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Blame it on Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Japan style. From the Mainchi Daily News-

A top official with the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) apparently attributed the failure of a 700-billion-dollar financial bailout bill in the U.S. House of Representatives to its speaker being a woman.

"The House speaker is a woman ... I feel the leadership is a bit different from that of a man. That's why it failed," Takashi Sasagawa, chairman of the LDP General Council, told reporters at the Diet on Tuesday.

Sasagawa's sexist remarks, which refer to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are expected to stir controversy.

Later the same day, Sasagawa defended his position as he met reporters in Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture. "It's not a gaffe at all. I just said, 'The House failed to pass the bill. The House speaker is a woman.' I never said that the House failed to clear the bill because its speaker is a woman."

If Sasagawa was speaking of some Japanese female politician, I'd expect an uproar. Seeing as it was one from the USA, any controversy to subside very quickly. At least Mr. Sasagawa didn't say Ms. Pelosi failed because she had one more hole. Please follow the link to see what I mean.

Hat tip- Japundit


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Comments (3)

He would have saved himself... (Below threshold)

He would have saved himself a little bit of trouble if he had just went ahead and substituted the term "Pelosi" for "woman".

Well, the Democrats have be... (Below threshold)

Well, the Democrats have been saying that we have to listen more to our traditional allies.
Maybe they might want to amend that that statement.

Hahaha. The link about "on... (Below threshold)

Hahaha. The link about "one more hole" is hilarious. I'm thinking that a guy with the name "Suk" ought to think twice before opening his own pie "hole".






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