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New McCain Ad: "Dangerous" Obama

This ad hits Obama hard. He tried to dodge the issue through Joe Biden at the VP debate, and tried to come across as a hawk during his debate against John McCain, but would a hawk who supports our troops say and do these things?

As Ed says, Obama is the Code Pink candidate. Jodie Evans is one of Obama's fundraisers, as well as being a founder of Code Pink who perhaps put the idea of meeting dictators without preconditions into Obama's head, seeing as how she's willingly met with Chavez, Ahmedinejad, and the like. She's claimed that Iraqis are worse off now than they were under Saddam. She's the founder of an organization that protests military recruitment centers, disrupted an Independence Day naturalization ceremonies, wants Americans to protest on Memorial Day, possibly committed treason, tried to ban the Blue Angels... the list goes on and on.

Do we want a Code Pink candidate in the White House? The Commander in Chief should be someone who at leasts respects our troops, not someone who accuses them of murder and cuts their funding and tries to cripple their strategy for victory.

McCain needs to be putting more ads out like this. Obama is not fit to be Commander in Chief.


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It seems like just yesterda... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

It seems like just yesterday that Obama was supposed to be another Paris Hilton.

What a waste of money and, ... (Below threshold)

What a waste of money and, more importantly, effort. Doesn't the McCain campaign realize that EVERYBODY who cares one way or the other about Iraq/Afghanistan/terrorism has already made up their minds who they're going to vote for?

Yes, I know to McCain, slandering and failing to support our military is the biggest crime one can ever commit, but if McCain wants to win he's going to have to focus his advertising and rhetoric towards the issues the remaining undecided votes are concerned about. That means the economy (and the Democrats' role in letting Fannie and Freddie screw things up) and Obama's lack of experience (sitting around and dreaming of being President doesn't qualify one to be President).

But knowing McCain, at tomorrow's debate, he's going to continue to talk surge, surge, surge. He's right, but he's wrong to focus on it and he's going to lose if he does.

It seems like just... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
It seems like just yesterday that Obama was supposed to be another Paris Hilton.

McCain was effective in stripping away the idea that Obama was a celebrity and now he's stripping away the idea that Obama is qualified to be Commander in chief.

Even the biggest tree is chopped down one cut at a time. The only question is, can McCain chop fast enough to topple Obama before the election.

McCain is doing the right a... (Below threshold)

McCain is doing the right and proper thing. Obama has gotten a pass for too long. We are running against the MSM and Obama, so word has to get out. ww

Since the MSM won't look at... (Below threshold)

Since the MSM won't look at Obama, McCain has to do it himself. I do fault McCain for thinking that the MSM who treated him as their best friend for years, would actually be fair when it came time for him to run for POTUS.

Right now, the AP is claiming that Palin was racist in her remarks about Ayers. Of course, now the MSM cannot afford to actually show where she said anything remotely like that, so they must 'interpret' what normal people actually heard.

Think about it! You come ou... (Below threshold)

Think about it! You come out and say the truth about Obama's connection to a domestic terrorist, and his campaign and the MSM call you a racist! Now imagine the next 4 years of attempting to criticize anything he does or says as president! He'll be invulnerable because every criticism will be deemed racist. He's a whiner and a cry baby, and if McCain ever decided to get tough, he could knock Obama on his butt in no time flat. Maybe he should leave that job up to Sarah.

I still believe that Hillar... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I still believe that Hillary will throw in an October suprise (albeit through a surrogate) that will cause Obama to lose. I dont think she could do it during the primaries because it (whatever it is) would come back to haunt her and be linked to her too easily.

It would be sweet if 2 weeks before the election an authentic Kenyan birth certificate for Obama would show up. Biden would become the Dems front runner and the campaign would take a nose dive.

I just cant count Hillary out.

McCain was effective in ... (Below threshold)

McCain was effective in stripping away the idea that Obama was a celebrity

McCain's tactic was to promote the idea that Obama was a celebrity. Not a very effective strategy, apparently, since you didn't even get it.

His choices of associations... (Below threshold)

His choices of associations will be his downfall, or the country's if he's elected.

steve sturm said <blockquot... (Below threshold)

steve sturm said

EVERYBODY who cares one way or the other about Iraq/Afghanistan/terrorism has already made up their minds
That's possible, but is there really enough undecideds to account for the violent swings in the polls over recent times?

All I know is, whatever he focuses on, McCain needs to be as bold as his commercials. Impressing folks on the blogosphere is not gonna get it with the great unwashed. I know, I haven't bathed since Sunday early and the guy came off wimpy to me in the first debate.






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