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Up in arms

Maybe they will make a protest to the UN-

The Taliban are unusually angry about the latest suspected U.S. missile strike in Pakistan, a sign a top militant may have died in the attack, officials and residents said Sunday amid reports the death toll rose by two to 24.
Poor babies. If you didn't support the killing of innocent people, you may actually get some sympathy. I suggest the Taliban surrenders and then asks for an aid package. The US is usully helpful to those we defeat in battle.

That is so going to happen. NOT!

Hat tip- James Joyner at OTB


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Don't mourn civilian deaths... (Below threshold)
R.J. Best:

Don't mourn civilian deaths, get angry at the Taliban who would put civilians in danger. Starting in Vietnam, our enemies have purposefully surrounded their activities with women and children. In Vietnam the Vietcong placed gun batteries in the courtyards of schools and hospitals. In firefights they put women and children in front and fired between and over them, knowing our soldiers would not fire. Our enemies are well aware liberals in the press will hammer the U.S. Military given any opportunity. If our enemies surround themselves with civilians, they have to learn it is no longer a winning strategy. Kill them all and let allah sort it out.

R.J.:The libtards ... (Below threshold)
Son of a Pig and a Monkey:


The libtards are the same about Al Quada car bombs in Iraq -somehow they manage to convince themselves that the US military did it, or is at fault. There seems to be no cure for it.






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