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BREAKING: Bailout bill passes the Senate; roll call added

Just watched it on CSPAN. 74 Yeas, 25 Nays. Roll call to come.

UPDATE: Here you go:

Now it's back to the House for a vote on Friday. Republican opposition is supposedly softening.

Let's avoid that, hmm?

Flood those phone lines. Crash the inboxes. Michelle has the phone numbers, which you need to make sure you call, because Democrats are already trying to buy the 12 votes they need to bail themselves out.

Aderholt R AL legislator No 202-225-4876
Akin R MO legislator No 202-225-2561
Alexander R LA legislator No 202-225-8490
Bachmann R MN legislator No 202-225-2331
Barrett (SC) R SC legislator No 202-225-5301
Bartlett (MD) R MD legislator No 202-225-2721
Barton (TX) R TX legislator No 202-225-2002
Biggert R IL legislator No 202-225-3515
Bilbray R CA legislator No 202-225-0508
Bilirakis R FL legislator No 202-225-5755
Bishop (UT) R UT legislator No 202-225-0453
Blackburn R TN legislator No 202-225-2811
Boustany R LA legislator No 202-225-2031
Broun (GA) R GA legislator No 202-225-4101
Brown-Waite, Ginny R FL legislator No 202-225-1002
Buchanan R FL legislator No 202-225-5015
Burgess R TX legislator No 202-225-7772
Burton (IN) R IN legislator No 202-225-2276
Buyer R IN legislator No 202-225-5037
Capito R WV legislator No 202-225-2711
Carter R TX legislator No 202-225-3864
Chabot R OH legislator No 202-225-2216
Coble R NC legislator No 202-225-3065
Conaway R TX legislator No 202-225-3605
Culberson R TX legislator No 202-225-2571
Davis (KY) R KY legislator No 202-225-3465
Davis, David R TN legislator No 202-225-6356
Deal (GA) R GA legislator No 202-225-5211
Dent R PA legislator No 202-225-6411
Diaz-Balart, L. R FL legislator No 202-225-4211
Diaz-Balart, M. R FL legislator No 202-225-2778
Doolittle R CA legislator No 202-225-2511
Drake R VA legislator No 202-225-4215
Duncan R TN legislator No 202-225-5435
English (PA) R PA legislator No 202-225-5406
Fallin R OK legislator No 202-225-2132
Feeney R FL legislator No 202-225-2706
Flake R AZ legislator No 202-225-2635
Forbes R VA legislator No 202-225-6365
Fortenberry R NE legislator No 202-225-4806
Foxx R NC legislator No 202-225-2071
Franks (AZ) R AZ legislator No 202-225-4576
Frelinghuysen R NJ legislator No 202-225-5034
Gallegly R CA legislator No 202-225-5811
Garrett (NJ) R NJ legislator No 202-225-4465
Gerlach R PA legislator No 202-225-4315
Gingrey R GA legislator No 202-225-2931
Gohmert R TX legislator No 202-225-3035
Goode R VA legislator No 202-225-4711
Goodlatte R VA legislator No 202-225-5431
Graves R MO legislator No 202-225-7041
Hall (TX) R TX legislator No 202-225-6673
Hastings (WA) R WA legislator No 202-225-5816
Hayes R NC legislator No 202-225-3715
Heller R NV legislator No 202-225-6155
Hensarling R TX legislator No 202-225-3484
Hoekstra R MI legislator No 202-225-4401
Hulshof R MO legislator No 202-225-2956
Hunter R CA legislator No 202-225-5672
Issa R CA legislator No 202-225-3906
Johnson (IL) R IL legislator No 202-225-2371
Johnson, Sam R TX legislator No 202-225-4201
Jones (NC) R NC legislator No 202-225-3415
Jordan R OH legislator No 202-225-2676
Keller R FL legislator No 202-225-2176
King (IA) R IA legislator No 202-225-4426
Kingston R GA legislator No 202-225-5831
Knollenberg R MI legislator No 202-225-5802
Kuhl (NY) R NY legislator No 202-225-3161
Lamborn R CO legislator No 202-225-4422
Latham R IA legislator No 202-225-5476
LaTourette R OH legislator No 202-225-5731
Latta R OH legislator No 202-225-6405
Linder R GA legislator No 202-225-4272
LoBiondo R NJ legislator No 202-225-6572
Lucas R OK legislator No 202-225-5565
Mack R FL legislator No 202-225-2536
Manzullo R IL legislator No 202-225-5676
Marchant R TX legislator No 202-225-6605
McCarthy (CA) R CA legislator No 202-225-2915
McCaul (TX) R TX legislator No 202-225-2401
McCotter R MI legislator No 202-225-8171
McHenry R NC legislator No 202-225-2576
McMorris Rodgers R WA legislator No 202-225-2006
Mica R FL legislator No 202-225-4035
Miller (FL) R FL legislator No 202-225-4136
Miller (MI) R MI legislator No 202-225-2106
Moran (KS) R KS legislator No 202-225-2715
Murphy, Tim R PA legislator No 202-225-2301
Musgrave R CO legislator No 202-225-4676
Myrick R NC legislator No 202-225-1976
Neugebauer R TX legislator No 202-225-4005
Nunes R CA legislator No 202-225-2523
Paul R TX legislator No 202-225-2831
Pearce R NM legislator No 202-225-2365
Pence R IN legislator No 202-225-3021
Petri R WI legislator No 202-225-2476
Pitts R PA legislator No 202-225-2411
Platts R PA legislator No 202-225-5836
Poe R TX legislator No 202-225-6565
Price (GA) R GA legislator No 202-225-4501
Ramstad R MN legislator No 202-225-2871
Rehberg R MT legislator No 202-225-3211
Reichert R WA legislator No 202-225-7761
Renzi R AZ legislator No 202-225-2315
Rogers (MI) R MI legislator No 202-225-4872
Rohrabacher R CA legislator No 202-225-2415
Ros-Lehtinen R FL legislator No 202-225-3931
Roskam R IL legislator No 202-225-4561
Royce R CA legislator No 202-225-4111
Sali R ID legislator No 202-225-6611
Scalise R LA legislator No 202-225-3015
Schmidt R OH legislator No 202-225-3164
Sensenbrenner R WI legislator No 202-225-5101
Shadegg R AZ legislator No 202-225-3361
Shimkus R IL legislator No 202-225-5271
Shuster R PA legislator No 202-225-2431
Smith (NE) R NE legislator No 225-6435
Smith (NJ) R NJ legislator No 202-225-3765
Stearns R FL legislator No 202-225-5744
Sullivan R OK legislator No 202-225-2211
Terry R NE legislator No 202-225-4155
Thornberry R TX legislator No 202-225-3706
Tiahrt R KS legislator No 202-225-6216
Tiberi R OH legislator No 202-225-5355
Turner R OH legislator No 202-225-6465
Walberg R MI legislator No 202-225-6276
Wamp R TN legislator No 202-225-3271
Westmoreland R GA legislator No 202-225-5901
Whitfield (KY) R KY legislator No 202-225-3115
Wittman (VA) R VA legislator No 202-225-4261
Young (AK) R AK legislator No 202-225-5765
Young (FL) R FL legislator No 202-225-5961

Democrat corruption got us into this mess. And if this bill passes, they'll get away with it scot free. Taxpayers will be forced to foot the bill. Make sure to call all of the numbers listed above. They're the ones that voted no last time and need to hold the line. Remind them of that.


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Comments (16)

Don't forget your local Dem... (Below threshold)

Don't forget your local Dem if they voted 'no' the first time. One of the upstate NY Dems, Kirsten Gillibrand (not my rep), voted 'no' after the calls to her office from her majority republican district were like 198 opposed and 2 in favor. Hell, even if you're represented by a Dem that voted 'yes' call 'em anyway, make 'em change their mind.

Just contacted my congressm... (Below threshold)

Just contacted my congressman for all the good it'll do, he's a democrat and voted yes the last time. I've emailed Senators Hutchison and Cornyn expressing my disappointment in their for the bailout.

If we pass this thing, where is my bailout? I'll be looking for my check in the mail(won't wait long though).

Democratic corruption creat... (Below threshold)
James H:

Democratic corruption creating the mess in the first place? A differing opinion in the WSJ op-ed pages.

Just contacted Congressman ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Just contacted Congressman Duncan R-TN. He opposes.

What got us in this ... (Below threshold)

What got us in this mess was a bubble. When real estate prices exceeded the ability of buyers to qualify, both the government and the mortgage industry worked to ease requirements. The reason was to keep the economy chugging along on an upward path to keep tax revenues coming in, pure and simple.

The Democrats pushed Fannie and Freddie both from within and without; rules, CRA of 1977 changes, rhetoric, community organizers blackmail, and from within, Rains, Johnson (and others).

The Republicans gave lip service to the problem and even attempted to pass legislation they knew was doomed from the start. Bush and his team of economists and regulators wanted the economy to keep pushing upward to help pay for what was turning out to be an unpopular war. And after 2006, the Republicans were to scared to do anything, anything, to upset the apple cart.

Poorly regulated bank executives and mortgage companies protected their bonuses and pay by going along to get along, heedless of the long term effect of bad loans. Boards of Directors collected their stipends and ignored the gathering storm. And the economy kept on climbing to the bubble.

The consumer ignored the signs as well. Individuals for their own use and investors, paid inflated prices for property that anyone prudent would have known was a ponzi scheme.

And O'Reilly wants to know why someone didn't come on his program screaming about the bubble and problems at Fannie and Freddie; with a reality that the evidence was out there if he had only looked. This is typical of the ego and controversy mentality of media, who themselves did a really poor job of informing.

Yes, corporate types stole money, Raines and Johnson heading the list; Congress did a really bad job of oversight, something we supposedly pay them for; and the American public bought into the ponzi scheme in enough numbers to make it a real problem instead of one that is easy to fix.

And all of those who were part of generating the problem; Congress (both parties, especially Democrats), community organizers, Bush, his regulators, Wall Street executives, and normal Americans, just want the problem to go away.

But it won't.

The great depression of 1930 was caused by many factors, mostly a bubble. It lasted as long as it did and was as deep as it was, because of a lack of liquidity caused by the ideological knee jerk reactions of regulators and politicians. To keep it from happening again, we must insure, as a country, that there is money to loan and good reason to borrow. And what is borrowed must be repaid to maintain the system.

Ben Bernanke is a real expert on the depression and likely the only guy around who really understands cause and effect in this mess we are in, who also has the power to do something about it. And he is trying through his surrogate, Paulson.

I follow his lead because I have no choice.

We have gone through a time when more and more wealth is concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. A depression will just make the situation worse. A strong middle class is the key to prosperity. And we aren't going to have a strong middle class or much of one at all if we don't insure that liquidity in sufficient quantity is restored to the market

This country lives or dies on the car market and energy. Dealers are dying all over the place as are those who make the cars we drive because they cannot finance inventory or get enough money for car loans to consumers. Sure, a lot of people can still get a loan, just not in enough numbers to hold up the economy.

I favor the current Senate passed bail out bill because I don't think I have a choice. I really like being able to feed, shelter and protect my family. I believe my options to that will be shot in the head if we don't do something and right now, Bernanke says pass it, so if I had a vote in Congress, that is what I would do irrespective of all of the ideological reason not to from Liberals and Conservatives.

Let's see: a socialist prog... (Below threshold)

Let's see: a socialist program got us into this mess, and they propose a socialist method to get us out. The House of Lords (sorry, the Senate) votes for it. What will the other house do?

At this point, I'd say just pull out that original Paulson proposal and pass it, just because it hasn't got a bunch of Communism attached to it.

James, that's an opinion pi... (Below threshold)

James, that's an opinion piece. Even my wildly liberal paper runs a couple of conservative columnists per week - that doesn't mean THE WALL STREET JOURNAL says that Democrats aren't at fault.

The columnist in question is partially described thusly in wikipedia:
"Frank espouses a decidedly Left political perspective and is highly critical of Republican governance, especially the presidency of George W. Bush." It goes on to note that he has issues with Democrats for not being liberal enough.

Try again.

James H.But I h... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

James H.

But I had forgotten about conservatives' extraordinary instincts for blame-evasion.

This line, right at the beginning, told me all I needed to know about that article.

What's up with McCain votin... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

What's up with McCain voting for this steaming pile of pork laden feces? It's almost as if he wants to loose this election. He's starting to remind of Bush in '92.

re: James HThe aut... (Below threshold)

re: James H

The author of the WSJ piece glosses over some critical points to demonstrate a gross lack of understanding. It's a 'political piece' not economic one.

For much more informed article on the mess, see the following article from Harvard economist, Jeffery Miron


bluenightSince you... (Below threshold)


Since you are a Heinlein fan, can I ask if you have ever looked for or remember Heinlein's great comments on how to lie by telling the truth?

I found it years ago and then lost it.

Look at what was approved: ... (Below threshold)

Look at what was approved: http://banking.senate.gov/public/_files/latestversionAYO08C32_xml.pdf all 451 pages of it.

I mean, really, scroll to page 263, and look at the crap that was tacked onto this thing. Tax exemption on wooden arrows for kids?

This thing is a political football. Vote against it and you hate the environment, you're against insuring mentally challenged people, and you dislike children and want to tax the cost of their toys. Vote for it, and you're in bed with Wall Street and want to saddle the public with their debts.

Democrat corruption got ... (Below threshold)

Democrat corruption got us into this mess. And if this bill passes, they'll get away with it scot free.

You're nuts. I oppose the bailout so I have no problem with urging Representatives to oppose it. I've done so myself. But your reasons for doing so are grossly partisan and, quite frankly, insane. Do you ever think about what is best for the country instead of how to blame Democrats?

DJThe wooden arrow... (Below threshold)


The wooden arrows had already passed the Senate. You are looking at a back door mechanism so the Senate could pass a bill, as amended by the bail out plan, and send it back to the House, where all money bills have to originate. Wooden arrows was the original bill that was amended.

Again, did you know many of... (Below threshold)

Again, did you know many of the fat cats who circulate from board to board and from job to job throughout the financial industry are also members of the Bilderberg Group and or the Trilateral Commission, founded respectively in 1954, and in 1973, in New York City? When someone takes your money and steals your car, it makes an impression. When they belong to such a shadowy political clique, it leaves an indelible impression. Many elected officials even belong to these cabals. When Bill Clinton eased banking restrictions, he dished out $8-billion dollars for "community reinvestment loans."

When the financing schemes fell through, as is their wont whenever 30-million Mexican nationals buy inflated properties and default, it left banks in the lurch. Senator Hillary Clinton counted on the loan giveaways to buy votes. Interestingly enough, had Hillary secured the nomination; she, instead of Barack Obama would preside over the bailout. So, where's that $8-bilion plus dollars? Where's Hillary? Why the caveat in Section 8 of the bailout: Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency?

The Global Initiative people (code speak for car thieves) took my money; they did in fact steal my car. If you or I did half the things these people have done, we'd be serving consecutive life sentences. Wise up, get angry, and let the bubble burst. A bailout buys us nothing. World markets will not rebound; they know the bailout does not address the fundamental reason(s), wholesale corruption, illegal immigration, and dependence on foreign oil, that there is a problem. As a result, after cashing in on the Politically Correct loans, Hillary herself even held her nose and voted yea on the odious bill. Gentlemen, I want my money back: http://theseedsof9-11.com

You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the eternal God, I will rout you out. -Andrew Jackson, to fraudulent financiers, 1832

Don't worry about anyone ge... (Below threshold)
John S:

Don't worry about anyone getting off "scott-free" because the bailout won't work. Neither will the additional trillion dollars Paulsen will beg for in about 6 weeks. The national debt is $10 trillion. It will be $12 trillion by Christmas. $15 trillion by Spring. Sooner or later the government won't be able to make good on bank failures and empty bank accounts. Or issue welfare checks. Or pay Social Security or Medicare. Or backstop bankrupt states who can no longer pay unemployment benefits to 30 million unemployed. When do you suppose the social order breaks down? Perhaps June 2009 when the oil companies try their annual gouge on gas prices?

Now consider this. When we're under martial law, would you rather live in a temporary, clumsy police state under McCain. Or in a dictatorship under Obama, who'll live another 40 years? Given Obama's well-documented relationships with assorted Marxists and leaders of the U.S. Communist party, an Obama administration really scares me.






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