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The Obama Channel

I didn't see Michelle Malkin's post on this until just now, but my friend Lorie (yes, spelled just like my name) called this morning to tell me her son had discovered the Obama channel this morning and alerted her to it. She called a friend and asked her to tune into it and then called Dish to complain. The woman who answered the phone said Obama's campaign had paid for the channel and asked Lorie if she would have a problem with the channel if it was the John McCain channel. Lorie then asked her if she was going to need to talk to her supervisor. Listening to her tell the story was funny as heck, but the thought of the Obama mind control squad programming children and satellite channels and heaven only knows what else is scary. I mean jackboot thug scary.


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Don't see what the problem ... (Below threshold)

Don't see what the problem is. The Obamassiah has:
1) His own religion
2) His own temple
3) His own coinage
4) A book coming out on his coronation day
5) His own 'Youth Corps'
6) His own internet web sites

So he owns his own Dish TV ... (Below threshold)

So he owns his own Dish TV channel, but...but...he's supposed to be like one of us.

Yeah, if McCain had done it first they'd be saying McCain is so rich to own his own TV channel, he's so out of touch with the American people.

Eh, let him have his channel.

Suddenly the song "57 ch... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Suddenly the song "57 channels and there's nothing on" is playing in my head.

Actually, I'm surprised it'... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Actually, I'm surprised it's not pay-per-view.

not really sure what the bi... (Below threshold)

not really sure what the big deal is on this one. even malkin just sort of notes it. they let people have their own channel if they want, obama's wants, the end. it seems a little odd that they can just add stuff without telling you, but I don't have the dish so I don't know how it works...what if larry flynt wanted to buy up a couple channels, would they do that without letting you opt out first?

that said - why exactly does he need another network to provide fawning feeds of him when he already has CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, and PBS?

still - can't you picture some of his supporters (the ones hosting MorOn.org events for him for example) sitting glued to their sets watching it? 'hun, did you forget to eat again? where are the kids?' 'o-ba-ma-o-ba-ma'

I only wonder what the cost... (Below threshold)

I only wonder what the cost is, and who is paying it. Where does it fall for campaign finance rules?

At least Obama is paying fo... (Below threshold)

At least Obama is paying for it. He's getting all the other networks for free.

Can't you just put a "kiddi... (Below threshold)

Can't you just put a "kiddie-blocker" on it? I mean, it's not really suitable programming for everyone, is it?

It's funny you say "mind co... (Below threshold)

It's funny you say "mind control", Lorie, because that's just what I thought when I read this letter from a friend working in TV news:


It sounds like living in a cult atmosphere. On the bright side, those who haven't drunk the Kool-Aid and have never been exposed to this side of liberalism are finally starting to appreciate what conservatives have been saying all along. You can't be as blatantly biased as this and not have some backlash. It will be big, I just hope it comes in time.

What about a Crap Channel. ... (Below threshold)

What about a Crap Channel. Or a Bullshit Chanel?

Just a 2 minute endless loop of a big old bull taking a massive shit.

Same thing.






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