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Wow. Just wow.

I wonder how long Drew Griffin will have his job at CNN after turning in this report? Other than that, I am speechless. Link via Dirty Harry.


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WOW. Drew Griffin did a gre... (Below threshold)

WOW. Drew Griffin did a great job explaining the connection. And you're right - I too am surprised that it aired on CNN.

Time to start paying more attention to Griffin.

Why did it take McCain brin... (Below threshold)

Why did it take McCain bringing this up to get a report out of CNN?

If they'd been doing their job all along, the MSM would have had this reported long ago.

The WOW is of course a resp... (Below threshold)

The WOW is of course a response to CNN's airing of this report. It's about freakin' time the MSM started -- and I mean they've only just started -- doing their job.

I thought the report was fairly presented, although certainly not completely objective in addressing the serious problem of this association. Obama supported radicalizing public schools, and worked freely with and benefitted significantly from Ayers -- not to mention the simple fact that he has no qualms associating with a very bad human being.

This is a serious issue, and one that should carry more weight with more Americans than it obviously does. Why people don't count these associations heavily against Obama is beyond me.

The vast majority of us wouldn't hang around with such a man, a known terrorist, and wouldn't trade in our American values and principles for career advancement, but Obama did and does.

Wow, you can run but you ca... (Below threshold)

Wow, you can run but you can't hide Hussein. It's only going to get worst and your hidden skeletons will all be revealed. About time. Do you know that many in the Christian community consider you the "Anti-Christ"? We all know that the Chosen Ones (Israelis) must always be protected by our country and with you as our President that will be the least of your worries. God help us all if you become President.

Mitchell - "If they'd b... (Below threshold)

Mitchell - "If they'd been doing their job all along, the MSM would have had this reported long ago."

While I agree the MSM as lead by CNN and NBC have been lazy (to be kind) beyond compare on reporting of obama's past one thing should be pointed out.

The copious files referred to in the report were only released to the public in the last week so details of how deep his involvement with ayres and what specific projects were funded is NEW news.

Judging by her blink rate, ... (Below threshold)

Judging by her blink rate, that Obama spokesmouth is awfully nervous about something.

I really think in the end w... (Below threshold)
just me:

I really think in the end what might hurt Obama more than his association with Ayers is the type of school/education philosophies his board was supporting.

Some of those philosophies are not what mom and dad want little junior to go to school and learn.

Good report though-one of the first I have seen from a mainstream news organization that really looked to present the core of the problem. It should embarrass the NYTimes, but it won't.

Maybe Drew Griffin is looki... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Maybe Drew Griffin is looking to move to Fox where he can make a lot more money. However, he knows Fox has a requirement that it's reporters are ability to do fair and balanced reports, thus, this piece.

Great report. If only more ... (Below threshold)

Great report. If only more reporters were as even-handed as this guy. It was especially telling how Anderson Cooper tried to force a pro-Obama spin at the end ("But the link doesn't mean anything bad, right? So it's not really important, right?").

Can one imagine the CNN boa... (Below threshold)

Can one imagine the CNN board meeting before this aired? "Of course we want Obama to win, but golly, we're tanking! People are becoming immune to the fairy dust we keep throwing out. We can always counter-balance it with more negative coverage of McCain. Does anyone have pictures of him beating his dog? We'll have another look at the ratings afterward and meet again. We might even have to occasionally use a positive descriptor when talking about McCain. I know, I know, I hate it too."

Hmmm. Anyone think Bill and... (Below threshold)

Hmmm. Anyone think Bill and Hillary could be behind some of these cracks in the Obama media shield?

Darin,The Clintons a... (Below threshold)

The Clintons and the Obamas have the same ideas. Bill pardoned members of the Weather Underground, Hillary has quoted Sol Alinsky. They are all part of the same movement and want the same goals.

John McCain campaign... (Below threshold)

John McCain campaign reminds me of that Adam Ant song: "Desperate But Not Serious" Does anyone believe anything this man says? The country could face another great depression - the McCain response is name calling. The dude is way out of touch.

It's all about, "Putting John McCain First"

Who is desperate enough to ... (Below threshold)

Who is desperate enough to post wanking points on the wrong thread?

AJ is a wanker.I b... (Below threshold)

AJ is a wanker.

I believe that if the Postal Inspectors found kiddie porn in O's mail, with O actually in the pictures, there'd be a collective "oh, McCain's ads on the kiddie porn aren't helping my children" line out of the MSM.

At this stage, facts have no relevance to the Left/Hard Dimocrap crowd.

Good report... The only sm... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Good report... The only small part I think they erred on was the quote from Ayers about how he "didn't do enough to stop the war."

I may be mistaken, but the part about "to stop the war" is not in Ayers original quote, and I think many of the groups activities took place in a POST-Viet Nam environment.

I could be mistaken.

I know -- probably wishful ... (Below threshold)

I know -- probably wishful thinking, but they've got to see that if Obama wins Hillary's shot becomes unlikely in the extreme. If McCain/Palin win, perhaps she can say I told you so and run in 2012. Though you've got to wonder why, if she had any real influence over the media, this stuff didn't start coming out in the primary. Everyone's always said to never count the Clintons out, and if it looks to be her last shot I wouldn't put anything past them.

It's all about, "P... (Below threshold)
It's all about, "Putting John McCain First"

It's all about, "Putting Country First".

There. Fixed it for you.







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