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The last two days, I think I've slept about 28 hours, and spent a good chunk of the rest of the time trying to sleep. And every time I've sat down at the computer, I've gotten back up within 15 minutes and shuffled off.

The annoying thing is I have about a dozen things I wanna write about, but by the time I get my "get up and go" back, most of 'em will likely be obsolete.

I'll see if I have my gumption back by this afternoon.


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JT, in a selfish way, I wan... (Below threshold)

JT, in a selfish way, I want you to suck it up and post. Humanely I have to say, rest up and live to fight another day. Get well my friend. ww

Down a redbull and grab tha... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Down a redbull and grab that keyboard my brothah!

We all know how this whole ... (Below threshold)

We all know how this whole bailout vote is going to turn out don't we.

Congressional leaders are going to count noses to make sure they have enough votes and then they are going to allow those in tough competitive races to vote against it.

That is why I often compare this whole thing (politics) to a wrestling match. All choreographed ahead of time.

That is why even if my Congressperson votes No I am still not very inclined to let him or her off the hook as they are still just playing the game.

I need to see some very strong opposition otherwise a mere no vote will not gain anything with me.

Yeah. This 700 billion doll... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Yeah. This 700 billion dollar bailout thing is kinda depressing.

Feel better, Jay Tea.... (Below threshold)

Feel better, Jay Tea.

Get well, Jay.It h... (Below threshold)

Get well, Jay.

It hasn't been signed yet. And even if it does, hopefully it won't take more than a couple of heartbeats for the dumbasses to figure out just how wrong it is to make the citizens pay for the f*ck ups on mainstreet. And by dumbasses, you know I mean these guys:


Three words: chocolate, chi... (Below threshold)

Three words: chocolate, chips & Pamprin.

hmmm... Take a break and p... (Below threshold)

hmmm... Take a break and pamper yourself. That always helps me.






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