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Barack Obama's Choices

I saw this at Jake Tapper's piece about how the McCain camp will be hitting Obama hard on his relationships with some pretty nasty guys. This ad by Judicial Confirmation Network best explains why examining who Obama chooses to associate with is so important in this presidential election. Tapper writes this:

The conservative Judicial Confirmation Network is running a TV ad tying Obama to not just Rezko, but William Ayers (now using cartoons to spread his ideas) and the bombastic Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

"We don't know who Barack Obama would choose" as a Supreme Court justice, the ad says, "but we know this. He chose as one of his first financial backers a slumlord now convicted on 16 counts of corruption. Obama chose as an associate a man who helped to bomb the Pentagon and said he 'didn't do enough.' And Obama chose as his pastor a man who has blamed America for the 9/11 attacks."

Here's the ad.

I love this ad because it's so effective in highlighting that Obama's history of hanging around these kinds of sleazy, corrupt, and nasty people means he fails when it comes to judgment. He simply can't be trusted to nominate justices for lifetime positions on the Supreme Court.


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Comments (44)

The only reason it's import... (Below threshold)

The only reason it's important is because Palin/McCain, er McCain/Palin are losing and are desperate.

This is an old story that went nowhere the 1st time they tried it. I once thought McCain a man of character. No longer. He's a cheap politician who has sold his sold, his principles to the extremists of the right, his legacy and his standing. He's not going to get elected on the only story he now has - "I was a POW."

Watch his nosedive escalate with each cheap trick he pulls.T he independents are really going to be swayed by the usual garbage the desperate right resorts to.

correction...sold his soul ... (Below threshold)

correction...sold his soul (what little he has left)....

I am concerned about Palin'... (Below threshold)

I am concerned about Palin's choices as well as Barack's. She married a secessionist - a member of a party that advocated treason against the United States.

Btw Kim - any correction to the dishonest "Bracelet" piece you put up last week?

Libtard heads have already ... (Below threshold)

Libtard heads have already exploded ^^^^^^ over this commercial. Expect more of them to have non-issues with the messiah's corrupt connections that he can't run away from that are highlighted in this ad.

Character *is* an issue as well as past and current associations.

Pray, tell us Jp2, how it w... (Below threshold)

Pray, tell us Jp2, how it was dishonest.

GmacQuite the cont... (Below threshold)


Quite the contrary. That stuff will just bury the nasty man deeper than he would have been. I hope they keep it up. It's proof they know they're losing on the issues, his and her character and his astounding inconsistency in the past 2 weeks. You want to judge character? Watch the daily change of position and daily lying McCain has done the past 2 weeks. That says what you need to know about his character.

And, by the way if you want to talk about the past. Does McCain cheating on his wife count for his character? Does McCain selling his influence for a rich buddy count about his "character"? I'm sure in your mind it doesn't.

If he were one of the 3 little pigs his character would be made of straw.

Lee's site is so dead that ... (Below threshold)

Lee's site is so dead that all his buddies are here.

JFO and Jp2 are just like L... (Below threshold)

JFO and Jp2 are just like Lee Ward...They a polish their fecal dollop with furious abandon and the only result is a shiny turd...

jp2~Btw K... (Below threshold)


Btw Kim - any correction to the dishonest "Bracelet" piece you put up last week?

BTW, jp2 it's not okay to hijack the thread with a vague comment about this post, then refer back to the previous one. You know there was nothing dishonest about it, and you're not going to get away with even implying it is. Just because you want to protest doesn't make it so.

Too late.... (Below threshold)

Too late.

JFO and Jp2--Your ... (Below threshold)

JFO and Jp2--

Your thinking is astonishingly clear, truth should have no part in the political life of this country, the murderous nature of Barack's buddy Ayres and the America-hating Jerry Wright are irrelevant to a study nature of Barack Husseinovitch's character. And prior to Pee Wee Herman, Karl Marx was the greatest thinker the world had ever seen.

Marcus Aurelius

JFO~Does ... (Below threshold)


Does McCain cheating on his wife count for his character?

Within the context of this post, if you were running for a public office, JFO, if you made a habit of infidelity, would you want people to correlate that with whom you chose as a Supreme Court justice? Would it hold the same relevance?

Correction-...are irrelevan... (Below threshold)

Correction-...are irrelevant to a study of the nature of Barack's Husseinovitch's character...

Marcus Aurelius

No thoughts on the Palin's ... (Below threshold)

No thoughts on the Palin's participating in a secessionist movement? Curious.

SCSI - to answer your question, read the comments of her piece. Blatantly dishonest and misleading. (Even moreso after new facts came to light)

The mother who had lost her son in Iraq called malformed pieces like Kim's "garbage." Kim made no correction.


jfo and jp2Most of... (Below threshold)

jfo and jp2

Most of us reading here at Wizbang simply look at what you regurgitate upon these pages with astonishment at your childishness and resort to baseless hatred.

The two of you are worthless pipsqueaks with the mentality of 9th graders and truthfully I feel like I am giving you more credit there than you deserve.

No one wants you here, no one likes or respects your presence. You disgust everyone, impress no one, and have no purpose other than smearing feces on the wall.

Begone little men, with little minds and no class.

Ooh, "guilt by association"... (Below threshold)

Ooh, "guilt by association". There's a winning strategy fer ya, by golly!

Uh oh!

Wow, looks like MichaelC po... (Below threshold)

Wow, looks like MichaelC popped as big a gasket as McCain's about to.

Add Brian to my rant of dis... (Below threshold)

Add Brian to my rant of disgust. He offers no more to these pages than the two already named.

Brian~"Obama offic... (Below threshold)


"Obama officials call it political jujitsu" LOL!

As mantis would say: Ahhhhhhh!

And the photo of Barack in that link you posted makes him look like a crazy man. You got nuthin'.

when someone has NO RESUME,... (Below threshold)

when someone has NO RESUME, you have to use examples of their diplayed JUDGEMENT to judge THEM.

A key area of "judgement" is who they surrounded themselves with as spiritual advisors, mentors, business assoicates and confidants.

On ALL scores Obama's "judgement" is suspect! So much so that he routinely throws these people under the bus as soon as someone delves into their role in his life!

Ayers, Wright, Rezko, Raines, et al...are a BAD LOT. NO OTHER politician could survive such a radioactive set of close associates. NO ONE.

The Democrats used the "Culture of Corruption" to paint ALL Republicans based on the associations a FEW Republicans had with folks like Abramhof.

Obama's associations STINK...and it's past time for the American people to have them exposed!

Desperation is not a pretty... (Below threshold)
gracecurl Author Profile Page:

Desperation is not a pretty thing to witness.

The conservative movement is weeks away from being obsolete.

gracecurl...no, the Conserv... (Below threshold)

gracecurl...no, the Conservative movement is not "weeks away from being obsolete" regardless of the outcome of the election.

But if the Left manages to fully control ALL branches of Government, the COUNTRY is only months away from a slide into Socialism, Defeatism and accelerated moral decay.

Apparently you are can't wait for those things to occur!

As for "desperation"...IF the MSM was doing even a 10th of the job they proclaim to, then all the aspects of Obama's life would already have been vetted. Instead, they have "vetted" Sarah Palin's 17 year old daughter VASTLY more than they have EVER "vetted" Obama. Pathetic!

Like almost all of the Left, you only care about nasty and harmful associations when they occur on the Right. I care about them WHEREVER they occur! That's what make ME fair!...and YOU a mindless idealogue!

Add Brian to my rant of ... (Below threshold)

Add Brian to my rant of disgust. He offers no more to these pages than the two already named.

Then you must add yourself. Hoisted by your own petard!

I'm alternately laughing an... (Below threshold)

I'm alternately laughing and then worried when Obama's associations with people like Rezko, Ayers, Wright, Johnson, et al, or organizations like ACORN are brought up and his supporters make no attempt to rationalize them at all. They're not even curious beyond being told there's no "there" there.

One thinks, "This is an old story that went nowhere..." is a valid defense. Another points to a previous post about something altogether different to avoid the subject. A third offers a link to an article outlining his own candidate's ad which says nothing specific or more substantial than to point to current events as if McCain's been president all this time and it's his fault. Uh oh! indeed.

Rather, as noted above, they point to McCain and act all indignant about his infidelities and divorce almost 30 years ago. A divorce that ended amicably regardless of the circumstances. They justify their faux disgust by only telling half the story. Then they fall back on their old faithful, "McCain=Bush".

No alarm, no concern and in fact, no problem at all with Obama's associations throughout his adult life. No concern about Obama sitting in a pew and listening to racist propaganda peppered with America-hate speech for some 20 years. And then dedicates a chapter of a book to him and unbelievably says he never heard any of it. No concern with his work for ACORN as an actual employee and then as a lawyer. No concern for his financial dealings with Rezko. No concern for his career launch at the home of an avowed terrorist and subsequent association through a finally defunct organization which cannot account for the expenditures of hundreds of millions of dollars, a significant amount of which (and I'm sure this is ONLY coincidence) is finally found to have wended its way to a hospital his wife works for. No concern for appointing one of Fannie Mae's ex CEOs to find him a vice president or to inquire as to his relationship with another past CEO, Raines. Both of which are covered in clouds of impropriety and even possibly criminal actions.

Jujitsu, my ass. More like Jedi mind tricks they dutifully parrot and deeply fall for.

Obama says, "This is not the Rezko you're looking for." Obama's lovers say, "This is not the Rezko we're looking for."

Obama says "Ayers just happened to live in my neighborhood." Obama's lovers say, "This is not the Ayers we're looking for."

Obama says "I never said that." Obama's lovers say, "McCain! Bush!"

And on it goes.

It's the lack of curiosity about Obama's missing life and what we do indeed know about him and the complete lack of recognition of facts when Obama is the subject. When the subject is McCain they want facts, but only want to discuss or acknowledge whatever facts (and I use that term loosely) they can use to justify their accusations - but only in their own minds.

I could go one for days here, but I'll save the rest for now.

Though to freedom loving pe... (Below threshold)

Though to freedom loving people the add is good. In these closing weeks McCain needs to also have adds stating what he is going to do as president. People need to know what they are voting for. Let face it the far left loves Obama friends, I mean these were not obscure people in Chicago's Politics they were and are big players. In other word they are the accepted part of the left. Though we find Rev Rights words horrible host hardcore liberals agree with it. The press and white guilt always finds a way to excuse it or diffuse it.

What is McCain for? I would love to hear his adds speak about it. I want to hear him talk about how high taxes her are forcing companies to go to Europe where they have lowered taxes and how he will bring companies and jobs here by lowering it. Jobs that we need to get through these tough times.

I want him to talk about how government control of Fanny and Freddie help to facilitate this melt down and calls for parties to be investigates. Then changes he would do to prevent this from occurring.

McCain needs to show he has plan as the Head of the ship of state to navigate the troubled waters America finds himself in.

If this is the worst of wha... (Below threshold)

If this is the worst of what's out there then McCain had better hope Obama doesn't decide to start junk-punching. There's way more material out there.


When the left ran the ad sh... (Below threshold)

When the left ran the ad showing a close up of McCains cancer surgery with a voice over that he basically will die, JFO and JP2 were shouting from the hilltops to shut it down. Oh, Wait. No, they didn't say a thing.

When the left says McCain is no hero because all he was as a POW who had his plane shot down, again JFO and other said that is too much. No, sorry, they didn't.

When the left tries to ruin peoples character for political gain, that is "part of the process". When conservatives do it, it is Hitleristic tactics.

Nobody is fooled by your bait and switch argument JFO. You are like the class clown. We see you but don't take you seriously. ww

WilleGood day to y... (Below threshold)


Good day to you. I have to disagree on the last point you make. Your spittle filled retorts to almost every comment I make belies your statement that you don't take me seriously. And that gives me great pleasure. :)

Have a nice day.

P.S. McCaim WAS a hero. Sadly, he no longer is having long ago sold his soul to the extremists, i.e. folks like you, from the right.

JFO:You probably r... (Below threshold)


You probably rub your hands in anticipated
glee at the thought of blogs as Wizbang being
shut down by the Obama federal government, because you cannot bear dissent.
The stench of your hatred for the America of
the Free comes wafting over the internet.

Case in Point ABC news ran... (Below threshold)

Case in Point ABC news ran the story about the connection to Ayers and then spent Time explaining
1. How they were are the same committee
2. Live in the same street
3. Really do not know each other.

The Most stinging attack on Obama comes from Palin who tries to link OBama to William Ayres who lives in Obama neighborhood but is now a college professor.
ABC News

So it is reported and defused in the same moment.

He needs ads taking about his economic plan. He needs them showing how he has fought for the American people in the past. Ads showing how drilling, Nuclear will inject life into industry and produce jobs in the private sector.

In McCains own words he said he was weak on Economics so he needs now to show he can employ the right people to come up with plans that show he can be strong and effective.

Even with the bill passage it will delay recover of the economy , he has to talk to fact it not a sliver built and how we will weather the storm. It is the top concern for most Americans and anything else will be looked as distraction by many people.

Obama who complete idiot and is linked heavily to melt down get free pass. Obama seen as strong because mister straight talk made himself look week.

Show how several times Bush tried to reign in Fanny and Freddie show how he warned of the trouble and how the Dems stopped it every time. Show How in 2003 He tried to change it and the Dems stopped if. Show that Obama benefitted from Freddie and Fannie.
Show Obama and his party are at fault and show how he is the real hope for change.

I just feel McCain will lose because he will not fight the right battles at the right times.

Good God instead of talking about Economic he talks about using Al Gore for Global warming in his cabinet. It looks like he wants to loose. People are pissed off , they did not want the bill and they want someone to articulate their frustrations and concerns.

maggieAre you an e... (Below threshold)


Are you an editor of this blog? The one charged with the job of censoring other's opinions?

If so, that's pretty sad. If not, I'm glad.

When all else fails, i.e. lucid ideas and solutions for the country you go back to the old, tired trick of the extremists from the right - "you hate America." That's one of the most pathetic, weak, silly ,inane, absurd, childish, looney, goofy, stupid, dumb, accusations you folks make. It's hows the shallowness of your belief system, your ignorance about others and is symptomatic of why your political philosophy is failing and is about to be rejected.

Now censor away -

JFO:You can dissem... (Below threshold)


You can dissemble all you want, attempt to
change the goal posts and it's not going
to make a difference in who and what you
As to the censoring, the only censoring
is the extreme abuse, rudeness, and
callowness of people coming to anothers
cite and abusing their privilege, not
their right of posting at Wizbang.
Not a dime comes out of your pocket
to view, read, or comment on this blog.
You are a sad sad little human being.

JFO, and other Leftists pos... (Below threshold)

JFO, and other Leftists posting here, talking about "censoring other's opinions" will only get you eye-rolls here (or worse) here.

The LEFT has become the heir to Hitler's Brown Shirts. Points:
- The Dems in Congress are absolutely committed to the "Fairness Doctrine". An Orwellian nightmare designed to shut down TalkRadio (because it opposes them), and "regulate" Internet "political speech"
- The Left routinely attempts to SHOUT DOWN anyone trying to speak against them. "Free speech"? No. The opposite. But that is the Obama way...shut or shout down those that dare to disagree with you.
- The Left openly admires the regimes of Castro and Chavez...despite the undisputable FACT that they are repressive regimes that allow NO dissent! (a flock of Hollywood celebs visited Cuba 3 years ago right after Castro has jailed hundreds of opposiing writers and dissidents...their conclusion: "Worker's Paradise!")

The Left believes IT should be the ultimate arbiter of what speech OUGHT to be heard (look at what Canada is doing NOW!). In the early 1930 Hitler had the EXACT SAME APPROACH!

Want a Police-State? Put the trioka of Obama-Pelosi-Reid in power...you'll get it.

Let's see Barack's LSAT sco... (Below threshold)
Son of a Pigand a Monkey:

Let's see Barack's LSAT scores and whether they are within shouting distance of the rest of his entering class at Harvard. I'll bet not, but of course little Baracky would never release that information

We are witnessing the "last... (Below threshold)

We are witnessing the "last throes" of the conservative movement. A month from now it will all be over thanks to the voters.
It was fun while it lasted!
What Goldwater and Reagan gave birth to, W. took behind the garage and bludgeoned to death.

gracecurl~<blockquote... (Below threshold)


The conservative movement is weeks away from being obsolete.

Wow. You stand for freedom, alright.

"In a future state where religion and books have been banned, a librarian is judged obsolete and sentenced to death."

[email protected]~Wh... (Below threshold)

[email protected]~

What Goldwater and Reagan gave birth to, W. took behind the garage and bludgeoned to death.

Such a violent and graphic image, yet without any real understanding of what the conservative movement is.

Maggie, you extreme right w... (Below threshold)

Maggie, you extreme right wingers really are a nasty bunch.

Puzzle me this obama=bots -... (Below threshold)

Puzzle me this obama=bots - The Messiah has a new ad starting Monday called This Year.

The ad "uses images of locked factory gates and anxiety on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. "Erratic in a crisis. Out of touch on the economy, the ad says as images of Sen. John McCain getting off an airplane and riding a golf cart appear on screen."

Here's the odd thing some of you obama-bots could clear-up for many of us. (not that it needs "clearing" up)

McCain has consistently been painted as one that will kiss the ass of every corporate fat cat and big wig with an income over oh, say... 250,000 dollars per year. (setting aside the fact he's the only current candidate that will lower the corporate tax rate. A Corporate tax rate that is among the highest in the world).

The Messiah on the other hand proposes shifting, by way of a corporate tax hike, income from the richest to the "middle class."

So puzzle me this, obama-bots, who's out of touch?

For one lawyer marc, you ar... (Below threshold)

For one lawyer marc, you are so out of touch as to be irrelevant.


Your outburst of anger and distemper reminds of McCain's.

As for dissembling and changing the goalposts - your , "you hate America" meme is beyond ignorant. Keep saying that kind of stuff to make yourself feel good and continue to look beyond ignorant to folks other than your fellow right wing extremists.

Losing doesn't sit well with the dyspeptic maggies of the world does it?

JFO:I've been out ... (Below threshold)


I've been out of pocket all day, as I lost a
good friend in an accident today.

Amazing you never learn, and yet you typify
others as distempered and "the dyspeptic maggies of the world" as losers.
Losers of what JFO? Freedom? Being personally
responsible for ones onself?
You are woeful little one.

JFO - "For one lawyer m... (Below threshold)

JFO - "For one lawyer marc, you are so out of touch as to be irrelevant."

That's all you got?

Of course it is, 'cause as dumb as you appear at times even you in the proper circles (not to include anything "right-wing") even you would admit raising corporates taxes does absolutely nothing good for an economy.

jmc:What's the mat... (Below threshold)


What's the matter? Is your state of victimhood
being jeapordized?

Since the mainstream media ... (Below threshold)

Since the mainstream media is in the tank for Obama ... he literally can get away with anything! When the media is one sided in reporting the truth, they are worse than a witness who is convicted of perjury. A biased media paves the way for despots and dictators who rise to power. Hitler could not have risen to power without his minister of propaganda, Joseph Gobbels ... who controlled what the public saw,heard, and eventually believed. In time, a biased media can even revise history, turning young minds into automatons, who think and act in unison ... even to the point of strapping on suicide bombs. I'm in my 60's, and I've never seen such a biased media before. Our wonderful country is starting to change in very bad ways. It seems that an organized group of malcontents have infiltrated our media and our schools ... in an effort to change America beyond recognition. These arrogant fools are going to turn America into a defenseless third world country. I believe that our only hope to save America, is to reject the biased media's candidate, and elect the candidate who has always represented truth, jusice, and the American way. Elect Senator John McCain in November. God Bless America.






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