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I, Nostradamus

A little over a week ago I was contacted by The Los Angeles Times for a comment about the upcoming debates. Several other prominent bloggers were quoted in advance of the first presidential debate. Here's my quote on the VP debate:

The VP debate will be another chance for Sarah Palin to connect with a large audience, in essence reaffirming her selection. The substance of that debate is probably less important than the potential for her to show (or not show) that she's up to the challenge. If her history is any guide, she'll impress people as capable, genuine, and likeable.

Which is exactly what happened...


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Comments (6)

Is it possible our Sarah sa... (Below threshold)

Is it possible our Sarah sand bagged these clods with her recent interview? That wasn't the same person the perky one looked down her nose at.

I guess the polls will weig... (Below threshold)

I guess the polls will weigh in on your assertion in a few days.

Kevin, will I pass my PT t... (Below threshold)

Kevin, will I pass my PT test this morning?

Get out of my way, people..... (Below threshold)

Get out of my way, people.... KEVIN! What happened to all those socks in our house?

You're selling yourself sho... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

You're selling yourself short. Nostradamus was never that accurate.

Rick13, yes you'll pass...<... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:

Rick13, yes you'll pass...

Candy, look behind the dryer. They fell over the back while you were moving loads from the washer







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