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So Who's Responsible for the Fannie and Freddie Debacle?

The Democrats are responsible and this advertisement points fingers and names names - finally. It's brutal in its indictment of the House Democrats for getting us into this damn mess:


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Newsflash: The voters who ... (Below threshold)

Newsflash: The voters who are going to vote for Obama DON'T CARE. They don't care what the facts are, their narrative is that the bailout has to be done because they think that the Bush Administration is responsible for our economic crisis. NO ONE is going to convince them otherwise, and even if they were convinced it is the result of corrupt democrats on the take, they will vote for Obama ANYWAY.

That shouldn't keep the tru... (Below threshold)

That shouldn't keep the truth from being told. I wish we had the longer one back that expounded on the Community Reinvestment Act, but it was taken down due to some copyright complaint by Warner Bros.


If McCain doesn't start act... (Below threshold)

If McCain doesn't start acting like he wants to win and tie Obama to these idiots in Congress, then McCain gets what he deserves. Sarah just saved his ass again last night after his neurotic week of gaffes and back-forth to Washington.

He has to step up and start nailing Obama for the liberal he is rather than giving him a pass on his obvious glossing over of tax increases, unreal spending increases, etc.

Now is the time John, to start playing to win rather than looking like statesman while you lose.

The Democrats are respon... (Below threshold)

The Democrats are responsible

I'm shocked. Shocked, that you blame the Democrats. It's so unlike you.

I concur with SAHMmy.... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

I concur with SAHMmy.
I tried to explain to some lefty coworkers about Biden's 14 lies (and counting) during the debate... Their defense ranged from "Well, he's not running for President, Obama is!" to "But Sarah is sooooo inexperienced!"

These folks do not make decisions based on fact or logic. They make them based, among other trivialities, on the feel-good prospect of having America elect it's first black president. They will hear NOTHING else.

If a video surfaced that showed Obama and Biden stomping on an American flag while shooting heroin and browsing "Big-Assed-Chicks" magazine, you would not sway these Obamatons.

hocked, that you blame t... (Below threshold)

hocked, that you blame the Democrats. It's so unlike you.

The old adage, "if the shoe fits...", says as much about the foot as it does the shoe.

wbgonne - "I'm shocked.... (Below threshold)

wbgonne - "I'm shocked. Shocked, that you blame the Democrats. It's so unlike you.

And it's so like you to ignore the substance and make any, I say ANY rebuttal to the charges levied in the video.

Could it be you have none and have to resort to mock outrage?

Hey Godfather:Yea,... (Below threshold)

Hey Godfather:

Yea, the Dems did it. Yea, the Repubs did it.

Well, not exactly. The truth is that those co-workers of yours are the ones who really did it.

And I mean by that the automated voters for both the Republicans and the Democrats, the uninformed ones, the ones who vote with their emotions and prejudices instead of brains and knowledge.

It doesn't matter how many lies Biden told versus how many times Palin didn't get it right. You will never convince the likes of wbgonne, Brian, Lee Ward, Paul Hooson to name some from the left, that it was EVERYONE'S fault. They would like to blame Bush for what Frank and his cronies did.

Dick Armey said it was 30% bad loans mandated. I believe him. He quit in disgust.

Everyone is running from the truth. Remember Tom Delay? Remember Newt letting his ego run wild?

And don't forget folks, we need McCain and Palin to keep a far left Liberal Congress from going absolutely out of their nutcase with new ways to screw up America.

Read this:<a href=... (Below threshold)
In July 2008, just a few mo... (Below threshold)

In July 2008, just a few months ago, Barney Frank said Fannie May and Freddy Mac were fine. Wow! No. It's not the dems fault. Tee-hee. ww

For those who wish to see t... (Below threshold)

For those who wish to see the powerful film "Burning Down the House" about the sequence of the events over time that brought on the financial crisis, it is still available here:


Thank you, MichaelC!... (Below threshold)

Thank you, MichaelC!

.Ya can't hel... (Below threshold)
USpace Author Profile Page:

Ya can't help but wonder, does McCain really want to win? Knocking the Dems on their failed policies is not 'dirty politics', it's just the truth.
absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
never mock Democrats

it's just their religion

ignore credit scores
give everyone homes
- force banks to comply

to deny a mortgage
must be due to racism

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
make housing costs look cheap

go paint a rosy picture
just get people to sign up

All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech there can be no real freedom.
Philosophy of Liberty Cartoon
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I have to agree with Dee. ... (Below threshold)

I have to agree with Dee. Why does McCain choose to air ads with questionable content or even that which can be refuted with another half truth? There is SO much that Obama could be nailed with, without any vagueness or deniability, yet he continues to be relatively gentle. Obama has got to laughing himself to sleep each night.

This is starting to look li... (Below threshold)
Jody C:

This is starting to look like Clinton vs. Bush. Many I have talked to agrees that it was if on one particular day, Bush lost his will to win. I suspect that Clinton had some dirt on Bush he was willing to spill and threatened the man.

I wonder if Obama has some dirt on McCain and is doing the same thing that Clinton did. Ever wondered what was discussed in the Bronx between Bill and Barak?

If this is true, I beleive the what ever Obama is holding over McCain, McCain would be better served to release the news himself as well as the threat (if he has any proof of it).

The dems are dirty operators and would be wiling to take everyone down if it would keep them in power.


With all due respect Jody, ... (Below threshold)

With all due respect Jody, that's just paranoid nonsense.






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