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Obama Camp Threatens to Prosecute Critics in Missouri; Governor Blunt Responds

I can't think of anything more frightening, more unAmerican than using law enforcement to intimidate and suppress political critics. This is something I would expect from Vladimir Putin, not an American presidential candidate. But that is exactly what Barack Obama and his thugs were planning on doing. Two prosecutors in St. Louis, Bob McCulloch and Jennifer Joyce, Obama supporters both, implied they would use their positions in order to intimidate Obama critics into silence by threatening to prosecute them. As Allahpundit said, it doesn't take actual prosecution to silence someone:

Needless to say, no one actually has to be prosecuted for this to work. Prosecution will be impossible anyway in most cases thanks to the First Amendment. The point isn't to jail critics but merely to price the cost of prospective litigation into their decision on whether to publicly criticize The One.

Well, the threat was enough to get Missouri Governor Matt Blunt's attention. He issued a scathing rebuke to the Obama campaign about its thuggish tactics:

"St. Louis County Circuit Attorney Bob McCulloch, St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce, Jefferson County Sheriff Glenn Boyer, and Obama and the leader of his Missouri campaign Senator Claire McCaskill have attached the stench of police state tactics to the Obama-Biden campaign.

"What Senator Obama and his helpers are doing is scandalous beyond words, the party that claims to be the party of Thomas Jefferson is abusing the justice system and offices of public trust to silence political criticism with threats of prosecution and criminal punishment.

"This abuse of the law for intimidation insults the most sacred principles and ideals of Jefferson. I can think of nothing more offensive to Jefferson's thinking than using the power of the state to deprive Americans of their civil rights. The only conceivable purpose of Messrs. McCulloch, Obama and the others is to frighten people away from expressing themselves, to chill free and open debate, to suppress support and donations to conservative organizations targeted by this anti-civil rights, to strangle criticism of Mr. Obama, to suppress ads about his support of higher taxes, and to choke out criticism on television, radio, the Internet, blogs, e-mail and daily conversation about the election.

"Barack Obama needs to grow up. Leftist blogs and others in the press constantly say false things about me and my family. Usually, we ignore false and scurrilous accusations because the purveyors have no credibility. When necessary, we refute them. Enlisting Missouri law enforcement to intimidate people and kill free debate is reminiscent of the Sedition Acts - not a free society." (Emphasis mine)

Gateway Pundit posted a video from Copious Dissent that outlines what Missouri law enforcement is doing:

Just imagine the fun we'll have with a Democrat Congress and Obama as president, who will have control over the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Justice who will, should The One be elected, to slap the Fairness Doctrine on conservative talk radio and the internet faster than you can say William Ayers is an unrepentant terrorist.


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Another example of the Dims... (Below threshold)

Another example of the Dims application of the 1st amendment. You have the right to Free Speech, as long as they agree with you.

I think this is a classic e... (Below threshold)

I think this is a classic example of the Chicago Political Style.

Silence your opponents. Find SOMETHING on them that you can use as a lever, and shut them up. They've tried hard with Palin, showing a pretty much normal American background as being something abnormal and shameful - and Palin didn't do what was expected of her.

They've tried hard with McCain - the various memes they've tried to spread haven't caught hold, so they went for more and more bizzare stuff like his cancer and comupting skills. THOSE didn't have any traction - so they're trying to directly shut up stations playing McCain's ads - and failing there also.

There's just no toleration for Chicago style politics in the rest of the country, and they don't understand that. By all their experience, McCain/Palin should have withdrawn by now - but they're still there!

Look for even wilder stuff to come from the Obamabots in the next few weeks. They've got to find SOMETHING that'll work!

Can't wait til he gets into... (Below threshold)

Can't wait til he gets into office and proceeds to disarm everyone....then wait and see how powerful his armed civil servants can be.

Many conservatives think th... (Below threshold)

Many conservatives think the McCain/Palin campaign is fading fast and are hoping for a Palin Shotgun Wedding to give their candidates a boost!


The lefts total obsession w... (Below threshold)

The lefts total obsession with Palin is only helping McCain, so keep it up.

Obama and his thugs intimidate since day on in Chicago. ww

Let's talk about the brutal... (Below threshold)

Let's talk about the brutal police beatings of the antiwar protesters outside the Republican Convention recently as well. These critics of the current administration's war policies were beaten bloody by police with pressure by the Republican Party to suppress free speech. Even a group of volunteer medics who offered first aid were rounded up by the police and jailed. The goal of the Republicans and their police tools were to maim protesters and take them off the streets to suppress their speech.

Such violence against free speech doesn't even happen in China any longer. It was a human rights outrage.

Protesters in the U.S. shouldn't have to wear steel helmets, gas masks or body armor just to present their political views. An opinion has the right to be represented without the fear of violence or beatings in this country. This isn't some rotten Communist state like North Korea.

Let's see, it is now accept... (Below threshold)

Let's see, it is now accepted and common belief that our founders INTENDED for the killing of a baby in the womb to be a, specifically protected in the Constitution, totally legal act, AND, that those same founders' only disconnect with current gun control zealots was that they didn't actually disarm "the militia" as soon as hostilities ceased, so, is this really such a shocking event?

Folks, we've been normalizing insanity for decades because we don't want to appear too extreme in the eyes of the extremists. They have been given credence by judges, courts and legislatures that should've shot them down. But then, I have that a little backwards, they are the judges, courts and legislatures.

Old crazy Joes' nightmare has come to fruition and we are being lead by people who were raised, or at the very least "educated", virtually from birth, to be tools of a marxist elite.

It can be reversed, but it has to start incrementally. With your kids and grand kids. That is why they will never allow for a national voucher system. They own the ideological development of your kids.

Get your kids out of public school, then vote for anyone other than a dem. There may be one out there who believes in the necessity of the Constitution, but all I have ever seen are the ones who see it as a nuisance to be manuevered around or twisted and torn until it would be unrecognizable to those who crafted and signed it.

"...Then they came for me..." They're outside your door right now...with a warrant...and dogs...don't worry though...they're only counting us...maybe a small, serial number tattoo...they need to keep records you know...

The One is coming. Don't cross him. And don't disagree too forcefully with him. Besides, he has tax cuts and pogroms, er, uh, um, uh, uh, and, uh, I mean, programs for all!

Hoosan, where are your sour... (Below threshold)

Hoosan, where are your sources for your
allegations against the republican party?
Where are your sources backing up your
post about China no longer oppressing
free speech.
How much of your wealth is being bolstered
by the chinese government?

Hoosan, where are ... (Below threshold)
Hoosan, where are your sources
He's "right". I saw it on PBS myself. Hence my above point.
Maggie, local network telev... (Below threshold)

Maggie, local network television news in Portland, Oregon covered the arrests of the medics who were clearly displaying "red cross" medical identifications and were medical doctors, nurses or other professionals. Any person clearly displaying "red cross" type medical identifications should not be subject to arrest or violence by any side in a crisis situation. This went way over the line by the Republican Party urging such violence against clearly marked medical staffers who would offer medical assistance to anyone injured in the wave of police violence, or in the climate of lawlessness by a few protesters. The police response, at the urging of the Republican Party organizers and the local city government was way in excess to the lawlessness of a few protesters when medical persons and others were swept up in a crackdown on dissent.

I certainly support police as a whole. There are many wonderful officers serving in America. I'm been a friend of a family whose parents were police captains since a child. But the violence outside the Republican Convention was unacceptable and meant to suppress dissent and not typical of normal police conduct by any means.

As far as China and free speech, there is some pretty good interview posts on Sam Adams Commissioner website(he is now the mayor-elect) from here in Portland, Oregon where a Communist Party official talks about how much more freedom of speech is now allowed in China to be critical of the government without fear of arrest unlike the ruthless Chairman Mao "Cultural Revolution" years. Even Communist officials like this are urging for freedom of speech to evolve to near American standards. Sam Adams as mayor-elect is concerned about mutual trade with China that enhances Portland area jobs, but wants to be sure that basic human rights in China are given decent respect.

Defenders of the First Amen... (Below threshold)

Defenders of the First Amendment? What a joke. You want proof of your hypocrisy? It's right there in the article immediately below:

Yes, you hacked my comment. Do I care that you can't stand to see the truth? No. I expect as much from you. After all, it's worked for you Bushbots? for 8 years. Unfortunately, it hasn't worked so well for America. Your priorities are clear.

Paul,How about some ... (Below threshold)

How about some links please.

maggie, why do you feed the... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

maggie, why do you feed the trolls when they deflect from the subject of the post?

Take it to another post that addresses that subject and comment there.

Les Nessman:Hrmmmm... (Below threshold)

Les Nessman:

Hrmmmm...when did you take Kevins place as
publisher and boss of Wizbang?

I ask for sources of allegations made on this
thread by a poster.

"Yes, you hacked my comment... (Below threshold)

"Yes, you hacked my comment."

Ha. Hacked your comment...must have been off topic. If you really were honest, you would be talking about the truth of the dems, the same way you recognized what a liar Obama is. BTW, is it wggonne or wbgonne?

Censorship is a contagion. ... (Below threshold)

Censorship is a contagion. All the thugs want to do it. Only one month left for bullying!!!!

must have been off topic... (Below threshold)

must have been off topic

Well, restore the comment and let's see if it was off-topic. It was directly on point. Unless, by off-topic you mean something you don't want to hear.

Obama as president... (Below threshold)
Obama as president, who will have control over the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Justice who will, should The One be elected, to slap the Fairness Doctrine on conservative talk radio

The most ironic part of that, is the conservatives will have to start becoming activists for tradition and morality. The values remain the same, but the ones who accuse Republicans and conservatives of being hypocrites would destroy free speech to get their way.

Hrmmmm...when did... (Below threshold)
Hrmmmm...when did you take Kevins place as publisher and boss of Wizbang?
As an aspiring "boss" my self, I must admit that it comes off as absurd to engage people who have proven, time and time again, to be dishonest, and/or mentally disturbed. Not only that, it is become boring.

That's okay though, I'll just keep laughing at them if it's all the same to you all.

Saint Paul Minnesota is pre... (Below threshold)

Saint Paul Minnesota is presently under a Democrat ("DFL") administration, and therefore the police are under direct supervision of the Democrat Mayor. Denver city/county is also under a Democrat administration. Complaints about alleged police actions should be directed to the proper authorities.

Maggie, certainly I'm happy... (Below threshold)

Maggie, certainly I'm happy to provide you any links to document my facts presented here. and http://www.commissionersam.com/node/8277 where both documentation of the arrests of medical persons including pepper sprayed etc. as well as Chinese Communist Party official Zhang is noted.

This Willamette Week September 18, piece as well as link to mayor-elect Sam Adams website conversation with a Chinese official are pretty good documentation.

Maggie, looks like the Will... (Below threshold)

Maggie, looks like the Willamette Week link didn't work. I'll try it again with this here from Willamette Week:


Portland Medics Arrested Outside Republican National Convention

It turns out some of the medical workers I wrote about here (in the photo above, they were helping activists who had been sprayed with pepper-spray or hurt by police in the aggressive suppression of anti-war protests on the first day of the Republican National Convention in St. Paul) are from a Oregon group called Portland Medics.

According to the Medics, their members were arrested and attacked by police despite being at the rally only to provide medical help and first aid. Some of the medics are still imprisoned in St. Paul.

This is one of the many reports coming out of St. Paul of media members, legal observers, health care workers, and civil activists who were arrested, pepper sprayed, or tear gassed in what the Medics are calling a violent, unprovoked, and indiscriminate police response.

More than 300 people were arrested over the four-day convention, 120 of which have been charged with felonies (often on the broad "conspiracy to riot" charge).

Here is part of the statement:

Story continues below

"The Portland Street Medics who were arrested include a long-time Queer liberation and radical performance artist; two trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), one of whom is also a Wilderness First Responder; and a Nurse Practitioner in training, who is also an Herbalist with more than fifteen years clinical experience.

It's plainly obvious to everyone that our members, sworn to the primary directive of all health care workers to "First, Do No Harm", should have never been arrested and must be allowed and supported to return to their

duties immediately without any interference whatsoever."

Hooson would have us believ... (Below threshold)

Hooson would have us believe that the police action in Minneapolis occured in some sort of vacuum, and then he slips in the smear that the Republican Party was somehow behind it all, despite the fact that the convention took place in a Democrat-controlled town.

Interesting quote from Hooson's link:

However, it is clear, having been witness to the day's earlier vandalism, that the police response was in part a reaction to the anarchists who shattered windows, destroyed a police car, and fought with the cops.

So a bunch of filthy hippie protestors show up looking for trouble, provoke police retaliation, and then whine about it. And Hooson has no proof of any "Republican pressure" that caused any of it. It's just something he wants to believe becase it coincides with his political prejudices.

So, Paul, nice attempt to change the subject and I hope to hear your hearty condemnation of the Obama campaign's attempt to suppress critics in Missouri, which after all is the actual subject of Kim's post.

This is a good spot to answ... (Below threshold)

This is a good spot to answer mantis once again. And also have a go at Paul Hooson:

Here is what Mantis said:

"Calling a radio station is not stifling debate. It is joining the debate. Doing so in an organized fashion may be annoying, but it doesn't prevent anyone from doing or saying anything. "

And here is the rebuttal:


Ok, the guy is conservative. That does not automatically dispute his facts. Do read the link to the Tribune story that you will find in the newsbusters story.

Kurtz is a conservative leaning guy. He was there doing research. At the time of the radio program, he was unable to get access to information he wanted to research. Someone in the Obama campaign thought this guy appearing on radio to plead his case to get access was a bad idea that needed to be nipped in the bud.

That was stupid.

Please read the Obama emails. Please note that the Obama campaign was asked to provide a spokesperson for equal time and they rejected it. Please note that WGN is a liberal talk station.

The same thing happened when Freddoso was scheduled. There was plenty of time in between for someone with a brain to tell headquarters that attempting to stifle debate was a bad idea. So I have to assume that stifling debate is well thought of all the way to the top; Obama.

A Democratic Congress wants to put the Fairness Doctrine back into play. This means an end to the debate on talk radio and INCLUDES liberal leaning pundits, not just Limbaugh and Hannity. So then we just get MSM as our sole source of information plus the Internet?

Talk radio, right or left or in between, is one of the few places where some topic gets extensive play, not just sound bites like you get on almost all MSM programs. Not everyone is a reader. Not everyone has the time at home to go to the Internet and research. We don't need those who would stifle free speech to kill it.

Yet that is what the Libs want to do. And the things happening in Missouri are just one more piece of evidence.

The Obama campaign was offered time and they refused. They wanted to stop or disrupt the program, not offer reasoned rebuttal. I believe my case is made. What say you?

Now for Paul.

In the spirit of telling part of the story instead of all of it, I will duplicate a selected part of Paul Hooson's selected bits he wanted to talk about instead of trying to eat the whole thing.

"Such violence against free speech doesn't even happen in China any longer. It was a human rights outrage.

Protesters in the U.S. shouldn't have to wear steel helmets, gas masks or body armor just to present their political views. An opinion has the right to be represented without the fear of violence or beatings in this country. This isn't some rotten Communist state like North Korea."

Actually Paul, they still put a bullet in the back of any head that defies one-party rule. And they still bill the relatives for the bullet.

I do believe it is the right of the police to wear gas masks and body armor to protect themselves from all those "Peaceful" protesters on TV looking for the "Right" kind of TV confrontation to draw attention to police "Brutality." They teach the technique in "Protester" school.

And it was disingenuous of you to mention the "republican" convention as if the repubs had anything to with what the police did in St. Paul versus what they did at the "peaceful" convention of the dems in Denver. Neither the dems nor the repubs wanted the "Peaceful" protests to overshadow their conventions. That there was somewhat more violence at the repub convention simply shows how far the loonie left will go to stifle free speech. Depending on which MSM you watched, there was an ample supply of nutcases at the Denver convention as well.

Get real Paul.

The bottom line is that Lee Ward is a real example of Liberal attitudes toward free speech; "Bow to my superior greatness and knowledge or I will shut you up if I can." Paul, your buddy does that and thinks that and you know it.

Kim you write of "two prose... (Below threshold)

Kim you write of "two prosecutors" who in your mind are getting a bit threatening. Yet, you and your fellow conservatives throw people into the black hole of Guantanamo for years -- FOR YEARS -- without any prosecution, WITHOUT ANY TRIAL, and you have the hypocritical gall to talk about something as relatively insignificant as this??? Most of those imprisoned at Guantanamo do after years incarcerated eventually get released -- why? Is your beloved "War on Terror" suddenly over? Nah, it will last as there is fear in the hearts of conservatives (that is to say, for a long time). Therefore, the conclusion is that those prisoners released should never have been picked up in the first place! (And, Republicans, please spare me of lines like, "Well, he was an enemy combatant, but after he saw how gracious and good the American prison guards were toward him over the years, he now loves the United States, so we can release him!")

Ok herman, and the ones we ... (Below threshold)

Ok herman, and the ones we have released have done, what? And the ones incarcerated were doing, what? And the information we extracted resulted in, what? And the avowed purpose of those we locked was, what?

Do you seriously believe that someone shooting at us as an act of war should be, what?

How do you handle the thought processes and ACTIONS of someone who really believes that they will go to heaven where a bunch of virgins wait, if they kill women and children and die in the process?

How do you handle the true beliefs of someone who believes it is his/her mission in life to convert us or kill us?

What is your answer herman? It is all well and good to critisize, now offer solutions that work. Should we all convert to conservative Islam? Should we adopt sharia law as the answer?

Herman,Th... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:


Therefore, the conclusion is that those prisoners released should never have been picked up in the first place!

Wrong conclusion. They get released because of pressure from naive people like yourself who can't comprehend the nature of the enemy we face. When they kill Americans again that blood will be on the hands of you and your ilk.

Paul Hooson:I have... (Below threshold)

Paul Hooson:

I have been to China many, many times. I have witnessed the Chinese version of a social safety net. I have spoken to countless, real Chinese. I have had real Chinese citizens on my payroll over there and in the US. I have friends who understand the Chinese because, in Jeff Foxworthy's words, "They are one."

Rather than continue to argue with you or even give a minutes credibility to one of your local guys getting sucked in by Chinese propaganda, I will simply refer you to something you need to read to understand China and current Chinese thought processes.


Africans are sub human to many Chinese Paul. Please don't get sucked in by what you want to believe. Not all Chinese think the way it is given in the article; just the majority of those in power. And just like Chairman Mao did in his day when he buried millions of his own race because they served the purpose of keeping him in power.

"Any person clearly display... (Below threshold)

"Any person clearly displaying "red cross" type medical identifications should not be subject to arrest or violence by any side in a crisis situation."

Only if they're actually acting as unbiased medics and aid personnel. When they're coming in as accessories to unlawful acts (helping the rioters commit crimes, for example), they lose any moral protection they might claim.

No, you don't have the right to step between a police officer and an arrestee to give them minor first aid that's not really necessary (pouring water in the face of a rioter who got tear-gassed, for example). That just makes the situation more unstable and harder to calm down.

Why not convene a grand jur... (Below threshold)

Why not convene a grand jury to investigate whether these two lawyers are conspiring to deprive others of their civil liberties? And then investigate what Obama and his campaign knew of this?

(poof) Only a dream. I quickly realize we only pursue the truely dispicable acts of Louis Libby, etal.

Hrmmmm...when did you ta... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman; editor-at-large, pro tem:

Hrmmmm...when did you take Kevins place as
publisher and boss of Wizbang?

I never claimed I was. Honestly, I appreciate all that you, Kevin and all the rest do here, for free, for all of us.

Kim took the time and effort to write on an important subject that is in the news. I just thought the serial-deflection-commenters should at least respect her efforts and address that without changing the subject, is all.

'Publisher and boss of Wizbang' has a nice ring to it, though. If the salary/headache ratio is high, have your people call my people.;)

Don't I remember seeing som... (Below threshold)

Don't I remember seeing something similar to this in Pennsylvania and South Carolina?

Oh, and everybody hand your Blackberries up to the front of the room. You can't be trusted.

filthy hippie protestors... (Below threshold)

filthy hippie protestors show up looking for trouble, provoke police retaliation

And we're gonna take of those filthy hippies as soon as Nixon . . . er, I mean, McCain becomes president.

Dude: the 60s are long gone. Try to think about the future (or at least the more recent past). Go ahead. Try. You can it.

On Their Own Time - NOT ... (Below threshold)
Jim in Kansas City, MO:

On Their Own Time - NOT Illegal

Blunt said he has "exposed plans." He does not site any incident of actual treats to anyone.

Frank Donatelli, deputy chairman of the Republican National Committee: http://tinyurl.com/4anoxc

In a telephone interview with the News-Leader, Donatelli admitted the Democratic prosecutors "haven't specifically said" they would use their prosecutorial powers on Obama's behalf."

I watched the video. There was no statement from the interviewed individuals to indicate they planned to doing anything in their official capacity of enforcing laws.

Claire McCaskill is too smart to do anything that stupid. She was Missouri's State Auditor and a prosecuting attorney. Federal and State employees are trained about the law about not campaigning on official time or while wearing a uniform.

It has not been in the KC Star or any major news site. Searching the web only finds the story on a few small websites or blogs.

It appears to be a smear by Republican Matt Blunt, who is so unpopular that he is not running for reelection. He has been involved in scandals, including missing emails

On Their Own Time - NOT Illegal

"On Wednesday, Obama's Missouri campaign announced U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill would lead a group of Democratic lawmakers, prosecutors and one sheriff "who will be proactive in letting voters in the Show-Me State know the truth in the face of the distortions by the McCain campaign," according to a news release.

The group includes prosecutors from St. Louis, Dunklin, Lafayette, Cass, Clay, Ripley, Audrain and Jackson counties volunteering to be surrogates for Obama on their own time."

Another reason for Blunts attacks. Obama has been gradually going up in Missouri polls.

MISSOURI: A new Research 2000 poll has Obama cutting McCain's lead in the Show Me State to one point, 46%-45% for a poll of "likely" voters. McCain has always done better with "likely" voters as opposed to "registered voters. Likely voters are usually considerably older than registered voters.

McCain was about 8-9 points ahead. Then 5 points, now Obama is tied. McCain is desperate.

As I have said and posted l... (Below threshold)

As I have said and posted links to both Obama emails and credible sources from the news, the Obama camp wants to stifle debate. I also note that Lee Ward does the same on blue.

How about someone from the left demonstrating that free speech is NOT under attack from your side instead of dodging the real issue.

I see the Obamatons are all... (Below threshold)

I see the Obamatons are all out in force trying to stifle debate about Obama stifling debate.

This tells me they are fully aware of what they are doing and supporting.

Looks like Hooson decided n... (Below threshold)

Looks like Hooson decided not to stick around and defend his bogus accusations. That's pretty much par for the course.

Paul, where are the links t... (Below threshold)

Paul, where are the links to your
Also, I see nothing that links the republican
party to being responsible for the violence.
Just a bit on the dishonest side don't you think?

New Obama Campaign Poster R... (Below threshold)
Obama for Omerica:

New Obama Campaign Poster Released for Missouri

Campaign is testing it out there and will be going national with it in all 57 states if they can get away with it.

Here is the Link:

I saw the peaceful protesto... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I saw the peaceful protestors at the Republican convention. You know the ones busting out windows, causing civil disturbances. yeah really peaceful.

"Protesters attacked members of the Connecticut delegation when they got off their buses near Xcel Center, delegates told FOX News.com and a local TV station.

A group of protesters came toward the delegation and tried to rip the credentials off their necks and sprayed them with a toxic substance that burned their eyes and stained their clothes, delegate Rob Simmons told KMSP-TV.

One 80-year-old member of the delegation had to be treated for injuries, and several other delegates had to rinse their eyes and clothing, the station reported.

"At one point, people pushed a trash bin filled with trash and threw garbage in the streets and at cars. They also took down orange detour signs. One of them used a screwdriver to puncture the back tire of a limousine waiting at an intersection and threw a wooden board at the vehicle, denting its side. Another hurled a glass bottle at a charter bus that had stopped at an intersection. The bottle smashed into pieces but did not appear to damage the bus.


"Protesters were seen lying on an interstate exit ramp to block traffic in the downtown area and linking arms to block other roads.

On the weekend, authorities seized weapons and devices from a self-described anarchist group called the RNC Welcoming Committee, which was not among the organizers of the march. The devices were designed to disable buses, the sheriff's office said. Five people from that group were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to riot, conspiracy to commit civil disorder and conspiracy to damage property, the sheriff's office said.

"Officers on horseback, motorcycles and bicycles chased down a group of rock- and bottle-throwing protesters that had broken off from a larger, largely peaceful, march by as many as 10,000 people. The smaller group smashed police car windows and a Macy's storefront, and a few threw glass bottles at police.



" total of 295 people have been arrested, including 137 charged with felonies such as "conspiracy to commit riot." Many continued to be detained. "
"Authorities later justified this show of force and the mass arrests that followed by citing incidents of rock throwing and window-breaking"

"The police produced affidavits from these informers accusing protesters of the most outlandish plans, including "kidnapping" delegates and throwing Molotov cocktails at the police. Geneva Finn of the National Lawyers Guild, which represents many of those arrested, said it was impossible to judge the veracity of the so-called evidence in the affidavit because "it's all based on the testimony of people who are not identified, and that's a real problem.""

Yeah those protestors where pillars of society werent they.

So much for free speech and... (Below threshold)
retired military:
hey retired military, I hav... (Below threshold)

hey retired military, I have tried facts on Paul Hooson - they don't work because Obama is about emotions instead of substance.

"Prosecution will be... (Below threshold)

"Prosecution will be impossible anyway in most cases thanks to the First Amendment"

Simply not true. Unlikely to be a successful prosecution but they can prosecute no less. It is the same tactics many of the liberal groups use in lawsuits. Often they know they won't win but know they can cost you a great deal of time and money. The end result is they intimidate people.

""Prosecution will be impos... (Below threshold)
retired military:

""Prosecution will be impossible anyway in most cases thanks to the First Amendment""

you mean if Barrack gets elected they wont be prosecuted.

lets see..

Bill Clinton replaces 90+ judges with his own picks. Democrats control both houses of Congress, and DOJ.

And Obama wont take action against those who opposed his supreme reign. yeah right. If you believe that I have some well irrigated land in Florida I want to sell you.

They may not get lasting co... (Below threshold)

They may not get lasting convictions. But peoples lives can be made hell in between.






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