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Senator Ted Stevens trial comes to abrupt halt

There could be a mistrial in the works. From AP-

The corruption trial of Sen. Ted Stevens has been thrown into disarray by a defense demand for a mistrial.

Judge Emmet Sullivan sent the jury home for the day on Thursday after the veteran Alaska lawmaker's lawyers claimed prosecutors withheld evidence that would help their defense.

The judge lashed out at prosecutors, asking them, "Why shouldn't I dismiss the indictment?" He said he would hear arguments about the issue later Thursday.

Prosecutors said it was an honest mistake when they waited until late Wednesday night to turn over FBI reports about interviews with the government's star witness, oil pipeline contractor Bill Allen.

The Anchorage Daily News has Judge Sullivan sounding more annoyed than the AP report.

Infuriated, U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan said he found it "unbelievable."

"It strikes me this is probably intentional," he said. "This is the government's chief witness!"

I pretty much agree with Don Surber who writes- "He's a crook and he belongs there but he is first entitled to a fair trial by an impartial jury of his peers.

And prosecutors are supposed to play by the rules."

Because of Stevens corruption, a safe Republican Senate seat could be lost this November. When you throw in Senate races in VA, NH, and a few other states, the GOP is in for some serious bloodletting.


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Comments (5)

Steven's is guilty as hell.... (Below threshold)

Steven's is guilty as hell. So was Bill Ayers. Once again, some smart-ass decided the end justified the means, and the case will get tossed.

Of course Democrats will have "nuance". There being a difference between plain corruption/money and trying to KILL people.

Bill, you shock me into thi... (Below threshold)
Patrick Foster:

Bill, you shock me into thinking you're one of those armchair jurists who believe "if he was arrested, he must be guilty". The fact that Bill Allen told FBI investigators early on that Stevens would likely have paid for the work if he had been invoiced, along with Stevens' own legal statements that he believed he paid for whatever work was done - since there were original invoices, seems to distract you. The bottom line in this case is Allen is still trying to keep himself an his son out of jail by rolling over on anybody he could. He's the crook here, admittedly so, and should spend the rest of his days behind bars.

I look at it this way. It'... (Below threshold)

I look at it this way. It's like a drug pusher. He gets charged with selling crack to someone. We all know it, everyone knows it, he's been doing it for years. He's a drug pusher. But this one time they think they finally got the goods on him, and they might turn out to be wrong, on some technicality like "plausible deniability", and he gets off.

Does that mean he's not a drug pusher?

Ted Stevens is entrenched in the network. We all know it, everyone knows it, he's been doing it for years.

Yeah, looks like they screwed this one up and he might get a mistrial. Damn shame too.

my dad said over 40 years a... (Below threshold)

my dad said over 40 years ago that ted was an honest man and smart..i will believe that and vote for him because we all should be innocent until proven guilty..and prosecution tried to cheat more than once.

According to the last remod... (Below threshold)

According to the last remodeling contractor, Paone, Stevens overpaid what the remodeling should have cost by 10% to 20%. Can't help it if VECO was both incompetent and crooked. If there is a legal problem with Stevens, the prosecution's case for the house remodel hasn't made it. However, the prosecution appears to be quilty of seriously misleading statements, like "not one penny" when Stevens shelled out $160,000. Personally, DoJ's opinions don't seem worth a farthing.






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