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I Hope McCain Talks About This Tonight

Track record-- I hope McCain points out as often as possible examples of talk vs. walk in both candidates' track records. There are many examples of Barack Obama talking about a problem (or claiming to have talked about it) and John McCain actually doing something. The Fannie/Freddie example is perfect. Obama says he warned of the financial crisis a year or so ago. Well, John McCain not only warned of it three years ago, but he did something about it. He sponsored legislation that might have prevented much of the pain we are experiencing today, but Democrats in Congress killed it. Obama talked the talk (at least he claims he did -- did anyone out there hear him?), McCain walked the walk.

Another difference in track record where McCain walks and Obama talks is in reforming government. Obama is now talking about change, but when has he ever done it? John McCain has bucked his party and Sarah Palin has too. Both have gone against the grain when they thought it was in the best interest of their state/country and they have made big changes. Obama has "gone along" to get along. If he has stood up to anyone in his party, or to the status quo, I am not aware of it.

One more example is on taxes. Obama is talking about a tax cut for 95 percent of Americans. Never mind that many of those in that 95 percent currently pay no income tax so it would be impossible to cut their taxes -- they would not get a tax cut, but would receive a check written on the tax dollars many of the rest of us have paid. But even if you disregard the redistribution of wealth element of Obama's plan, what in his track record would lead anyone to believe he would deliver on his promise to cut taxes? He is talking about it now, but has he walked that walk? John McCain and Sarah Palin have a track record of cutting taxes.

Yet another example is on the issue of energy and drilling. Republicans have been trying to get Democrats to pursue domestic oil sources for many years, but Democrats have only just now agreed to consider it, after consumers paying $4/gallon for gas demanded it.

More than anything, though, McCain needs to point out how liberal Obama's voting record has been.

Talk about why judgment and associations are important. Few in the media have been interested in talking about Obama's associations with some pretty unsavory characters over the past couple of years. It bothered voters in the primary when the words of Jeremiah Wright were exposed and Obama was forced to disown the man he said he would never disown, but by then it was too late for it to sink his campaign. Now voters have internalized that one and any new reference to it may just be dismissed as old news. But it fits into a track record that is troubling. If McCain can explain to voters why it matters that Obama has formed alliances with the likes of Ayers and Rezko and Wright and others, voters might consider it. If he doesn't, any reference will be seen as mudslinging.

If McCain can effectively show voters that Obama does not have a good track record on cutting taxes, or on energy, or on reforming government, or on many of the other things he now claims he supports, but that he has a track record of voting an extreme left agenda, some voters might have second thoughts about whether or not Obama can deliver on his promises. If McCain can also make voters question Obama's judgment through his associations with Ayers, Rezko, Wright, etc., he might make some headway. Most of all though, what would hurt Obama in tonight's debate is his own performance. Expectations are much higher for Obama tonight than they were in the first debate and he will not have a teleprompter. If Obama has a few "uh, er, uhm" moments, that could hurt him, but I would really be surprised if he is still doing that at this point.


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Is this all you've g... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

Is this all you've got?

I would think one issue would take front and center with you Lorie, a defender of our military. is why McCain sided with Bush in opposition to the new GI bill.

I followed closely IAVAs efforts to get McCain on board with fellow Vietnam Vets, Hagel and Webb.

McCain didn't even bother to show up for the vote. He voted no on 2 previous GI bills.

McCain supports the troops? Only in speeches.


A must watch before voting:... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

A must watch before voting:


Just learned that Jerome Corsi, anti-Barack author of Swift-Boat fame was grabbed in his hotel room and detained by authorities in Kenya after plans to launch his book there.

The Times of London is reporting that "Dr. Corsi will also expose details of deep secret ties between U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and a section of Kenya government leaders, their connection to certain sectoral groups in Kenya and subsequent plot to be executed in Kenya should Senator Obama win the American presidency."

I hope McCain will look at ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

I hope McCain will look at Obama.

I wrote this post late last... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I wrote this post late last night and set to publish this morning so please forgive any typos, crazy talk, etc. I have had one hour of sleep. My daughter had outpatient surgery this morning and I couldn't sleep for worrying, but now we are home and she is fine, but since my hubby did sleep he is going to let me catch a nap now. I had a lot more to say about the debate tonight, but just didn't have the energy to get it all down last night. I didn't include any foreign policy stuff since that was the topic of the first debate. Sorry for rambling, but I am a little wacky from lack of sleep. Please try to refrain from cheap shots about me being wacky all the time. I know I left myself wide open,but I am confident most of you are able to rise above. :-)

Get your sleep.We ... (Below threshold)

Get your sleep.

We got your back.

Hope your daughter is ok.... (Below threshold)

Hope your daughter is ok.

Pls dont worry about the blog because I thoroughly enjoy your articles.
what else would everyone like to see in tonights debate?
I would like them to behave professionally, provide facts versus generalities, avoid the fingerpointing during the debates, and provide specifics of a timeline of what each plan to accomplish short term and long term if / when they are elected President. I know some ot the items but it would be nice for them to provide even more specifics than what they discussed before.
I also realize they are limited by the questions asked but hey if they have something new to say that is importamnt it would be good for them to slide those items into the discussions.
People seem to remember visual aids so if those are allowed I'd like to see the simple timelines with the high level plans.

West coast prayers for your... (Below threshold)

West coast prayers for your daughter's full recovery Lorie.....

This affordable housing experiment took a portion of our society that had no financial or personal business to purchase a home; created a market and a government sponsored institution to back it up, (Freddie and Fannie), and then waited for bill to come due on the unsuspecting middle-class American taxpayer. Talk about the ultimate Ponzi scheme. Yes folks, this was a liberal experiment started in the late eighties, accelerated in the nineties, and run amuck in the 21st century. Warnings were sounded and defeated by the interested parties. On the face it appears that our liberal Democrat friends had the bulk of the responsibility to put this runaway experiment in check and refused to let the money go. Personified greed and the asinine "understanding" that they were promoting societal health to the truly downtrodden may very well be the reason for another economic depression that could take twenty years to recover from, if at all.

Now here comes the real scary part. Barack Obama has based his entire political career on promising the electorate he will add to this "social experiment" by subsidizing health care and higher education using the same principals of this affordable housing experiment. Look in the Constitution! No where in this document does it say the people have a right to demand that the government supply taxpayer funded health care or education, or a damn free house! This is called SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM/MARXISM and Barack Obama and his leftist liberals friends plan on instituting these programs to the tune of TRILLIONS MORE OF YOUR HARD EARN MONEY.

Lorie, he sounds a lot toug... (Below threshold)

Lorie, he sounds a lot tougher now in his campaign, so hopefully that attitude will reflect in the debate. Fannie and Freddie are perfect, along with his Ayers association and what they did with the money they raised that was supposed to go to schools. Here is the link provided by Larry posted on another thread:


The money they raised went to activists, instead.

Well, I have been tr... (Below threshold)

Well, I have been trying to read tea leaves (sorry Jay). There are indications that McCain is attempting to follow the Ford plan that was developed in 1976 and allowed Ford to come from 15 points down to within 2 points of even.

Carter was undefined exactly as Obama is now.

The Ford plan was to define Carter and it would appear that McCain is trying the same thing. See it is that Obama's appeal, and he knows it, is that nobody really understands who he is.

An old rule of politics is that the more someone knows about a candidate, the less likely they are to vote for them. Now THAT is funny, in a sick sort of way.

I am going to start just posting Page 11 instead of doing the Obama quote. Many of you have seen the quote.

I have been posting Page 11 for a month now. And I haven't seen anyone bite on it yet. Does this mean I am nuts? That quotation from Obama's own book defines who he is better than anything else in have seen in terms character, integrity and smart ass.

Hello Lorie, this is that infatuation thing you asked me about that caused me to start commenting here.

Obama is a fraud and he admits it. Does anyone else see this?

a browne - "I hope McCa... (Below threshold)

a browne - "I hope McCain will look at Obama."

And many of the rest of us hope, just once, rather than helicopter in with an inane 5 word sentences you comment with a bit more substance.

But that would require something above a obama "hopey changeful" mentality, as yet you've never shown that ability.

I think tonight they will... (Below threshold)

I think tonight they will want to cater towards the undecided voters during the debate.
It is difficult for me to understand why so late in the run for office that some people are still undecided. ??






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