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An American Carol opens today -- support conservative films and go see it!

This movie will be hilarious:

Make sure you go check it out. In Hollywood, being openly right-wing is something you just don't see. It's considered a career killer. And all we see are films with a liberal bias, bashing America, bashing our military, bashing American traditions and values. Hollywood just loves to hate America. They also tend to side with terrorists.

And here we have filmmakers sticking their neck out, taking a gigantic risk with their careers to bring us a movie that finally represents conservative values. We all need to go see this movie and make sure it was worth the risk they took. I know I'll be seeing it this weekend. You should be, too. Let's get this movie to number one in the box office.


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If it's funny I'll go. If i... (Below threshold)

If it's funny I'll go. If it's stupid I won't. Look for others to further your propagandism.

I am there. Just the clips ... (Below threshold)

I am there. Just the clips crack me up. ww

Wankle Malloy! LOL!... (Below threshold)

Wankle Malloy! LOL!

Darn right we're gonna go s... (Below threshold)

Darn right we're gonna go see it!!

Sunday afternoon matinee!

Laughing at Michael Moore's expense? What's not to like?

I made an analysis of this ... (Below threshold)

I made an analysis of this film and also conspiracy filmmaker Oliver Stone's W film as well earlier this week.

Where producer/director David Zucker really fell far short in this film was by attempting to make a political jab that wasn't even good satire rather than making a more general audience film like the highly successful AIRPLANE! or the Leslie Nielsen NAKED GUN films. That sounds like a real good way to risk millions of dollars in producing a movie.

Apparently film critics were not allowed to preview this film ahead of release like most good films which is a sure bad sign of a real box office stinker. Good films want reviewers to see their films to write good reviews to pack their theatres. And word is that actor Kevin Farley, who is the younger and far less talented brother of comic great Chris Farley, only brought his great obesity to the Michael Moorelike role and little else.

Satire really works best when it is at least based on some reality. The real Michael Moore is largely a consumer advocate fighting corruption in corporate America, the health care system like big HMOs and other areas of corporate greed and public abuse. Instead Zucker's film is merely a personality smear characterizing the Michael Moorelike character in the film as being both antiAmerican and against the Fourth Of July. If this wasn't comedy with a far wider constitutional protection against lawsuits than mere drama, Zucker would likely find himself in court for libel over such an outrageous personal smear attack.

Zucker was also the genius to feature O.J. Simpson in some of his films, which I think also speaks volumes about his judgment as well.

But there's probably a few good sight gags and laughs in this film at best. When the film is available in the one dollar DVD machine at SAFEWAY, I'll pay at least that much to see it. But at least one movie reviewer has urged the public to save their $7 movie theatre money calling this film, "Easily one of the worst films of the year" over at Rotten Tomatoes.

Zucker is hardly the filmmaker to make a serious statement in favor of conservatives. His lightweight films are usually little more than just some thin premise to hang a few of jokes and sight gags on, like this film here.

Hooson the windbag hates it... (Below threshold)

Hooson the windbag hates it. Sounds like a ringing endorsement to me!

I made an analysis of th... (Below threshold)

I made an analysis of this film and also conspiracy filmmaker Oliver Stone's W film as well earlier this week.

Unfortunately nobody can comment on any of your entries, Paul, as 3/4's of humanity has been banned.

And how do you make an analysis of a film that's been "out" but a scant few hours?

Wait a minute, I know! You're REALLY Roger Ebert, aren't you???? I knew it!!!

If the movie were playing a... (Below threshold)

If the movie were playing anywhere near me I'd go see it. As it is, I doubt it's even being shown in the state of Maine.

Unfortunately nobo... (Below threshold)
Unfortunately nobody can comment on any of your entries, Paul, as 3/4's of humanity has been banned.

That's even funnier than "Wankle Malloy"! Yes, this movie is a must see. I don't think I have seen Kevin Farley in any other movies, he's almost the spitting image of his older brother.

Wow, I just found a theater... (Below threshold)

Wow, I just found a theater near me showing it! I'll definitely be going this weekend!

I'm there!Go see t... (Below threshold)

I'm there!

Go see the 10 minute clip on www.moviefone.com
I laughed my beehind off.


Poor Paul. He must be one ... (Below threshold)

Poor Paul. He must be one miserable guy. Paul would make a great substitute for the pitiful Alan Colmes. Both are so weak it's laughable.

Saw it this afternoon. Fun... (Below threshold)

Saw it this afternoon. Funny, yeah, but not on the same level as the original Airplane or the 1st Naked Gun. The constant repetitious America bashing, even from the usual idiots (Rosie is there) gets tiresome. Some of the humor is over the top, but no more so than what we'd really like to do to ACLU attorneys from time to time.

I'd support it for not other reason that to have it make more money that any of the 'trash America' films that have come out in the last couple of years (those are mentioned in the film). One note: Oliver Stone's "W" trailer makes it look like it's "historical" and one you'd want to go see. Everyone who's knowledgable knows it's a 'trash W' film.

If you really want to see a... (Below threshold)

If you really want to see a positive conservative "values" film that is really entertaining, take your opposite sex (or even same sex) other to see "fireproof" an excellent film. As someone who is not religious, I enjoyed this funny and insightfull film about marriage with religious overtones. I'm a 'guy film' type guy who enjoyed it very much.

people watch michael moore ... (Below threshold)

people watch michael moore films because he is documenting something of interest to people. Michael Moore as a figure is of no interest to anyone, so I cant see how many people would waste their time on this. here is a hint for conservatives trying to make a film:

write about a subject people are interested in.

I made an analysis of th... (Below threshold)

I made an analysis of this film...earlier this week

So, you already said all that crap? And then you subjected us to it again? So, stop me if you've heard this one...

billy: "here is a hint f... (Below threshold)

billy: "here is a hint for conservatives trying to make a film:
write about a subject people are interested in

Let's see how the movie does this weekend...eh?

and NOW, let's turn your advice around!
FACT...every single stinking anti-war film that Hollywood has pumped out this year has been a DISMAL FAILURE! After each DISMAL FAILURE the studio executives proclaim: "The American public just isn't ready for films about the Iraq war"

Here is a hint for LEFTISTS trying to make a film that people will actually SEE:

write a FAIR movie about our American military, that displays the bravery of our men & women instead of portraying them as murderous vermin!

Not sure if I plan to see i... (Below threshold)
James H:

Not sure if I plan to see it. My real problem is that political comedy isn't that funny when it comes with a partisan agenda.

billy:How about a ... (Below threshold)


How about a movie about this:

You should be wary of that on this blog. I have noted alot of libelous
statements about obama raising taxes or being a muslim. This is the first
place we will come when we bring the hammer down on you.

The problem with this movie... (Below threshold)

The problem with this movie is it's unfunny. It's really kind of bad. I so totally want to support the movement, but this is not a good movie by *any* measure*.

I want to see it just becau... (Below threshold)

I want to see it just because it has Kelsey Grammar and James Woods in it. Those guys are full of win.

Moore made his bones with "... (Below threshold)

Moore made his bones with "Rodger and Me" in 1989. He was hitting hard on GM CEO Rodger Smith and how Smith had screwed Flint, Michigan (according to Michael). Michael claims to be for the worker, but he had no problem when he was filming on a shoe-string budget and told his 'employees' they weren't getting union scale. Just another case of liberal nuance. Mikey also doesn't believe in profit sharing. There came a point in Rodger that, legally, Moore could have been accused of stalking Smith (but I don't think the crime was on the books at that time).

I think Mikey might be more at home in Cuba. Not among the workers, among the rulers.

mom and dad called tonight,... (Below threshold)

mom and dad called tonight, they had seen the movie as the love a few of the actors. They said they hooted the whole time and advise the wife and to see it - which we will on Saturday . Gotta see "Michael Moore" get slapped around, over and over and over again

This is not a high brow mov... (Below threshold)

This is not a high brow movie. It wasn't as funny as I wanted it (there was plenty more room for puns, double-entendres and sight gags that I did not see) but it was still fun. I saw it in a college town in a REAL blue state. There were maybe 60 folks there. I suspect it won't run for long but will have fair DVD sales at just about every BX/PX overseas. Micheal Moore and Rosie take real big hits, but there are jabs at just about everyone who deserved it but Obama and Joe. That would have made it funnier. Or at least Paul H. I kept looking for a vegetarian strip joint joke, or one about scooters, but the closest it came to that was a terrorist suicide bomber coasting downhill on a rickety bike.

BTW, John Voight does a gre... (Below threshold)

BTW, John Voight does a great George Washington. George C Scott is probably turning over in his grave over Kelsey Grammer.

I think there may be a vide... (Below threshold)

I think there may be a video game in this for Dennis Hopper and the ACLU.

Hooson the windbag hates... (Below threshold)

Hooson the windbag hates it. Sounds like a ringing endorsement to me!

This just shows what a nasty bunch the far right are.

jmc: "This just shows wh... (Below threshold)

jmc: "This just shows what a nasty bunch the far right are."

Oh please...go back to the DailyKos sewer and be reminded what true nastiness is. Nastiness that long since crossed the border into EVIL.

This was a funny movie and ... (Below threshold)

This was a funny movie and touching in parts. I hope Paris Hilton's film career doesn't suffer, although I suppose her next boyfreind can shoot another documentary. ACLU zombies probably my favorite part.

A friend told me to go and ... (Below threshold)

A friend told me to go and see it tonight as he laughed all the way through in a packed theatre.

So I went and left after about 45 minutes.

Of course, it's been raining here in Seattle for awhile now and i'm rather depressed. Maybe my mood dampened my spirits?

Whatever the reason, I thought the movie was unfunny and uninteresting. The guy who played Michael Malone (The Michael Moore Character) was just a horrible actor. He had the same expression on his face the entire 45 minutes I watched.


Zucker was also the geni... (Below threshold)

Zucker was also the genius to feature O.J. Simpson in some of his films, which I think also speaks volumes about his judgment as well.

That has got to be one of the most stupid statements ... well, maybe not as stupid as Biden's alternate history hallucinations .. but close.

The "Naked Gun" pics were all filmed prior to OJ murdering Nicole and Ron.

I went and saw it this afte... (Below threshold)

I went and saw it this afternoon. It's OK.

IMO... they worked too hard at the political side of things at the expense of the humor. Kinda like profanity in comedy... it's funny when used appropriately but not many people want to hear swearing for the sake of swearing.

It's worth going to see for the "water cooler" value but it's not up to the Airplane or Naked Gun comedy levels.

I don't actually go to the ... (Below threshold)

I don't actually go to the theater to see many movies. But I'll definitely rent this one. Any time Moore is viewed in his proper role (that of the the over-inflated bag of feces he is) is time well spent, as far as I'm concerned.

Hmmm. I wonder - exactly h... (Below threshold)

Hmmm. I wonder - exactly how many willing to comment on the flick actually, you know, saw it...

Anyway - before comparing AAC to Airplane, go rent/buy Airplane. There are plenty of "thin" segments...

It's funny. LOL funny, at times. OMG, did he really do/say that funny (Mexicans in Afg???).

There is a good deal of commentary, true - that either works for you or not. I appreciated most of it.

It's a quick film (barely over 1 hr running time), and some of the lines get buried under laugh lines (that's OK).

Is it worth the $$? Yes. Go see it.


PS - I was surprised to see the "real" Paris Hilton in this, KG's "Patton" was better than I expected, and TMJV's "Father" Washington (I wonder how many got that reference) was incredible. That scene alone is worth the $$

I posted this for some frie... (Below threshold)
Eric F:

I posted this for some friends after seeing it last night, FWiW:

The movie was one-third to one-half full. About half of those seemed to be of the "silver" generation.
And I'm not quite sure how to review the movie.

The premise is a grandfather's story told to children about a man (Michael Malone) who wants to destroy the Fourth of July and is visited by three ghosts.
There were funny parts, but it's no Airplane or Naked Gun with ham in every scene. It has several very touching parts that help make the movie rise above our perception of a Zucker film.

I imagine I might find it very preachy, were I a liberal. It's entrenched firmly on the right, and is teaching a stand-in for Michael Moore, so what else are we to expect? It's actually an interesting look at so many of the conservative arguments rolled-up into one movie. Kelsey Grammer is an excellent General Patton. Jon Voight does George Washington very well. Kevin Farley is perfect as Michael Malone.

Both my wife and I were very touched at different parts. There are some very good tributes to the military and being American in general.
Plus, you get to see a stand-in for Michael Moore be often slapped. That alone may well be worth the price of admission.

I wish some things would have been treated more delicately. A line by Patton about our protection said to counter Malone's accusation of torture was cringeworthy and likely counterproductive.

My conundrum is that it's very ideological and from those I tend to shy away. Still, Hollywood makes movies spoofing subjects all the time. Like going into Airplane knowing we're going to get a spoof of disaster movies, we go into An American Carol understanding exactly what the subject of the humor is. At least this is called a comedy, unlike Michael Moore's own movies which are called "mockumentary: or "documentary" depending upon which audience -- or award -- is nearby.

I liked it, a mix of really... (Below threshold)

I liked it, a mix of really funny and not that funny however I must admit the slapstick film genre is not my favorite.

In addition to Voight, Grammar and Farley I thought Robert Davi also delivered a solid performance. I thought the scenes with radical Islamic Jihadists were quite funny, cudos to Zucker for going beyond simply 'durka, durka'; that alone took enormous guts not to self-censor or accomodate political-correctness.

Given that; I sensed that Zucker did not make the movie for politcal partisan reasons or for entertainment purposes. I think he made this movie all for the one scene with Jon Voight as George Washington. When you see it you'll know what I mean.

I just don't buy the Hollyw... (Below threshold)

I just don't buy the Hollywood liberal bias premise. Before being lefty elitists the gang in Hollywood are big time businessmen. If there were money to be made making "conservative values" films there would be plenty of "conservative values" films made. The fact that there aren't too many of these films leads me to believe such films don't make any money.

Even accepting your premise that Hollywood is biased then why isn't someone else making "conservative values" films? If there truly is an unsupplied demand for these type of movies then someone with enough money to invest would be able to tap into that unsupplied demand and make a ton of money. The fact that this hasn't happened leads me to believe that "conservative values" films just don't make any money.

Blue, the business in holly... (Below threshold)

Blue, the business in hollywood is to land an "A" star talend. Say Merle Streep. But she says, yes I will make this film for you IF after that you make THIS film which slams our CIA. The business man or woman take the deal because the first film will make more money all together to absorb the known loss of the second. So, you are half right. The leftests want to make films about the evil right so they use their star status to do it. So, hollywood is indeed leftest.

For the movie, Paul Hooson again says in 30 paragraphs what could be said in one sentence. IT helps the right so I won't go. ww

BN...You're kidding,... (Below threshold)

You're kidding, right? or just short on coffee this AM.

Syn, I strongly agree with your last paragraph. I doubt that's the last time we see Voight as Washington. Powerful stuff.


It isn't showing at the the... (Below threshold)
just me:

It isn't showing at the theatre in my town. If it comes here I will go-if for no other reason than to spite the big, fat, and needs a bath Michael Moore.

I didn't have time to go, s... (Below threshold)

I didn't have time to go, so I stopped by the theatre and bought two tickets. Want to annoy the hell out of the left??!! Make this movie a big money winner. If it flops it will be story #1 on every media outlet. I am more than happy to donate 16.00 to piss off the left.

"I just don't buy the Holly... (Below threshold)

"I just don't buy the Hollywood liberal bias premise. Before being lefty elitists the gang in Hollywood are big time businessmen.'

Actually in today's Hollywood it's the reverse 'before being businessmen the gang in Hollywood are big time lefty elitists'; the elitists already have the money they made in Hollywood which then is pumped into other capitalistic ventures to make the money they need to make their propaganda movies.

If you understood how the industry's 'print and press' works you would understand why the market is severely restricted to a specific mindset that being, one defined by big time lefty elitists.

There is only so much print and press to go around and the elite leftists in Hollywood own this particular stage of the entertainment industry. If a film cannot get wide distribution and massive press then it is almost impossible to make a dent in opening box-office numbers.

For example, how do you think Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" became so notable? The reason is that it was afforded bloc-buster print and press which basically sucks-up all the space for anything else to be seen.

Further, most outside the industry have no idea how much stuff gets buried by Hollywood elites, they buy up good scripts they don't want produced and then hide them away forever.

Hollywood is no longer about show business, it's about control business.

Wild Willie & syn,... (Below threshold)

Wild Willie & syn,

Most of the Hollywood Studios (Sony, Disney, Universal, Twentieth Century Fox) are owned by publicly traded companies. If the studios are guilty of what you accuse them of then there is a lot of money to be made making liberal/elitist slanted films. So much so that they can ignore making "conservative values" films. Maybe that is true. Fox News makes a lot of money being biased. Maybe the big, Hollywood studios are following a similar business plan. I doubt it, but I am no expert on Hollywood.

That still doesn't explain why "conservative values" movies aren't being made. If there is an unsupplied demand for these movies someone would be making them. Why isn't News Corp cashing in on this demand? As I said before they make a lot of $$ from Fox why doesn't News Corp get 20th Century Fox to make some of these "conservative values" movies? Why isn't there a "conservative values" Family Guy like cartoon on Fox Network?

My answer to those questions is there isn't a big market for "Conservative Values" movies. As a result these movies don't get made.

The Three Stooges Meets Fra... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

The Three Stooges Meets Frankenstein.

Darlene, In 1989, O.J. Simp... (Below threshold)

Darlene, In 1989, O.J. Simpson plead No Contest to a domestic violence charge against his wife Nicole Brown, yet David Zucker continued to hire O.J. Simpson for both the 1991 THE NAKED GUN 2 1/2: THE SMELL OF FEAR and the 1994 NAKED GUN 33 1/2: THE FINAL INSULT, filmed shortly before the 1994 gristly knife murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman. O.J. Simpson had established a reputation for violence and law breaking well before the violent 1994 murders took place, yet Zucker continued to hire O.J. instead of replacing him with a less controversial actor or at least not some violent domestic wife abuser.

By the way, conservative leaning actor James Woods is far better in the cancelled CBS series SHARK than this latest Zucker flop that's miles below either the NAKED GUN films or AIRPLANE! in quality. If you want to see James Wood at his best, either rent or buy the DVDs of SHARK. This was a great series that I really miss from the Fall schedule.

Conservative actors are just fine with me. I've always loved Charlton Heston, John Wayne. Buddy Ebsen, Bob Hope, Bruce Willis, and Dennis Hopper and many other conservative leaning actors very much and their films. Hopper's EASY RIDER had one of the greatest soundtracks of any film ever made and really helped to cement the careers of Steppenwolf and The Byrds. Buddy Ebsen was supposed to play the TIN MAN in the 1939 WIZARD OF OZ, but was allergic to the makeup so was replaced in the role, but continued to make films and TV favorites like THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES and BARNABY JONES late into his career because he was talented. Bob Hope worked into his 90's.

But, Kevin Farley is a no talent hack, by comparison, only cashing in on the greatness and last name of his older brother, Chris Farley, who brought so many great roles to SNL and some very funny films like TOMMY BOY to the movies. Other than his great obesity, Kevin Farley, really brings little to AN AMERICAN CAROL.

I also have a problem with the Micheal Moore character being characterized as antiAmerican in the film. Where did this personal slam on his patriotism come from anyway? The real Michael Moore is largely a left leaning consumer advocate whose films combat corporate greed or consumer abuses. There is nothing to indicate that he is antiAmerican like a Fidel Castro or a Hugo Chavez.

The film is largely just a parody vehicle of A CHRISTMAS CAROL for Zucker to hang a few jokes and sight gags on. That's probably fine for a few laughs. But that's the biggest problem with this film, the laughs are indeed few. This film might be the biggest comedy trainwreck since the David Niven-Woody Allen jumbled mess, CASINO ROYALE, of the 1960's which ruined this great Ian Fleming JAMES BOND novel for decades.

"Most of the Hollywood Stud... (Below threshold)

"Most of the Hollywood Studios (Sony, Disney, Universal, Twentieth Century Fox) are owned by publicly traded companies"

let's try this again....these studios will make money regardless of whether the movie is conservative or otherwise, they do so by controlling the print and press mechanism. There is only so much print and press available and when all that space is dominantly held for specific products made for a specific mindset then other products cannot complete. It will be very difficult for An American Carol to hit top opening-weekend box office if it only receives 1600 venues as opposed to twice or three times the number other movies will receive during that same time period. For example, the latest "Batman" movie took box-office command because it was shown in every theater across America whether small town or big city and not because it was some fantastic work of eye-candy art.

Here is another example from a different approach, Disney made a movie a couple of years ago called "Path to 9/11" yet Disney refuses to this day to release "Path to 9/11" on DVD; so the movie "Path to 9/11" received a two night showing yet it will never be seen again.

According to your theory one would think Disney would release the movie because it would make money for the studio and its investors, however this is not the case is it?

Certainly one would think Disney would do right by their shareholders, those whose investments allowed the movie to be made, and would release the movie onto DVD so that shareholders can make a return on their investment.

But they won't because Hollywood is not about show business, it's about control business.

Remember this, opening weekend box office or first-time prime time TV movies are just advertisment venues for the industry's real money-maker ie DVDs sold on a global market.

If the perception is that the movie is not a hit on opening weekend then the industry will not invest as much in manufacturing and distributing DVDs to a global market.

Where you go wrong is your assumption that these Hollwood Establishment studios (Sony, Disney, Universal, Twentieth Century Fox) direct their market for an American audience.

That said, have you ever wondered why Hollywood rarely does comedy other than slapstick? It is because comedy is very difficult to translate in a global market.

Most top actors these days are not hired because they're talented, they are hired based on their points (the number indicating notarity) indicated specifically A-list actor and B-list actor. For example, Tom Cruise is an A-list actor not because he knows how to act, he doesn't, but because he is known around the global and this is why he receives the big bucks.

Another example, Jon Voight is an actor's actor even though his point level is far below that of Angelina Jolie who is not an actor's actor; this is why she gets paid big buck and is afforded lots of exposure and he doesn't.

Hollywood is not about show business, it's about control business.

" The real Michael Moore is... (Below threshold)

" The real Michael Moore is largely a left leaning consumer advocate whose films combat corporate greed or consumer abuses. There is nothing to indicate that he is antiAmerican like a Fidel Castro or a Hugo Chavez."

Sure, if Michael Moore were such a fantastic consumer advocate combating corporate greed and comsumer abuses as you say then he would not have to employ Leni Riefenstahl's film tactics. This alone makes Michael Moore quite comparable to Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

Adrian, actually ABBOTT & C... (Below threshold)

Adrian, actually ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN was a really great film, and Boris Karloff was so sorry that he wasn't a part of it once it was such a big success that he starred in the the later ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE in order to satisfy him.

What made Karloff such an effective Frankenstein's Monster was not only Karloff's acting skills but also Karloff had unique looks and would remove a dental bridge from one side of his mouth, giving his face a sunken look on one side that added to the horrible appearance of the monster makeup. By 1931 standards, the first FRANKENSTEIN film was shocking and almost pornographically violent and decadent. For a Hollywood heavily censored by the Catholic Church, it was amazing the film was even allowed to be released.

Glen Strange played Frankenstein's Monster in several films, but most surprising of all, Bela Lugosi best known for his DRACULA films actually played the Frankenstein's Monster in the 1943 FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN.

By contrast most of The Stooges movies were not great like their 1930's to 50's short films. Many of The Three Stooges films were made around 1959 or later when they were getting old, but a big revival of their short films on TV took place. During the 1960's, The Three Stooges might have been more popular than ever because of television, but they were just too old to add much new great material to their older classic works. But cartoons and some weak films did manage to satisfy audiences somewhat. In recent years, some really good computer colorized versions of their short films were released that are quite good as alternate versions of their B&W classics.

This just shows wh... (Below threshold)
This just shows what a nasty bunch the far right are.

Don't be ridiculous. Check out the credits of one of the writers:

And if that doesn't do it for ya, just google 'wizbang posted by freedom fries' and you'll get a reality check about "nasty". Even the extreme right can't match DU and Kos in that category.

If Michael Moore was such a... (Below threshold)

If Michael Moore was such a consumer advocate, where is/was his film on the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac greed. Oh, dem's own that one. Paul, Moore is left "leaning" like Castro is. The man obviously hates the free market system, capitalism and our government, yet he makes so much money utilizing all. He is a greedy corporate entity also. ww

"I also have a problem w... (Below threshold)

"I also have a problem with the Micheal Moore character being characterized as antiAmerican in the film. Where did this personal slam on his patriotism come from anyway?"

Holy crap! How does one answer such an obtuse statement?

"I also have a pro... (Below threshold)
"I also have a problem with the Micheal Moore character being characterized as antiAmerican in the film. Where did this personal slam on his patriotism come from anyway?"
Um, the source of that fact based "slam" would be, the unbathed guy going by the name of michael moore.
I love how with the Party o... (Below threshold)

I love how with the Party of Personal Responsibility it's always someone else's fault. It's not showing anywhere so it must be librul conspuracy. Funny how you God, Guts & Glory hounds don't like the Free Market when it spits your crappy films out. But, no, really, go spend yur hard earned $ on a not-funny film. And buy another case of those flag lapel pins, too. I hear they're not doin' so gud.






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