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A Beautiful Story

My friend Andrea Shea King posted a very moving story about the child she gave up for adoption several decades ago. It is absolutely beautiful. Please read it.

I am exhausted after one heck of a long day, which ended at the Sarah Palin event in Greenville NC tonight. Actually it ended with me driving home from Greenville. I got some okay pictures at the event and will do a write up tomorrow, but right now am just too tired. Regarding the debate, I think McCain should have done more on some issues, but the townhall format made it a bit difficult. I noticed that he did bring up the "walk vs. talk" theme, but he called it "record" vs. "rhetoric." He also made a few points about Obama's liberal record. That's it for tonight.

Update: Wow. I just re-read my post from last night about what I wanted McCain to talk about and he hit on almost every point.


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Lorie, I remember you from ... (Below threshold)
Midwest Kay:

Lorie, I remember you from another forum you used to be on!! Your post about the adoption story caught my eye as our family has adopted too. I am sending that link to other families in our situation as I think it will mean a lot. Bless Andrea for her willingness to share her story.

Re the debate--my husband watched it and was very pleased with McCain. He did say, as you did, that the town hall format is not a good one.

I just have to wonder, though, how many people watch those things? When Palin and Biden debated, I know that was a big draw but the presidential ones--not sure.

Lorie,Thank you fo... (Below threshold)


Thank you for linking to my post. If it inspires others, it will have come to even more blessings.

Warmest regards,

The Radio Patriot

Lorie, Thank you f... (Below threshold)


Thank you for linking to this. Even as I write, I'm still sobbing.

Tomorrow I will find out what my baby's gender is. I'm at 21 weeks gestation, a little over halfway there. The thought of ever separating from my own little one just devastates me.

Oh my, what a lovely and li... (Below threshold)

Oh my, what a lovely and life-affirming story! My co-worker just asked my why my face was wet.






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