestation of the same hysterical symptoms by more than one person. It may begin when a group witnesses an individual becoming hysterical during a traumatic or extremely stressful event. A potential symptom is group nausea, in which a person becoming violently ill triggers a similar reaction in other group members.
Examples include certain cases of rioting and frenzy, and accidents in which people act "irrationally" (screaming, running in the wrong direction, attacking scapegoats, etc.).
Writer Jerome Clark--while recognizing that mass panic can undoubtedly be genuine and widespread--argues that mass hysteria can be "a classic blame-the-victim strategy" in cases where authorities or experts can find no explanation for puzzling or frightening events. It can also manifest in situations where there is a problem that is endangering their society, but the people want to find a scapegoat and take out their frustrations out on him/her/them (often fatally to the scapegoat) instead of looking for the cause of the problem and potentially finding themselves to be guilty.
Interesting times, indeed.

If my mother were to tell m... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

If my mother were to tell me what that friend's mother told him, I'd ask my mother's doctor to increase her meds.

Charles Krauthammer has sai... (Below threshold)

Charles Krauthammer has said the best part of America is that we are allowed to lie about who we voted for. And he's the smartest man in America.

Well, my mother could only ... (Below threshold)

Well, my mother could only vote in Chicago, but I like to think that she would have been smart enough to vote against Obama.

Now that I think about it though, she is buried in MA, so maybe she will vote. Not that McCain could win MA anyway.

Plenty of reasons not to vo... (Below threshold)

Plenty of reasons not to vote for her of course, the unraveling is a daily thing. (If you didn't see the interviews w/ Couric, it's rather uncomfortable - I don't recommend)

Maybe your friend's son isn't aware of her addressing a secessionist party? Or that her husband was an active member of a secessionist movement?

One thing in her favor is that she was protected against witchcraft by her preacher. This is a huge gain, as I can't recall another candidate with this quality. Could go a long way in her foreign policy decisions and tax plan.

jp2, You make thi... (Below threshold)


You make this point as though it is particularly damning evidence against the governor: "Maybe your friend's son isn't aware of her addressing a secessionist party? Or that her husband was an active member of a secessionist movement?"

While I believe we have a good country I also accept that people have disagreements with some of our policies. We have free speech and people have the right of free association to meet and discuss a desire for their state to be a separate nation. The fact that a politician spoke to a fringe group means nothing. Heck, both McCain and Obama spoke to a racist group earlier this year. Sometimes politicians need to address groups they don't agree with to get some of their members to reconsider their point of view. As for her husband's membership, I would just ask how you responded to Michelle Obama saying she wasn't proud of this country until it looked like they might elect her husband or her calling America a downright mean country? My guess is you said she isn't the candidate so it doesn't matter that she says nutty stuff.

I see where JP2 got some ne... (Below threshold)

I see where JP2 got some new talking points from Axelrod this morning.

Freedom of speech by one si... (Below threshold)

Freedom of speech by one side is a major indication of loony tunes. You have only to look at Jay's policy for free speech versus Lee Ward's to understand who is the nutcase and who isn't.

Or for that matter, Obama's version of allowable free speech, something that mantis continues to dodge.

"Free speech for me - but n... (Below threshold)

"Free speech for me - but not for thee..."

Is that the new Democratic creed?

"If you didn't see the i... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"If you didn't see the interviews w/ Couric, it's rather uncomfortable "

I watched the whole interview Jp2 (not just the clips posted at Huffo and KOS) and I bet that it was very uncomfortable for you.

I thought she did very well considering it was a Marxist interogation and not an interview by a journalist. Yeah, she stumbled a couple times, but you'd better remove the plank from your candidates eyes before complaning about the splinter in our's.

Not to hijack the thread bu... (Below threshold)
Paul Duffau:

Not to hijack the thread but Glenn Reynolds over at Instapundit has some interesting bits on free speech and Obama.

Let's just say that Lee Ward is in congruence with his master.

I'm in a "mixed marriage" w... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

I'm in a "mixed marriage" where I'm the conservative and my wife... doesn't think about politics with a logical mind (don't tell her I wrote that or I'm doomed!)

Anyway, to keep the peace, I throw in a little fib every now and then. If Obama pops up on a news item, I'll say something like "he sure is a powerful speaker" or some other bullsh*t while a little part of me always sees him stammering without his teleprompter.

For tonights debate, I only said "it should be an interesting one."

We keep it civil. Though I can't comprehend her political thought processes, I respect them. Like many, she votes with her heart before thinking things out and looking at the larger picture. She is an individual and has that right.

To "disown" someone close to you because they believe or think differently than yourself says much more about the "disowner" than the "disownee". When it's imperative that your friends and loved ones MUST share your personal beliefs and choices, it may be time for some therapy.

There is a concept that seems to escape some: "Individuality".

Does it bother me that my wife doesn't see things the way I do? Sure.
Would I "disown" her because she doesn't?
That's just crazy.

Larry - "Freedom of spe... (Below threshold)

Larry - "Freedom of speech by one side is a major indication of loony tunes. You have only to look at Jay's policy for free speech versus Lee Ward's to understand who is the nutcase and who isn't."

Then consider it officially LoonyTuneVille:

KMOV aired a story last night, that stated that St. Louis County Circuit Attorney Bob McCulloch and St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce, both Obama supporters, are threatening to bring criminal libel charges against anyone who levels what turns out to be false criticisms of their chosen candidate for President.
Thuggery at it's finest!

Nothing like "good-old" one sided prosecution I aways say.

Hemmm.... I wonder, have they been enabled by ObamaMessiah's exhortation to get in their faces and "argue?"

<a href="http://www.youtube... (Below threshold)


Now this definitely qualifies her for President. Great for women everywhere.

Look, IF an Obamamaniac con... (Below threshold)

Look, IF an Obamamaniac confronts you and tries their new "in your face" marching orders.

There are only TWO options.

#1) If it's a harmless relative such as a MOM...APPEASE/LIE then pat them on the head and say, in not so many words "good doggy" have a nice day.

#2) If it's some radical street asshole, then just kick the shit out of them and walk away briskly.

#2) If it's some r... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:
#2) If it's some radical street asshole, then just kick the shit out of them and walk away briskly.

Or just carry a bar of Irish Spring around.

When I was teaching we we... (Below threshold)

When I was teaching we were highly encouraged to vote Dem.
Sounds like Mom is set in her ways and in this particular case 'blinded by the light'/ 'mesmmerized'.
yes a incomplete truth is the best if she asks or say something generic like he voted for 'the man' and 'agree with whatever she says' or change the subject.
a loving hug would do the trick

Well, I don't know about an... (Below threshold)

Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I would definitely, and in no uncertain terms, tell my mother that I'm all grown up now and I will make my own decisions. Unless his mother is psychologically or physically suffering from something more than just liberalism, he should do the same.

He IS a man, isn't he? I mean jeez, time to cut the apron strings already.

I'd have to be disowned rat... (Below threshold)

I'd have to be disowned rather than give up my lawn signs.

You folks have NO idea what it's like to be a conservative working in the public school system. Unlike anything you'll ever experience...

During the last Presidential election, my boss actually said (to the entire staff during a meeting) that she wanted to drive into the back of my car when she saw my Bush/Cheney sticker.

I rebutted "Gosh, and here I thought it was still a free country."

However, this election many of them are eerily quiet. I believe most of them wanted Hillary.

I'm in a "mixed marriage... (Below threshold)

I'm in a "mixed marriage" where I'm the conservative and my wife...

Yep. Me too. And the discussion of politics has always been purposely avoided in our house.

However, I received a shock this week. My wife, who has been going back and forth between her Canadian-ness and her American-ness (long story short: Born in the US to an American mother and a Canadian father and raised in Canada, but living and paying taxes in the US for 15 years) announced that she has decided to vote in her first election. She registered Unaffiliated and, when asked what prompted her to finally weigh in on American politics, said that she wants to do everything in her power to make certain that Obama is not elected. Of course, her family is absolutely livid. When confronted, she told them to stuff it, unless they were going to allow her to make their decisions concerning Canadian politics.

I'd be proud of her even if she said that she was voting for the other guy. Of course, dinnertime would've been more interesting.






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