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A Debatable Review

I really wanted to catch the debate last night, but I was stuck at work. I did manage to catch public radio's streaming of the event, though, and think I got the gist of it around interruptions. A few observations:

  • It was extremely immature at the opening, when the 6'1" Obama offered to "high-five" the 5'6" McCain, who can't raise his arms above his head.
  • Likewise, it was very inappropriate for McCain to respond by kicking Obama in the shins.
  • I don't think Obama knew his mike was live when he offered McCain a five-minute break so he could have a smoke while McCain hit the men's room.
  • I thought the event could have been more professional -- I'd never heard of a debate with "ring girls" in bikinis in between each question. On the other hand, I thought it showed good sportsmanship for Hillary Clinton to participate.
  • I originally thought it was cheating, but after reviewing the debate rules, it appears that John McCain simply exploited a loophole -- there is no specific rule against having staffers in the back of the auditorium with semaphore flags. McCain, a Navy vet, was confident that Obama wouldn't be intercepting the messages. I expect that loophole to be closed for future debates.
  • On the other hand, Obama's "pull the fire alarm when asked a tough question" was a clear attempt at cheating. I was very glad that the prescribed penalty was promptly enforced, and wish I could have been watching to see Obama finish the debate thoroughly drenched in firefighting foam.
  • The addition of chainsaws in the spin room made the post-debate far more entertaining than usual.
  • I was glad to see that the much shorter McCain's request for a stepstool was granted, but I was glad the debate committee wouldn't let him use his first choice. Senator Biden has been humiliated enough.

All in all, I hope they hold the other debates on some other night than a Friday. I really think I'm missing something by relying only on the radio.


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Jay,Have you teste... (Below threshold)


Have you tested your blood sugar recently or have you been taking my meds? ;)


Had some free time on your ... (Below threshold)

Had some free time on your hands, eh Jay?

Jay, I'm perfectly willing ... (Below threshold)

Jay, I'm perfectly willing to start a charity fund so that you can afford a VCR to tape critical important events such as this. For just $59-69, Wizbang readers can provide you with a VCR. And if you need a bus pass to get to work, then I'm sure other readers are willing to help you as well. There's also help available at food banks as well.

C'mon folks. Let's have a Jerry Lewis Type telethon to help this poor guy out who needs $59 to buy a VCR so he can tape the upcoming three debates and not have to rely on some cheap Chinese transistor radio, where he has to guess like Stevie Wonder what's going on.

But seriously, I'm perfectly willing to send you a digital-broadcast DVD of this debate if you need it for reference purposes, Jay. I recorded two copies of this event in case one timer didn't engage.

Awesome.What put t... (Below threshold)


What put this over the top, for me, was that I froze after reading the first one -- wondering if I'd missed an absolutely killer mistake on Obama's part.

After the "Can't Email" ad, and the Obama campaign's tacit claims that they knew about his injuries... it was almost believable.

That's NPR for ya'.... (Below threshold)

That's NPR for ya'.

The debate the world is wai... (Below threshold)
gracecurl Author Profile Page:

The debate the world is waiting for is on Thursday. Get plenty of rest it will be a barnburner.

Jay -- great humor.<br /... (Below threshold)

Jay -- great humor.
....I caught the debates. (I dont have cable or a recorder either so yeah I know. but I was able to watch it on a different channel than the doom and gloom neg Couric). McCain kept his cool, provided 'facts' and came across as a softer side, had a sense of humor, and a leader. Poor O looked nervous, inexperienced and on the defense and kept agreeing with McCain, then went on and on and got long winded. The dems I know are voting for O cause he is getting the troops home. have they been listening he is going to beef up the troops in other areas. And when asked how he was going to pay for it McCain answered the question for O.

Thank you, Jay, after seein... (Below threshold)

Thank you, Jay, after seeing the CNN poll and the CBS poll I needed something to put me in a better mood.

Alright, JT, good stuff, no... (Below threshold)

Alright, JT, good stuff, now let's have a post of your ACTUAL take. OW quoted several sources calling it for Sen. Obama (I know - you're shocked); others I've read called it ever so slightly for McCain (though I concur with the conventional wisdom that the Arizona Senator needed a big win last night and won by a hair).

Parthenon, the opening was ... (Below threshold)

Parthenon, the opening was serious -- I was at work until 10 last night, and could only hear pieces of it through New Hampshire Public Radio's internet feed. I did record it, and might have a chance to review it at some point, but from what I heard (and have heard) it came across as largely neutral -- neither candidate won, but neither lost.


I did not know McCain was o... (Below threshold)

I did not know McCain was only 5'6". He projects a taller stature very well.

JT - considering this is a ... (Below threshold)

JT - considering this is a "comedy piece" I thought this would be the most appropriate place for this:

"For those of you that get wet for Obama & your news from 'ET' piss of now!" - from a VERY surprising person..

HI-larious far from covers it.

I was busy painting the hou... (Below threshold)

I was busy painting the house my ex trashed, so I was listening to NPR on the real radio (WKMUN) here. I liked the internet feed you got a whole lot better than what I listened to, especially the after-debate spins by the left-wingers with an agenda. But then, since I didn't have internet, I could hear all of WB and jp2's comments before they typed them.






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