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Presidential Debate Open Thread

You know the drill...

You've seen the debate, now tell us what you think...


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Good line from McCain about... (Below threshold)

Good line from McCain about not having a seal yet.

Barry definitely needs to r... (Below threshold)

Barry definitely needs to remember who he's running against. Thanks to FNC for running the specific soundbite to refresh my memory. FNC thinks that when Obama went off on McCain about the War in Iraq (Said we'd be welcomed, said we'd find WMD, said blah blah blah)... all of those things that BUSH famously did (and was later lambasted on). GWB isn't the other person on the stage with him.

Barry did that at least 2 times by my count... and that was just weird for me.

My "dream" McCain comment: ... (Below threshold)

My "dream" McCain comment: "Oh yes, and another thing, I am totally with Senator Obama on limiting CEO salaries and cash payoffs, and I think it should be made retroactive so as to include Jamie Gorelic, Franklin Raines the Johnson guy etc."

They would have ran out of wipeys cleaning up the mess that would've made in obambis' trousers.

Was reading the BBC comment... (Below threshold)

Was reading the BBC comments and one came from Kos :

Obama name dropped countries and foreign leaders by the bucket full to underscore the fact that he knows what he is talking about.

Made me think he had one wafer too many.

I guess McCain should just pack it up with that kind of logic coming at him. I think McCain did a good job. I think the Dems are a bit surprised that Obama wasn't wiping the floor with JMac. They always seem to underestimate their opponents. I guess it is all part of that elitist attitude.

On a scale of yuck to wow? ... (Below threshold)

On a scale of yuck to wow?

McCain - Eh+ to Not Bad.

Obama - Sheesh to Sheesh-

It really, really worries me to think that Obama is seen as the best possible Democratic candidate, because he WASN'T ready for this.

The Presidency is the ultimate on-the-job-training site. However, you have to have the background experience and the judgement to survive the job, much less do well in it. I really don't think Obama's got a clue about what's expected of him... but I'll bet his handlers do.

on another blog someone sai... (Below threshold)

on another blog someone said mccain had actually taken the lead on intrade???? that would be amazing as that would be a major immediate response thing. i can't access intrade because i am at work and damn security blocks gambling sites.

anybody see this or just somebody being hopeful?

LOOK GUYS HOW THE HUSSEIN O... (Below threshold)
vinny from NC:


Bare win for McCain on t... (Below threshold)

Bare win for McCain on the economic part.

On the foreign policy part--haven't seen anyone so thoroughly schooled in foreign policy as John did Obama tonite.
Would have been good, tho' to see McCain hit Obama on the deregulation of Freddie and Fannie, there were several missed ops there.

McCain did better than some... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

McCain did better than some may think.

More on that tomorrow or Sunday, I am getting killed by a case that's due Monday.

QUESTION#1 OBAMA: I AGREE W... (Below threshold)
vinny from NC:


McCain got the last word al... (Below threshold)

McCain got the last word almost every time and b hussein allowed it...not very strong and definitely NOT Presidential. Also, b. hussein showed that he can memorize well...he even memorized the numbers for the DNC talking points.
Did you notice that every time b. hussein finished vomiting up his drivel he would turn to Mccain with that deer in the headlights look of..."Be gentle with me Coach..."

My favorite BO line: "I got... (Below threshold)

My favorite BO line: "I got a bracelet too, Jim!"

I agree with that Grandpa. ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

I agree with that Grandpa. I wish McCain had done better in the beginning. I thought that would be his advantage under the circumstances, but I was wrong. He did much better than Obama on the foreign policy, though.

Obama did a lot better than I expected. He kept his stammering and umming to a relative minimum which I thought was a plus for him. A lot of what he said was pretty empty though, especially the first part. You could tell he was a lot better rehearsed for the foreign policy part--although McCain did a lot better as expected.

I liked that it was a little more lively than past debates have been, but still both of them kept repeating the same things they've been saying all along, which was similiar to past debates.

When McCain got under his s... (Below threshold)

When McCain got under his skin the eye-rolling and faces made Obama look childish. His interruptions while McCain spoke also was irritating, as if he's afraid he won't be allowed to make his point.

His "clean and srticulate" was unnecessarily overshadowed. Will he act the same way when dealing with Putin? He seemed so scripted with memorized slogans ans facts/figures that a meeting with someone like Putin will probably result in the floor being wiped with his ass....much like what happened to Jimmah Carter and his foreign policy.

Big Kudos to Jim Lehrer for... (Below threshold)

Big Kudos to Jim Lehrer for a great moderation. He made the debate about the candidates and not himself while allowing them the freedom to give thorough answers.

Thanks Jim.

mckaine keeps telling us al... (Below threshold)

mckaine keeps telling us all about his resume...it comes across as fear to answer the questions..afraid of speaking with our frenemies, and would not say where he stands on the bailout plan or how it would affect their future budgeting...I feel like he is talking down to me...im informed...I did not appreciate mckaine's dishonesty and/or slim truths....obama was clear and concise...i felt as if he was telling me what was happening and would continue to do so when/if in office....i am or was an undecided....I believe i will vote for obama.

#16 Monica--the leasr you... (Below threshold)

#16 Monica--the leasr you could do is to get the spelling of MCCAIN correct. Other than that, nice try.

I wonder if Monica...is rel... (Below threshold)

I wonder if Monica...is related to nogo something-or-other...

Monica:First of al... (Below threshold)


First of all sweetie (stole that word from Obama for talking to a female), almost NONE of those who are trolling around blogs are undecided.

False flag comments ARE a sign of a general lack of knowledge and are primarily posted by those with a higher level of emotional decision making than what you would generally find amongst those exercising their brain power to make a decision.

But you tried.

I was totally taken aback b... (Below threshold)
C. Bensing:

I was totally taken aback by everything Obama said. He's totally reversed himself on almost every issue or should I say centered himself.
I just wish McCain had a list of all the things Obama said in the past and compared them to what he was saying now. The difference would have been overwhelming. As it was people who are only starting to listen now will think he's really more center than liberal. It drove me crazy every time he spoke. I wish they could have shown pictures of all his past associates on a screen in back of him every time he pontificated. In my dreams maybe.
John did haul him down on foreign affairs though.

My only follow up co... (Below threshold)

My only follow up comment is this; McCain did NOT choose to get into the specifics of the "Rescue Plan," because negotiations are still ongoing. To name names and take numbers would have been fatal to the interests of the rest of the world. McCain took the high road, Obama didn't. AFTER the deal is done, I hope we hear more from McCain on the subject.

It is that simple.

What Larry Said...... (Below threshold)

What Larry Said...

I also think that McCain can't get too cutthroat on the Fannie/Freddie stuff until the deal is made. I expect McCain to dial up the heat a bit for the second debate.

It will be interesting to see if they turn Palin loose on her debate or play safe. It's kinda like football with a young, but talented quarterback. If you let them wing it they will throw some picks, but if the TD/Int ratio is 3/1 then you still win.

C. Bensing,I was w... (Below threshold)

C. Bensing,

I was watching FNC after the debate, and I think someone said (might have been Dick Morris) that McCain couldn't be seen to respond to every falsehood Obama spouted, then he'd be playing catch-up (katsup?). What IS nice, however, is that we now have footage of Obama saying one thing at the debate... and existing footage (or audio) of him saying something else from his 3 years (!!!!) of campaigning.

That's political ad material right there... and it'll be more effective too (as you can polish the finished product).

As well as McCain's team has been cranking out those ads (and they're quite topical), this shouldn't be a problem.

What is wrong with the peop... (Below threshold)

What is wrong with the people backing McCain/Palin. McCain is the only elitist I seen on stage tonight. He needs to check back into his retirement home and make way for Obama. Obama has a vision of the future. You can't teach an old dog new tricks.

McCain is a curmudgeon. Gr... (Below threshold)
susan mcclintock:

McCain is a curmudgeon. Grumpy, combative, and he is still living the Vietnam War. This guy has a hair trigger. Scary. Can't even look his opponent in the eye. The sign of a true coward. Definitely living in the past and not a twenty first century man. Can't even use a computer. I don't want to listen to "my friends" for four years and I KNOW he was a POW and I KNOW he wasn't Mr. Congeniality.

How can McCain say Iran has... (Below threshold)

How can McCain say Iran has a poor economy because it has a poor government and then Obama not jump over that comment regarding the US Republican leadership and our economy???

I believe Obama was excelle... (Below threshold)

I believe Obama was excellent and proved tonight that he is more capable to be president and more intouch with America.

So McCain is against Russia... (Below threshold)

So McCain is against Russia attacking the sovereign nation of Georgia as an atrocity. Let see---other leaders to have done the same: Hitler in pre-WWII, Hussein against Kuwait, and then the George Bush against Iraq. What's the big deal when Russia is simply following our example. Thanks to the Republicans, we have absolutely no authority in the world market over ethics and the law. The only difference is we obliterated a nation that we traveled 5000 miles to do while they just went over their own border. USA=ROME. Thank you Republicans and all of your very worldly experience-we are all in such a better place.

I believe most people have ... (Below threshold)

I believe most people have already made up their mind, and the debates will give the bias so called news people something to talk about for the next few weeks.

Personally, I was impressed how McCain stayed so calm and collected, there was a few times I thought Obama was going to jump out of his skin.

oh well, we must endure. I can't wait for this process to be over.

Obama was clearly the bette... (Below threshold)

Obama was clearly the better man tonight!!! This is a person who has a plan for not only our future but the future of our children & our grandchildren...McCain sounded like my grandpa who always told stories of the past..it's our future, not the past & all of grandpas war stories that we need to be focusing on!!!!

If I wanted notes from a te... (Below threshold)

If I wanted notes from a text book, or talking points from the Democratic campaign headquarters, I would score the campaign high for Obama. If I wanted to define leadership for American, I would have turned the TV off half way through because that is about how long it took Obama to look like a Junior Senator and McCain like a President...but I kept it on for the entertainment value, and because I may just need those text book notes one day. Obama has a future in politics, maybe one day as President...but in a time and world where no one person, no one plan and no one party has the ability to fix everything, it will take a leader who knows when to listen and when to act and one who isn't worried about his credit, but is worried about mine, and that "My Friends" is what I got out of the debate and why McCain/Palin now have my unchallenged vote.

I was listening for ideas, ... (Below threshold)

I was listening for ideas, new ideas and solutions. Although neither candidate presented "new ideas," McCain presented a lot of old, stale ideas that I've heard before. We need someone who has a vision for the country. The America of yesterday isn't here anymore.

Re "The U.S. War on Terror"... (Below threshold)
Alex Reyes:

Re "The U.S. War on Terror": McCain came off sounding like Lyndon Johnson in 1968 if Johnson had become the Dem's 1969 presidential candidate and tried to defend the horror of our military war in Vietnam. Obama, meanwhile, seemed to be channeling John F. Kennedy in 1960, out-"Cold Warrioring" the reigning Republican Tyrannosaurus Rex . . .

I am horrified and appalled... (Below threshold)

I am horrified and appalled by Alex Castellano's comments about Senator McCain's slaughter of the Pakistani president's name. His comments that McCain got most of the vowels and consonants correct is the precise type of hideous American ethnocentrism that impedes effective global leadership and destroys the perception of America around the world. His comments were disgusting and smack of the type cultural divisiveness that makes Americans look like pigs around the world. It further promulgates the Republican view of others around the world...its this twisted sense of looking down the American mighty nose at others that we don't need more of in the Whitehouse...

A few points here: <... (Below threshold)

A few points here:

Susan, if you think that McCain is a coward, let's see you stand up to Vietnamese torture. Who are you to call him a coward? Where are all your great acts of courage? Say what you will about what kind of President you think he would make, but to call him a coward is completely ignorant. These guys aren't used to debating "at each other". Obama had to adjust to it and be reminded to do it, too, although he eventually picked it up.

Also, does anyone else find it humorous that Obama agreed with McCain 9 times? Odd for a man whose major sticking point has been that McCain agrees with Bush 90 percent of the time.

Obama and Biden keep saying that McCain is stuck in the past, but McCain seems more focused on how to deal with the economic problem and Iraq whereas Obama is more stuck on how we got there to begin with. Both are important issues, but who's stuck inthe past here. First solve the problem, than retrace our steps to avoid getting into the same mess again.

I don't think Obama embarrassed himself at all tonight, but anyone who sees this as a clear Obama victory is looking at this through Democrat glasses. It's not like 2004 where Kerry clearly wiped the floor with Bush in all 3 debates. I'd give the slight advantage to McCain in this one. We'll see how the next one plays out.

I can't believe how biased ... (Below threshold)

I can't believe how biased CNN is!!!!
Obviously they were not watching the same debate I seen. They must have been watching a Hilary Obama debate.
As for Obamas "I agree with John" well it worked before "I agree with Hilary" it saves him from having to come up with an inteligent response of his own.

I believe Obama was by far ... (Below threshold)

I believe Obama was by far the more presidential looking candidate - calm, knowledgeable especially on foreign affairs. When Obama said he agreed with McCain on several issues, it was showing that he can reach across the aisle - see what is good from both sides and then continue to move forward. McCain pronounced Pakistan's leader's name wrong. He is supposed to be the smart one on foreign policy but I saw an Obama who knew as much if not more and I believe his ability to see the big picture is far superior to McCain's. Why couldn't McCain look at Obama when they were debating? It made him look like he was insecure.

Neither one said much about the bailout because too much is still being discussed. That is okay with me. I have read Obama's economic plan and it is detailed and good for the middle class people, but he didn't go into that very much unfortunately. I am sure that will be discussed more in future debates when health care, more on education and jobs will be discussed.

Obama is clearly the superi... (Below threshold)

Obama is clearly the superior candidate. This will be the eighth time I've voted for a president. Obama is the finest candidate - by far - of any who've run for the office in those 28 years. Obama speaks with wisdom and carries himself with the dignity. He proposes that America and Americans do the same.

WOW! Talk about "Midnight a... (Below threshold)

WOW! Talk about "Midnight at the Trollasis".

Just wondering ya'all, does all of the foregoing spam amount to your idea(s) of convincing and thought provoking propoganda. I mean, other than raising the stock value of Bayer aspirin, you're not accomplishing much. Toodles.

I think that the people who... (Below threshold)
Korry M.:

I think that the people who have already decided who they would vote for will not change their minds on this or any debate unless some shocking relevent information comes out.

It is for the independants who have not decided.

In the end both candidates could lead. The question is to what priciples will they lead with.

In this respect I will vote for Obama as his principles resonate more with mine.

In the beginning I was thinking of voting for Mccain. However after he appointed Palin for VP... Well after the interviews she has had... Palin does not seem to have a mind of her own. Good at reading a speach as most of the politicians are. But when confronted and asked direct questions she almost seems lost.

What I would like to hear from both Obama / Mccain is how they will end the culture war in America. It seems as though it is the ultra religeous right against the (percieved) non religeous left. It is that perception that is deviding our nation. Stop injecting your faith into the process. This country has many and to pander to one alienates the rest.

Either way we have a long way to go.

So in 28 years, you find Ob... (Below threshold)

So in 28 years, you find Obama a finer candidate than Carter, Reagan, Mondale, Daddy Bush, Dukakis, Clinton, Dole, Little Bush, Gore, Kerry, or McCain? There's more than 1 Democrat on that list I'd vote for before I'd vote for Obama. By teh way, "6is9" is a name I'd choose to carry myself with wisdom and dignity, too. I'd name my kid that if I could.

It seems as though... (Below threshold)
It seems as though it is the ultra religeous right against the (percieved) non religeous left.
If you don't shut up, I am going to inquisition you. I MEAN IT! Don't make me get my Iron Maiden out! I'll do it too!!!

His most High Priestlyness and Grandest of Grand Inquisitors, Fred the Christian

By the way, can anyone here... (Below threshold)

By the way, can anyone here who is not from Pakistan pronounce the President of Pakistan's name correctly? Even if you think you can, I'm sure any Pakistani would correct you.

I think Obama did well toni... (Below threshold)

I think Obama did well tonight. It is clear that McCain has foreign policy expertise that trumps Obama's however I question the implementation of that expertise in the modern world. Nevertheless, foreign policy is important, however domestic is KING!

I'm an independent aligned with the Dems this time around because I know the terrible history of de-regulation, European and American foreign policy dominance and corportate plutocracy and why trickle-down does not work and can NEVER work. There is a reason why the commodity with the most value cannot be traded in the United States because if it was traded then we'd be back in slavery. Diamonds, gold or oil has little real value without labor to acquire it, service it, support it, and consume it, thus driving the engine of economic growth. It is also labor that fights the wars. Another fact many people forget. It's funny how labor is nearly completely left out of the bail-out equation. Obama understands that it is labor that will get this country back on track. FDR understood this also. McCain it seems does not. That's not the kind of wisdom I want to vote for.

Obama proves time and time ... (Below threshold)

Obama proves time and time again that he is the better choice. The fact he agreed with a few of McCain's points is by no means a fault, and thinking so means you're really reaching to find something wrong with Obama's superb performance.

To be fair, McCain didn't do as bad as I thought he would, performance-wise. But his issues still remain flawed, regardless of how collected he appeared on stage.

Obama offers a refreshing change compared to what we have been dealing with for almost a decade. McCain isn't offering more than a third Bush term.

Why do Republicans ignore this?

To the person that made the... (Below threshold)

To the person that made the comment as for McSame taking the lead on Intrade that was wishful thinking, "just someone looking through those rose colored Republican glasses". McSenile came across as very condesending,grumpy and confused during this debate. While Obama showed that he was cool calm and collected, someone that wouldn't panick during a crisis. McBush tried on many time to bait Obama with his out right LIES. But Obama showed that he was a better man for the job by just setting the FACTS straight.If you like someone talking down to you and NOT to you then McSame is your man, but if you want someone to do the opposite then Obama is your man. This debate isn't gonna change that many people's mind on who to vote for come Nov 4th. But before you decide to cast your vote way the pro's and con's. This is NOT about the race or the age of a candidate, it about who could lead and get the AMERICA that I love out of the this horrible MESS that we are in.

I feel the debate only rein... (Below threshold)

I feel the debate only reinforced the fact that both parties are reaching into the bottom of the barrel to try and find the "best available" of the remaining scraps....

Obama talks of change, but the only change on his resume is his presidential seal....

Mccain believes he can change for the better, or wait can he, wait He can, wait no he cant....

On a serious note, i think Mccain gained some points with his homeland security and Obama possibly with his economic stance....but we need to see how this bailout deal plays out before I really choose a side for economics

picking the lesser of the two evils, I think Mccain would serve better as our GOP... He atleast has a resume, He has a vice president candidate with more experience than the Democratic nominee, and He atleast served this country before (and those who say big deal, you probably served as much as Obama did).....

...once Obama works his way up from the Minors and makes his way into the pros with some legitimate items on his resume then maybe he'll be cut out for this

....regardless, its going to suck for whoever does win, HUGE budget deficit, WEAK economy, and deteriorating conditions in middle east....goodluck!

Obama looked great. He loo... (Below threshold)

Obama looked great. He looked intelligent and was ready. There was no where in this debate that McCain was on top. Obama held his own. McCain also, continued to tell his crap about Obama, leading people to believe falsehoods. This debate was a win for Obama. Besides, CNN has one unfair analyst who gave Obama a C. No where in this debate did Obama deserve a C. She is just a b----. McCain messed up tonight. The old man needs to step down.

I agree with Vee, McCain re... (Below threshold)

I agree with Vee, McCain really did repeat false facts about Obama.

Either he's trying to be ruthless and lie to Americans in front of Obama about Obama (which is completely retarded), or his memory is failing in his old age and he cant remember correct facts about Obama.

Either reason should prove he is an ill choice as our next president.

Obama couldn't even remembe... (Below threshold)

Obama couldn't even remember the name of the dead solder whose bracelet he's wearing. Yeah, superb performance.

McCain crosses the aisle more than any other Republican in the senate. Ask Russ Feingold or Joe Lieberman if McCain can work with Democrats. Yep, sounds like a 3rd Bush term to me.

Nancy Pelosi said of the bailout plan that she wanted to ensure no Democrats took the blame for any possible failure of the plan. Hillary wouldn't vote for the Iraq War again, but won't admit fault in doing so the first time. Obama said the surge could never work, called it a failure while debating Hillary, than said it has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams, yet wouldn't vote for it if given the chance again. These people are awfully self-righteous. Why don't Democrats see this?

Not bad for a first debate.... (Below threshold)
Gary Goldblum:

Not bad for a first debate. Obama interrupted too much, or perhaps McCain needed to interrupt more. For North Korea, McCain mentioned Ronald Reagan (again), he should've mentioned that Democrat Bill Clinton kept giving them millions of $ and they still kept going nuclear. That would've worked better for Obama's "let's talk to them" policy. Obama won the award for longest rambling off-subject speech, somehow tying the Russian/Georgian question into America's need for oil independence/wind/solar/nuclear/and "look how green I am" speech. Well, McCain did mention a pipeline, I suppose. This debate needed a timeclock with a loud buzzer! I give McCain a "B-" and Obama a "C+". No big winner here.

kteachums.....did ... (Below threshold)


did you even watch the debate....you must be hard core demo that supports barak simply because he is also demo....

there was no clear-cut winner, both sides were able to "lead" at times....both sides had some very interesting things to say.......except i think Mccain resume spoke louder than Obama did

great rhetoric doesnt necessarily transpire into a great leader....thats what these "believers of change" need to realize

.....I'm moving to Canada......eh

Obama understands... (Below threshold)
Obama understands that it is labor that will get this country back on track. FDR understood this also.
Not only that, but I still have my original, framed and authenticated, signed copy of President Roosevelts address to the nation on MSNBC after the crash of 1929.

If only Pops could've seen him before he lept....I'm sorry...it's just that, ya see, we lived on the second floor, and Dad only sprained his ankle. Fortunately for us though, we were lucky enough to find ourselves in a Peking highrise several years later, and good ol' Dad finally "Got 'er done". Oh no, he didn't jump. The next door neighbor violated the "no door slamming rule" and the whole thing came down on itself. Luckily, although the aftershock of that fateful slamming left my school in ruins, my fall was cushioned by a stack of headless toy makers, dog food manufacturers and "pharmicists".

Then, I couldn't finish my education so I ended up stuck here in America.

McCain just repeated the sa... (Below threshold)

McCain just repeated the same tired arguments that he has been pushing for the past several months. He had nothing constructive to say, and came off as very accusatory. It is clear that his strategy is to slander Obama rather than persuade the American voters in order to win this election. His perspectives on a lot of issues came into the light, which I had suspected but not heard from his own lips. He still has his aggressive, combative nature from his days as a serviceman. He also continued with the implementation of fear-tactics in order to convey his points, most specifically, the comments concerning defeat in Iraq and Iran's desire to create nuclear holocaust. I think he's putting words in Iran's mouth and trying to portray a black and white, win-or-lose situation in Iraq, when we all know that a traditional victory in Iraq was almost never possible. There are a lot of circumstances and nuances in Iraq that McCain refuses to acknowledge. Obama, I thought, confronted the issues and I noticed many times when McCain simply repeated/reiterated Obama's comments as his own. This goes back to his lack of constructive input to the debate. For example, on energy policy, McCain almost repeated, verbatim, what Obama listed as options/solutions to the energy crisis. I'm glad Obama was presented with that question first, because he has a more sound policy in that area, as well as having genuine concern and understanding of the environmental impact of energy production. The one thing I wish I would have seen was Obama scrutinize McCain on some more of the issues. He brought up his support for tax breaks for the wealthy, and also concerning his unwavering alignment with Bush, but he didn't strongly point out that McCain has voted for deregulation of the financial industry, up until about two weeks ago. That issue is at the forefront of American lives today, and he should have pounced on it. The thing that frustrates me the most is how people cannot clearly see that, as Obama stated, the United States policy of silence towards threatening nations has only widened the rift between us and them. There needs to be communication and direct talks between our countries' leaders, to improve our relations, not escalate tensions. A stand-offish, isolationist attitude will improve nothing, only make things worse, and that is one of only a relative few policy differences between the candidates.

Dave, I'm willing to bet yo... (Below threshold)

Dave, I'm willing to bet you voted for Bush 2000/2004, correct? It's the brainwashed people like you who are responsible for putting that ass in office in the first place resulting to our current failing economy, pointless money-whoring war in iraq and sky rocket gas prices.

Why you agree with McCain and are so stubborn for a MUCH needed change is beyond me.

And Obama couldn't remember the name of the dead solder whose bracelet he was wearing because he wasn't wearing a bracelet. It was a point he was making that no mother ever has to ask for her dead child's death to be in vain if the war were to end.

Why isn't McCain wearing 4,200 bracelets?

And why wont the Rebublican... (Below threshold)

And why wont the Rebublicans see that this wasnt our war to fight from the beginning Over 4000 American solidiers have died fighting a war that was nover ours to fight. Parents have losted sons and daughters. Kids have losted mothers and fathers for WHAT? When BuSh gave his speech the other night he tried to instill FEAR into us that WE MUST PASS THIS BAILOUT OR ELSE bLAH BLAH BLAH. I remember another one of his speeches was aimed at putting FEAR in us, is when we started the WAR on 2003. FEAR is what the Republicans are good at, besides cheating and stealingm to get what they want.

Hey, Greg. I appreciate som... (Below threshold)

Hey, Greg. I appreciate someone actually adding intelligent thought to the debate (seriously). However, let's not forget how often Senate and House Democrats (Murtha, Reid) had already painted the Iraq War as a definite and unrecoverable loss before the surge. Their silence is deafening now. And a little aggressive, combative serviceman nature could have done Bill Clinton some good when he got suckered into building North Korea 2 nuclear reactors in exchange for a promise that they would only be used for peaceful purposes. We all know where that got us today.

Carmen, did you even watch ... (Below threshold)

Carmen, did you even watch the debate? Obama said and I quote, "Jim, I also have a bracelet", right before he lifted his wrist to show it. Watch it again.

not our fight? I may agree ... (Below threshold)

not our fight? I may agree to a certain extent, but you live in the USA, we are the "white hat" of the world.....9 times out of 10 we dont have a choice about which fights to choose...with power comes responsibility....dont like it, move to canada

and the way I see it, I'm glad we got to Sadaam before he DID have an a-bomb...he didnt exactly like it

oh, and if all of you clinton-loving demo's would realize that if clinton had actually done what he was supposed to and had actually enforced the agreements after operation desert storm, those agreements sadaam was supposed to abide by (such as NO bio-weapons) but didnt, and instead of just throwing a few bombs their way then perhaps a lot of this war in Iraq could have been avoided......this is what happenes when you sweep a problem under the rug

Carmen and Vee, this may su... (Below threshold)

Carmen and Vee, this may suprise you, but I questioned whether the purpose and timing of the war were right, too, while it was actually happening when Hillary was sending ME (yes, I'm a serviceman, and yes I've been there. More than once.) off to fight so she could say it was only Bush's error and not hers later. As a serviceman, my focus is more on what to do about it now. Hindsight is 20/20. I'm an open minded guy. No more brain washed than anyone else.

Obama was on McCain's turf ... (Below threshold)

Obama was on McCain's turf - experience and foreign policy. It was good debate they both made their points. It was like a good boxing match-one a jabber and one that likes to get in close. Obama kept throwing the jabs and McCain never veered from is script and kept hammering the experience. But I liked what Senator Biden, an ambassador in foreign affairs,said after the debate to "that just because you had been there doesn't make him (McCain) right."

On a lighter side I thought it was amusing that McCain compared Obama being stubard like Bush when it comes to admitting that "the surge" worked.

I look forward to the VeePees debate on Thursday. I think that it could be real amusing. I don't think Gov. Palin is in the same league as these boys, and Sen. Biden will knock her out. I know it is not nice to hit women, but these boys are coming with the noose.

Obama is a wolf in sheep's ... (Below threshold)

Obama is a wolf in sheep's clothing. You were warned! Obama Nation? More like an Abomination, that brings forth DESOLATION! Those who have ears, let them hear!

I know it is not n... (Below threshold)
I know it is not nice to hit women, but these boys are coming with the noose.
Let's hear it for the DNC everyone! How's that new slogan go again? Oh yeah, "Lynching, it's not just for blacks". That's great, really great. I mean, the democrat party was created in order to maintain slavery, and now its masthead includes the brilliant inscription, "Destroying ANYONE leaving their assigned plantation for over 100 years, and proud of it!"

Alright, here's to another 150 years of veiled racism, sexism and otherwise general hate and destruction of western culture. Congrats democratics! You've earned the title of, "Americas' best propagator of the 'Big Lie'". Good luck on your primrose laiden highway to hell...

McCain won the debate.... <... (Below threshold)
yvonne curri:

McCain won the debate....
and my vote.... he is more than a hero
He has what it takes to clean things up...
Obama is a puppet....who can't wait to spend OUR money which if anyone heard he called his money in the debate... why doesn't liberal media ever pick up this stuff
yvonne in florida

did anyone notice the anger... (Below threshold)

did anyone notice the anger in Obama's eyes and the way he acted like a little boy raising his hand to the teacher and interrupted McCain every time he felt like it. Like a spoiled little boy, interrupting and incensed that anyone would dare disagree with him. McCain was polite and waited his turn.

I understand from the debat... (Below threshold)
Citizen of the world:

I understand from the debate that John Mccain doesnt Understand not respect other Culture, People, Values, Ideas, and importantly "Life".....Vote Mccain, Keep Imperialist Regime alive or Vote Obama get rid of American Imperialism.

While I'm a McCain supporte... (Below threshold)

While I'm a McCain supporter and I hope he wins, I don't doubt that Obama would make a capable president. I just don't think he's the best choice. If he does win, I'll still sleep well knowing it could've been Hillary.

lets call lip stick wearing... (Below threshold)

lets call lip stick wearing pigs pigs and the biggest piece of pork is obama where did he learn respect and consideration you dont keep interupting a man when he's speaking I just wonder why the media kisses obamas ass he's unsure of himself,and will back down to those in washington so every one likes him must have been picked on alot in school used to be democrate know i'm voting republican long live glen beck!!!!!

In addition, I notice a tre... (Below threshold)

In addition, I notice a trend. Comments by those who support McCain are often simple insults. I can just see all of you people grumbling over your keyboards, trying to think of something snappy and scathing to say about Obama's debate performance. So allow me to retort. You all seem like very angry people, which explains your support of McCain, support of war, and lack of reason. It also explains why so many of you refer to Obama without using his first or last names, simply calling him, "Hussein." When are you going to wake up and realize that McCain doesn't care about average Americans. For example, he doesn't seem to see anything wrong with giving tax breaks to the richest of the rich, while taxing your employer-provided health benefits and doing nothing to relieve financial strain on average Americans. You must all be flush for cash, because you don't seem to care that he'll do nothing for the rest of America that is experiencing financial hardship firsthand. And what's that? Some country doesn't agree with us? Well, we'll just go to war with them. Got a problem with us, we're not gonna talk to you about it. Why does McCain love war so much? Oh, Yeah! He's a soldier. Without war, soldiers would be out of a job, and therefore have no purpose in life. Just remember that McCain is responsible for a disastrous fire aboard the USS Forrestal in 1967 that killed 143 US Navy sailors and cost 30 million to repair the boat. Also, anybody who thinks Obama is an elitist, just recall the fact that John McCain and his rich booze-heiress wife have 7 houses, 13 automobiles, and hundreds of millions of dollars in assets. Who's elite now? McCain supporters are either deluded, ignorant, or easily tricked, because McCain is not what you think he is. He's much worse. If you love war, vote McCain, because he will bring the United States into WWIII with Iran, China, Russia, Pakistan, or maybe all of them at the same time. Are you happy that 50% of your federal income tax goes to purchase bullets, bombs, and guns to fight a war that never should have happend. I'm not. I love peace, and I also love progress, hope, and my fellow human beings. That is why I support Barack Obama.

I think McSame showed his l... (Below threshold)
Bianca R.:

I think McSame showed his lack of knowledge in the debate on our economy. He acted terrified to even speak on certain things. I could maybe even give him the benefit of the doubt if he had a vice president that knew anything, but he has Palin, and she can't assist with anything input concerning the world because she has knowledge of anything, I know more than this woman. When McSame had a chance to speak on something he is suppose to really wipe Obama out with, he failed. Hands down, McSame knows his foriegn policy stuff and Obama did to. I loved the fact that Obama emphasized the fact that the war in Iraq should have never even taken place. There would have been no need for a surge, if the unnecessary war would have never happen. So McSame want to brag on accomplishments to a war that murdered innocent youg men that were fighting in a country because of lies. He is old and out of touch, and it bothered me how he kept saying "what Obama doesn't understand" that was just ridiculous. Obama won the debate, he had a great answer to everything, McSame could not even fuction in the first half. This financial crisis outwieghs any foriegn policy crap, and McSame knows how to finish out a war that should have never been, this man need to take his meds. The republicans need to wake up!!!!!!! We are in a crisis, this man choose an idiot as vice president, wake up!!!!! people.

Obama get a grip! (not veri... (Below threshold)

Obama get a grip! (not verified) says:
Obama was so unworldly, he thinks Chicago style politics can be transported to the world. His closing statement says it all. Why his father came to the USA from Kenya for the American ideals. How concern is he of the way the US stands and portrayed around the world. He has made it this far with his chummy chummy ways and kiss up to the press. He is more concerned about being liked, and how the world views the USA. We are not in it to win popularity contest!!! Who if not half of the world would like to bring the USA to their knees. He does not get it!!!!! Because he thinks like a celebrity..Obma you just can not meet people and rub elbows with them and then ride off in your Unicorn and expect every thing to be honky dory, and then hope to see more rainbows after a stormy days. Get a grip Obma, it is not all about you, or trying to be the first black president! Or your sappy story how your father from Kenya came to this country for a better life. Your father deserted you & your mother so to me he is nothing special, and does not even deserve air way time. He is not some role model you can waste your breath on, or our time. So many hate Bush!!! So! MacCain is not Bush!!! Your are a poser.. The democrats have placed such big hyped about you to the point of hysteria over you. They felt just maybe they would have chance with you, because American's love underdog story. But this is no time for self discovery and I could care less about how you want to stroke your overinflated arrogant ego. I must say I would probably hire you as a lawyer because your are very good in distorting and hiding your real agenda. I think Obama was really a great community organizer, because he loves to try to be the center of other causes and take credit for their ploy. When you say you would take out country on the airways is bad lack of judgment, this not the Southside of Chicago were you can send a thug to rough someone up, that lowered you to the level of a Oaf!

Those wacky DNCers, raising... (Below threshold)

Those wacky DNCers, raising copy and paste to a high art form. Or was that, "Hazing on poppies and paste, to get high in a fart dorm"?

Hey Mark Ducharme. I notic... (Below threshold)

Hey Mark Ducharme. I noticed you have made several comments on this blog, none of them intelligible. Are you sure you're on the right blog. I'm beginning to question if you are, in-fact, retarded. If you are, I'm sorry, I don't mean to insult the diabled. If not, pull your head out of your ass and join the conversation concerning the debate. By the way, I've never been in a "fart dorm." What's it like?

I used to like John McCain,... (Below threshold)
Donna N.:

I used to like John McCain, now I almost feel sorry for him. I believe his motivations are now solely political. While I still respect his service to America, I must say he seems out of touch, and not fully capable of handling the responsibilities that may lie before him.
Picking Palin as a running mate is also a sorry indication of this.

As someone who lived just blocks away from Ground Zero I am not tuning in to these debates to hear heartwarming stories and platitiudes.

I felt Obama answered questions much more concisely and seems to have a clearer view of the dilemmas America currently faces. I would feel much safer with him as president.

There would have b... (Below threshold)
There would have been no need for a surge, if the unnecessary war would have never happen.
Yes. And get that toothpaste back in the tube dangit! And those people who may be related to people who were slaves a hundred plus years ago, MAKE THEM WHOLE AGAIN! And all of those people that the other Hussein would have killed had he lived to this day, OPEN THE PITS AND THROW THEM IN!

Yes, by all means, when a war does not go perfectly from start to wherever you happen to be when it becomes evident that subverting it will be politically advantageous, be sure to advocate for abandoning Americas' friends and leaving them to suffer whole sale slaughter on the scale of post US occupied VN and Cambodia. I mean, it's not like anyone will EVER call you on it. And they're only stupid non-white foreigners anyway.

Besides, no matter what happens, we own the education system and they are already telling the youth of America that W and the repubs are warmongering nazis so, backstab and forsake away when it comes to Americas' allies. It's not like they're the democrat partys' allies or anything. Remember how they humiliated us with those stupid purple thums after voting!?! Our friends in al kkkeda will soon have necklaces made of those thumbs if we can just "Viet Nam" the place.

HAIL JON F'ING KERRY! Long may his precedent live.

McCain I do not think ever ... (Below threshold)

McCain I do not think ever looked at Obama during the debate. He was focused on his agenda to show how smart he was on foreign issues and states of government. But he never recognized Obama he always looked forward into the camera. McCain came prepared for a battle, I saw him rifling through his notes several times.

He was on the offense most of the night but I do think that Obama stood toe-to-toe on him on on his own foreign policies and he looked strong and showed leadership.

Obama did over compliment McCain too much during a short debate and to do so shows weekness and puts you on defense. It is one thing in the beginning of the debate but throughout was too much. McCain did not address the issues that Obama brought up, he would redirect the arguement to a different issue and Obama would respond and look week.

Even if these McCain dingers are falsehoods do not respond until the end of your time allotment. Stay on point focus back to the economy and the middle class. Keep throwing jabs new issues be on the offense like McCain was accomplishing. If you are going to address a few of these flagrant statements do so at the end of your reponse time so that it will throw off McCain. He either has to explain himself looking foolish or he has to dodge the issue and jump to another topic. either way you have knocked him off his script and he will have to regroup.

Obama B+ McCain A-

That's nice and all that Mc... (Below threshold)
Marissa Morales:

That's nice and all that Mc Cain informed us that there has been much success in Iraq since the War began such as a striving government and economy for the people of Iraq, but what about working on improving our own problems here at home?What about our government and economy? Should we not start putting some of that effort into our own country?

While we all we watching th... (Below threshold)

While we all we watching the debate and focusing away from the bailout debacle that is going on. Another financial institution failed today and the CEO could walk away with $18 million after only being on job 3 weeks.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- Washington Mutual Chief Executive Alan Fishman could walk away with more than $18 million in salary, bonuses and severance after less than three weeks on the job, according to the terms of his employment agreement.

That is what deregulation gets and taking care of the fat cats at the top.

"but what about working on ... (Below threshold)

"but what about working on improving our own problems here at home?What about our government and economy? "

Um, someone forgot to tell you -- this was primarily a foreign policy debate.

The corny teleprompter messiah took it in the seat while spewing empty promises of chicken in every pot, lower taxes and nada on spending cuts. Pie-in-the-sky BS for the reality-challenged community.

Hey BB,We need to ... (Below threshold)

Hey BB,

We need to regulate trial lawyer incomes too, in that case. 'Cause you know, while our medical care costs keep rising, they keep walking away with millions in lawsuits.

Let's regulate the incomes of Hollywood celebrity actors who make millions while their movies bomb at the boxoffice.

It's just faaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrr.

Were you guys watching the ... (Below threshold)

Were you guys watching the same debate that the rest was? How could anyone but an ardent McCain supporter think that McCain won this debate? He kept bringing up policies/stories from 25-30 years ago.

Obama was extremely well prepared, confident, well versed, and humble. McCain came off as a an old fart that is looking backwards instead of forwards.

Com'n peeps! Wake up from y... (Below threshold)
Anne, Port Charlotte, Fl:

Com'n peeps! Wake up from your sluggish foggy sleep! Does it matter who won what points in the debate last night? Yes, I saw it, and the thing that stuck with me most was how many times McCain talked down to Obama with his condescending "...he doesn't understand" comment in so many of his statements. So what is this supposed to imply; "don't forget, he's black and he doesn't get it?" Oh yes, there was definitely a racial undertone going on there. Very suttle, but I saw that. But there is WAY more at issue here:

Here's the REAL bottom line folks; this country CANNOT take four more years of the insane Bush republican madness that has destroyed this country, and that's what it all adds up too, nor will we have anything left to fight for if it continues. THINK PEOPLE. Doesn't it just make you want to puke to look back at what they have done to us and where we are now? How could anyone even consider more of the same? What is wrong with you, that you would risk such a thing?

Don't you care about us at all; our economy, our jobs, our credit situation, our housing market, our families, our kids, our health care, our global AND foreign affairs? On and on. Don't you see that it all ties together? Don't you understand that next it could be YOUR job, YOUR home on the block, YOU with no grocery or gasoline money? Are YOU willing to risk being in the breadline for McCain/Palin? Are you willing to sleep at a shelter, IF they have room? I would think you would be getting angry just thinking about it! It CAN get worse folks!

THINK. Mere common sense will dictate that we have NO CHOICE other than to take a chance and elect a leader that might give us hope for a different and better direction. WE HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE. We are otherwise doomed. How could anyone not see that?

Usual message board hyjinks... (Below threshold)
Big Earl:

Usual message board hyjinks. Lefty commenters popping up trying to sound analytical but quickly moving to mouth their Dem talking points. McCain squashed Nobama like a bug in the areas of knowledge, depth of experience and presidential behavior. Nobama simply reprised his "speech from 2002" as Hillary would say.

And... by the way - "new" does not imply "works". Experience is a real advantage during difficult and challenging times. Simply popping up with a "new and improved" idea doesn't mean it will work. Do we want to sit through 4 years of a "cut and try" presidency? give me a break!

"So what is this suppose... (Below threshold)

"So what is this supposed to imply; "don't forget, he's black and he doesn't get it?" Oh yes, there was definitely a racial undertone going on there. Very suttle, but I saw that."

That is the point at which I stopped reading. Since you've got it all figured out - that McCain is a racist - why bother, right?

By the way, it's "subtle". Thank you and good day to your little racial rant.

Judging by the panicked com... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Judging by the panicked comments from the lefties, I think they know Obama failed the moment.

McCain never forgot his key audience. Obama spoke as if he was still trying to win over Democrats.

There will be no immediate change, but this primary laid the groundwork for McCain gains in several key battleground states.

Wow...you guys must not hav... (Below threshold)

Wow...you guys must not have watched the same debate as I.

Obama wiped the floor with McCain. He killed him! McCain struggled to find words and a couple of times looked like he was confused. I DO NOT want him as the leader of our country.

"Suble - suttle", "tomato-t... (Below threshold)
Anne, Port Charlotte, Fl:

"Suble - suttle", "tomato-tomatoe"... So? I never said McCain was/is a racist. I simply pointed out one of his tactical maneuvers. Only one, when there were many.

It's too bad you stopped reading Oyster. It wasn't a racial rant at all. But it does apply to people who refuse to see their own fate... Wake up my friend. You're going to be REAL SORRY if you don't. And calm down.

Arguing doesn't change the true picture; that being that we are in one HUGE mess in this country, very likely to get worse, and with very little hope. Only one hope. That's the point, not a black/white issue. HAGD!

Shannon -Your TV m... (Below threshold)

Shannon -

Your TV must have been upside down. McCain had an edge, Obama came off as someone shoved way above their pay grade. He'd make an okay mayor - but he's not ready for governor much less President. And as mayor, he'd likely lose his next election due to corrupt underlings. (That would be the story, anyway.)

McCain was okay - good enough, not exceptional.

I've given up on cult of personality leadership - history shows it's a VERY bad idea, and that's what's formed around Obama. You see it in the reports of prosecutors in Missouri 'threatening' TV stations that run ads against Obama, you see it here in the sock puppets (it would be interesting to see how many IDS here share the same IP) you see it in the glorification of a man who hasn't done much at all except show up.

That worries me.

One person above posted "Are YOU willing to risk being in the breadline for McCain/Palin?" I think it MUCH more likely to find myself in a breadline if Obama gets elected - look at what he did to the community he 'organized' in Chicago. Money poured into buildings that are ruins at this point, parks that never got built - and who benefited? Not the taxpayer, not the people who needed the resources.

Obama may feel a need to be President - but I believe he'd be worse than Jimmy Carter. And it seems to me he's trying to escape his past by climbing the career ladder hard and fast - like a con man trying to make a big score before he skips town.

Good Post Greg 69. All tru... (Below threshold)
Anne, Port Charlotte, Fl:

Good Post Greg 69. All true, and so very much more. Volumes have been written concerning the ineptness and slimy dealings of John McCain; with many detrimental comments, with proof, made by his own republican buddies.

These supporters really have no idea just what they are letting us all in for if this man is elected. It's truly frightening. HAGD!

After watching the candidat... (Below threshold)

After watching the candidate's debate last night, it became apparent that Obama would be better to play the President in a movie, but McCain is the man who can actually do the job. Obama is like a movie set. He looks good, but behind the facade, there's nothing there. When you have no track record, like Obama, all you can do is criticize and attack America ... whereas McCain, who has actually contributed to this country for decades, obviously loves America. I never felt like Obama has sincere pride and love for this country, he just seems to be in this for personal ambition.

Anne -"Only one ho... (Below threshold)

Anne -

"Only one hope."

Sorry - you lost me with your previous breadlines comment and this doesn't help one bit. Cult of Personality leadership is a VERY bad idea - look at Iraq, the USSR/Russia under pretty much every ruler/system after Peter the Great on up, North Korea, Cambodia, Burma/Myanmar, Japan under the Shinto worship of the Emperor, Germany under He Who Must Not Be Named lest the thead be Godwinized, Spain under Franco - you get the drift, right?

They all have in common charismatic leadership that ran the country right into the ground, usually to the tune of millions of deaths.

So you'd like to get Obama in. He's charismatic, at least with a teleprompter. He's eleoquent - when he's got a script. He's ...

Hell, that's about it, isn't it? Economically, his organized neighborhoods didn't profit one bit from his 'help' long-term. He's got little track record as far as legislation goes. He's got little experience. And what he has done has been carefully glossed over.

And the Democratic party thinks he's the PERFECT candidate? He's a sock puppet, a blank screen that people project their fantasies on - and that's about it.

There's a lot of Obama supp... (Below threshold)
John S:

There's a lot of Obama supporters here. I wonder if they all go back to Lee Ward's IP address. This "debate" was all well and good but the election was decided when the Democrats stopped their roll call and proclaimed Obama the nominee. The media will portray a tight race because it's good for ratings, but the only poll that counts is the Electoral College. There Obama can't win. He has some of the northeast and the Left coast wrapped up but some 40 states are bright red or in play including the ever popular Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and New Hampshire. Obama needs all five, he might get New Hampshire.

Gina -Bingo. ... (Below threshold)

Gina -


Obama's an actor, playing a role, and hoping like hell no one deviates from the script he memorized because he is incapable of ad libbing appropriate dialog.

John S -I've wonde... (Below threshold)

John S -

I've wondered myself how many IPs are shared among the IDs above... sure seems to be a lot of cut and paste talking points...

Speaking of cut and paste points, this is interesting...

Video On Demand | KMOV.com | St. Louis, MO
The Barack Obama campaign is asking Missouri law enforcement to target anyone who lies or runs a misleading TV ad during the presidential campaign.
They said when Bush was elected that the right to free speech would become a memory...

Gina #90, it really doesn't... (Below threshold)
Anne, Port Charlotte, Fl:

Gina #90, it really doesn't matter how you "feel", nor does it matter how I feel.
What matters is McCain's PROVEN tract record. Look it up, the facts, read all about it for yourself. Forget deceitful words, obviously people are easily deceived based on what they "feel" and 'think' they see.

Look what we've all been through for the past eight years, all based on lies, fear tactics and deception. All due to the Bush/Cheney Administration and their republican buddies. LOOK WHERE WE ARE NOW. Surely you can see and "feel" that? John McCain supported them every step of the way and cast 95% of his votes with them! The man was/is a fool. Now we are all paying the price for THEM.

Are you going to tell us that a leopard suddenly changes his spots all because he said so? Are you next going to tell us that a man who beat his wife for eight years is now going to stop because he said he would? Or that the thief who participated in stealing from you for eight years will actually stop?

Are you seriously thinking that the actions of the past do not dictate the actions of the future? Don't be blindsided by more lies and false hope when there IS none with John McCain. Only a fool would believe this.

I am not saying that Obama is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I'm not saying that he can perform magic, or that he can heal every affliction the Bush regime has cursed upon us, INCLUDING McCain's obvious lack of wisdom; but I AM saying he is the ONLY hope we have! Otherwise, we are doomed.

So says the true believer, ... (Below threshold)

So says the true believer, willing to take ANYTHING over what nominally gripes them.

Be careful what you wish for, Anne - and be really sure you're willing to afford what Mr Changeful Hopeyness is trying to sell you.

Because after looking at HIS abysmal record, and HIS numbers as far as what he wants to do to the economy, and HIS proposals to give everyone what they want and pay for it by taxing the nebulous 'rich', and HIS judgement on the acquaintances he's kept over the years (Wright, Rezko, Ayers) - I'll take McCain any day over some politically out-of-his-league incompetent trying to shove the US into a 3rd World economic status.

No, I take that back - Obama's well suited for Chicago politics, where silencing opposition is the norm and the money goes under the table.

Chicago, however, is not the United States, and I don't want to see the US morphed into a Chicago writ large.

You may be willing to buy what Mr. Hopey Changefulness is selling, but the price is far too high for me.

Anne, Obama has flipped on... (Below threshold)
Paul Duffau:

Anne, Obama has flipped on most issues, taken $126,000 of "legal" bribe money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, requested almost a billion dollars in earmarks, has his goons intimidating everybody in sight if they criticize him, engage in blatantly misogynistic behavior and has forced at least two opponents off the ballot by invading their privacy. Do you expect his spots to change?

What I am saying is that I ... (Below threshold)
Anne, Port Charlotte, Fl:

What I am saying is that I am NOT buying what McCain is selling!!! Folks, there's PROOF about McCain! How much more do you need? I would vote for a frog before I would even CONSIDER more of the same. And I can't imagine that anyone ELSE in their right mind would even THINK about continuing with such madness, keeping us on a downward spiral... I'm starting to think that some people would actually die for Bush and his cohearts.

However, people don't want to see what they don't want to see, so I'm done wasting my time with it as they never will. They would rather argue about it than see it. That's how we got where we are now. Good luck peeps.

Anne - I agree with you. S... (Below threshold)

Anne - I agree with you. Some people can not see the forest for the trees. Some people will follow their party to the gates of hell - to coin a phase from McCain. Hopefully they won't take all of America with them. Oh and by the way - Obama was the clear winner. He did get frustrated with the attacks and lies from McCain but he did better than I would have. McCain was so disrespectful to Obama. The fact that he would not look Obama in the eyes was a telling sign of his true personality. After the election, it was Obama who went over to shake McCain's hand. God help us all if McCain is elected.

Anne: You get your wish - ... (Below threshold)
Paul Duffau:

Anne: You get your wish - vote for the fraud, er, frog. But I'll bet half of Manhattan that Obama's no prince no matter how many people pucker up to kiss his.

Why is no one commenting on... (Below threshold)

Why is no one commenting on the House Republican's and John McCain's backing of another tax break for large companies. I find it amazing that anyone, Republican, Democrat or Independent can just ignore more of the Bush Tax policy for major corporations.

Ever argue with a drunk? F... (Below threshold)
William Davis:

Ever argue with a drunk? First words out of their mouths is "You don't understand". How many times did Sen McCain say that? Sen Obama, please tell McCain you do understand, understand the failed war strategy, failed economic policies, that the surge was a cover to try to gloss over the great losses that America has endured, understand that Osama is running free and that McCain's tax policies would drive us further into bankruptcies, both national and personal. Don't fall into the buddy buddy trap of agreeing with McCain on policies.

Senator M needs to apprecia... (Below threshold)
rahul jayawant:

Senator M needs to appreciate the difference between Victory in Iraq and being Successfull in Iraq. Since the Iraq war the world has become a less safer place than ever.Hopefully somebody like Senator O brings about the healing touch which is required to the world and not a military solution.

OK, I gotta make a couple r... (Below threshold)

OK, I gotta make a couple responses here. I doubt the people who posted these are still online, because they posted a while ago, but I'm responding anyway.

McCain was not responsible for the Forrestal Fire. A runaway missile HIT HIS PLANE WHILE IT WAS STILL ON THE FLIGHT DECK. Do your homework, Greg.

And to those who thought McCain was rude to Obama, did they notice Obama's scowls and interruptions? Those are debate no-no's, people. Very rude, indeed.

Obviously, these debates won't change anyone's mind except people on the fence. Neither candidate shot himself in the foot, so, Obama supporters will claim victory for him and McCain supporters will claim victory for McCain. Period.

Paul Duffau said; <blockquo... (Below threshold)

Paul Duffau said;

Do you expect his spots to change?
You racist bastard! Stop it! Stop it! You're destroying the country!

Ann of Green Gills, er Gables
1313 Mockingbird Ln Apt. 666
Port St. Lucy 90210

Did Obama really bring up t... (Below threshold)
Lori, Monument CO:

Did Obama really bring up the successes of China - again? That's when John should say, "There you go again". What is his point, anyway? We should look up to their oppressive government who are making the citizens work out of fear? This government kills children that weren't sanctioned by the government!! It's shows his socialist ways, that's where he plans to take us. Take from one group of people that earned their money, to give to another! I don't want to take money from anyone, I can earn my own money and I don't want the government stealing money from someone else on my behalf. Thanks anyway.
Oh, and on Pakistan, he is truly an idiot! He wants to improve relations and our "image" by firing on an ally -brilliant move! This guy is exactly what McCain said, dangerous!

Barack won because he prove... (Below threshold)
Tim W.:

Barack won because he proved the better strategic thinker on international affairs. Also, it is a sign of weakness when you cannot look your opponent in the eye. The main problem with McCain and his advisors is that they reside in a parallel universe of group-think that puts forth untruths as part of their general campagne strategy. The McCain camp believes if they constantly put forth untruths, people will eventually accept the lies as truth. This becomes a big problem when the McCain camp starts to believe their own lies. They have now trapped themselves in a bubble self-deception that alienates them from the core needs of main-street America. Does this sound familiar? Yes, it is the Bush administration redux.

Obama was stuttering during... (Below threshold)

Obama was stuttering during the entire debate. There were times he can't even remember McCain first name. Was it a hangover, or he can't concentrate, can't seem to say which thing come first. Both seem to be prepared but Obama always related McCain to Bush policies and administration without addressing the issue. When he cannot relate McCain to Bush on the issue, the reply is not really addressing the issue but rather going in circles which is pointless. In fact, both were reminded to address the question.

Judging from the comments h... (Below threshold)

Judging from the comments here, there are two different realities colliding - one where Obama was suitably Presidential, the other one where he wasn't.

You've got to persuade me that in a crunch Obama's going to do what's best for the COUNTRY, not for the Democratic Party or for gain for his friends or his own personal gain. I haven't seen anything that tells me he's going to do what's best for the country - in fact, quite the opposite.

Would I take McCain over Obama? Yes. Why won't I vote for 'change'? Because change, without a plan or purpose, is meaningless and stupid, not to mention a bad idea.

Good luck to all - we're gonna need it.

How can Obama brought the i... (Below threshold)

How can Obama brought the issue of Spanish president on the debate? We all know that he tried to influence the spanish speaking voters by saying something in favor with Obama. Relating it with NATO, is not childish attitude but showing how well you understand the issue. Ok, we can say it because he wants to please spanish speaking voters. That explain McCain response when asked about it. Come on, grow up. Its US that you will be handling not candy stuff.

McCain couldn't look Obama ... (Below threshold)

McCain couldn't look Obama in the eye. He was afraid it might break his concentration that is needed when rhetoric is memorized. Proof to me that he is not a straight shooter.

juat noticed the forrestry ... (Below threshold)

juat noticed the forrestry blog: funny, I think McCain started that fire too Looks more like a runaway cigarette butt. LOL

On Iran, I think as McCain ... (Below threshold)

On Iran, I think as McCain and Kissinger said, Obama will really sit with Ahmadinejad without pre-condition. Had there been no rhetorics and increased of centrifuges, his policy will not "changed" or he won't rephrase it. He really don't understand the long-term effect of not dealing with Iran. Now, he knows it.

On Pakistan, if dealing with US or doing what Bush wants to do is being dictator, well, you can have Ahmadinejad. There is a strong nationalism on part of Musharraf to deal with Al-Qaeda and Taliban even to the extent of following some instructions from US. In fact, he risked his life too many times and still risking it.

By the way, Obama is prefer... (Below threshold)

By the way, Obama is preferred by Russia (as evidenced of Putin rhetorics to Bush/Georgia so that voters will vote to Obama), Spain (since the president won because of the wrong accusation to train bomb), Iran (since Obama is too lame for the job), China, North Korea, Syria, etc., even the Latin American countries because when the time comes his true color will show up. Its simply because its more advantageous for them to have Obama. Its not a policy thing, its an attitude that every person knows.

That is the point at whi... (Below threshold)

That is the point at which I stopped reading. Since you've got it all figured out - that McCain is a racist - why bother, right?

If we don't start to understand the differing persectives when it comes to race in our society we will never get past racism. I don't know John McCain and don't know whether or not he's racist. I don't think that he is, having served in the military in Vietnam. Any veteran knows that lasting friendships with people of other races formed in the military with those you serve with be it wartime or peace. It is one the best facets of military life. Still the division between races in this country remain ideologically volitile and there is hurt on all sides. For my African brothers and sisters, just because it smells fishy doesn't mean it's racism. It might simply be fish that you smell.

"....I am my brother's keeper."
Senator Barack Obama

I wonder if Barack Obama's mother was ever called a racist by an African American who didn't know her? hhhmmmmm it seems to me the accusation cuts both ways in terms of hurt feelings due to knee-jerk reaction and misperception.

now, back to the debate.

Race is not an issue here. ... (Below threshold)

Race is not an issue here. Obama was chosen by Democrats to run as president since he is accepted by most American to run for their party. Im making its sure because although I've used word and meant differently, this is still America and some peple will make an issue out of it. Its so ironic. I knew it and still went ahead in writing it because it is the right word. I can use snake or pig or pitbull.

Its the readiness to lead, the exeperience, stategic thinking (and not circling around), doing the right thing to do. Obama was asked twice because he can't seem to reply in strategic way and how he would implement his plans. He said he knows strategy and tactics but most reply are too shallow for a presidential candidate and it does not qualify as strategies.

I thought McCain was on the... (Below threshold)

I thought McCain was on the offensive for the most part, and Obama on the defense for the most part. I don't understand how so many on the CNN forum could claim that Obama was articulate and totally in control when it seemed that for the most part he struggled to find answers and never could undercut McCains claims that he doesn't understand. It got so bad at one point he just told the moderator to just go on to the next question. What's he going to do when he is in charge, go on to the next issue cause he doesn't have an answer for the current one? I mean really think about this. BTW, I'm a democrat and still plan to vote for Obama, but I just find it difficult to stand by and allow the media to tell me what it was that I actually saw with my own mind and my own two eyes.

"BTW, I'm a democrat and... (Below threshold)

"BTW, I'm a democrat and still plan to vote for Obama, but I just find it difficult to stand by and allow the media to tell me what it was that I actually saw with my own mind and my own two eyes."

So you will KNOWINGLY vote for the candidate you think is the lesser, least prepared to be President of the two.

Is ideology so important to you that you'd vote for someone you're very much aware can't handle the job?

Me, I'll vote for the person I think can handle the job best, party be damned. And in the pair of candidates we've got to vote for, you've already admitted Obama ain't it. So why would you vote for him?

Everyone keeps saying that ... (Below threshold)

Everyone keeps saying that McCain has the experience we need to get out of this huge mess that we are in but does he have the temperament or even more importantly the judgment?

Forget the debates let's just take a look at his response to the greatest financial crisis that we've faced since the Great Depression. Over the past week I've seen McCain response to our financial crisis range from proposing the fundamentals of our economy our sound and that we put a committee together to study the problem to firing the NCC chairman...he even switched positions within hours on the same day...to me he looked like he didn't know whether he was coming or going and was more concerned with just acting quickly rather than taking stock of the problem and coming out with a proposal or response that shows at least some thought and common sense. I for one am tired of a president who acts first and thinks later (if at all)...you would expect better from someone who's been around for almost a quarter of a century...oh and riding in on his white horse to save us from Washington, give me a break; not only was it the worst example of political posturing I've seen during this campaign it was frankly insulting to the American people and showed that he is more than willing to exploit a crisis in this country if it can further his own political agenda. Sound familiar...Bush using 9/11 to make the case for the Iraq war? ENOUGH...we really can't take four more years of this nonsense...

Boy, you've got to wonder a... (Below threshold)

Boy, you've got to wonder about the quality of trolls these days. That last post was barely coherent. What are they doing, outsourcing you guys to India or something?

But what was Obama's response to all this? He tried to hide. To not go back. Refusing to go to Washington, until he was summoned.

HOW PRESIDENTIAL! Avoid the problem at all costs, until you can't!

Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac gave him a lot of money to look the other way - why was that?

And what about Obama's judgement? Look at his associates. Rezko. Ayres. Wright.

Look at his accomplishments - 'community organizer' that left the community measurably worse off than when he started. Getting money for his friends to build a park, but the wife of the 'builder' got most of the money.

All hidden, or glossed over - and why? When every single sick rumor about Palin is given massive amounts of media time - why isn't there ANY examination of what got Obama to where he is today?

You Obama supporters are so stupidly credulous - how can you NOT want to see what's in the background of your savior?

Without question, fo... (Below threshold)

Without question, for many Americans, this election is about race. By that I mean those of African-American heritage who will, by all indications, vote in excess of 90% for Obama.

Further, Obama's campaign is counting on their turnout at historic levels. Bush got 11% of the black vote in 2004 - up from 2000 as were the total number of blacks who voted, 10.5 million in 2000 and 14 million plus in 2004.

Gallup says that blacks are currently at 93% support for Obama, 3% for McCain. This is a swing of nearly half a million votes if turnout is the same as 2004 and indications are that it will be higher. I suspect that undecided blacks will hold their nose and vote for Obama.

Mr. lawson, I will vote for... (Below threshold)

Mr. lawson, I will vote for Obama because I believe he gives us the best chance at changing our current conditions as a country. I'm making a comment on how I thought the debate went, which I have no problem saying that McCain did better. Yes I thought that Obama's going on was a bad move, but that certainly doesn't make me want to cast my vote for the other guy. If I had wanted to cast my vote on the outcome of the debates I would not have looked into Mr. Obama's past record, his stand on the economy, foreign affairs, welfare, and the most important issue for me, the education of my grandkids.
And yes I have a huge problem with the media, not just CNN but Fox also. If I'm running McCains campaign I get a soundbite of everytime Obama stuttered or looked flustered with a backdrop of the CNN analysts saying how well he articulated his postitions in last nights debate. But that's a superficial attack and doesn't tell how well versed Obama really is , I have no doubt that the second debate will go strongly in Obama's favor, at least I hope it does.

Obama kept up with the expe... (Below threshold)

Obama kept up with the experienced McCain. That may translate into Dem. votes for anyone on the fence. Political junkies like to quibble about details but debates are viewed from a broader perception by regular folks. Us political junkies keep up with the small stuff. The electoral map is starting to look more blue! Is it me or does McCain blink a lot?

And if it doesn't go well f... (Below threshold)

And if it doesn't go well for him, Jesse?

Have you REALLY looked at Obama's background, seen his dubious 'successes'? Or do you just go "He's not a regular Washington guy, so he must be better!"

You see him as 'change'. I see him as a Chicago machine politician, and typical of the breed.

Google up Grove Parc and Obama - he got a lot of support from 'developers' he helped, but his actual constituents got a degenerating slum.

CHICAGO - The squat brick buildings of Grove Parc Plaza, in a dense neighborhood that Barack Obama represented for eight years as a state senator, hold 504 apartments subsidized by the federal government for people who can't afford to live anywhere else.
But it's not safe to live here.
About 99 of the units are vacant, many rendered uninhabitable by unfixed problems, such as collapsed roofs and fire damage. Mice scamper through the halls. Battered mailboxes hang open. Sewage backs up into kitchen sinks. In 2006, federal inspectors graded the condition of the complex an 11 on a 100-point scale - a score so bad the buildings now face demolition.
Grove Parc has become a symbol for some in Chicago of the broader failures of giving public subsidies to private companies to build and manage affordable housing - an approach strongly backed by Obama as the best replacement for public housing.
As a state senator, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee coauthored an Illinois law creating a new pool of tax credits for developers. As a US senator, he pressed for increased federal subsidies. And as a presidential candidate, he has campaigned on a promise to create an Affordable Housing Trust Fund that could give developers an estimated $500 million a year.
But a Globe review found that thousands of apartments across Chicago that had been built with local, state, and federal subsidies - including several hundred in Obama's former district - deteriorated so completely that they were no longer habitable.
He got the developers their money - but the people? Did he do good by THEM?

Or will the entire country look like Grove Parc by the end of an Obama presidency?

Be careful about who you vote for - and remember that 'change' can be for good OR bad. Someone from the government promises you 'change', you'd better be asking how much it's going to cost you. And if he's promising all sorts of goodies without 'costing' you anything - the bill is going to be MUCH larger than you imagine.

I just sat and watched the ... (Below threshold)

I just sat and watched the Pesidential debate on Channel 4 in England,is this John McCain guy for real or his he some kind of holiday journalist. No wonder the USA is in such a mess with travel a priority. All that the John McCain guy said was I have traveled here and traveled there. I dont know who the other guy was , but he seemed to have his eye on the pulse, and did not appear to be taking American taxpayers money, and using it for a round the world trip. If I had to choose between the other guy and the traveler. I would pick the other guy. The bottom line must be to elect a president who knows the way to the whitehouse. I would vote for the man who did not spend everyones money sightseeing around the world. The John McCain guy needs a permnant holiday has he is very old from all that travelling. I think the other guy was called Obamam
Obamam made the guy John McCain sound out of touch with the real world, perhaps because he thinks no one in America as any problems and spends all his time traveling.

Dear JLawson, I must say yo... (Below threshold)

Dear JLawson, I must say you speak like a uninformed, narrow minded individual. Have you even read any history on Barrack Obama? Since you appear to be so onsided opinionated, try doing a little indebt research before you start trying to put you comments in writing for everyone to read. With what we have dealt with of the pass 8 years, to have a young well informed, well verse individual to dedicate himself to improving the state of our country is truly a well timed and well desired.

McCain repeatly stating that Barrak Obama "did't understand", "was naive", was a ill attempt to show he had all the experience needed. Well, his own party stated his little stunt of postphoning his campaign to go back to Washington to help with the bailout was more of a hinder and was not necessary. I wonder with all his experience why is that????? Futher his choice of VP running mate, well I won't go there that's totally another bad issue.

Our country is in need for someone like Barrack Obama, if you do a little research, Barrack Obama has had the foresight and has spoke of the problems we are experiencing in his books. Try investigating a little deeper into facts before you start putting someone down. Barrack Obama is definelty very presidential, he is the foresight to see the effects of bad or no decisions and be proactive. BARRACK OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT.......

JDorsey ladies and gentleme... (Below threshold)

JDorsey ladies and gentlemen!

Now there's a REAL obambi voter. JLawson gives him hard facts, and he pukes up, "Why don't you read Obamas' own biography? It's all in dare, how wonderful he is and everyting! Ya know mon!?!"

WOW! Just pray that there are less Jdorseys than there are people with a functioning brain and the will to exercise it come this NOVEMBER the 8th (that's 8TH in case you forget).

Mark -I'm convince... (Below threshold)

Mark -

I'm convinced by the quality of the arguments by the Obambots that either they're crappy spambots or the Obama Defense Bloggers have been outsourced to India.

I mean, am I supposed to take something like THIS seriously?

"he is the foresight to see the effects of bad or no decisions and be proactive"

On second thought - not India, their grasp of the English language is much better. Maybe China? The strangled syntax is rather familiar.

For JDorsey and all - yes, I've looked at Obama's past. I've read his book - it's a fluff piece showing just how wonderful Obama is, and how he's great, and how he's wonderful!

And it doesn't go into his real record as a state senator. He left his community organizer position because he FAILED at it - he made no difference. And his constituents as a state senator were WORSE off. The developers loved him, of course...

As a mayor, he'd be tolerable until the voters turned him out. He'd be unlikely to be re-elected. As a governer, he'd most likely be impeached for graft and corruption. He isn't Presidential quality - no matter how much you'd like him to be. The record is clear, if you go beyond the stuff he wrote himself!

JLaw,You just laid... (Below threshold)


You just laid out why I go for humor and not a serious act of engagement with these dolts. These people are hopeless. In my worst, most idealistic and stupid youthfulness, I never would have purchased what this man is hawking.

Slight correction to your last post: obama could be "Mayor for Life" of New Orleans. That place has devolved 2 whole steps beneath San Fransicko, and they would exalt the child like bore, BO.

Okay. Many of you have mad... (Below threshold)
Anne, Port Charlotte, Fl:

Okay. Many of you have made some good points in 'why not to vote for Obama'... I buy that. Now, state your GOOD reasons why we should vote for McCain. Can you find one, JUST ONE?

Are you sleeping under a rock? Have you BEEN sleeping under a rock this entire time of the Bush Admn? Don't you realize the condition this country is in? The condition YOU are in? Every one of our ills in this country falls under the Bush Adm, and YOU want 4 more years of it, possibly more? McCain voted with Bush 95% of this time! Have you been asleep all this time?

Ohhhkay, so you think you found one good reason? Oh really? Ahh, make that two good reasons! pffffft!!! Nah... 100 reasons! OH YEAH? Where's that ONE reason that is good enough to put us through more of the same, and worse? Are you kidding me? You've GOT to be!

Didn't you learn ANYTHING at all, looking into their sneaky, lying eyes? You TRUST McCain? Then something is wrong with you.....

It was a "Draw".....No knoc... (Below threshold)

It was a "Draw".....No knockout punch....Round 2 should be interesting.

Anne -It's YOUR pr... (Below threshold)

Anne -

It's YOUR problem if you think he's sneaky and lying. Not ours.

As far as sneaky and lying goes, look towards your hero. Check out this - and tell me you think the rest of the country would benefit from such kind treatement.

Given the choice between someone who would do THAT to his constituents, and McCain, the choice is VERY easy indeed.

Sometimes Google can be you... (Below threshold)

Sometimes Google can be your friend.
Use it to google the history of Obama.

McCain is not my first choice or my second
choice as the republican candidate, but he's
certainly a better stop gap than having a man
who advocates socialized medicine, the highest
tax rates this country has ever seen, and
mandating how each person will be living their
private lives by his rules.
Obama is not royalty, nor is he running for a kingship.
This election is like all of the past ones, four years as the president of this country.

As to blaming Bush for all of the ills of
this country, many of the financial problems
we're facing now was started during the Carter
adminstration and enlarged by the Clinton
administration. Forcing banks and loan institutions to make loans based on race
instead of the credibility of the individual
is a wreck looking for a place to happen.
That wreck is happening now in everyones wallet.

One more thing, Anne -... (Below threshold)

One more thing, Anne -

You're for free speech, right? Even if you disagree with it?

Obama isn't. And as President, you can be sure the actions he takes while campaigning will be expanded considerably.

So you want 'change'? Are you willing to pay the price? Are you willing to force EVERYONE ELSE to pay the price for the 'change' you want?

Look, I already said you al... (Below threshold)
Anne, Port Charlotte, Fl:

Look, I already said you all make some points in WHY NOT TO VOTE FOR OBAMA", and I'm sure you can dig up more.

But you did NOT give ONE GOOD REASON that would be good enough to put up with 4 more years, maybe more, of the sneaky, crafty, dirty, lying Bush Adm tactics that has walked us all down the primrose path; and broke the backs of all of us in many ways. NOT ONE GOOD REASON. Now, these things we KNOW about.....!

Don't waste your breath telling me about what Carter and Clinton did wrong. The Bushy Tails had 8 long years to straighten it "all" up. But did they? EIGHT YEARS!!! Ah, but they were left with a handsome surplus which the Bushy Tails promptly blew and now have us TRILLIONS of dollars in debt! Yeah, tell me what a "bad" job the Carters and Clintons did! And they weren't killing and having our innocent young people killed; innocent people dead all over the place in Iraq! Where else?

Oh, and don't tell me about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. I am a broker and have been for 30+ years and am very familiar with FM&FM and I KNOW how they operate and how loans are granted, obviously you don't. Yep, broke. All a result of the Bush DEREGULATION tactics, making their OWN fat cats richer!! What are you, blind? DITTO FOR THE OIL INDUSTRY!!!!!

You are so, so uninformed. I guess you even like that war where we have killed how many innocent men, women and children? 100,000 + people who never did ANYTHING to us?! Over 4,000 of our own young men and women killed and thousands more being maimed for life, their families destroyed, and a perfectly beautiful country utterly devastated by US; all based on lies and deceit. I guess you love our being broke now and getting more destitute by the day? Innocent blood being shed justifies all of it just because our leader said so, huh? Yeah for Bush, right?

WRONG! You in your blind unlearned so-called wisdom can find a 'few things' not to your liking about Obama? Well, so can I. But they are all minute in comparison to the path to hell Bush has led us on, and is offering us MORE through his buddy, the crafty, rotten, sneaky liar McCain... who makes we want to gag.

I don't know whether Obama or anyone else could pull us out of the mess the Bush Adm has made of OUR lives, I seriously doubt that anyone can at this late date. You were all warned 4 years ago that Bush was a madman, you saw it for yourselves, yet you RE-ELECTED him to 4 more years of our continuing ruination! Can ANYONE fix it now? I doubt it. But it's at LEAST worth a try with Obama.... I sure don't see anyone else standing out there on the horizon, do you?

Anne -You think by... (Below threshold)

Anne -

You think by posting as you are that you're winning support for Obama? You're not. You come across as angry and shrill and unconvincing.

Get this straight - I've detailed MY reasons why I won't be voting for Obama. I've put solid links out to my reason. I don't depend on talking points. I don't depend on others to do my thinking for me. I am quite able to judge for myself what is important and what isn't.

I think you're a blathering idiot for wanting to vote for someone who will do his damndest to stifle free speech and has announced plans that I believe will ruin the economy. I do not trust Democrats because I've watch for the last 7+ years as they've done their damndest to hamstring Bush every way they could.

I'm still waiting for Pelosi's 'ethical administration' and her 'energy plan'. Democrats promise good things - but deliver at best nothing, and at worst results entirily contrary to what they intended.

And you want ME to vote for Obama?

Tell you what - check out the links at GatewayPundit.

It details the following regarding the financial problems today-

The Democrats blamed reckless deregulation for the crisis today.
Of course, Democrats blocked all reform on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for the last 10 years.
In 2001 President Bush urged reform.
In 2004 Democrats refused to reform Fannie and Freddie. (Video)
In 2008 President Bush warned Congress 17 times about the crisis that the Democrats created and ignored.
Bill Clinton even said the democrats were at fault.

Let me repeat the last one - Bill Clinton even said the Democrats were at fault for this mess.

But you'd rather blame Bush. You'd rather blame ANYONE but who actually caused the problems. The Preisdent has as much power as Congress gives him on domestic matters, and not one bit more. Even if the Republicans have a majority - the Democrats can block bills that require a supermajority to pass. And a lot of the problems we got were caused by DEMOCRATIC legislation that sounded good at the time - but now it's all Bush's fault?

Wake up, Anne. You are wrong to support Obama, wrong to support the Democrats - dead flat WRONG. You've been scammed, and scammed good. You've trusted a party that sold its soul for power a long time back, certain that true believers like you would NEVER question the talking points you were given.

Vote for who you want, Anne - sure can't stop you there. But I won't vote for Obama.

I've had it up to the Ying ... (Below threshold)

I've had it up to the Ying Yang with the socialized medicine arguement. OMFG! People really don't know what they are talking about.

Why I support Obama and Universal healthcare.

1. I'm big on labor. Right now Employers such as the automakers are swamped with legacy healthcare costs. Because of this, Corporations like Toyota would rather build plants in Canada instead of the United States.

2. Those of us who have READ the constitution consider it part of the General Welfare. Would you also want to privatize our roads. Let the (falacy) free market handle it, although I don't know how there is a free market when the government(s) aggregate contracts and capital.

3. It's cheaper. Preventive medicine is much less costly than reactive.

If you remove the enormously expensive healthcare burden from business, business will blossom and employment opportunities will grown and consumation will begin again. Shheesh it's not rocket science.

Again things that Obama, Clinton understand. A poor republican has no business using the word "socialized healthcare". They like most of us are praying they don't have to absorb the terrible costs of healthcare. And when they can't absorb it, the taxpayer absorbs it which is what they rail against anyway. Socialized healthcare. Sheesh!

So you'll give health care ... (Below threshold)

So you'll give health care to the government to manage.

Worked real well for finance, didn't it?

Mr. Lawson and those of you... (Below threshold)
Anne, Port Charlotte, Fl:

Mr. Lawson and those of your ilk: I am NOT trying to win votes for Mr. Obama! I don't personally care whether you vote for Obama or not. But I DO care about our sad fate in this country, how we got where we are and where we are headed. Thanks to embicles like you.

I am merely pointing out what a fool you are and have been all along. Just a fool. Love that killing spree the lying bastard led us into, don't you old buddy?! I guess you don't remember how that came about, do you? Guess it doesn't matter to you how we got in our present financial mess, does it?

8 YEARS LAWSON!!! A COSTLY WAR WE HAD NO BUSINESS IN. First our wasted surplus, then billions and billions of debt, $500 billion in debt to China alone! A horrendous blood bath in Iraq; ALL SO BUSH COULD "GET SADAM FOR MY DADDY!" AND NO! The Democrats were NOT in control of Congress all of this time!! AND NO, they did NOT sanction Bush's killing spree! But you don't comprehend any of the madness, do you? Pages and volumes could be written to you, with every i dotted and every t crossed, and every detail carefully explained, but you STILL wouldn't get it.

Jonathan, HE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND THAT GOV'MT MANAGED HEALTHCARE BEATS NO HEALTHCARE!! He will long for the day when he could have a little gov'mt managed healthcare! I wonder what nursing home he thinks will take him in? What emergency room will treat him? How will he get his scripts filled? Does he think the pharmacy will just hand over the meds?

He has absolutely no idea why big industry left this country, knows nothing about labor costs and outsourcing jobs and WHY; why gasoline costs so much, why his can of beans is smaller and costs more, why people cannot afford to go to a doctor or buy their meds, why many of our elderly are now stealing from the grocery stores just to have a piece of meat,(yes, I know for a FACT that this is true) else they can't pay the light bill; why so many are having their homes foreclosed on who DO have fixed mortgages of a long duration and NOT just recent easy mortgage ARM sub-prime loans. He knows zilch about credit issues, nor does he CARE how it all happened. He's got his Bush to keep him warm at night and wants more. He can't admit he was duped.

He knows absolutely nothing about property appraisals, reduced values,lost equity, exorbitant HO insurance costs, inflated RE taxes, etc. etc., how it all came about or how we are being fleeced at every turn. He absolutely would, AND WILL, go to the gates of hell for Bush and his republican cronies.

The Lawson's of the world will deserve it when they have NO healthcare, no job, no gasoline, no loaf of bread, no social security benefits; but they STILL won't know why or understand that THEY helped cause it. The trouble is that the rest of us DON'T deserve their sorry fate. God help us all if McCain is elected to 4 MORE years of this insanity!!!

Oh well, they are thick-headed and a total waste of time Jonathan. Too bad the country is made up of so many that are blind-sided fools like him. It's because of people like THEM that this country is in it's present mess, from which we will never recover. Not fully, no matter WHO is elected. Thanks to those like you, Lawson, who helped to cause it in the first place. Are you happy now?

Anne the pink tinged moby.<... (Below threshold)

Anne the pink tinged moby.
Bush must be mighty smart and stupid at the same
time in that he is the cause of all of our past
and current ills.
And that's with all the Is dotted, and
all of the Ts crossed.

Maggie -Poor quali... (Below threshold)

Maggie -

Poor quality astroturf at best, isn't it?

Lawson:Pretty much... (Below threshold)


Pretty much! LOL

Anne.Yeah I know, ... (Below threshold)


Yeah I know, (sighs with exasperation!)
My gosh U.S. education sucks. It seems that U.S. History and Civics are being competely left out. Even recent history seems to elude many people.

Let me make it clear. I'm happy to pay taxes for healthcare, education, and general infrastructure and defense. All three of these components are necessary for a healthy work force and a progressive populace and an enlightened society. Obama I think moves in that direction. It shows in how he speaks and what he speaks.

If you don't want to pay for it. Then I propose an exemption in the legislation so that your unpaid portion can go towards whatever private schools & hospitals you want to use. I'm willing to however bet that most people who carry this thinking will not be able to afford either. Go McCain!

Let me be clear again. The... (Below threshold)

Let me be clear again. The message is in agreement with you Anne. The rest is directed towards JLawson. I forgot to add that part to my post.

Thank you for clarifying th... (Below threshold)
Anne, Port Charlotte, Fl:

Thank you for clarifying that Johathan....! You threw me for a loop there for a second, with your "Go McCain". Obviously a spoof!

Right again. They know nothing about the history of this country, or civics, not even recent memory of events or current events. But we do well to remember that at least 51% of 'them' are NOT smart, and have been running this country, otherwise Bush would not have been elected the first time, and most definitely not the second time.

Correction, Bush didn't win his first term, he TOOK it, with a little help from his 'good christian' friends who wanted to believe and follow a lie, AND STILL DO. Talk about an anti-christ... There's their anti-christ!! The devil in disguise. And is STILL leading them.

They were literally chomping at the bits for Bush to "go get the evil one" Sadam Hussien and Iraq, and to hell with the costs and to hell with whether there were actually any WMDs in Iraq, and to hell with the fact that Iraq was NOT the ones who attacked the WTC towers or anything else! If they think we are not ALL going to pay for all those innocents we've butchered in Iraq, they are sadly mistaken, including our OWN that we sent to be murdered. There's a lot of blood running in the streets for Bush and Cheney and all their worshipers. But it's never enough, is it?

Well, I'm a christian myself, but what I cannot comprehend is how they failed to see the devil in Bush's eyes or to hear his lies. The blind fools most certainly DID elect him to his second term, seeing and KNOWING that he and Cheney were selling us all out to the betterment of their rich fat cat buddies. They don't even know or CARE who sits on the boards of these fat cat companies!

And they haven't even seen the beginning of our sorrows yet, of what the greedy and loathsome Bush/Cheney Regime has ACTUALLY done to this country and to all of us! They don't even have sense enough to realize that there is FAR WORSE yet to come.... The $700 billion bailout? JUST THE BARE BONES BEGINNING!!

We needed TRILLIONS to recover this country from the Bush Admn insane greed, his blood-thirsty lying dictatorship, and their mad frenzy. We have YEARS AND YEARS yet to pay for it, and MORE debt, and MORE waste, and no end of it. Now they want it continued with MCCAIN as their leader! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

I'd personally like to see them ALL in the breadlines, but unfortunately it will include all of US too. But then they will hobble into the breadlines and sing praises & worship to Bush/Cheney McCain/Palin while they go hungry for them. Oh, and with no job or healthcare either! Real "smart" people, huh? You have a great day Jonathan. Maybe BBL...

Obma trys to act like a gen... (Below threshold)

Obma trys to act like a gentleman, but he is more like pansy. He agreed with McCain many times over! He is a kiss up and I bet many of his supporters would love to go out to dinner with him and have a decisive exchange with him. He is likable because he has the art posted on his head please like me, do not look me over because I am black. HE PLAYS THE RACE CARD ALL THE TIME!!!! He would do well in Hollywood where he would bend his views like a rubber-band, just to be liked. He has done this many times over, to win people over. If he had half the grit of his wife he might be OK. He does not want to ruffle any feathers. Kinda like the black Mr Rogers, telling the kids to play nice when they are pulling out real weapons. He wants every body to be happy wile he catches butterflies in his imaginary rainbow world. Do you want someone like that to lead the most powerful country in the world???? Do you just want to be his best friend, because MOST OF YOU would like to be like BE him? This not high school and the popular guys always end up being so SUPERFICIAL... Wake up!!! Just because you might hang out with him does not make him a leader. It mights say who you are, maybe you are those craze fan that love celebrities..Wake up and see the real issues he is hype real hype, not perception hype but hype. He is an interesting study to fame, write a book about yourself build your self up to a pedal stool & the followers of hype with just sub-come to your charms. Very pathetic...You know he took in a lot of money from Sally Mae, they gave him the biggest check. It is facts not hype look it up. Does that bust your bubble of your hero who will rob from the rich and give to the poor. He is not modern day robin hood but a sheep in wolves clothing. Just because he is shinny & new does not mean he has not been corrupted already. Check it out- who his friends are? The biggest slum lord that was charged with a crime. Sorry, unless your rich- your silly view of him being this nice superhero- does not want to have anything to do with any of you! He could care less about your cause, but he will take your contributions... I wish I new most of you because I am pretty charming too, would love to sell you a bridge with a big banner that read hope on it.

Er, excuse me Tricia.......... (Below threshold)
Anne, Port Charlotte, Fl:

Er, excuse me Tricia....... That's "Fannie Mae"... NOT Sally Mae.

Oh, and how many "BILLIONS" was that Obama took? If memory serves me correctly, wasn't that a $125,000 contribution....?

Where've you been all this time? Sleeping? Just tonight you're esteemed leader has caused us all to be flushed down the toilet. No $700 billion bailout?! Money that would never have been blown had Bush not had us off killing innocent people in Iraq. Don't you get it?

HE BROKE THE BANK! And the stock markets, and big business, and the little mom & pop store, AND you and me. While you whine about Obama and beg for more of the same with McCain...

Bush's OWN republican buddies won't even come to his sorry rescue; they, like him, would rather see us all on the street. Your magnificient leader has broke this country, you fool, and you're whining about a little pissy $125,000 and other little snot dripping issues that don't set so well with you? We're talking BILLIONS here lady!

Awwwwwww, how sad. Bush has let you down. Didn't see that coming, now did you sweetie? Just like you don't see the conman that McCain is, voting right with Bush 95% of the time! Tell you what; why don't you run along and get yourself a few pills from McCain's drug addict wife? She stole enough of 'em, she should have a few left. Maybe that'll calm you down.

Betcha didn't know that one either, huh? So tell me, where do we go from here missy, you got THOSE answers? Need I say more?

Ann,Do you know t... (Below threshold)


Do you know that Barack Obama had drug problem? I was pretty popular and cool in school & never had a drug problem. Shows weakness in character! That is coming from his own lipS on the liberal CNN. Did you watch that? You refer to Mccain causing a problem, with this economy? When he voted against excessive spending many times over. His wife was addicted to prescription drugs & so what! She is over it? Any more dirt on her? Not? Big deal! You can not refer to them as those republicans or put a mask on every republican and call them bush. You know better to generalize that shows simplicity in your thought process. I think Mr Black Rogers gives you butterflies in your belly, ah he so nice. He could not hurt a fly...He will just rob you blind, and you will not see it coming. Just like when he pocked money from a slum lord, from the south side of Chicago. That was suppose to be his peeps, what do you think he will do to you? Maybe you should look beyond the facade and see who he is? By the way there is a democrats that are involved in corruption. Hey chill and read below I copy and paste not made up. Major corruption article.

Ex-Newark Mayor and Mistress Convicted in Corruption Trial
Posted: 2008-04-16 11:39:35
Filed Under: Top News
NEWARK, N.J. (AP) - A federal jury on Wednesday convicted former Newark Mayor Sharpe James and his ex-mistress of corruption stemming from the cut-rate sale of city land.

Ex-Newark Mayor and Mistress Convicted in Corruption Trial
NEWARK, N.J. (AP) - A federal jury on Wednesday convicted former Newark Mayor Sharpe James and his ex-mistress of corruption stemming from the cut-rate sale of city land.

James was convicted on all five charges he faced, including fraud and conspiracy.

His former girlfriend, Tamika Riley, was convicted on those charges and the eight others she faced, including evading taxes and cheating to obtain subsidized housing assistance for herself.

Prosecutors say the charges carry about seven to eight years in prison for each defendant. Both remain free on bail. Sentencing was set for July 29.

Riley, 39, was a publicist who once ran a clothing boutique near City Hall, where James, 72, led the state's largest city from 1986 to 2006. He was also a Democratic state senator from 1999 to January 2008.

Prosecutors charged that James abused his office and betrayed his constituents by arranging for the sale of nine city-owned properties for $46,000 to Riley from 2001 to 2005. Riley quickly sold them for $665,000 without ever starting required rehabilitation work on most of them, prosecutors said.

James' defense attorneys argued that no evidence showed that the mayor assisted Riley or even had knowledge of her transactions, and that the mayor's interest in redeveloping the struggling city was well within the scope of his duties.

They stressed that the Newark City Council, not the mayor, had final approval over the land prices and sales. James' team presented only two witnesses, both members of the council, who said James never tried to influence their decisions.

Riley lawyer Gerald Krovatin blamed Riley's real estate lawyers for failing to protect her from missteps in the land deals.

He said she got no special treatment because of her affair with James, a married man twice her age, and claimed she was swept up in the investigation of James only because of their "intimate" relationship.

Krovatin told the jury that the affair lasted just six months, ending in the fall 2002. Prosecutors suggested the affair lasted several years, with one witness saying it started around 2000 and went to 2006.

Neither James nor Riley testified during the trial, which had five weeks of testimony from 40 witnesses.

Jurors got some sense of the power James wielded in the city and the state, and learned that he had a home on the Jersey shore and a series of yachts - possessions that had long raised eyebrows around the state.

They did not hear about his last mayoral election, in 2002, when he defeated the current mayor, Cory A. Booker, in a bitter campaign chronicled in the Oscar-nominated documentary film "Street Fight."

James is one of the most powerful figures snared in a series of corruption cases in New Jersey brought by the U.S. Attorney's Office, but one of the few to plead not guilty.

James still faces a federal trial on charges he used city-issued credit cards to pay for $58,000 worth of personal expenses while he was mayor, including trips with several women other than his wife, to Martha's Vineyard, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Rio de Janeiro.

(Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)







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