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I Stand With President Bush

There are some folks who seem to have a perfect hand at internet writing. Some, like Victor Davis Hanson, hold impressive academic qualifications, while others, like Hugh Hewitt, used radio and blogging together to become major forces in the blogosphere. Then there is Glenn Reynolds, who simply wrote so much so well and so succinctly about so many things, that he simply became a site everyone read. The rest of us have succeeded to minor degrees, myself included, although I have a habit of picking fights with people. I was going to say it was an 'unfortunate' habit, except that I believe that most of those fights needed to be had. Hence I receive precious few Christmas cards, though fortunately I am taken seriously by so few people, that almost no one regards me as a serious threat to their political ambitions. I am annoying, nothing more.

But I am the sort to stand up for causes, especially when I see good men left deserted by those who once claimed to be loyal. In this case, I got into a disagreement regarding the - now common - habit of heaping blame onto President Bush by republicans, who not only believe the lies from the Left but forget that the President was one of very few people to warn the nation years ago that this sort of crisis was coming. I am an accountant, and while I cannot claim to be the equal of Bernanke or Paulson, I have been following the events which brought about this crisis for three + years now, and my MBA studies have reinforced understanding of the economic pressures at work. Bush was and is right, and the many who are howling outrage against him now are completely, utterly, shamefully wrong.

As is the case with so many important issues, President Bush was dead on from the start. But his supporters deserted him, questioned his judgment when they themselves did not have a clue, and they cut his legs out from under him. This disintegrated the GOP unity, along with other extremely foolish defections by people with large egos and no sense of duty.

I will not question the President in this case for even a moment, because he was left totally abandoned. Not a single House or Senate republican went along with President Bush, even though none of them had a background which qualified them as well as Bush to understand the forces at work and none of them (except McCain) had lifted a finger to stop this crisis from happening, much less carried the issue to the public the way Bush did. At the point where he was presented with the bill, Bush had two choices, neither of them palatable. He could either sign a bill loaded with things he would never have chosen to support, or he could allow a bad situation to become a catastrophe.

You may either believe me or not, but if this bill had not passed, the Dow and the Dollar would each lose at least 25% of their value before the year's end. By election day, things would be so bad that nearly every House and Senate seat would go to the Democrats because of the way the media has falsely laid blame, and you would see 2009 usher in an era of Socialism such as you would not have believed possible, unless - like me - you have studied similar crises in England, Japan, Russia, and Italy. Confidence was already fragile, and I do not think many people understand what was happening in European and Asian markets. To be blunt, a number of major nations were about to dump US Treasury notes, and the projections of consumer confidence would mean the worst economic collapse since 1932. Bush, as always, did the right thing, and as usual even the people who wanted him to do it, needed him to do it, made sure all the blame and none of the credit was laid at his name. Many republicans have believed the lies of evil men and deserted a good and honorable President, who also happened to be right again. The President has earned better than that from people who claim to be his friends. My loyalty is not so timid, nor my judgment so capricious that I believe men I know to be liars, rather than a proven friend and defender of the nation.


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Well said, DJ. That makes ... (Below threshold)

Well said, DJ. That makes two of us who stand by him on this.

I agree with you 100 percen... (Below threshold)
Kathy Clayton:

I agree with you 100 percent. It seems good men finish last.

Make that three DJ. ... (Below threshold)

Make that three DJ.
It's remarkable how George Bush has not replied in kind to the mudslinging (to put it kindly) he has gotten from so many people. I guess he knows that a bulldog can whup a skunk any day, but it's just not worth it.

"Bush, as always, did the r... (Below threshold)

"Bush, as always, did the right thing, and as usual even the people who wanted him to do it, needed him to do it, made sure all the blame and none of the credit was laid at his name. Many republicans have believed the lies of evil men and deserted a good and honorable President, who also happened to be right again. The President has earned better than that from people who claim to be his friends. My loyalty is not so timid, nor my judgment so capricious that I believe men I know to be liars, rather than a proven friend and defender of the nation."

I completely agree with you. I wanted a war waged on Saddam Hussain, since about 1982, principally because of the cruelty with which he treated his subjects. (If they cannot turn to America, whom can they turn to?) Bush did that. Indeed, I believe that the very same considerations played a significant role in his thinking. The WMD emphasis was largely owing to his having to support Blair, and Bush is loyal to his friends. I believe his shortcomings arise from being too soft and accommodating, rather than from being dictatorial. We should not have become concerned about the Iraqi looting of their own historical treasures, and other such concerns of the liberals, immediately after the Iraqi resistance collapsed against the forces of the US.
I think President Bush, being a honorable and decent man, failed to understand the venality of his opponents (i.e. the left, in this country) and accommodated their spurious concerns.

The result of all this is that he is (temporarily, one hopes) an exceedingly unpopular president. I too do not support him in arguments I have with all and sundry, since it is vitally important to win this election for the Republicans. Only if McCain and Palin win this election will the legacy of Bush be safeguarded. So, in my numerous arguments (and, I too, do not get many Christmas Cards) I do not bring up Presidient Bush and his many contributions to our nation. I shall get back to defending this greatly under-rated president on November 5th.
This is a long war against those who would sell freedom and democracy down the river, and in a long war, one must fight the current battle. I believe that many others who admire Bush are also of the same opinion. Of course, it helps that McCain is rather different from Bush, but in many places where it matters, he has the same pluck, and the same sense of honor. I have been arguing for the selection of Sarah Palin, from about March. I am happy she has been chosen. I don't at all believe that this was merely so because she is female. I can see, and the perception is reinforced every time they appear together, that McCain admires in her those qualities that I admire in him. She is a Happy Warrior, and will not abandon the battle. She thinks, as I do, and President Bush and Senator McCain also do, that America is special. It is the City on the Hill; it is exceptional. It is the last and best great hope for Mankind. She, too, is adroit enough not to praise President Bush while she cheerfully fights yet another battle in the war against the dark forces that he initiated (And, that, dear trolls, is not a racist statement--I am not referring to the color of the skins of our enemies in the Middle East, or that of Senator Obama. I too am brown skinned, for all the relevance that has!)
So don't be prematurely dismayed. We shall celebrate the courage, and understanding, of President Bush in a month's time. Meanwhile gird your loins for the immediate battle.

Bush was a class act during... (Below threshold)

Bush was a class act during this crisis. Compare what he did and said with Pelosi, Dodd and Dirty Harry, among others.

History is going to partially vindicate Bush on a number of fronts, especially the war in Iraq. I will leave it to the historians to figure out where he went wrong, if in fact he did. Being President is a whole bunch different from running for the job. Notice how much he has aged?

I love and admire our Presi... (Below threshold)

I love and admire our President. I will miss him.

DJHave you checked... (Below threshold)


Have you checked out Tom Blumer over on newsbusters? He has some opinions on slanting the polls.

Well said, and something wi... (Below threshold)
Patrick L. McHargue:

Well said, and something with which I agree. It's sad to see so many streered only by the drumline the media represents against our President.

Bush was a class act dur... (Below threshold)

Bush was a class act during this crisis. Compare what he did and said with Pelosi, Dodd and Dirty Harry, among others.

Spot on Larry. Bush has had to act like a leader in the face of incredible challenge and volatility. Volatility is the separator here. Events turned so quickly that someone had to step into the breach and take a stand.

Bush did that. The perpetrators of this crisis, those guys in Congress, stood by with their fingers in the wind. Americans should God every night that our combat forces don't act that way.

Bush has learned a hard a lesson defending this country the past seven years, which is, short term political gain is no foundation on which to build American security, both financially and militarily.

DJ is right about this. Look at the European markets activity this weekend for proof that this was an imminent crisis. The short term political expediency (nixing the bail out) was again set aside by Bush for the long term gain.

For the whiners I have this question: what are you specifically going to do to make sure this does not happen again? For the liberal trolls, will you demand that the FNMA execs that enriched themselves with hundreds of millions of our money while committing accounting fraud be prosecuted?

Should have said in #9 abov... (Below threshold)

Should have said in #9 above " Americans should thank God"

President Bush has been a c... (Below threshold)

President Bush has been a class act from the beginning. I cannot stand well, but I will stand with you in spirit. History will remember him fondly for his courage in the face of terrorism and a hostile, shameful media.

Right on DJ! I do disagree ... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

Right on DJ! I do disagree with you on one thing though. The "supporters" you mention really should be called fair weather friends. The all or nothingers who "supported" him against Gore and Kerry just can't stand that he might not think of them at every turn. These are the same people who, while rightly admiring Ronald Reagan, gloss over things that they would dump him for if he were president today.

George W. Bush is one of the finest men to ever grace the Oval Office.

Winston Churchill once said... (Below threshold)

Winston Churchill once said, "You have enemies? Good! That means that once in your life you stood up for something."

Let's hear it for a man who did not vote "present" over 100 times.

My loyalty is not... (Below threshold)
My loyalty is not so timid, nor my judgment so capricious that I believe men I know to be liars, rather than a proven friend and defender of the nation.

Then why do you support McCain/Palin?

Appropriate the first disre... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

Appropriate the first disrespectful post comes from one with the moniker "Cockroach".

Anyone got some "Raid" handy?

I have a couple of friends ... (Below threshold)

I have a couple of friends who look at me funny now because I don't stand idly by while they join the ranks of the shrill with thoughtless comments they don't even really mean just to gain favor with some narrow-minded lefty shill they might be talking to. I called one of them on it last week. She won't even speak to me now. I happen to know she voted for Bush both times and only said mean spirited things about him when in certain company. It's spineless not to stand up for what you think is right.

I don't have a deep understanding of the economy, but I'm not so blind as to not be able to tell who's been right and who's wrong in the lead-up to this. And I'll defer to those who were right.

I've said before here that history will be kind to Bush. I still believe that.

Yeah, 25% chance of great d... (Below threshold)
A Stoner:

Yeah, 25% chance of great depression. Right... Let us see, what caused the great depression to be great in the first place. It was poor choices on how to deal with the depression by the government. Here we have a plan put together by a person who is completely biased to want to protect Goldman Sachs in a very short period of time with no input allowed from anyone else with ideas that did not involve $700,000,000,000.00 buying assets from businesses that made poor decisions. Sounds like a very unsound government action call to me.
What other choices were available? Quick action bankruptcies of insolvent companies that are then quickly auctioned off to solvent enterprises. Those solvent enterprises would then be capitalized with loans from the federal government.
What are we really going to get? Well, if we buy at the current prices of the MBSs, then insolvent companies remain insolvent and we still have to do the same thing from above. If we buy overpriced, then we bail out companies that should be bankrupted and sold to people who know what they are doing and the American taxpayer is the one sacrificing while the people who benifited when times were good continue to benifit. Sorry, but the bailout is bad on every single level of its incarnation and has approximately 0.000000001% chance of working

Then why do you su... (Below threshold)
Then why do you support McCain/Palin?

Because they aren't Obama/Biden.

DJ,I have always s... (Below threshold)


I have always stood by President Bush. I was the one who recommended a poll that included President Bush in the Republican primaries, which he was the clear winner (I think he got over 80%).

President Bush will be placed in the top ten of American presidents when his time comes. Reagan was ridiculed and abandoned, and those same idiots are criticizing President Bush.


What other choices we... (Below threshold)

What other choices were available? Quick action bankruptcies of insolvent companies that are then quickly auctioned off to solvent enterprises. Those solvent enterprises would then be capitalized with loans from the federal government.

A Stoner

It's hard to argue against your point.

However, I'm not aware of anything in Bankruptcy Court that resembles quick action. By quick action I assume you mean action that is quick enough to avoid collateral liquidity issues. You know, of course, that Morgan is arguing over senior secured perfected security interests with Lehman right now? That won't be resolved anytime soon and some parties that want their money NOW will have to wait.

That bankruptcy was weeks ago? Seems like years ago with the volatility and fluid conditions we are dealing with.

This awful bailout was passed to avoid panic and a seizure in the short term capital markets. I can see all sorts of potential problems with it right now, but the purpose of the bail out was to buy time to solve the problem. Given that time, will Paulson et al solve the problem? I have no idea. But without some breathing room, there would have been no time to solve any problem.

An accurate description of Treasury's recommendations and Congress' vote last week can be summed up in a brief picture that anyone who grew up watching westerns or Daniel Boone shows will recognize (warning, this will surely piss off the PC crowd):

Last week the big financial institutions were too busy shooting the Indians coming in through the windows to worry much about the ones still hiding the woods.

The sad part of this... (Below threshold)

The sad part of this whole sordid financial mess is that it is a near duplicate of what we went through a couple of decades ago with the S&L mess.

I wonder how many of the crooks in Congress were around then?

I had a similar conversatio... (Below threshold)

I had a similar conversation with a friend yesterday. We were talking about the current financial issue and he made the statement that it was Bush's policies that got us here and that he couldn't vote for "more of the same." I immediately asked him if he knew how we got to this point which, of course, he didn't--only repeating that Bush got us here.

I asked if he would listen to me for 5 minutes so that he had a better picture before he jumped to a fed conclusion. I started with the Fair Housing Act, then to the CRA in 1977 and again in 1998, the practice of red-lining and the CRA's intent, followed by the practices observed after Clinton's signing and what Fannie and Freddie actually do. I then informed him that in 2003 Bush and John Snow tried to alert us, but failed, and then how McCain tried again in 2005 with S-190 but it never got past the introductory phase of the process due to voting along party-lines. I asked him to look up for himself (he won't) who it benefited for the practices to continue, to do the research and make an informed decision instead of someone, including me, telling him their viewpoint for him to accept as truth.

My point is that I've gotten so sick and tired of hearing the Bush bashing--with friends and family who have BDS so badly that the vitriol drips from their words. I try to arm myself with facts and reason (and if the above synopsis is fundamentally wrong someone please let me know so that I may further my studies) to battle the still growing antagonism I hear. Facts and reaon make no matter, though, when decisions are based on emotion and hope and change--which, evidently, is all the substance they need.

There is no politician who ... (Below threshold)

There is no politician who I would agree with 100% and President Bush is no exception. Having said that, I'm still proud to say I voted for the man twice. No, he isn't perfect, but he is an honorable man. The man has been called everything in the book and has resisted the urge to respond. I could not have resisted.

I can only pray history will judge him better than the current missimpression of the man.

I stand by principles and i... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

I stand by principles and ideas over political expediency. I think Bush really believes in his heart that this is a good thing for the country, but the simple fact is that it hurts far more than it will help. He was right in the begining that freddie and fannie needed to have oversight. But giving them billions of dollars with a bunch of pork attached to said bill is an absolutely horrendus idea.

The man is not a conservative, and never has been. He has some conservative ideas, but not in this case. This bill is pure socialism on the march and I'm glad the few in the house and senate that had the balls to stand their ground actually did.

Bush has honorable intentions, yet in this case he essentially acted as a useful idiot for the democrats.

i totally agree with you - ... (Below threshold)

i totally agree with you - president bush is a man of action not words - he doesnt look to take credit just does the right thing and lets the rest of them continue talking - just imagine a bill clinton or algore or barak husein obama or hillary clinton dealing with a september 11th, we would still be negotiating with the taliban, just imagine any of them dealing with iraq we would still have husein (i mean saddam husein, unfortunately we may be still stuck with barak husein for 4 years) the utter nerve that barak husein can try and make it sound like he was part of the success in afghanastan when it was bush's clear vision that led us into victory there with a dem we wouldve gone away from there like the russians

Bush made two serious mista... (Below threshold)

Bush made two serious mistakes that cut off the support of his base.

The first was his attempt to name Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court. He winked that she would vote the right way on Roe v. Wade, but he had completely misread what conservatives actually wanted in a Supreme Court justice. What they wanted was a judicial hero that would argue their side with knowledge and talent. They wanted someone that would not legislate from the bench. Someone that could be an intellectual force.

Bush did that eventually, but the magnitude of his mistake in naming Harriet Miers cannot be overstated. Conservatives were stunned and hugely disappointed.

The second gigantic mistake that Bush made was to push for comprehensive immigration reform before making any real effort to secure the borders. This infuriated his supporters who do not understand his position to this day.

These staggering mistakes cost Bush the support of his base and are responsible for his low favorability ratings.

He further gave up the political center by refusing to engage the MSM as they slowly destroyed him with a steady drip of lies and ridicule. I'm not sure he understood just how effective their attacks were until it was too late. I know it is difficult to reach the political center when your only vehicle for communicating is controlled by your political enemies, but I think it's clear now that he should have fought back earlier.

Having just finished readin... (Below threshold)

Having just finished reading your post and not having read as much as a single comment, I have come directly to a comment window to thank you for your wise and understanding words.

In my view, Loyalty and Integrity have always occupied the highest place in the House of Virtue, and President Bush has long held my admiration for his unfaltering good faith in all his dealings. I have actually felt hurt and offended at the abuse heaped upon him and his family over the years, but in this he is certainly not alone for the left swipes with a broad brush of hatred that has tarred more than one on this side of the aisle.

It is my firmly held conviction, though it be of little comfort to Mr. Bush in the present, but history will judge him with a great deal more appreciation and with the clear eye of historical distance from the riot of loud mouth immaturity prevalent in this age that believes its own press far too much.

It gives me great comfort to hold this view, and I pray sincerely that Mr. Bush himself understands that in the greater scheme of things he will have the last laugh, and when all these ankle biters have been swept away in the dustbin of history, George W. Bush will be remembered as one of the finer presidents of this Republic.

I had this exact same discu... (Below threshold)

I had this exact same discussion with my mother in law tonight. She was of the opinion that he's the worst president in history (as is bandied about on "all the best websites".) I happen to think that he did the best he could with a bunch of bad situations, and got most of them right.

Do I agree with him on all fronts? Hell no. I HATED that it took him, what, 5 years (?) to figure out he could VETO a spending bill. I also think he had his head up his ass on imigration. And I'll never figure out exactly why Sandy Burgler wasn't prosecuted to high heaven for his shinanigans. But he got the GWOT right. He kept the economy running in the aftermath of 9-11. He tried to fix the social securtity time bomb (blocked by all our favorite useful idiots). He tried to reign in Fannie and Freddie. And he went about and did what he had to to get the economy stabilized (jury is out on if it'll work).

My personal problem is with those gutless GOP hacks on the hill. They had a huge problem passing a perfectly good (?) bailout bill with no pork, because Pelosi insulted them?!?!?! But they have zero problems with it if it's got plenty of pork to go around?!?! (I'm one of those 59% Rasmussen noted would like to throw out all those rat bastard bums on the hill).

Anywho... back on topic. I think that history will look kindly on Bush. Yes, history books will note that he was EXTREMELY unpopular during his tenure... but I'm also sure that his choices will be vindicated.

Faust, I agree the two exam... (Below threshold)

Faust, I agree the two examples of GW ignoring the conservative base are huge but in my mind, not deal breakers. Perspective is the key to the GW presidency.
Right out of the shoot the Chinese captured one of our plans, which showed GW does know how and was successful in deplomacy and negotiations.

9/11 happened and there was not play book or precidency to follow on what steps should be taken. He is off the charts competent in his actions.

GW tried to tell the country the SS system is going under and needs to be reformed. He was pilloried.

GW warned about Fannie and Freddie. Ignored.

History will indeed show GW's administration is one of the best.

Immigration was a failure as was his spending habits, but in its entirety, he gets and A from me and I am never shy to tell people that. ww

Bush will go down in histor... (Below threshold)

Bush will go down in history as being on par with other great presidents such as James Buchanan, Warren G. Harding, Andrew Johnson, Franklin Pierce & Millard Fillmore.

Terrific post DJ. For this... (Below threshold)

Terrific post DJ. For this one, if I knew your address, I'd send you a Christmas card.

You know, Ann Coulter calle... (Below threshold)

You know, Ann Coulter called to task those conservatives who upon learning about the passing of Jerry Falwell, prefaced their comment with "I did not agree on everything with the Rev. Falwell, but . . .". They were trying to say something good about Dr. Falwell but prefaced each statement so that they would not be associated too closely with the man. Is there anyone in the world we completely agree with? Most here don't agree with President Bush on spending and immigration, but it's not necessary to say so prior to saying something positive. It's okay to just say that he was a good president without having to preface each remark. So let me say that here:

President George W. Bush is and will be remembered as a very good president. My family and I are thankful for his courageous leadership during a difficult time for America.

The highest proportion of v... (Below threshold)

The highest proportion of voters ever in our country voted for GW in 2004. All records were broken. Liberals can only get things with lawyers. ww

HughSActually the f... (Below threshold)
A Stoner:

Actually the fast track bankruptcy plan is what happened to Bear Stearns, Washington Mutual and Wachovia Bank. The Fed saw they were in trouble and were not going to make it much longer, so instead of trying to prop them up for a slow meltdown the fed told them that they were going to let them die, forcing them to bankrupt before they got so far down the drain that no company would want to buy them. This allowed management to plan properly for a takeover, kept people employed that would have been laid off while the company tried to maintain solvency and a meriad of other problems.

Now however, instead of companies that do not deserve to remain in business going bankrupt, they will keep struggling to hold on until their peice of the $700,000,000,000.00 pie gets to them. All the while shedding employees, not lending, and being perpetual drags on the lending industry.

I have to admit, if I was the single most intelligent, single most influencial, and single most marxist person in the world, Paulson's plan is exactly the plan I would have developed and sprung on the American economy. In one fell swoop he has changed our country from a capitalist society into a country that is now started down a frictionless slide with the pool at the bottom being socialism.

First, he did not act to prevent the crisis we are having. He saw it coming, knew it would be big, but kept punting the ball down feild.
Second, he picked just the right time to decide to make the play, 6 weeks from one of the most intensly fought Presidential as well as Congressional elections that anyone can remember.
Third, he used all the tactics that socialists use. Fear, screaming that if things did not get done by close of business Friday, the end of our society would begin. If it is not done by Asian Markets opening bell on Monday, the end of capitalism was nigh. Ok, you have to have it by Wednesday, I can only hold off on this end of days so long.
Fourth, he refused to allow any other plans to be developed. He gave one plan, one price tag, and he steadfastly said that every single plan anyone came up with he would not implement. When insurance was offered up, he said he would not use it. When the price tag was offered at a lower price, he screamed that it would not stimulate confidence enough to work. He gave little time for politicians to get educated by true market loving economists so that they could make an informed decisions on how to handle the problem.
Fifth, his plan was designed to give all authority to a single person, himself. It even came with the caveate that no one, not even the Supreme Court was allowed to second guess his use of the $700,000,000,000.00.
Sixth, he gave cover to the socialists of our society. He did everything he could to ensure that Republicans took all of the heat. From begging McCain to come back to Washington and then not saying he did so after Democrats attacked him for putting politics into politics. When Democrats said that they had the votes needed, Paulson knew better, but still allowed Democrats to blame McCain for causing it to fail. Basically, Paulson has allowed the people who pushed America to the edge of the slide to keep their position so that they could push us over the edge. From Dodd, Frank, Pelosi, Reid and every other person who thought that rolling the dice in order to give houses to people who could not keep them was in the best interest of the country.
Now the nation is going down the frictionless slide. There is $700,000,000,000.00 that is going to be out there with people clawing and fighting their way to get their peice of it. Everyone is going to be entitled to something. If this $700,000,000,000.00 does not end up with enough peices, then everyone who did not get any, or others who still want more are going to know that with enough pressure, our retarded Senators and Representatives will eventually cave and give them what they demand. The economy is still going to go down the toilet. The people affected will demand to be helped. The government will be all too happy to help them out. A little shackle here to make you feel safe. A nice little locked door there to ensure you are where you need to be. How about this tracking device implanted in your spine, just in case you ever get lost? The end of our nation is at hand. Thank God Bush was elected president in 2000.

I agree with DJ. I've disag... (Below threshold)

I agree with DJ. I've disagreed with the President in the past, as I'm sure most of us have. Hell, I've even disagreed with Rush sometimes. The point is, if I want someone for president who's going to agree with me 100% then I'm going to have to run myself.

At the end of the day, or the administration if you will, it's necessary to look at the totality of what happened during those eight years. Imagine if Al Gore had won in 2000.

What would the President have said and done on 9/12/01? I'm glad I don't know. What would the supreme court look like right now? What would Saddam be up to today? How much bolder would Putin and Chavez be? I could go on, but you get the point. Bush has done alright by me, and all things considered by the country too.

I have always thought of Bu... (Below threshold)

I have always thought of Bush as a president who gave the world a good kick in the ass when it was needed after 8 years of Clinton. When the dust settled down a bit we found out who were our friends and who were our enemies.
He did what was needed and stuck to it regardless of the cost to his image. I believe that years from now when the baseless yammering of the MSM and liberals are faded,he will be well remembered as a good president.

Larry: "The sad part of thi... (Below threshold)

Larry: "The sad part of this whole sordid financial mess is that it is a near duplicate of what we went through a couple of decades ago with the S&L mess.
I wonder how many of the crooks in Congress were around then?"

Seriously, Larry? 'Cause I can think of one right off the top of my head. And he was in it up to his neck. And he's running for president right now. And you're probably going to vote for him. So what does that say about you?

The highest proportion o... (Below threshold)

The highest proportion of voters ever in our country voted for GW in 2004. All records were broken.

True, but also the highest number of voters ever in our country voted AGAINST GW in 2004. All records of voting against an incumbent were broken.

I think history will look... (Below threshold)

I think history will look back at Mr Bush as favorably. I know I know the media has constantly been talking bad about him and making fun of him.
I havent agreed with everything he has said and done especially recently. But what I admire and respect the most is his ethics. Despite what one thinks of him now, before he was elected he said what he would do and when elected during the 1st several months he actually followed thru on many of the promises he made when he was running for the position. How many politicians have there been that have done this-that have kept their promises to the American people? At least with him we knew where he stood and what he would do.

Dead wrong on this whole th... (Below threshold)
Tom H.:

Dead wrong on this whole thing.

Markets were set to crash a week ago if something didn't happen and the markets didn't crash. Wall Street decided to wait for the bailout and now that they have it what happened? Down below 10,000... excellent. Now they're contemplating what else to feed the monster... brilliant!

We also have Wells Fargo and Citigroup fighting over Wachovia... bargain hunters looking for the bargains, which by the way is what happens when left alone.

Re-inflating the bubble doesn't fix the problem at all. Tell me, what are we doing about the Community Reinvestment Act? Sarbanes-Oxley? Fair Value Accounting? Default Credit Swaps? 2nd highest corporate taxes in the world? ZIP!

You wanna build confidence in the markets... try capitalism and free markets, not writing a check to wall street with taxpayer money.

Instead of freer markets and lower taxes, our big government/compassionate conservative president as opted for unprecedented government control of the financial markets and increased tax liability.

Making some suggestions to the SEC while stealing billions from private citizens and redistributing that to private companies is a damn travesty.

Yes this would be painful to correct, but its going to be more painful now and the real problems aren't even close to being addressed.

This is a big stinking case of the do something disease. Something should be done, but as usual, congress, and the president, got it dead wrong.

We just got hosed!






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