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More Obama Thuggery

I've been meaning to write a piece on the open thuggery and attempted suppression of free speech in and around the Obama campaign, but every time I start one, they come up with a brand new twist on the theme.

The latest is this innocuously-phrased posting on Obama's official web site:

"Welcome" Palin Oct. 3 to Dallas (Women for Obama) Sarah Palin speaks at a $1000/plate fundraising lunch at downtown Dallas on October 3. Let's give her a rousing progressive "welcome" by marching in solidarity on the streets in front of the hotel. Event starts at 11am to "welcome" luncheon attendees.

Gee, why the quotes around "welcome?" Could those be the infamous "scare quotes" that imply that they intend to make Governor Palin extremely UNwelcome?

Nah. That's old school. That's the old politics of intimidation. Obama's all about Hope and Change, and he'd never do that, would he?

I think I might need a new category for postings -- "Obama's Brute Squad."


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Comments (11)

You know what's really, rea... (Below threshold)

You know what's really, really weird?

They see all this as pefectly okay. Intimidation, voter fraud, censorship - that's all seen as perfectly okay. There's not the slightest doubt in their minds, apparently, that WHATEVER they've got to do to advance the 'progressive' agenda is totally and completely morally justifiable.

How could any administration based on it possibly go wrong?

For what it's worth, over 2 billion people signed up for this. If they all go to McDonald's afterward, McD's might need to buy another cow.

Brown Shirts are apparently... (Below threshold)

Brown Shirts are apparently coming back in style!!

Heil Obama!!

p.s. I wonder when our "Krystalnacht" will come?

That's community organizing... (Below threshold)

That's community organizing 101.

I've had my business visit ... (Below threshold)

I've had my business visit from 4 of Obama's professional thugs who were unhappy with a marketing image of a black male who was not sufficiently in the Obama image to be in keeping with the changes he is bringing. They went away very unhappy, chastised, educated, and speechless.

A "thugs" welcome probably ... (Below threshold)

A "thugs" welcome probably takes a lot more planning than an actual welcome. "Free (hate) speech" for "bullies" takes real effort.

/sarc off

Send in the Brute Squad!! ... (Below threshold)

Send in the Brute Squad!! Fezzik, I need you!

Suppose they'll break a few storefront window, or maybe burn a car or two for old time's sake?

he might wear a suit, M Jac... (Below threshold)

he might wear a suit, M Jackson might be able to kick his ass, but, his def. has the ghetto tactics down.

Lee is in Dallas?... (Below threshold)

Lee is in Dallas?

That's "lee lee", not Lee.<... (Below threshold)

That's "lee lee", not Lee.

Gee, word must have got out... (Below threshold)

Gee, word must have got out. They already took it down off of Obama's web site.

Same old Chicago strong-arm... (Below threshold)
Linoge Author Profile Page:

Same old Chicago strong-arm tactics, now on a national level.

Gotta love it, eh?






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