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Pregnant man again

He is a 71 year old grandfather in Oregon. From AP-

PORTLAND, Ore. - John Grady Pippen of Gold Beach doesn't look pregnant. And he's not. But after a hospital visit earlier this month, the staff gave the 71-year-old grandfather pain pills and paperwork explaining his delicate condition.

"Based on your visit today," the paperwork told him, "we know you are pregnant."

The retired mechanic and logger had sought help for agonizing abdominal pain at Curry General Hospital in Gold Beach.

Hospital administrator William McMillan says an errant keystroke caused the hospital's computer to spit out the wrong discharge instructions.

I've worked in hospitals, and the nurses and PAs are usually overworked and I'm sympathetic.(Except if I'm the patient. LOL) However certain parts of your job can't be overlooked. There is too much at stake if a patient isn't discharged properly.

If I were Mr. Pippen I'd check to see if Curry General Hospital billed him or his insurance for a pregnancy test.


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Local hospital rules mandat... (Below threshold)

Local hospital rules mandate they read your diagnosis / discharge requirements to you. You then have to sign that you understand them. Makes checkout a PITA on a busy day, but I can see why they do it.

My husband once got an EOB ... (Below threshold)

My husband once got an EOB for treatment at a hospital clinic he'd never visited. Of course, we called Tricare - our secondary coverage because we didn't an EOB from our primary on these charges.

Well... seems a major hospital opened up its billing service and software to lots of regional, small clinics. And somehow, very old info (from when Tricare was our primary coverage) got "updated". The update included changing my husband's sex. Not only were the charges not ours, but they were for treatment of pregnant woman with early labor.

I'm glad she got treated and glad that we weren't liable for the co-pay.

How do such mistakes happen?

pregnat men are stupid and ... (Below threshold)
callie dockerey:

pregnat men are stupid and they shouldnt of changed from a gurl to a boy!!!!!

Callie,Two things<... (Below threshold)


Two things

1 Learn to spell

2 Learn to read. John Grady Pippen is a man.

Carry on







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