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Virginia Teachers Union Tells Teachers to Wear Obama-Blue

Yes, our public schools have become less about teaching our kids math, reading, writing, science, and history and more about subtle and nuanced liberal indoctrination and brainwashing. From Fox News:

Virginia Republicans are in an uproar after the state teacher's union sent an e-mail to its members encouraging them to wear blue-colored shirts to school to show their support for Barack Obama.

State Republicans are calling it an undisguised attempt to influence students' political views.

The Virginia Education Association sponsored "Obama Blue Day" on Tuesday. In an e-mail sent last week, it urged teachers to participate by dressing in blue.

"There are people out there not yet registered. You teach some of them," the Sept. 25 e-mail reads. "Others, including our members, remain on the fence! Its time for us to come together, voice our unity, because we make a difference!"

"Let's make Obama Blue Day a day of Action!" the e-mail continues. "Barack the vote!"

The president of the VEA issued a statement to Fox defending her email, saying that no one was being instructed to wear anything with Obama's name on it so the "invitation" to wear blue was harmless:

In a statement released to FOXNews.com Thursday, VEA President Kitty Boitnott defended the e-mail, saying that it called for teachers to wear blue shirts, but not ones that mentioned a candidate.

The invitation was not intended to "encourage teachers to use their classrooms for partisan political purposes," Boitnott said.

"The e-mail did not encourage teachers to talk with students about voting for any specific candidate, although it did suggest that teachers can encourage eligible students to register to vote. There certainly is nothing wrong with encouraging students who are 18 years of age or older to register to vote."

What a crock. Surely the kids in Virginia's middle and high schools would have noticed that many of the teachers were wearing blue on one particular day piquing their curiosity, which would naturally open the door for the teacher to discuss his or her support for Obama. But let's keep this in mind, too. Not every teacher is a card carrying Democrat. How does this not make them feel intimidated? I'd like to see some rogue Republican teachers decide to have their own "McCain Red day." Would the Obama supporting teachers union feel open and accepting of opposing political colors being worn around school in front of their faces? The obvious answer: no.


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And if I were a teacher and... (Below threshold)

And if I were a teacher and member of their union and came to class wearing a YELLOW shirt adorned with the image of a cows stomach what would happen?

I don't mind telling you th... (Below threshold)

I don't mind telling you that I'm slowly becoming less concerned about an Obama presidency than I am about his "followers". This whole phenomenon has truly become cult-like behavior. And they're so confident in it, they're shocked when someone calls them on it.

And these people have been harping on anyone right of center for eight years, calling them sheep? Wow.

Would the Obama supporting ... (Below threshold)

Would the Obama supporting teachers union feel open and accepting of opposing political colors being worn around school in front of their faces?

Sure they would. Democrats embrace "diversity". Just make sure your shirt is BLUE.

If we had a governor with a... (Below threshold)

If we had a governor with a brain he would cancel the state contract with the failed teachers union. Every failed school in the state is ran by the teachers union, a few which are not are good schools.

We do have a good attorney general, maybe he'll earn his salary and open an investigation into the teachers union nazi tactics and force the general assembly to take action. I would love to see every teacher who is a member of the nazi inspired union fired without benefits.

Priceless. You all went to... (Below threshold)

Priceless. You all went to high school. Would you really be unduly influenced by a teacher dork enough to wear a blue Obama shirt? McCain should pay them.

Webster:Obviously be... (Below threshold)

Obviously been awhile since you were in high school. Teachers are the student's "pals" now, not their instructors. In reading the news over the last couple of years, some teachers are more than "pals".

GarandFan,Dang, I've... (Below threshold)

Dang, I've been outted for the grizzled character I am. Still, there's what I say to the teacher to get what I want, and then there's what I actually do. I had a "pal" teacher too. What a clown he was.

There are teachers t... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

There are teachers that would admit to being "republicans"? I don't think so.

DJ knows his stuff. He was ... (Below threshold)
political junkie:

DJ knows his stuff. He was right on in 2004, under similiar circumstances. He could do this full time if he wanted, he's that good, rather than just as a "hobby." Thanks for your perspective!

At the beginning of the sch... (Below threshold)
just me:

At the beginning of the school year, I had the joy of being required to attend a staff meeting where the union was invited to speak at the beginning.

The general tone of the speaches (there were three of them representing different levels of the union in the state) was: "Republicans are bad, Bush is evil, Bush doesn't care about you, republicans don't care about you, Obama is wonderful, democrats are wonderful, Republicans are bad, republicans are evil, Obama is great, support the union oh and members from either party are welcome, Obama is great, repbulicans are evil, but hey we want republicans to join us"

My translation was "Obama is great, republicans are evil, but we want members of all parties to join the union, and give us some money so we can support Obama."

I was extremely angry when I left that staff meeting.

What Oyster said.T... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

What Oyster said.

These cultists are well organized and have their bases covered. Any debate is shut down or ignored to the point of Obama's questionable ties to domestic terrorists and his own involvement in the Fannie Mae fiasco getting swept under the rug while Sarah Palin is mercilessly mocked for every made-up thing under the sun.

Now with the "dear leader" videos, the "truth squads", the threatening of radio and tv stations about airing ads critical of Obama, I can't believe I'm actually alive to witness it.

It doesn't bother me that the whole thing seems ridiculous to those with just a very small interest in the political game... It bothers me that an army of these thoughtless drones may decide the fate of our nation.

Oyster's right. Some of hi... (Below threshold)

Oyster's right. Some of his followers are absolutely nuts.

Here in NJ they are more su... (Below threshold)

Here in NJ they are more subtle.

My 8 year came home and asked "Daddy who are you voting for? I replied McCain. She responded why? Maybe you should vote for Obama, because he would be the first African-American President.. At which point my son who is in 9 also piped in that I really should consider voting for Obama.

At which point I asked them please let me know where McCain and Obama stands on the issues. They then said they did not talk about issues just that Obama could be first African American president. I then explained if you make up your mind based only on the color of someone's skin then you're a racists. You need to judge someone on content of character not skin color or sex. They have been many bad leaders all over the world some men, some women, and all different races. You need to know what they stand for.

So I wonder how long till I get a note from my kids Political Officers, ops I mean teachers.

These teachers are American... (Below threshold)

These teachers are American citizens watching the economy tank and their 401ks dry up.

They have a stark choice between a politician who will support them, and a politician who will destroy them.

They have a first amendment right to wear whatever color shirt they want.

They do remind me Tom Cruis... (Below threshold)

They do remind me Tom Cruise defending/promoting Scientology.


Ryan -"They have a... (Below threshold)

Ryan -

"They have a stark choice between a politician who will support them, and a politician who will destroy them."

And the damn shame is that they're one and the same person. Obama's not got the executive capability to run a 7/11 at a profit, much less the US.

But they'll do what the union tells them to - otherwise they'll be in deep trouble. So they'll cut their own throats, and smile while doing so.

"They have a first amend... (Below threshold)

"They have a first amendment right to wear whatever color shirt they want."

And we have a first amendment right to say they're mindless drone-like idiots. So what's your point?

Obama will not support them. He will support their union which has more of a vested interest in perpetuating its own existence and relevance than anything. Obama will not support the children. He will support the unions that feed his propaganda to its teachers who will in turn train the children to urge their parents to vote for Obama.

All things point to Obama. And you're fine with it. And here all this time your type have been telling us that dissent was patriotic. Still believe in that? Or is it just YOUR dissent that's patriotic?

My 7 year old granddaughter... (Below threshold)

My 7 year old granddaughter was in the car with me the other day when I had the radio on. She heard the name "Obama" and said, "I keep hearing Obama, Obama, Obama. Who's that?" I said, "He's running for President, honey. Have you heard the name McCain?" She said, "No. Who's Cain?".

Let's see. We've had 8 year... (Below threshold)

Let's see. We've had 8 years of a president who's ruined our economy, ruined our standing around the world(and YES this is important. Our go it alone attitude is what has left us paying 10 billion a month in Iraq, with normally moderate muslims, and educated people everywhere laughing at us for having such a simpleton president)

It's time we did have a change, and Mccain is not that change. Go to BarackObama.com to get his real policy positions and not what the "conservative media" is pushing down your throats. Yes, it's ridiculous for teachers to be coerced into wearing the same color shirt. Bush's Education policy has left it grossly unfunded and Mccain has promised to have a spending freeze, which will include education. Fiscal conservatives love the spending freeze, and then wonder why we've got a country full of uneducated kids. Let's restore our country to it's best days. Vote Obama-Biden 08'

Oyster, the reason your dau... (Below threshold)

Oyster, the reason your daughter has heard Obama's name so often is simple. He's got many more advertisements and more people prefer him to Mccain. Obama has raised more money than ever in history from more individual donors in history. The special interests have seen their days numbered and are leading you all on this site through mis-information, obfuscation and red-herrings and avoiding the issues. This time the People will have their say, and Obama is going to pay back his donors, the people.

In the first debate, Mccain... (Below threshold)

In the first debate, Mccain said he would have a spending freeze, which I think wasn't thought out very well. Whoever said Obama wouldn't do anything for the students needs to look at what Mccain will do with that spending freeze. He said during his freeze he would only fund defense, and entitlements. By definition, that ignores education....

"It doesn't bother me that ... (Below threshold)

"It doesn't bother me that the whole thing seems ridiculous to those with just a very small interest in the political game... It bothers me that an army of these thoughtless drones may decide the fate of our nation."

You know, it's funny, I was thinking that same thing as it relates to those that support Mccain. I don't think you can name a single issue where Mccain has got a better idea in this campaign. It bothers ME that those "drones" who blindly follow what the high school drop-out Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and company say could decide the fate of this country. Time to get back to respect for education. Do we really want someone who is like "joe six pack" to be president?

Go watch the movie "idiocracy" and tell me what you think?

0bamology, has a ring to it... (Below threshold)
steve m:

0bamology, has a ring to it.

Obama's "grassroots campaig... (Below threshold)

Obama's "grassroots campaign" has been targeting our children for well over a year and this is just one MORE example. In my state I've heard of numerous reports of students being REQUIRED to register to vote as part of a class assignment. And don't forget how one Obama supporter - Mayor Clay (of Gary, Indiana) used taxpayer funded school buses to bring students to the voter booths during the primaries.






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