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Just sacrilege I say

A Sarah Palin sports broadcast from 1988. It's the video from a Spring Training game played in Port St. Lucie Florida(About 50 miles from my house) between the New York Mets and LA Dodgers that got my attention.

Let me quote the present GOP Vice-Presidential candidate- "This wave is kind of weak, but they're only in spring training remember."

Making fun of Floridian New York Fans, which includes yours truly. There goes my vote. I have more comments beneath the fold.

Cue the sarcastic laughter.

Update- Made minor correction to the post.(Thanks SOG for pointing it out) I'll let Ms. Palin off the hook. I wasn't living in Florida in 1988 but at Subic Bay Naval Base. Probably busy at that moment giving bowling lessons to a beautiful Filipina I met that same year.

Predictably, the Palm Beach Post's politics blog puts up a altered version of the video above.


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Comments (11)

Let me quote the f... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:
Let me quote the future GOP Vice-Presidential nominee-

Correction: Sarah Palin is the current GOP Vice-Presidential nominee (she's the future "Presidential" nominee.)

I think she was just being ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I think she was just being racist when she said it. After all everything else McCain and Palin says is racist so why not this.

Ya know, I think she's hott... (Below threshold)

Ya know, I think she's hotter now than she was back then ;) And she was pretty hot back then.

This puts truth to the lie ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

This puts truth to the lie concerning Palin's "fake" accent and folksiness. She sounds pretty much the same to me now as then. She rarely puts the "g" on any "ing" ending. It's genuine.

Did I hear her say, "Tommy ... (Below threshold)

Did I hear her say, "Tommy Lasorda there, he needs to learn to relax." ??


She was... what.. 22 in that clip?

Heh! A 22 yr old female sportscaster on WRINKY Channel Two in IceCube Nowheresville takes a snarky bite outta the Legendary Lasorda.

The lady has more 'nads than Obama/Obiden combined.

Seeing as how you're not vo... (Below threshold)

Seeing as how you're not voting for the McCain/Palin ticket Bill, can you point out to me how many New York baseball teams are in the play-offs this year?

The exact date for this new... (Below threshold)

The exact date for this newscast is March 5th, 1988. I can tell by the college basketball scores. Governor Palin would have been 24 years old at the time.

Wow! Barack Obama was only ... (Below threshold)

Wow! Barack Obama was only a constitutional Law professor back then.

During her report she said ... (Below threshold)
Paul Phillips:

During her report she said Michigan made a comeback in the the fourth. As everyone knows college basketball games are played in halves not quarters. Clearly she is unfit for office.

Fourth inning perhap... (Below threshold)

Fourth inning perhaps, Paul?

Some hair style she's sporting there.

jmc, get your facts straigh... (Below threshold)

jmc, get your facts straight. He entered law school in '88.






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