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"America, this is what a feminist looks like"

Who said that about Sarah Palin? Would you believe the president of LA's National Organization for Women, Shelly Mandel? Amazing! This is quite a moment for her to push back against the pressure from the feminist groups who see Sarah Palin as a traitor because she's a Republican and pro-life who actually lived her principles. Let's hope more mainstream, liberal feminists come out of their closets and support Sarah because, as Shelly said, Sarah supports women's rights, equal pay, Title 9, and the middle class. She has integrity and demands it from others. Take a look:

Shelly gave a wonderful endorsement. I'm thrilled to have her as a fellow Sarah Palin supporter. If other feminists and NOW presidents come out and trash Shelly, we need to stand behind her and give her a lot of support.

I was talking to my husband about this and told him that this is probably the reason why she went to California. The endorsement of the president of one of the largest chapters of NOW is huge, which explains why the MSM isn't reporting it.


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Must be more than a few fru... (Below threshold)

Must be more than a few frustrated Hillary supporters who feel the same way.

This is a big, but not totally surprising, endorsement. It is a personal, not a NOW, endorsement. Which is also not particularly surprising.

I think that the poi... (Below threshold)

I think that the point is Mandell has the courage of her convictions.

I liked how Mandel admitted... (Below threshold)

I liked how Mandel admitted she's a Democrat and said that she doesn't fully agree with Palin on everything but was willing to sacrifice differences because the benefits thereof outweigh the losses. That is something that has been lost in politics, especially on the Left. If you aren't lock-step with the talking points, then you don't belong - or at least that's the idea most people hold. Mandel is bucking the system herself, ya know.

Tammy Bruce, a former Presi... (Below threshold)
Eric R.:

Tammy Bruce, a former President of that NOW Chapter, would be proud.

Hope the PUMAs notice that ... (Below threshold)
The Fop:

Hope the PUMAs notice that the Obama media ignored this.

LOVE it and the very, VERY ... (Below threshold)

LOVE it and the very, VERY gracious way it was given. Feminism was originally ~ and always and FOREVER should be ~ all about removing artificial, sex-based barriers. It should forever be all about encouraging and enabling EVERY woman to reach for whatever dreams she had ~ free of the tethers "manhood" attached to "womanhood".

Where the modern feminists lost their sense of self was when they started to dictate and define WHAT dreams and aspirations were worthy of support. And deny those same sisters in the struggle support because they didn't meet the "agenda" criteria sufficiently to satisfy the radical aspects.

Sarah Palin IS modern feminism. And it is GLORIOUS.

This is big for another rea... (Below threshold)

This is big for another reason. Once people get out of their bubble and hang out with people from the other side, sometimes they reconsider all their political opinions.

So, for every feminist democrat who didn't like how Hillary was treated and is giving Palin a serious look, well, since we are not the monsters the left portrays us as; we have someone that might stay.

I am forever thankful for &... (Below threshold)
Wuzza Dem:

I am forever thankful for & grateful to university-flavor feminism. If not for the giant gulf it creates between itself and common sense reality, I may have never left the Left. I am thankful for being told repeatedly that the only differences b/w men & wimmin are plumbing, & that all other perceived differences are social constructs. I am grateful to have witnessed so many professionally successful, personally miserable wimmen scold my female peers who dared consider such bourgoise options as marriage, children & the suburbs. Thank goodness so many girlfriends told me that my efforts to protect them would insult them, only to show me their crestfallen disappointment when I believed them. more later

Jeez, isn't there any integ... (Below threshold)

Jeez, isn't there any integrity among conservatives? Conservatives ahate Feminazis, remember? If Satan endorsed Sarah, would conservatives be looking for ways to rationalize it as a good thing?

Hey robert. Nice to see yo... (Below threshold)

Hey robert. Nice to see you translating your comments for those of us who don't speak Nazi. Got any more Jew hatred to spread around, or are you going to break the habit of mentioning irrelevancies in polite conversation?

No, chad, conservatives don... (Below threshold)

No, chad, conservatives don't hate "Feminazis". They mock the living hell out of them. They hope and pray they come to their senses.

They celebrate when they finally act like adults.

I don't understand endorsem... (Below threshold)

I don't understand endorsements... I guess some people need to be told how to think?

I guess I am old fashioned.... (Below threshold)

I guess I am old fashioned. I care less about race and gender than I care about competence and temperment.

I wouldn't hire Joe Biden. He spews falshoods without embarassment. Nothing he says can be taken at face value.

I wouldn't hire Obama. He has made a career out of being "present" in the legislature. Being handed everything on a platter, he has no appreciation of how hard the rest of us must work to get ahead. He got to be a Senator by getting his opponents to drop out, through the most nasty campaigns possible. Rather than release his medical records, he provides a note from a doctor. If it wasn't so serious, you would have to laugh.

John McCain has struggled, and has character. He has been a 'go to' guy in the legislature when you needed to put together a coalition to pass important and controversial legislation. For at least 20 of his 35 years in the legislature he has been solidly centerist.

Sarah Palin has worked, planned, and shown both ethics and courage. Sure, I would be happier if she had a few terms as governor behind her, but she far outmatches Obama and Biden combined in demonstration of executive competence.

Tammy Bruce was also presid... (Below threshold)
JimC Author Profile Page:

Tammy Bruce was also president of LA NOW. She didn't toe the national NOW line about O.J. Simpson. Patricia Ireland, then NOW head, falsely accused her of racism in the matter and Bruce finally resigned. I'll bet Shelly Mandel won't be the head of LA NOW for much longer.

chad, not all feminists are feminazis. Gloria Allred, Wendy Doniger, Sandra Bernhardt, and the people who'll force Mandel out are examples of the latter.

Robert, feminists do not ha... (Below threshold)

Robert, feminists do not hate men. Feminism has long ago been hijacked by frothing at the mouth, perpetually disgruntled and ill-tempered women who don't give a damn about women or "women's issues" if you don't walk lock-step in every regard. They're control freaks who hate men and most women too.

For years, if anyone asked me if I was a feminist, I would get indignant and say "NO". I didn't want to be associated with that goon squad of pseudo females.

But now it's different. Many people feel it's necessary to define their conservatism by associating themselves with a particular president. For instance they might say; I'm a Reagan conservative."

Well now if someone asks me if I'm a feminist I will happily say:

"I'm a Sarah Palin feminist."

Has anyone noticed that McC... (Below threshold)

Has anyone noticed that McCain is out campaigning. He is letting her do it. He has but all disappeared. Maybe, he realizes that she is the one firing up the base and needs to let her do that.

I meant to say that McCain ... (Below threshold)

I meant to say that McCain is not campaigning!

When I read this headline, ... (Below threshold)

When I read this headline, I didn't think it was serious at first, then i read on,THIS!! is what feminism looks like, a woman who would take away a womans right to choose even if raped or a victim of incest it dumfounds me.

I was there at the rally. T... (Below threshold)

I was there at the rally. The crowd was at first a bit stunned to see Mandell there, but she got some hearty cheers to her remarks, especially "this is what feminism looks like, Sarah Palin."

And Sarah IS a classic, first-wave, equity feminist. It's about equal opportunity to rise (or fail) according to one's talent.
Leftist feminism is a subservient denomination of the American Left Cult Religion and pro-abortion is their sacrament.

jacquie is the perfect exam... (Below threshold)

jacquie is the perfect example of a Left feminist... pro abortion, anti-choice (how DARE a woman choose to bring to term an inconvenient blob of tissue)

"THIS!! is what feminism lo... (Below threshold)
bobby b:

"THIS!! is what feminism looks like, a woman who would take away a womans right to choose even if raped or a victim of incest it dumfounds me."
- - - -

Think the baby is less human, or more evil, or somehow worthy of death, based on those factors? I'd save the stigmatization for the rapist.

All of our rights are always subject to limitation when they conflict with the rights of others. I can't yell "fire" in a crowded theater, I need to get a permit to carry a gun, I can't contribute as I desire to a common effort to give voice to my voting preferences . . .

One person, in a vacuum, could fully exercise all of the rights guaranteed to us constitutionally. Put two people in the room, and sometimes you have to accomodate.

Remember - the slaveowners in the South were forced to give up very valuable and expensive property rights - the ownership rights to their slaves - in accomodation to the newly recognized "personhood" of those slaves.

My guess is that, 200 years from now, those crying about a woman's "right to choose" are going to be viewed very much like we now view the Southern slaveowners crying that their constitutionally-protected right to keep their property should trump the slaves' right to be treated as a human instead of an animal.

Glad to see there are still... (Below threshold)

Glad to see there are still some real feminists kicking around on the left.

Re: this is why she went...

I'd guess she was really there for the fundraiser. California is apparently shelling out huge amounts of money to the McCain campaign -- and they're going to need every penny to get their message out to the voter with the MSM running a massive information-overload, unregulated-free-advertising interference for their candidate.

The RNC's fundraising in September ($66 Million) blew away the previous record by more than 50%. If she can combine such fundraising with whipping up standing-room-only crowds and picking up PUMA endorsements.... She's going to be an enormous asset to the GOP -- both McCain and Congressional candidates. The RNC runs mixed ads that support both.

Good grief, any woman?...th... (Below threshold)
Rose @46:

Good grief, any woman?...this woman?
How much are you willing to sacrifice,how many rights are you
willing to part with just so a woman can take office.
How sad and pathetic you are...
I grew up in the mid west, my mom was the president of the NOW in her area, now she was/is totally in the tank for Hillary, but knows supporting Obama is the right thing to do and is aligned with what Hillary believed in and fought for. How on earth can you justify supporting this inexperienced woman who could potentially be the leader of the free world once McFossi keels over.
Think of your children/grandchildren.
Just because she's a woman.....wow,I'm a 46 yr. old woman/feminist....but I am not a fool!

"a woman who would take awa... (Below threshold)

"a woman who would take away a womans right to choose even if raped or a victim of incest it dumfounds me."

The fundamental disagreement here is that one side sees the killing of a fetus as murder. The other, a "woman's right to choose". Children do not get to pick their parents, no more than parents get to pick how their children will turn out. Nor do children get to pick how they were concieved.

But none of this changes the fact that if their side is wrong, they are committing the worse form of murder of the most innocent and least deserving of humankind. Now, sorry there is a disagreement, but for some folks, its a choice between murder and not murder. You don't like that, you need to find a better, more convincing line of argument.

"Think of your children/... (Below threshold)

"Think of your children/grandchildren."

All of them? Or just the ones allowed to live?

I chatted with Ms. Mandel p... (Below threshold)

I chatted with Ms. Mandel prior to her introduction. She was quite emphatic about her endorsement and support. She mingled very graciously with the Republicans assembled to meet Palin prior to her appearance.

She identified herself as a Hillary supporter here to show her support for Palin but I had no idea she was doing the formal introduction. We agreed that Clinton had been treated unfairly and was, by far, a more solid candidate than Obama.

She certainly fit the stereotypical feminist leader image.

Obama should not automatica... (Below threshold)

Obama should not automatically get women's votes. He can really talk. But between Obama and Palin, I'll choose Palin any day. I just don't trust anything that comes out of Chicago. No thanks.

All my life I would never i... (Below threshold)

All my life I would never identify myself as a feminist either, and the couple of ladies who posted here upset at Sarah Palin ought to be interested in why that is.

It was because I wasn't invited.

Because NOW and political feminism didn't want me. Wouldn't have me.

Much like they won't have Sarah Palin.

Because she doesn't share their very liberal politics. As if, somehow, being female determines what one ought to believe about capitalism, liberty, and the person-hood, or not, of unborn children.

There never was any room at all in feminism for the feminist who felt that a fetus is a baby. And it seems the same now, because that's the problem with Sarah Palin isn't it? Sarah Palin can believe 100% in a woman's right to self-determination but that's not *enough* is it.

She has to also believe that having an abortion *fixes* everything.

If it's not 100% about abortion then it's about socialism? Women need to be taken care of? By government? We need programs and aid and medical care and every last other thing because women *in particular* have to be taken care of?

I'm more-or-less libertarian. I'm quite as able as any man to see how the interference of government in my "best interest" simply is not in my interest at all.

My "best interest" is served by liberty.

California NOW has issued <... (Below threshold)
RoseI DO think abo... (Below threshold)


I DO think about my children. I have 4 DAUGHTERS and NOW and other so-called "feminists" are really just handmaidens of the Left. They will support any abusive (OJ) sexist (Billy Jeff, John Edwards, Obama) man as long as he's part of the Left.

And being pro-abortion has become the sacrament of such "feminists".

Palin is actually a classic, first wave feminist who has made it on her own. Hillary has her job because of her husband. She has accomplish less in her life than Palin. Obama has no major accomplishments in his life, Palin has plenty, from business owner to regulator to political office. But she scares you. Because you believe you have the monopoly on deciding what makes an "authentic woman".

You, dear, are irrelevant.

I have daughters, too. And... (Below threshold)

I have daughters, too. And a son.

The economic policies that are good for my daughters will be good for my son. The foreign policies that will be good for my son will be good for my daughters. Individual liberty is good for all of my children.

One can disagree about what the best economic and foreign policies are, but the idea that these things are gender specific is moronic.

Abortion: Is it Possible to... (Below threshold)

Abortion: Is it Possible to be both "Pro-life" and "Pro-Choice"?
by Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan


I very much recommend reading this, I think it is a beautiful analysis of the question.

I. am. in. shock.... (Below threshold)

I. am. in. shock.

Wow! This is a big deal an... (Below threshold)

Wow! This is a big deal and I didn't know about it until I saw a link to this article from another website. The media stinks!!!!!!!! They just don't want the truth told and will hide everything they can to protect Obama.

Makes you wonder what she w... (Below threshold)

Makes you wonder what she was promised by the Republicans to make this endorsement..... Sad and Pitiful and disrespectful to Hillary Clinton to endorse a woman who truly sets the womans movement back and affirms to the world that woman should look pretty and be empty headed. Woman should be careful as to who they endorse or support or it could really hurt or setback the gains they have made. Be angry at my post, but it's true and you can argue it amongst yourselves. By the way, my mantra in life is that behind every great man is an even greater woman and I was raised by my two sisters who have both gone on to great success and who still offer wonderful guidance to me in my life.

By the way, here's a link t... (Below threshold)

By the way, here's a link to NOW's Official position on this, one where they disassociate themselves from Ms. Mandell. Again, makes you wonder what the Republicans promised her? Don't believe me and instead go directly to NOW's site and read what they wrote about this event.


Wow--this is so brave of Sh... (Below threshold)
Rachel Cohen:

Wow--this is so brave of Shelley!

CONSERVATIVES DON'T HATE FE... (Below threshold)
Linda Spears:









DON'T FORGET 90 YEARS AGO DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT WOODROW WILSON HAD women beaten and jailed for exercizing their first amendment rights...they wanted to vote.

It is not political affiliation. Vote for the candidate of your choice...(or the one with the right V.P.).

Shelley Mandel endorsed Pal... (Below threshold)

Shelley Mandel endorsed Palin for herself.

the LA NOW office where Mandel works...

endorsed Obama

LA is a big place little people ...

Orange County ..

where the people at the rally live ..

are the biggest RWW in the country ..

so Mandel's personal endorsement ..

is an endorsement ..of McCain... and not Palin

You know what I am not loo... (Below threshold)

You know what I am not looking back 90 years, I am looking forward and I will vote for Mc Cain Palin because I am thinking of my grandchildren both male and female and I know how the far left works once in power.
They are ruthless and clever even when not in power imagine when in power...
I can see our future in Venezuela, Cuba even in the high unemployment of socialist countries in Europe like France, in the sharia law courts now legal in England,......this goes behond sexes, a big hope is that women are brave and fight for their families and that is why a leader like Shelley Mandel is endorsing Sarah Palin. God bless America, God bless all those women who decades ago fought for other women.

Haha, the NOW site has clos... (Below threshold)

Haha, the NOW site has closed comments to their "disassociation statement" from Ms Mandel's announcement. Why? Many of the commenters are angry with NOW for turning her out. They claim - rightly - that as an organization for women, they should respect and support her decision and her statement of support for another - very accomplished -woman, a self-made woman who supports women's rights. The comments also - very correctly - castigate NOW for their anti-woman position, blasting another woman's right to make up her own mind and making membership in their group contingent upon some radical liberal litmus test - the very reason why most women in America want Nothing To Do With This so-called Natl Org for Women (my eye!) Of course, I'm sure they'll go in and cull the comments, now, to take out these "real women" comments.!

If a fetus is a baby, and w... (Below threshold)
J. Jackson:

If a fetus is a baby, and we all know that a large number of fetuses spontaneously abort in the first trimester, how do we explain why it is that God apparently kills those babies?

This must really get under ... (Below threshold)

This must really get under the skin of those trying to destroy Palin and convince America that she is against women's rights.

"Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people... of the characters and conduct of their rulers." John Adams

My mother was a very, very ... (Below threshold)

My mother was a very, very smart woman but she always played it down; always reduced herself and unfortunately to the extent that I sincerely think she eventually believed what she had always said about herself. It was unfortunately a reflection of the times, her generation and surely a survival technique. I would have given anything to have seen my mother know herself as a fully realized woman before she died. Or to see me as one for that matter. It didn't happen but she so deserved it. She worked hard, survived tremendous odds and in my mind often rose above the fray - despite her voluminous oppressions. I greatly admired her and her faith despite it all. The memory has so often sustained me.

As for me, I am feeling deeply hurt by the horrors of our current election process. In particular, I loathe the way our very first two historical women political candidates have been so profoundly disrespected, ripped up, torn down and rendered idiot, abstract invisibles - all in the name of self-willed partisan politics and yes - I'll say it - to elect yet another man. I've realized my limit after over 200 years. My only hope now is that this election be recorded in history as an accurate account of the unfortunate status of women in the year 2008. A country with a biased media that circumvents "We the People" and in their ruthless and unpatriotic grasp for power are allowed to influence an election for the candidate of "their" choice; a grossly persistent sexist and misogynist, often hateful media and society (which unfortunately includes some women,) and a political and societal system that continues to feel so desperately threatened by smart, especially bold, ambitious and talented - and even - yes, beautiful women.

Unlike my mother, I'm not going to pay the price and "pretend" that it isn't ALL still happening. I don't know how Hillary Rodham Clinton does it - I guess she does it like my mother did it, in fact like I've always had to do it - perhaps like you've had to do it - but no doubt it has taken a huge toll. I can surely see and read it on Hillary's face despite her unfathomable and courageous ability to act as if..... As for Sarah Palin: A smart and underestimated woman. There is no question in my mind that she could easily handle the grave responsibility of being President of the United States and do an extraordinary job on top of it. My guess is that despite the gravity, she would also find a way to have a whole lot of fun surprising the rest of the world in the process - even with her "thoughtful" decisions. But unlike Hillary Rodham Clinton who heroically in all her extraordinary strength endured and persisted in an earlier often unsupportive generation, Sarah Palin has risen with an inspiring confidence in herself and in her own compelling and unique voice. A voice also clearly not yet allowed to be fully realized. But these new manifestations are a poignant reflection of her age; a later generation, an outsider and a whole lot of arduous work accomplished by the many women who have gone before her. I love that she has absolutely no problem and quite candidly expressing a fullness of her self and her own ideas. I find it deliciously refreshing and inspiring considering our current political culture that cowers in fear of an honest process. A culture that values the greatest dishonesty of all - withholding for the purpose of deception.

Of course we don't have to vote for a woman candidate - whatever our reasons. But we also don't have to "actively" hate, humiliate, ridicule, bully, invalidate, impale, conveniently deconstruct, reduce and disrespect those same women who have shown the strength and courage to try.

j. Madison Rink
Los Angeles, CA

Once a Feminazi takes of h... (Below threshold)

Once a Feminazi takes of her luberal spinwheel goggles she is no longer a Feminazi!~

She has joined the Common Cause of equality without ANY Barriers

Here is how much Obama thinks of Americans -- watch the video - 1 minute-- Know the extent the liberals will go to decieve America....


ALL still happening. I don'... (Below threshold)

ALL still happening. I don't know how Hillary Rodham Clinton does it - I guess she does it like my mother did it, in fact like I've always had to do it - perhaps like you've had to do it - but no doubt it has taken a huge toll. I can surely see and read it on Hillary's face despite her unfathomable and courageous ability to act as if..... As for Sarah Palin: A smart and underestimated woman. There is no question in my mind that she could easily handle the grave responsibility of being President of the United States and do an extraordinary job on top of it. My guess is that despite the gravity, she would also find a way to have a whole lot of fun surprising the rest of the world in the process - even with her "thoughtful" decisions. But unlike Hillary Rodham Clinton who heroically in all her extraordinary strength endured and persisted in an earlier often unsupportive generation, Sarah Palin has risen with an inspiring confidence in herself and in her own compelling and unique voice.






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