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Fox News: Suspect Indicted for Palin Email Hack

Fox News just announced that the Palin email hacker, David Kernell, son of Tennessee Democrat Mike Kernell, was indicted.

According to this report, he's been arrested as well and is scheduled to be arraigned later today.


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Comments (20)

Oh, that childish prank. S... (Below threshold)

Oh, that childish prank. So sad the McCain supporters [well, I can dream, can't I?] will try to run pristine Obama's organization through the muck on this one.

My goodness. I am sure all ... (Below threshold)

My goodness. I am sure all the MSM's national stations covered this. No? Well, I'll be. ww

"Oh, that childish prank"</... (Below threshold)

"Oh, that childish prank"

Yeah that childish prank, the one learned from Schumer's pristine children who invaded Lt Gov Michael Steel's privacy.

In the end, the judge will get the children off; must keep up appearances.

Imagine, just imagine if on... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Imagine, just imagine if one of Trent Lotts grandkids did this to Barry.

Put up some photos, I have ... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Put up some photos, I have a caption.

A Hick and A Hack.

I guess this means he'll be... (Below threshold)

I guess this means he'll be missing his GLBT pride and Marxism Today classes.

ACORN being looked at, and ... (Below threshold)

ACORN being looked at, and now this. Hmmm. Could it be there's a sea change coming?

Gotta be smarter kid. I dou... (Below threshold)

Gotta be smarter kid. I doubt that she will, but I hope Palin learns a little more about security after this incident.

Heh. It's hysterical yet p... (Below threshold)

Heh. It's hysterical yet predictable how the libs are spinning this to be Palin's shortcomings. Barry with his history of disqualifying his opponents by digging through their trash? No sirree, jack, nothing to see there.

Darn!I don't reall... (Below threshold)


I don't really like to comment. Usually others say what I want to (better) anyway. BUT, that smug fool jp2 gets under my skin. I know that's what she wants, but DARN. She used to rant about Bush checking her emails, you know, that darn Cheney is looking at her. How do fools like her get past the CIA/Bush/Cheney/Pentagon and still even have an email address? Do they know what she checks out at the library? Those evil people were intercepting her emails and she wants to impeach! But,this little hacker is okay dokey with her. DARN!

jpe is a fool.

Listening in on suspected t... (Below threshold)

Listening in on suspected terrorist call = bad

Looking into the private emails, or credit reports of candidates from the opposite party = good.

Does that about nail the lib electronic surveilance policy?

Can felons vote in Tennesse... (Below threshold)

Can felons vote in Tennessee??

As they noted over at The J... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

As they noted over at The Jawa Report, the AP article made no mention of the idiots Dem lawmaker father, the fact that he broke in to try to find dirt on Palin, and the fact that none was found.

But that would be, you know, actual "reporting"...

Maybe he can help OJ find the real killers now.

jpe is a fool.... (Below threshold)

jpe is a fool.

When you are an employed-goon of George Soros you can't be anything but a fool.

If he's found guilty, they ... (Below threshold)

If he's found guilty, they need to make an example of him. And dad should not pay his fine for him.

The only good thing about t... (Below threshold)

The only good thing about this is he is young. Hopefully, his whole life won't be destroyed because of an idea he got. Even when he talks about it online, and how he got scared, it looks like he's trying to cover his butt by feigning a "whoops!" His dad probably knew all along, and is going to try to "work things out" for him.

I'm sure we have all been h... (Below threshold)

I'm sure we have all been hit by spyware, virus, or possible hacking at some point. These little (and big) turds need to learn a hard lesson. I call for caning!

Wow, what a surprise...anot... (Below threshold)

Wow, what a surprise...another pasty-faced girly-boy lib of average intellect ("economics major") trying clear the field for Hope & Change, Inc.

Because, you know, they're all ethical and stuff.

wrong is wrong and if foun... (Below threshold)

wrong is wrong and if found guilty they should throw the book at him and his father if he is also involved.

Denise, felons are not supp... (Below threshold)

Denise, felons are not supposed to vote in the State of Tennessee, but I can assure you that plenty of dead people have voted here in past elections--especially in Shelby County (Memphis). That's how the besotted Ophelia Ford got into our State legislature. I wish those same people investigating the ACORN bru-ha-ha would schlep on down here to the Volunteer State and have a look-see.






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