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Pre-debate Mood Setter

The picture above was taken by a high school friend of mine who visted Sarah Palin's parents, the Heaths, on a recent visit back to Alaska. My friend described this as a collection in the Heath's yard made of moose and caribou antlers they've found in the woods over the years. I saw a brief clip of the collection above in an excerpt of the recent interview Charlie Smith did with Palin's parents. My caption is rather dry and boring. I'd love to hear some suggestions for an alternate one.

Crossposted at the Palin Lipstick Brigade.


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Comments (24)

How appropos.....Sarah does... (Below threshold)

How appropos.....Sarah does make me a bit horny....

My first thought was this l... (Below threshold)

My first thought was this looked like a Hellraiser version of Santa's sleigh: "Come on board! We have such sights to show you!"

"Hey, those antlers have ha... (Below threshold)

"Hey, those antlers have hair plugs"

Oh, sorry. I thought this was the Caption Contest.

Hairplugs! I know I should... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Hairplugs! I know I should have, but I didn't see that one coming.

Craig Ferguson had a really... (Below threshold)
George Author Profile Page:

Craig Ferguson had a really funny skit last night
where he dreamed he was the moderator for the
vice presidential debate.

Ferguson is sitting at a desk and dressed in a
glitter jacket. He flirts with Gov. Sarah Palin
and she flirts right back and even shows more
cleavage for him and her black bra. Gov. Biden
is completely ignored; he isn't even introduced.
After a lot of back and forth between Ferguson
and Palin, Biden complains that he hasn't even
been asked a question.

Ferguson responds, "OK. Will you referee
a pillow fight between me and Gov. Palin?"
as he pulls out two pillows.

The pillow fight starts and Biden complains
again. Ferguson, recalling this is a dream,
says, "You can be in my dream. I never
dream about guys!"

Biden responds, "Oh yeah!? Then why am
I wearing a thong?" He steps out from
behind the podium and reveals that he
is wearing a thong.

Too funny.

How about..the vultures dec... (Below threshold)

How about..the vultures decend.

Correction: "Gov. Biden" sh... (Below threshold)
George Author Profile Page:

Correction: "Gov. Biden" should be replaced with "Sen. Biden."

With the expected success o... (Below threshold)

With the expected success of the Minnesota Vikings this year, the local hat manufacturers increased their inventories in anticipation. But after the team's slow start, many of them were left with a "thorny" dilemna...

NICE RACK! ww... (Below threshold)


The moose thought they had ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

The moose thought they had numbers on their side too ...

<a href="http://carlosechev... (Below threshold)


Uncle Joe Bin Biden, D-Tehran, is going down...Sarahcuda will unleash the Pitbull tonight....

That pile would look even n... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

That pile would look even nicer with Biden's nuts dangling from one of the antelers.

Now when Sarah tells Biden ... (Below threshold)

Now when Sarah tells Biden to sit and spin, she can tell him exactly where to do that.

Let me guess, A Pyra... (Below threshold)

Let me guess,
A Pyramid of the "Skulls of People who Pissed me off in Life" was over the top.

A Chris-Moose-tree... (Below threshold)

A Chris-Moose-tree

They estimated me too.... (Below threshold)

They estimated me too.

The results of the recent I... (Below threshold)

The results of the recent IRS audit at the local Elk Lodge...

The Bullwinkle Family Tree<... (Below threshold)

The Bullwinkle Family Tree

Scene from the show "Where ... (Below threshold)

Scene from the show "Where Are They Now: The Northern Exposure Moose"...

Obamoose... (Below threshold)
rodney dill:


What happens even if you ha... (Below threshold)

What happens even if you have a ten point galluping lead....

The Palins' "Christmas Tree... (Below threshold)

The Palins' "Christmas Tree:" The reason Santa no longer makes stops in Wasilla.

"The landscape is littered ... (Below threshold)

"The landscape is littered with the bodies of those who crossed Sarah." -- Dave Dittman, Republican pollster.

So that's what an Alaskan C... (Below threshold)
Robert Patrick Moscato:

So that's what an Alaskan Christmas Tree looks like. Where are the string of lights??






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