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This Is Why My Boss Has HR On Speed Dial

One of my colleagues just told me about her lunch plans.

It turns out that another of our colleagues is in the area, and he is going to come by and take her out to lunch -- she's stuck here without a car today.

I immediately went over to my MP3 player and fired up "Afternoon Delight."

The question is, which will happen first -- I get the stern talking-to from HR, she kills me, or he kills me?


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I'm so psyched: I had not t... (Below threshold)

I'm so psyched: I had not the foggiest frick as to what to discuss in Business Ethics tomorrow - thanks for a great discussion point.

JT - are you jealous?... (Below threshold)

JT - are you jealous?

See, now, if you were a tel... (Below threshold)

See, now, if you were a telecommuter like me, you could strip down to your shorts and sing it out loud with no concerns about a missive from HR.

They're totally doing it! ... (Below threshold)

They're totally doing it! I know, as I used to secretly date a colleague from the same division, but a different state (Hello, Prudential!). If we could manage it, so can they. So quit spoiling their fun, Jay Tea: love is hard enough to find out there!

Telecommuting. heh. Actuall... (Below threshold)

Telecommuting. heh. Actually put on my pants today in defference to my parents who are in for a visit. There's something viscerally (if that's a word) naughty about sitting around in my underwear; attending a teleconference from four countries.

My guess is none of the thr... (Below threshold)
kbiel Author Profile Page:

My guess is none of the three. Your other co-workers on the other hand may have some retribution for playing such dreck.

Sure, it's a bad song. Anc... (Below threshold)

Sure, it's a bad song. Anchorman made it funny. But I don't that she would hurt herself or anybody else over it!

The real question is Why do... (Below threshold)

The real question is Why do you have that song on your iPod?


And yes, they are totally doing it!

Perception is in the ear of... (Below threshold)

Perception is in the ear of the offended. What ever the woman wants, the woman will get: your job, your fortune, your reputation, your freedom. She owns you, dude. If you have testicles in the workplace, you best be gay or wear that cup over your mouth.

Lucky to overhear such thin... (Below threshold)

Lucky to overhear such things.

I overheard my boss talking with his boss about "it's amazing he's lasted this long so far."

I guess Main Street cares quite a bit about Wall Street.






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