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The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today's winner is Pinellas County Police Sgt. John Daniels. He gets the award for the following-

TARPON SPRINGS - A Pinellas County deputy stopped a car early Sunday driven by a Pasco County deputy who smelled of alcohol and was allowed to call someone to pick him up, according to a report.

Sgt. John Daniels was using radar to monitor traffic about 1 a.m. Sunday when he noticed a 2007 Dodge Charger going about 100 mph on Keystone Road near Ranch Road, the report states. The speed limit along that stretch of Keystone is 45 mph, the sheriff's office report states.

Daniels then saw the car pass vehicles in a no-passing zone, the report states. By the time he managed to catch up with the vehicle, it had pulled over in a turn lane at County Road 611 and a passenger, Pasco County Deputy Kent Hentschel, 24, was urinating outside the car in full view of other motorists, the report states.

Daniels stopped and saw Hentschel look in his direction and then continue urinating, the report states. Daniels then asked the driver, Pasco County Deputy Jose Berrios, 25, for his license, proof of insurance and registration, the report states.

That's when Berrios and Hentschel identified themselves as Pasco County sheriff's deputies.

As the sergeant spoke with Berrios, he noticed that Berrios smelled of alcohol and had glassy eyes, the report states. Berrios was asked how much he had consumed, and he said one or two drinks, the report states.

Berrios also was asked why he was driving so fast, and he didn't have a good answer for that, the report states. Both Pasco deputies admitted they had been drinking and were on their way home.

Daniels told Berrios he wanted to give him a breath test and that if Berrios failed, someone would have to be called to give him a ride, the report states. If he passed, Daniels told him, he could continue driving, the report states.

Berrios said he would prefer to call for a ride without undergoing the breath test, and he was allowed to do so, the report states. Daniels waited for the pair's ride, and after he made sure the driver was not intoxicated, he allowed the two to leave, Daniels said.

The report did not indicate a speeding ticket was issued.

Two off duty police are recklessly speeding and probably DUI, but Sheriff Daniels lets them without a breath test. How very nice, I make a bet the general public doesn't get that kind of treatment, nor should they. As I often say, the motto of police is very often 'To serve and protect....our own'.

Pinellas County Police Sgt. John Daniels is today's Knucklehead of the Day.


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Comments (3)

Unfortunately cops get put ... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately cops get put into a position of having to arrest an officer that may well have covered their back in the past. Tough call.

Several years ago I pulled over what happended to be a CHP officer. I took him home (several blocks away). As he got out I told him "Don't you ever put me in this position again". Why? Because a couple nights before, two CHP officers arrived to cover me in a fight and saved my ass.
On another occasion I arrested the father of a fellow officer for DUI. He was pissed because I didn't call him. So I'm guilty.

Do cops give cops passes on everything? I've seen cops arrrest fellow officers for stalking, spousal abuse, burglary, and grand theft. Local sheriff's deputies just arrested a fellow deputy locally for attempted murder. Go figure.

BTW, try to get one doctor or lawyer to testify against another doctor or lawyer in a malpractice suit.

I would hope at the very le... (Below threshold)

I would hope at the very least those three clowns are suspended without pay, hit for the maximum DUI fine and have to go to DUI school.

This BS has to stop.

PS... I don't care that one of them wasn't intoxicated. He aided and abetted the other two which makes him just as guilty.

If your caught drunk drivin... (Below threshold)

If your caught drunk driving, speeding and urinating in public, you can go free..
But if you say the wrong thing, you'll get fired.. see below..
A Pasco County sheriff's deputy who served as a school resource officer was fired late Wednesday, accused of making an inappropriate comment to a 13-year-old girl.
The official reason for his firing, according to White's four paragraph letter, is that his conduct was unbecoming of an officer.
"He lost the trust of the sheriff, and I'm sure he lost the trust of his fellow colleagues who put on the badge every day," Tobin said.

So I say again.. If your caught drunk driving, speeding and urinating in public, you can go free.. Why hasn't sheriff Bob White lost the trust in these officers for the many illegal laws they broke on one day. Would he lose his trust in these officers if they killed someone?

Let me just say one thing.. NO ONE, yes NO ONE is above the law.






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