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Just A Click Helps Soldiers' Angels

The good folks at The $80,000 Squidoo Charity Giveaway are running a project. It's simple.

Just go here, scroll down and click on "Soldiers' Angels." Because they are that.

Here's how this works

One vote = $2

Vote for your favorite one of our Squidoo partner charities, in the poll below.

For each vote, we'll give that organization $2.

It's that easy.

We'll do it until October 15th, or 40,000 votes (which is $80,000). Whichever happens first.

It really is that simple. How fantastic is that?

They do absolutely phenomenal work for our troops. And if $2 doesn't seem enough, please head over to the Soldiers' Angels site and you will find all manner of projects you can contribute to. The holidays are coming, and the gathering and assembly of holiday care package materials is already underway. Somewhere in this world, a soldier, sailor, airman or Marine is separated from his or her family.

From a guy who's been deployed to the Gulf during the holiday season, trust me that nothing brings a smile faster or longer than a surprise package from anywhere and anyone back in the states.

In fact, it's the ones from families you never knew that were the best. Snacks were packed in, assorted other small items, and pictures and cards colored by kids saying thank you. They did it just because. That leaves a mark. Please, leave a mark.


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Comments (9)

Done. ... (Below threshold)


Soldier's Angels is arguably the finest organization set up to benefit our troops I've ever seen.
To my mind, we cannot thank them enough for their effort and sacrifice.

doneonly 415 OF 3000... (Below threshold)

only 415 OF 3000+ VOTES SO FAR. Keep spreading the word.

SA is at 41 percent as of t... (Below threshold)

SA is at 41 percent as of this typing...

That was easy!... (Below threshold)

That was easy!

If you want to do ... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

If you want to do some "phenomenal work" for the "troops" this November don't vote for the candidate that didn't vote for the new GI Bill.

McCain said he opposed the GI Bill because more generous benefits after a soldier had completed his service would entice soldiers to not re-up.


Actually, Dr. Lava, IIRC, M... (Below threshold)

Actually, Dr. Lava, IIRC, McCain voted against that bill because it wasn't generous enough. I don't believe your interpretation is correct.

[I'll try to hit the shift ... (Below threshold)

[I'll try to hit the shift key correctly this time]

44.5% now

Done. Echoing Ste... (Below threshold)


Echoing Steve's comments as a Soldier's Angels participant:

Send our troops some love!

Take a look through the Angel's store. It's never too early to purchase a package to be shipped to "Any Soldier" for Christmas or just because. Or sign up to adopt a soldier, it's easy. And they love getting mail or packages.

We have adopted 2 soldiers through Soldier's Angels in the past couple of years. One of our soldiers, Ben, we lost in a roadside bombing in Afghanistan, the other, Steven, is still there.

Goddessof the classroom.</p... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

Goddessof the classroom.

You are very wrong.

I support IAVA with donations and was very plugged into this effort.

Check the links.







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