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McCain Camp Kicks Maureen Dowd Off the Campaign Plane

Yes! The folks at the McCain campaign decided they've had enough of her leftist attacks so they threw her off the plane. She was left to fend for herself in Washington, Pennsylvania. Laughably, she's now saying McCain infringed upon her First Amendment rights to ride in a political campaign plane:

"It was disappointing because I didn't think John McCain would ever be as dismissive of the First Amendment as Dick Cheney."

Waaah. Go ahead and cry, Ms. Dowd. No one cares that you got your feelings hurt. Well, maybe your friends in the elite media care, but real Americans don't. Also, you know perfectly well the First Amendment does NOT give you the right to be on anyone's campaign plane. No one is stopping you from writing your vomit for the New York Times; you'll just have do it from somewhere else. Karma's a bitch, isn't it.


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Comments (49)

So let me get this straight... (Below threshold)

So let me get this straight...because they kicked her off the plane, that means she can't write anymore? She can't be published anymore? So where did they infringe upon her first amendment right to free speech? What a moron.

I am outraged and disgusted... (Below threshold)

I am outraged and disgusted at this action by the McCain campaign.

Why the hell did they wait until they were on the ground first?


Probably because they didn'... (Below threshold)

Probably because they didn't want to waste a parachute, and then be accused of littering for tossing stuff from a plane.

Seriously, Dowd doesn't hav... (Below threshold)

Seriously, Dowd doesn't have any RIGHT to fly on that plane - it was extended as a courtesy, and like ANY courteous act, it rather depends on an expectation of gratitude and civil behavior by the recipient. If such is not forthcoming, why in the hell did she expect to to KEEP getting a free ride

Always good to get the SNAK... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Always good to get the SNAKES OFF THE PLANE!

Bwahahahaha.....It... (Below threshold)


It almost makes losing the election to Obama palatable...


It'll be funny only if McCain is our next President.

This makes my day. Another ... (Below threshold)

This makes my day. Another liberal who doesn't understand the Constitution. The rest of the press corps getting on the plane and not raising any protest about this is the icing on the cake.

You can write and print whatever you want, Ms. Dowd, but no one owes you a free plane ride.

Forget MoDo's reaction. I ... (Below threshold)

Forget MoDo's reaction. I can't wait to see how the NYT editorial board and news editor react.

I expect them to overreact to this --- and help McCain make the case that the media is in the tank.

Actually I don't think it i... (Below threshold)

Actually I don't think it is a free ride.

I believe that they have to pay airfare.

On the other hand, I agree she should have been kicked off the plane. Well, unless you subscribe to the theory of holding snakes to your chest; she was poison in the well.

Dowd is an aging diva and we all know how those types can be, don't we?

Well if the NYT goes ballis... (Below threshold)

Well if the NYT goes ballistic over this, how will we know? It's not like their coverage could get worse.

Still, I'm with Jay, I'm outraged. They should have asked her to leave at say... 5,000 feet. In fact they could entice her to jump on her own by saying it is the new 'mile high club'.

NYT: $1
Campaign Jet: $1M
Throwing Dowd off the plane: PRICELESS

It's probably not th... (Below threshold)

It's probably not the first time she's been dumped at the curb

McCain and his campaign hav... (Below threshold)

McCain and his campaign have become increasingly unhinged. The interview he did here with the Des Moines Register clearly shows a man who struggles not to erupt into a rage. The cs bit in the debate about never looking at Obama is further evidence.

It seems he thinks he's entitled to the job because he was a POW.

That's all we need - a rageaholic in the WH with his finger on the trigger, with a nitwit who never read a newspaper or magazine, can't even name the Supreme Court case Exxon v. Baker as an important case, breathlessly waiting to have her finger on it. God help America if these 2 get elected.

What's important? Tossing a reporter off a plane. That's real grown up - a 72 yo tot with an anger problem. Whoa.

Why stop with Dowd?<p... (Below threshold)

Why stop with Dowd?

I say toss anyone with an AP credential out next. Then they can follow up with the network gasbags.

JFO -Thank you for... (Below threshold)


Thank you for the Dem/MSM view.

Tony Snow


(RIP Tony)

They got tired of her askin... (Below threshold)

They got tired of her asking for seconds at mealtime.

Poor Maureen. Like many of... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Poor Maureen. Like many of our leftist friends, she just cannot grasp the relationship between rights and responsibilities.

The interview with the Des ... (Below threshold)

The interview with the Des Moines Register was the beginning of McCain's efforts to not suffer fools needlessly. In my view, it is about dang time.

For those who can read and comprehend past your emotional attachment with Obama, this is exactly the same tack that Tony Snow took in the link provided by jim2. Tony shoot down the emotional bias questions with facts, grace under fire and humor.

I miss Tony Snow. And thank you jim2.

McCain and Palin should sto... (Below threshold)

McCain and Palin should stop being so nice. McCain should blast anyone who plays gotcha or is in the tank for Barry. Palin should let herself go and stop trying to be "political" and be herself. Tell Couric to go to hell that she does not have to take an "exam" from her. And then tell her "Who do you think you are?" It isn't about rage. It is about right. ww

LarryAre you from ... (Below threshold)


Are you from Iowa? Do you know anything about the Des Moines Register?

If you do know anything about the paper you'd know that the folks who run it and its editorial board are not "fools." Of course that's an easy out for someone from a perspective where "all media we don't agree with are fools." That's about as grown up a position as the 72 yo tot having a temper tantrum and throwing a journalist off the plane. I don't know if he personally ordered it or not but it fits with his extremely narcissistic view of himself and those who kowtow to him daily.

Those of you who support this seriously flawed cauldron of anger better hope he doesn't explode. The disdain that is frequently on his face evidences a sense of entitlement, which clearly comes from a view that he should get what he wants because of his "service to my country." That's his mantra, that's his belief and the more this slips away from him the worse he will behave.

This is great news!!!!!!!!!... (Below threshold)

This is great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't stand Dowd.

I agree that McCain shouldn... (Below threshold)

I agree that McCain shouldn't stop with just Dowd. Any newspaper group (ie. NY Times, Washington Post, AP) that is obviously for the other candidate should be dumped! They aren't journalists, they are political hacks.

In fact, why was Dowd the McCain hater even allowed on the plane in the first place? I would have expected her to be on Obama's plane and swooning over him. The woman is sick.

"Those of you who support t... (Below threshold)

"Those of you who support this seriously flawed cauldron of anger better hope he doesn't explode."

Come on JFO, use your brain and quit regurgitating Axelrod talking points. "Cauldron of anger"? Have you read anything Dowd has put out that hasn't had seething anger and hate in it?

Pull your head out of your ass!

Maureen Dowd, the next Hele... (Below threshold)

Maureen Dowd, the next Helen Thomas.

GrandFanWell here'... (Below threshold)


Well here's the funny part for you righties - she disses Obama as much as she does McCain. But then the majority of you wouldn't know that as I imagine few if any , like Palin, has ever read the Times or any other newspaper for that matter.

"Right wing news - brought to the masses by Limbaugh and Hannity. You need go no further."

JFO, the "Register and Trib... (Below threshold)

JFO, the "Register and Tribune" is a newspaper that leans way left. Lets not forget the paper's very own "Schoolmarm" who moderated a debate. Fools? You bet. Talk about being grown up, who is the candidate that is trying to stifle his critics with threats of lawsuits as well as trying to stop talk radio?

Dumped in Pennsylvania..</p... (Below threshold)

Dumped in Pennsylvania..

Where everyone is bitter and clinging to guns and religion..

"It was disappointing be... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman; editor-at-large, pro tem:

"It was disappointing because I didn't think John McCain would ever be as dismissive of the First Amendment as Dick Cheney."

Gosh, MoDo, I hope you were at least as disappointed with Brocko's Brownshirts using law enforcement officials to supress free speech in Missouri.

Congress shall make no l... (Below threshold)

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Nope, nothing about free plane rides for the press in here. Or free rides in general for that matter...

Jeez, if McCain can't handl... (Below threshold)

Jeez, if McCain can't handle the likes of Dowd, how can he possibly be trusted to deal with thugs like Ahmedinejhad and Putin? And is it really that wise to alienate your base like that?

But I'm with you fellers. McPalin should attack the press every chance they get. That's a strategy that can't possibly fail.

No more "SKANKS ON A PLAN"<... (Below threshold)


Sorry Pretzel, had to one-ups ya

Make that "plane"... (Below threshold)

Make that "plane"

John McCain is going to los... (Below threshold)

John McCain is going to lose this election badly. Worse, he is sacrificing his honor, his integrity, and his reputation. Unless he's planning to retire from the Senate in December McCain will rue his behavior during this campaign.

Thank you, wbgonne for thos... (Below threshold)

Thank you, wbgonne for those additional Dem talking points, likely posted from one of Axelrod's war rooms. Is your last name "Winner"?

The reek of fresh astroturf ....

wbgonne -What's fu... (Below threshold)

wbgonne -

What's funny, is that Axelrod's, er, Obama's, er, your screed admits that McCain has "honor" and "integrity".

What evidence would you offer that Obama has those? His CAC performance? His legislative accomplishments? His military record? His campaign's honorable treatment of Hillary Clinton? The affectionate respect of his defeated foes? His respectful approach to the coourt-sealed divorce settlements of political opponents? The openness of his own records?

JFOGood, I have yo... (Below threshold)


Good, I have your attention.

You said:


Are you from Iowa? Do you know anything about the Des Moines Register?

"If you do know anything about the paper you'd know that the folks who run it and its editorial board are not "fools."

1. I am not from Iowa.
2. The Des Moines Register is left leaning in its editorial policy and has been for many years. This does not mean they are fools.
3. They endorsed McCain and Clinton in the primaries,, both reasonable choices, so far no fools they.
4. Like so many others who seem to think Obama hung the moon, I now consider them fools.
5. I do not make this accusation lightly.
6. I consider you to be acting foolish because you are for Obama. Acting foolish means you are a fool.

Here is why:


"I am new enough on the national political scene that I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views. As such, I am bound to disappoint some, if not all, of them."

What would you call the high school girl who gets a date with the big man on campus, who then uses her naivety to get what he wants before he dumps her? I would call that girl a fool. She projects on the BMOC what she wants to think without regard to who he really is or what he really wants.

This is called a foolish infatuation and goes well down the road to explain Obama's appeal.

Obama talks real pretty with generalities like "Change you can believe in," and other rhetorical drivel that Axelrod dreamed up for him; Obama knows it is drivel by his own words. I call that being a charlatan. He knows exactly what he is doing and why. He understands the forces of infatuation that drive votes for him. And he knows that after he moves on to higher and higher office, he will leave behind disappointment.

And he does it anyway.

It is my belief that based on the evidence, primarily what he says, Obama is a typical, self-serving politician, as molded in the Chicago cess pool of politics and schooled to appeal to the emotions of those who haven't a clue what he really stands for; namely himself.

Say what you will about McCain and obviously he is not perfect (nor is Obama), the one overriding attribute for John McCain is his personal integrity.

Based on his own words, you cannot claim the same for Obama except in your projected dreams. And just like the high school girl who wouldn't listen, I do not expect you to recognise the level and foolishness of your infatuation with a con artist.


Let's not forget, these are... (Below threshold)

Let's not forget, these are the same type of people that believe movies like "Stoploss" and their ilk tanking at the theaters amounts to "Censorship" (as opposed to the free market exerting it's will).

They have a VERY skewed view of just what the 1st amendment protects.

Odd, JFO, what I read in th... (Below threshold)

Odd, JFO, what I read in the DMR makes it clear that McCain was very much in control and never lost his temper. The DMR staff make that very point themselves.

And before you try, last I checked, Ottumwa is still part of Iowa.

Makes sense. He's already k... (Below threshold)

Makes sense. He's already kicked all reporters off the Straight Talk Express bus. Time to start on the plane.

Next, McCain will be gettin... (Below threshold)

Next, McCain will be getting local democrat prosecutors and sheriffs to threaten those that speak out against him.....Oh wait, already been done by his opponent. Time to call the evil RoeCheney for ideas.

JFO - "That's all we ne... (Below threshold)

JFO - "That's all we need - a rageaholic in the WH with his finger on the trigger"


We survived 8 years of finger-wagging in the public's face by YOUR ragaholic (not to mention a waggging "dinky" under the oval office desk).

Besides, to hear you guys (and I use the term very loosely) tell it McCain will drop dead as he takes the oath of office.

Then it's moose-meat in every pot and a snow machine in every garage. (to paraphrase Herbert Hoover) Then at minimum 4 more years of "THEY stole the election."

Did Marc post a reply here.... (Below threshold)
C. Benson:

Did Marc post a reply here.
Every time I try to read a post with his name on it all I get is a jpeg picture of a lower lip trembling.

We survived 8 years of f... (Below threshold)

We survived 8 years of finger-wagging in the public's face by YOUR ragaholic (not to mention a waggging "dinky" under the oval office desk).

Why do you assume that people opposed to the Bush Adminstration (and its continuation through John McCain)supported Bill Clinton? You might be surprised, just as the Clintons were earlier this year.

There is a twit named Ms. D... (Below threshold)

There is a twit named Ms. Dowd
Who fancies herself quite proud
But they kicked her fat ass
From McCain's plane with class
And drew an applause from the crowd

Hey Mrs. Dowd,Why ... (Below threshold)

Hey Mrs. Dowd,

Why don't you do your job like all of the other "journalists" at your paper: Sit by the fax machine and wait for the obama campaign to tell you what you think.

I mean really, you've just been saved from hangin' with a bunch of right wing neanderthals, shouldn't you be celebrating? Or is the end of free food and the prospect of being around males, who actually resemble men, that big of a loss in your life?

It's so sad to see Magnum k... (Below threshold)

It's so sad to see Magnum keep trying
To be witty with verse, but he's dying.
His cadence is wrong,
And would sink any song,
And besides that his prose is just lying!


there once was a guy named ... (Below threshold)

there once was a guy named brian,
who bored me to tears with his lyin',
Wait. Look. Is that humor?
Well, to amusement, he's just a rumor.
He continues to plod,(here's a joke) What a sod!
But his laugh is last, I must go now. It's the "truth squad"

It's no fun playing with yo... (Below threshold)

It's no fun playing with you when you don't even try.

jim2, I remember that littl... (Below threshold)

jim2, I remember that little back and forth between Tony and Helen Thomas. God rest his soul, he really knew how to handle the whack jobs.

What's so funny is no one - and I mean NO ONE - even tried to defend Dowd.

I would be so much happier ... (Below threshold)
kevin barry:

I would be so much happier if the next administration simply throws out the entire Washington Press Corps. The communications director can send out correct info anytime and from anywhere over the internet. We no longer need the layers of filters and editors to get accurate information from our government. The future is certainly not on television, it's on the computer. Getting rid of the White House Press Corps eliminates dozens of filth mongering "journalists" of the old school. These folks are dinosaurs, why feed them daily, and then have the networks criticize and despise the administration at every turn?
If the fear is so great in the Whte House that the internet is not sufficient by itself, then let the President or Vice President read the news every night, over the internet, at exactly 6:30 EST. Confront the lying hyenas of the mainstream media at the very time they come to do their worst.
But to bottom line it, eleiminate the Washington elitist, liberal White House Press Corps and fumigate the room after they've left.






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