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The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today's winner is WOFL FOX 35 in Orlando Florida. They get the award for the following-

The truck driver that has been accused of slamming into a school bus and killing a thirteen year old girl has had 15 moving violations since May 2005.

Reinaldo Gonzalez of Orlando is being cooperative and has admitted to talking on his cell phone, moments before the deadly crash.

Some Gonzalez's previous violations include improper display of tags, no proof of CMV insurance, illegal window tint, inadequate tire-tread depth, and driver's record duty status not current.

Since when are any of these moving violations? Does anyone at that station have any brains or is sensationalism the only thing that counts. For misreporting a commonly known law, WOFL FOX 35 in Orlando Florida is today's Knucklehead of the Day.


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Oh noes, not the illegal wi... (Below threshold)

Oh noes, not the illegal window tint!

That's awful that he killed someone in a car accident, but could they really find nothing better to report on? Sheesh.

Good post Bill.Hop... (Below threshold)

Good post Bill.

Hopefully the morons at WOFL will read this. Yet another example of the myth of multiple layers of editors and fact checkers the legacy media claim they have. And a blog brings them down again.

This is the stupidest thing... (Below threshold)

This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen posted at wizbang. Who the hell cares if they "sensationalized" the guys violations? HE KILLED A 13 YEAR OLD HUMAN BEING.

Why should anyone care about terminology? All I want to know is: Is he legal or illegal? And, is he on his knees trying to do anything possible to "pay" for this?

Where I live, a guy just got sent away for 17 and 8 after killing 4 people and injuring another seriously. No, the stupid leftist rag did not harp on "sensationalising" his prior offenses, but so what if they had? If you take a life through irresponsibility, you should pay dearly. I don't think anyone reading that would say, "I was annoyed with the killing and everything, but now that I know he had 15 prior 'moving violations' I am going down to City Hall and demand the death penalty!"

Sorry, the only "knucklehead" here is the guy with the blood on his hands, Mr. Gonzalez and whoever didn't edit this silliness out.

I had to speak up here to s... (Below threshold)

I had to speak up here to say this is one of the most ignorant posts I have ever read at Wizbang.

The KODA should go to the author of this post. For being stuck on stupid and for his lack of sympathy for the kid who was killed. WHO cares about the technical mishaps here with regard to the media report?

We should care that the girl was killed. Of course, this is not mentioned by the post author, who is more interested in sensationalizing the media mistake over the death of a young girl.

I think the rules for comme... (Below threshold)

I think the rules for commercial vehicles might be a little more stringent than for personal vehicles - I think some of those may well be moving violations for a commercial driver:

illegal window tint, inadequate tire-tread depth, and driver's record duty status not current could all conceivably be moving violations for the operator of a commercial vehicle - can somebody with a commercial license chime in?

You last two posters:... (Below threshold)

You last two posters:

Think about it. WOFL managed to take someone really stupid, who ran into a school bus, and make him completely trivial by noting some really minor previous offenses.

cirby,I guess this... (Below threshold)


I guess this is why I don't ingest mass quantities of drive-by media, or, intend to vote for obama. If ones attention span is so miniscule as to forget about the dead person because of an unnecessary mention of her killers history, then I must confess, I now understand how so many, otherwise intelligent, people can be fired up to vote democrat: they instantly forget EVERYTHING THEY KNOW and only remember what "their guy" tells them.

As for the rest, I always knew the stupid vote went heavily for the left.

computerguy, You are correc... (Below threshold)

computerguy, You are correct, tire tread depth and phony driver logs are major violations and the death of truckers (CDL's gone) all over the country.
CDL is a commercial drivers license, or as we accuse the truckers, '
a 'can't drive a lick' license.

Well let's see he was talki... (Below threshold)
Tincan sailor Author Profile Page:

Well let's see he was talking on his cell phone at the time of the accident
basically showing a dangerous lack of regard for the safety of others!!!
As a former truck driver(18 Wheeler) an incomplete or falsified log
Book will get you're a** hung out to dry!! Lack of tread depth, depending
On the severity, get your vehicle towed and impounded. Tinted windows
also depending on the State is against the law, if the tint is dark enough on
the front 2 side windows the old tow and impound come's into play. Regardless, all of the above come under moving violations and are subject
to point's against the drivers record and this gentleman with his attitude
should not be a CDL Driver and his accident speaks for itself!!!






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