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O. J. Simpson Found Guilty, Faces Life Sentence

A jury in Las Vegas this evening found O.J Simpson, and co-defendant Clarence "C.J." Stewart, guilty on all twelve counts in the armed robbery of two sports memorabilia dealers at a Las Vegas hotel last year.

The conviction comes 13 years, to the day, after Simpson was acquitted of killing his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ronald Goldman.

O.J. is facing a sentence of 15 years to life in prison.


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13 years too late.... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

13 years too late.

Rot in hell, OJ.

karma is a bitch... (Below threshold)

karma is a bitch

.OJ's garbage, but w... (Below threshold)
USpace Author Profile Page:

OJ's garbage, but who ever got 15 to Life for just Armed Robbery? But it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
KILL your wife

deny it then write book
showing how you would do it

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
NO police ever lie

they never break the law
to convict the wrong man

Maybe his search is over? I... (Below threshold)

Maybe his search is over? If they throw him in solitary, he'll come face to face with his wife's killer.

USpace, it wasn't just arme... (Below threshold)

USpace, it wasn't just armed robbery, which many states have upped the sentencing guidelines for anyway. There was also a kidnapping charge in there. He was being tried for 12 counts of various crimes.

OJ may or may not have gott... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

OJ may or may not have gotten away with murdering his wife depending on how much you believe the police lied in that case, and they did lie and one was prosecuted. Nevertheless, OJ has been living recklessly for years coming close to being criminally prosecuted a number of times. Either OJ was thinking he was untouchable or maybe deep down he knew he shouldn't be a free man and worked to change that.

Apart from all that, I think it's stupid to charge someone with kidnapping for saying "no one leaves the room". Jury nullification needs to be exercised more often when prosecutors trump up charges. Convicting someone of armed robbery always implies they wouldn't allow victims to leave the room or building. If the logic the prosecutors used in this case holds then every armed robber faces kidnapping charges as well. Lets reserve kidnapping for real kidnapping cases.

Guilty on 12 felony counts,... (Below threshold)

Guilty on 12 felony counts, minimum 15 years each.

He'll get plenty of time to look for Nicole Brown Simpson's killer in a cell instead of a golf course.

About time.About 1... (Below threshold)
just me:

About time.

About 13 years too late IMO.

I wonder if there will be a... (Below threshold)

I wonder if there will be a prisoner lottery on who gets to nail OJ first?! Eventual justice is a bitch, ain't it there, Juice!

Hey, those prisons in Nevad... (Below threshold)

Hey, those prisons in Nevada are just a step higher than burning in hell.

Well, hopefully this is the... (Below threshold)

Well, hopefully this is the end of a long and sad story and his imprisonment is for real this time. He has pulled off all kinds of crap since Nicole's murder, and as mentioned earlier, karma finally caught up with him. When was the last time anyone thought of him as a football star first? Celebrity won't save the heart of a criminal, it will only magnify its depravity.

EVERYBODY knows he murdered... (Below threshold)
Justa Thought:

EVERYBODY knows he murdered his wife & Ron Goldman, even his attorneys. He spend everything to raise "reasonable doubt" not to prove innocence. It was a complete travesty of our justice system. He simply out-financed the prosecution.

Evidence in the murder case showed he had anger issues & it took 13 years to finally show up again which was bound to happen, & he gets caught (he probably committed other crimes that he was not arrested for).

He may be able plea down to 10 years which will make him 71 when he gets out. Any extended time in prison for him is good because he is a celebrity dirt bag that deserves to pay.

We can hope he gets 15-20 years and we can be done with him - he represented all that weak in our legal system.

Interesting fact - the first attorney OJ called for the murder of Nicole was Gerry Spence who walked away because he knew he was guilty.

"See ya"...you worthless pi... (Below threshold)
Frank Trucchio:

"See ya"...you worthless piece of %$#@.

An interesting note I read ... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

An interesting note I read elsewhere: The aforementioned CJ Stewart was a golfing buddy of Simpson's. They must have met while OJ was searching for the real killer.

I remember the day OJ was f... (Below threshold)

I remember the day OJ was found not guilty of the murders of Nicole and Ron. And I told my husband, that although in the natural realm he seemed to get away with murder, but it wasn't over until God said it was over. I always believed that he would one day be more than just a prisoner of his own mind, now he will be in a place where he cannot take something or drink something to make him forget the horrible things he has done in his life. Now he has no choice but come face to face with who he is. A man that puts his pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else. There are always consequences to everything we do or say, weather good or evil. ***OJ, all you can do now is cry out to your creator, it is His forgiveness that will make you more free than you ever where on the outside.

I have this theory that God... (Below threshold)

I have this theory that God allow's everyone a measure of grace and a period to repent and reform, but at some point when you step beyond this limit you find yourself dealt with by the justice system of some other form of karma.

Some said that "Justice Del... (Below threshold)
Belcha Mendez:

Some said that "Justice Delay" is not justice at all.... guest what... it is. What you do in here you paid in here. I praying for the victims his childrend and Nicole family as well as the Goldman's.

Good riddance to bad rubbis... (Below threshold)

Good riddance to bad rubbish!

Even if given the minimum of 15 years at his age that amounts to a life sentence. Justice, if only way late, is served.

This made my day!T... (Below threshold)

This made my day!

Throw away the key!!!!! I hope he never sees a day of freedom again in his life. He got too pushy, too violent and too egomaniacal and flushed all that he has down the toilet.

Good riddance!!

Mac Lorry is right. By thes... (Below threshold)

Mac Lorry is right. By these standards all arm robberies are kidnappings. The only reason they charge O.J with kidnapping is because he is O.J.

The American justice systems looses again. I'm not an O.J. fan and if he was struck down by lightning I wouldn't loose any sleep. However this trial was a travesty. If he was anyone else he wouldn't have even been brought up on many of these charges. One of our fundamental principles of our justice system is that a person is not guilty of a crime because he was perceived guilty of committing a previous crime. O.J. was targeted and convicted by vigilante emotions.

The fundamentals of our justice system are more important than any one crime or case. Our justice system took a hit in the first O.J. case, his civil case and now this case. I will admit that on rare occasions I believe vigilante justice is just but it is very risky and should be done by individuals not mobs and certainly not our justice system. It greatly disturbs me that so many otherwise honorable people are so gleeful about vigilante justice carried out by our justice system. It is no wonder why our government and justice systems are so corrupted.

OJ...you finally got what y... (Below threshold)

OJ...you finally got what you deserve! You couldn't keep your name from the media.

he is not a running back an... (Below threshold)
football fan:

he is not a running back anymore, he WILL be a wide receiver!!!!!






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