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Biden Misrepresents Obama's Pledge to Meet Iran

No matter the representation now attempted by Biden, Obama and the campaign on whether Barack Obama said he would meet with Iran without preconditions, the fact remains that this is exactly what he said. It was an instinctive answer. And in Commanders in Chief, instincts matter a great deal.

Question: "Would you be willing to meet separately without precondition in the first year of your administration, in Washington or anywhere else, with the leaders of Iran Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea in order to bridge the gap that exists between our countries?"

Obama: "I would."

If my memory serves, Biden said tonight that Obama did not say he would meet with Ahmadinejad. No matter the subtle shifts attempted by changing to say "with preparations," or the latest in floating that Ahmadinejad is not really in charge in Iran (which is true but semantics in this instance), the original question was about the leaders of Iran, and his response was instinctively yes, and followed with forceful assertion.

Argue it's not that bad an idea, perhaps. But don't argue that it was not said or attempt to nuance away from instincts and stated words.

Kevin adds: Here's Palin on Obama pledge, then Biden's lie, then the Obama's answer all in one video...


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Yeah, he was dancing around... (Below threshold)

Yeah, he was dancing around with a little rhetoric. I think he was putting words in Obama's mouth with the preconditions. He was also downplaying Ahmadinejad's threats and influence. Big mistake. Almost like saying Iran is "just one tiny little country."

The only direct, quick answ... (Below threshold)

The only direct, quick answers Slow Joe gave were all outright lies (verifible). Got to 'Ace' for the list of 14 lies Slow Joe told tonight. A list you will not see on the Lame Stream Media.

Sarah Palin in the White Ho... (Below threshold)

Sarah Palin in the White House?! You are no longer to be taken seriously.

You know how I know the Republican Party today is as exhausted as the Democrats were in the late 70s? All you talk about is nonsense. You have nothing to contribute, no ideas worth considering. You are just whiners and noodges. Get it straight: You Right-Wing nuts are headed for the wilderness. Bring your coats; it's gonna get chilly.

wbgonne,Just keep ... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


Just keep flingin' your poo, monkey boy.

wbgonne:No ideas wor... (Below threshold)

No ideas worth considering? Your whole line of bluster sounds a bit like B. Frank's diversions in the Fannie/Freddie hearings 2004. More oversight for Fannie & Freddie? Now who would need that. The democrats thought that idea wasn't worth considering either. Who knew that giving out loans to folks with no credit rating and with no money down was a bad idea? Well I did, and so did most republicans. Really most democrats did too, but they thought they could provide enough smoke and mirrors to cover.

Biden can parse it any way ... (Below threshold)

Biden can parse it any way he wants. Ahmadinejad is the one we'll have to meet with. Yes, he's the puppet of the mullahs, but they don't care to sully their hands dealing with apostate politicans. That's Ahmadinejad's job. Unless of course the mullahs put a bullet in his head and retire him.

wbgonne - "Sarah Palin ... (Below threshold)

wbgonne - "Sarah Palin in the White House?! You are no longer to be taken seriously."

Well than, I suppose the game is even then. You were judged to be worth less than snail snot around the time of your second comment a few weeks ago.

You were judged to be wo... (Below threshold)

You were judged to be worth less than snail snot around the time of your second comment a few weeks ago.

Perhaps you should ignore me then. It's OK. I won't mind.

Don't forget, Barry still h... (Below threshold)

Don't forget, Barry still has his willingness to sit down with Ahmadenijad without preconditions on his website.






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